Finding My Queen

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Chapter 1

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

A King always needs a Queen.

I'm Cal Masters, and I'm the King of all Vampires.

I've been searching all over the world for centuries for my Mate, my Queen but have had no luck. This is my last chance to find her, a month or I will be stripped of my crown, and title by death.

"Cal, it is time" I hear Malcolm, my 2nd in command calls from my office doorway.

Looking towards my clock on the wall, I see it is now midnight which means it is officially October 1st. "Is everything ready Malcolm?" I ask. "Yes, the car is packed up and ready to go" Malcolm informs me.

Standing up, I grab my jacket off the back of my chair, putting it on and walking out the door with Malcolm following close behind.

Getting into the car, Malcolm slides in next to me. "So where are we off to this year?" I question, glancing Malcolm's way.

"Ivywood, it is a small college town" he informed me, handing me a file.

Opening it up, I scan through the information. "College professor, really Malcolm?" I murmur. To which he just laughs "You are only there for a short time, filling in for a teacher who surprisingly is taking off for a month-long work-study program" Malcolm replies making me laugh. "Surprisingly you say" I mumble more to myself as I continue reading the file while we drive through the night in silences.

After the long hour drive, we pull up to a gated entrance. Robert, my driver, head of security, as well as good friend enters in a code, and the gates open, allowing us to drive on through and up the long drive. Trees are surrounding both sides of the gravel road. Before opening up to a view of a beautiful historical manor that I will be calling home for the month.

The car comes to a stop at the front doors. Just as they open and out walks a butler who then opens up my door.

Stepping out of the car, the butler bows before me "King Cal, welcome, it is a pleasure to have you here. My name is Ian, shall we?" he says sweeping his arm towards the front door. "Yes, thank you, Ian" I nod before walking passed and into the manor.

The manor has a nice warm feeling about it. Dark oak wood and burgundy seem to be the color scheme throughout the place.

Standing in the foyer I am greeted by more staff, all bowing. "Rise" I order and watch as each stands back up straight, hands at their sides, heads high and respectful.

"King, if I may introduce the staff then I will give you a tour of the manor if you would like," Ian says stepping up next to me. Nodding my head for him to continue he gives a quick introduction. Tina is the cook as well as the manor manager alongside Ian. Maggie and Bethany are the maids, then there is Simon and Theo who are the groundskeepers.

Once I have met all the employee's Ian takes myself, Malcolm and Robert around, showing us all the rooms. Taking us upstairs to the third floor I am informed that I have this whole floor to myself while Malcolm and Robert each have their own wing on the second floor.

Deciding to get a few hours of shut-eye, I bid them all goodnight and head on to my room.


Waking up I see it is only a little after six and the sun is just now starting to rise. I only need a few hours of sleep to be refreshed and ready to continue on with my day.

Once showered and dressed I make my way downstairs to the dining room.

"Good morning, I trust that you have slept well?" Malcolm asks as he and Robert each give me a quick bow before returning upright. "Indeed I did, and you?" I inquire as I take a seat at the head of the table and gestured for them to join me. "The same." Once we are seated the maids begin delivering dishes of delicious breakfast items and serving us.

"Now on the agenda for today is a meeting with the dean of the college, then you have your first class at eight-fifteen then two more before lunch and then one afternoon class. You will be teaching literature, the professor sent over the class syllabus for this month as well as the student rosters" Malcolm informs me, handing over another file.

"I will be there as well, as your assistant, and the name you are going by is Professor Masters. Now I know I do not have to remind you of what is at stake sir, but you only have a month to find your true Queen or at the end of the 31st you will lose everything. But if the seer is correct then you should be able to find her here somewhere" Malcolm concluded.

"Thank you, I do not know what I would have done this far without either of you," I say, before going back to my breakfast and reading through the professor's notes.

Once finished with breakfast, we head out to the awaiting vehicle. Once both Malcolm and I are inside, Robert shuts the door before getting in the driver seat and speeding off.

As we drive through the town of Ivywood, I can see it is a small sleepy town, little shops up and down the main street. I watch as we pass by them, right up ahead I can see the college come into view. It's a nice sized college for this size of a town.

Pulling into the parking lot, Robert opens up my car door for me and trails behind us. Going into the main building, we are directed to the Dean's office. Waiting a few minutes before we are lead inside.

"Ahh, Professor Masters, it's a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for coming on such short notice. I will make this quick and then show you to your classroom. You were given the syllabus and student rosters correct?" Dean Chambers inquires while shaking my hand.

"Yes, I have been given the file the professor sent" I answer. "Good, now as you know the professor will be back by the beginning of November, which I was told worked perfectly for you since you must be back home by then as well. Please if you have any trouble or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me, but I am sure you will do wonderfully" Dean Chambers says smiling as he stands up and shows us the way to my temporary office and classroom.


The morning classes went by smoothly, a few of the female students tried but failed to flirt with me, I did my best to ignore their advances.

Malcolm, Robert, and I had spent our lunch doing research on what the seer had informed me of on how to find my Queen. If I can not find her by the end of the night on the 31st, I will be stripped of everything and killed.

It has been many centuries that I have been without my Queen and in order to stay the King of all Vampires, I need my Queen at my side to help me rule.

Seeing the time is nearing my next class, we put away all the information so no one stumbles upon it and is placed into the wrong hands.

Walking back into my class, I go down to where my deck is at and make sure my notes are all in order.

My back is to the class door as I hear students starting to arrive for class when I am hit with the most amazing smell I have ever smelled before. Discreetly I sniff the air to get a good whiff, letting out a low groan as I smell the fragrance of vanilla and roses come shifting into the room.

