Finding My Queen

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Chapter 19

Monday, October 19th, 2020


Last night's dinner went well. Tia and Jim are both wonderful and it was fun getting to hear stories of the girls growing up. Learning more about Victoria's life was just amazing, and I'm happy Tia and Jim was kind enough to share them with us.

Many times throughout the night, I would see Tia tear up. I could see they loved Victoria like another daughter and they would miss the girls. We had promised to come back for visits as much as possible.

I smile as I think back to one of the many funny stories, as I get ready for my next class.

Now, I've always enjoyed teaching. There have been many times back home that I would go to our local schools just to teach for the fun of it. But right now I wish I was spending this time with Victoria instead of being stuck in a classroom all day. Soon, I keep reminding myself as I make it into my classroom just in time as students start to arrive and take their seats.

I inwardly groan when I see Beverly, Amber, and Dani taking their usual seats. Front and center in the first row, wearing some short skirts and low tops once again. They have been trying but failing to flirt with Malcolm, Robert, and I. They don't even care that Robert is wearing a wedding ring.

Preparing myself for their advances, I walk down to the front, hoping this class will go by quickly.

"Good morning Professor Masters" Beverly calls out. Ignoring her, I address the whole class instead.

"Class, I have some quick news to share," I say, getting everyone's attention. "Sadly this will be my last week teaching here, your professor is coming back early" I begin to announce, as most of the class cry out in protest, becoming upset about my news.

"That being said, the assignment you have been doing for me is due by the end of class on Wednesday, for those who have finished and sent them to me already, I will begin meeting one on one with each of you to discuss your work, as I did last time" I conclude.

I again inwardly groan when I see Beverly, Amber, and Dani sit up straighter, pulling the front of their shirts down even lower.

Knowing they have already sent their stories in, I make sure to meet with them first so I can quickly move on to everyone else.


"I'm bored" I hear Victoria say over our mind link as I'm sitting here half-listening to Beverly drone on and on about how she came up with the idea of this story. Not that I care, to be honest, she isn't the best writer so I don't know why she decided on this career path.

"Same here love," I say, laughing back at her. "Can we skip the rest of the day and go spend it doing something more... fun?" She begs.

"Tempting, very tempting, but I have to teach, and you have classes. Meet me for lunch?" I offer. "Hmm, tempting, very tempting. I guess I can pencil you in for lunch" Victoria jokes back, causing me to laugh out loud and not through our mind link, I try to cover up with a cough as Beverly gives me a confused look.

Hurrying her up, I'm able to meet with the rest of the students who had turned in their work just in time for class to end. And my third class to begin, as I do everything all over again.


Right at lunchtime, Victoria walks into my office with the biggest grin on her face, carrying two takeout bags and a tray with two cups. "Ordered lunch from the diner," she tells me, sitting everything down in front of me.

Looking inside the bags I find one filled with cheeseburgers and the other with cheese fries, then she hands me, my large chocolate shake, I've come to enjoy.

While eating we talk about our day so far. I'm telling her about what happened during my second class with Beverly, Amber, and Dani, thinking she would find it funny, only to be met with silence.

Looking up, I see her staring down at her food, not eating. "Love, what's wrong?" I ask.

As she looks up slowly, I can see tears threatening to fall, "Victoria, you're worrying me. What is it?" I plead for her to answer.

"Have you ever slept with them?" Her words come out of nowhere, shocking me, as I don't know where she would even get this idea. "What? No Victoria. Never, what maybe you think this?" I question.

Victoria is quiet, causing me to worry more.

"Do you remember my first story I had written when you first started teaching the class?" She whispers.

Of course, I remember, how could I forget. That was the story that started all her questions about me. "Of course it was a very well written story, love. What about it?" I ask.

"It was from a dream I had, well bits and pieces anyway. But in my dream, I was coming to see you, since you had asked for me to come to see you in your office. No one else was around and as I got closer to your door, I heard moaning" she whispers, looking back down at her food.

"When I peeked in I saw Beverly, Amber, and Dani all naked on your desk. You were fingering both Amber and Dani while you fucked Beverly. It was like you planned for me to see, as you glanced up at me. You then flipped Beverly around so she was bent over the desk, and whispered something in her ear, making her look my way. When you had finished fucking Beverly, you bit into her neck and sucked her blood than did the same thing with Amber and Dani."

Victoria's words stunned me, this was the dream she had? Holy shit! How the hell was she having this kind of dream? I think to myself.

"Love, I can promise you that has never happened and will never happen. I love and only want you. When I came here, it was to search for my mate, yes I have been with others in the past, but I had lost interest in other females years ago, only wanting my mate, wanting you" I explain, hope I can ease her worries.

After she has relaxed, I change the topic to hopefully lighten the mood and get her excited about everything coming up. She informs me that she is now an officially online student.

We discuss more on the upcoming move and I let her know I have movers set up to come Wednesday, all she and Ashley need to do, is go through what they wish to take and what they want to get rid of.

Both Victoria and Ashley had decided to go ahead and move into the manor until we leave for home, so they only need to keep things they will need until we leave, while we will send ahead the rest of their belongings with the movers.

When it's time for class, I suggest to Victoria, to go ahead and go to the apartment. Like she and Ashley had planned, so she can get started before she has to go to work since she has already finished her assignment and there wouldn't be anything for her to do.

When Malcolm and Robert get back, I ask if Robert will go with her to help pack, to which he agrees, they also plan to pick Ashley up as well since she was done with her classes today.


When class is over, Malcolm and I hurry over to the girl's apartment. Walking in we see a lot has been done in such a short amount of time.

I find Victoria in her now bare room. "Wow, you guys worked fast" I state, walking up behind her. I wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her against me.

"Yeah, works wonders when we have a vampire, with super speed helping us," she says, laughing. "Now I need to get ready for my shift," she says, reaching up to give me a quick kiss.



*earlier that day*

It was hard getting out of bed this morning, being wrapped up in Cal's arms, I didn't want to leave, but I keep telling myself I would be doing this every day soon.

I had switched shifts last night so I could go have dinner with Mama Tia and Papa Jim, so I have a shift later today.

I love my job, as well as my coworkers, so it will be hard to say goodbye but I can not wait to start my new journey.

Ashley and I have plans to start packing up our apartment later today before my shift. We had decided to leave behind most of our kitchen items as well as most of the furniture, and some other things for the next renter. There is no point in us taking them.

As for our cars, they will stay at the manor until we decide what we want to do with them.

Ashley and I had gone to meet with Zoey, our adviser this morning, so we could finish signing all the paperwork. Making us officially online students.

When Cal asked to have lunch, I decided to grab some food from the diner. Another thing I will miss, but I know we will come back to visit Ashley's parents, so it won't be the last time.

During lunch, Cal was talking about his classes and when he had mentioned Beverly, Amber, and Dani and how they had always been flirty towards him.

It was like that dream I had of all of them, had come rushing back into my head, along with questions and doubts. I had never really told Cal about the dream only that the story I wrote had come from a dream and he never questioned it.

After we talked it over, I am glad to have gotten that worry off my chest, it had bugged me but I just didn't know how to bring something like that up.

When Cal said I didn't need to stay for the class since my paper was done and he had no reason to discuss it with me as he once again loved my writing. He suggested for me to go ahead and start packing up the apartment like I had planned before I needed to go to work tonight.


I have an hour left of work when Cal and Robert walk in. They both order a coffee and go sit down on the couches we have near the fireplace as I get their coffees ready and take over to them.

"Here you go, guys." Before I can say more the bell above the door rings and in walks none other than Beverly, Amber, and Dani.

Groaning, I give a quick glance back at Cal as I walk back to the front counter to take their order.

"Welcome to The Bean, what can I get for you ladies?" I ask, trying to sound friendly. They don't even glance at me as they order their lattes.

I hear one of them gasp as I'm ringing them up then whispers before Beverly orders for me to just bring their drinks over to the couches, I look up to see her pointing towards were Cal and Robert are sitting, deep in conversation.

Giving them a forced smile, I don't respond as I turn to get their orders ready.

When I glance up at the clock, it shows that there are at least forty-five minutes until closing time.

I know one of my coworkers is in back, doing dishes while another is at the drive-thru window and another is out cleaning up the tables and floors.

Finishing up the lattes, I take them over to the couches where I see Beverly, Amber, and Dani trying to get close to Cal and Robert.

Even though I know Cal would never cheat as it would end up hurting both of us, something to do with the mate bond. I still feel a pang of jealousy as I walk over and see Beverly sitting closer than she should be to Cal as she tries to flirt with him.

"Damn right, I would never cheat on you, love" Cal mind links me, causing my eyes to snap towards him, but our moment is cut short.

"Oh, Professor Masters. I was so upset with the news of this being your last week teaching. Maybe we could go out Friday for dinner and then we could go back to your place for some fun. We could all have a little fun, right girls?" Beverly cuts in, speaking loudly, knowing I'm right there.

"Oh, I'm so sorry V.V. I'm sure you wouldn't know anything about having the type of "fun" we are talking about. So why don't you move along already and stop looking at Professor Masters like some sad, depressed little orphan girl" she continues, earning a growl from Cal.

Placing their lattes down on the table, I let them know that closing time is soon before going back to the front, to start getting things shut down and cleaned.

I didn't want to stick around and hear anymore, I wouldn't have stayed quiet. And right now, Cal and I still need to keep our relationship from getting out.

As I'm cleaning the coffee machines, I hear as the girls begin to whine loudly, trying to once again get Cal and Robert to go out with them.

"I'm sorry ladies, but like I've already told you many times. We are both in a serious loving relationship with two beautiful women, that we will be with forever. So I suggested you three leave myself, Robert, and also Malcolm alone from here on out." I hear Cal growl loudly.

What amazes me even more so, is when I see the three of them get up and scurry out of the shop, not looking back.

"Should have compelled them to leave us alone weeks ago" I hear Robert tell Cal as they both laugh.

After Cal and Robert ran off the girls, they went out to wait in the car while I finished up the rest of what needs to be handled before I can also leave.

I'm exhausted, as I practically have to drag myself out to the car after locking the doors. Collapsing next to Cal when I get in the back seat.

I don't remember much after that but snippets of Cal carrying me from the car into the manor and up to our room, then of Cal undressing me and putting me in one of his shirts before tucking me into bed.

Kissing me on my forehead, he whispers, "I love you" into my ear as I drift off to sleep.

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