Taking a few moments and deep breaths so to make sure my eyes are not red, I slowly turn around to face the class, and finally, after many long years, I get my first glimpse of my Queen.

She is breathtakingly beautiful. I can pick her out right away, it is like there is a halo of light around her that only I can see. Sitting in the center of the middle row, I watch as she has a conversation with who I am assuming are some friends of hers as she laughs and jokes with them.

"Cal?" I hear Malcolm's voice in my head but I can not move as I watch her toss her head back laughing, her beautiful slender neck just calling for me to lick and suck on. Her long chestnut-colored hair falling down her back, I wish to wrap my hand in and tug as I sink my teeth into her and taste her sweet warm blood. "Cal" Malcolm almost yells in my head again, as he now stands in front of me, blocking my view of my Queen.

Letting out a low warning growl, he holds his hands up in surrender taking a step back but still blocking my view. "Cal, you need to calm down. We do not want to scare the class and if I'm assuming correctly your Queen as well" he tells me, making me snap back to reality. "My apologies Malcolm," I say as he steps back and to my side.

Seeing the clock I know it is time to begin class. Clearing my throat I call for everyone to take their seats, needing to know the name of my beautiful Queen I pick up the student list, scanning the room trying to not make it noticeable that I am looking at her as I pass. "Good afternoon class. For some of you who did not know Professor Kelly is out this month on a work-study program. He will be back by the beginning of November. I am Professor Masters; when I call your name please raise your hand and say here so I can put a name with a face" I say as I begin calling out names waiting till I hear the name that belongs to my Queen.

"Victoria Jensen?" I call. "Here" I freeze as I finally hear her voice call out. Giving her a small smile which causes her to blush, I nod my head and continue on calling the rest of the students before going into my lesson for today as I mind link both Malcolm and Robert to find me all the information they can on her.

Class is almost over, I have them working on a Halloween horror theme writing project. I'm walking up and down the rows checking on everyone's but really I did it so I can get closer to my sweet Victoria.

Walking behind her, I glance over her shoulder. I can see she is a very talented writer. Mumbling a "very good" to her as I walk past I let my arm brush against her back, she stiffens up at my brief touch and I hear her heart rate kick up. Can it be that she is affected by me without even knowing it?

Seeing the time, I groan inwardly as I have to dismiss the class and hating that I won't see her again until tomorrow afternoon. "Class that is all for today, we will continue on with this project tomorrow. Thank you for your time, you are dismissed" I call out from the front of the room.

Watching as everyone packs up and leaves. I watch as Victoria chats with some people as she walks out, all while I stand like a statue so as not to go after her.

Once all the students are gone, I rush to pick my things up, locking the classroom door I make my way back to my office where I will find Malcolm and Robert.

"How did the rest of the class go?" Malcolm asks and I can see a ghost of a smirk on his face. Growling, I drop down into my chair behind my deck and run my hand through my hair in frustration. Ignoring Malcolm's question "what have you found on Victoria?" I ask.

Handing me a file, he goes on to explain what they found "Victoria, age twenty-three. Became an orphan at the age of seventeen after her parents perished in an airplane accident, she was an only child with no other living family. One of her best friends family had taken her in while she finished high school. She is in her last year of college, lives in an apartment building right off of campus with her friend Ashley and works at the campus coffee shops. Oh, and she is single, no mention of a boyfriend ever" Malcolm finishing says, grinning big at the last statement.

"Here is the address of the apartment building and her apartment number. We also found her social media pages" Robert says handing me a piece of paper with her address, looking down at her address I feel the excitement building inside of me.


Once back at the manor, Tina has dinner ready for us. We enjoy a wonderful dinner together before retiring to our rooms.

Taking a quick shower, I step back into my room only wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. Stopping at the wet bar I grab me a glass and pour myself some blood before walking over to the couch where I had placed my laptop. Opening up one of the websites Victoria uses I log on and do a search for her.

Spending some time looking through her pages, I learn more about her, her likes in food, music, tv shows, and movies. She wants to become an author once done with college. There are pictures of her with her friends of both genders but none ever with a male in a more than friendlier manner.

Feeling anxious, I need to see her, and looking at her pictures isn't helping me. Letting out a growl, I finish drinking my glass of blood then hurry to my closet to get dressed.

One of the things I enjoy about being a vampire is my different abilities. Being able to run fast and slipping past people unnoticed. So getting into Victoria's apartment building comes easy for me.

Getting to her apartment door, I can smell that she is inside. I find her in her room, already asleep. The moon casting a beautiful light on her sleeping form.

Stepping close to her bed, I kneel down so that I am level with her. And take in all the beautiful features she has, small frickles across her cheeks and nose. Long eyelashes, small nose, and juicy lips I crave to kiss and nibble on. She lets out a sigh before turning over. I freeze waiting to see if she will wake up or stay asleep. When she doesn't stir anymore I get up and quietly look around her bedroom.

It is cozy in here a nice size deck over by the window, an overstuffed chair next to that. She has lots of books on shelves and what looks like manuscripts for books she has written laying on her decks with her laptop and printer. There is a Television in the corner and in a small hallway that leads to her bathroom and closest.

Going to sit down in the chair, I just watch her in peace not ready to leave her yet.

What has felt like only a few moments as I watch my Queen sleep before Malcolm's voice pops into my head "Cal, you really should get out of there before the sun starts to rise and she wakes up, you have been there for hours and should get some sleep yourself" he tells me, looking at the clock I see that he is right.

With a reluctant sigh, I stand, giving her one last glance before I disappear, ending back up inside my room at the manor.

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