Finding My Queen

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Chapter 20

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020


After I put Victoria to bed last night. I had quickly showered and crawled in beside her. I hated how she was so exhausted after work.

At least she only worked till ten tonight. I'll make sure to pamper her tonight with a nice hot bath and even a massage.

During my free period, I spend my time making preparations for Victoria's crowning ceremony to be held a few days after we arrive back home. As well as letting my personal assistant know to place all of Victoria and Ashley's belongings in both mine and Malcolm's personal resident wings.

I also have Robert working on setting up the girl's security team. With Victoria being crowned the Vampire Queen as well as being announced the daughter of the late King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa and Ashley being Malcolm, my 2nd in command's mate. Their safety is our top priority. And until they are turned, them being humans can be very dangerous around certain vampires who can not control their hunger for blood.

As I'm getting off the phone, both Malcolm and Robert walked into the office. "Find some good candidates for the girl's security team?" I inquire. "Yes, I've got a nice team picked out for them. We will meet with them once we are back home" Robert lets me know, handing me a folder with who he has picked.

Flipping through, I see a good group of men and women. "They look promising," I say in agreement, handing the folder back to him.


I'm in the middle of class when Victoria contacts me through our mind link. "You know what I could really go for right now?" She says out of the blue.

Thinking a minute, I have no idea what she could be talking about. "What is that, love?" I ask. "A very hot hunky Vampire King" she purrs, actually fucking purrs. Causing me to go hard in an instant.


Looking at the time, I groan seeing it's only two o'clock, since Victoria went to online classes, and had finished her assignment for my class, she decided to pick up an extra shift today. "You're killing me woman" I growl through the link, causing her to giggle.

"See you later, my sexy King," she tells me before going quiet, leaving me with a hard-on, in the middle of fucking class. She will pay for playing this wicked game with me. I growl again, trying to focus on getting my dick to go down.

I end up sitting at my desk for the rest of the class. By the time they all left, I was rushing into the private bathroom in my office to relieve myself, just enough to get me through the rest of my day.

I'm finishing up some work when Malcolm and Robert walk in with food.

Sitting at the table, we eat in silence.

It is Robert who sees that not only myself but also Malcolm is on edge today. "Let's go play a game of basketball in the gym. It is clear the both of you need to let off some steam" Robert suggests, getting up from the table to leave, not giving us a chance to say no.

I'm not sure what Malcolm's issue is, but I've been planning a fun little game for Victoria when I get her back to the manor.

We have been playing now for a few hours, it seems both of the girls had the same idea to get Malcolm and I worked up.

"Game. Time to go to pick up the girls" Robert calls out.

Getting cleaned up and changed, we head over to Victoria's work. Pulling into The Bean parking lot, there isn't a lot of cars around, thankfully.

Walking in, Ashley is standing at the counter talking with Victoria and another coworker.

"Hello, good evening Professor Masters, Mr. Malcolm, Mr. Robert. What can I get for you gentleman?" Victoria asks us, smiling sweetly. But I can see the amusement in her eyes as she looks me up and down, biting her lip.

Giving her our order, we stand there waiting, instead of going to sit down. Malcolm moves over closer to Ashley, while Robert compels the other customers to leave, then compels the workers to pay no attention to what is going on.

Both Victoria and Ashley see this, raising their eyebrows at us, we just shrug our shoulders, smirking at them as we enjoy our coffee right at the front counter, making them nervous.

When Victoria is finally able to leave, I rush us out of there and back to the car, making Robert drive us back to the manor as fast as he can.


As soon as we are back at the manor, I throw Victoria over my shoulder and speed us up to our floor.

I can hear Robert laughing loudly and wishing the girls good luck.

Racing into the bedroom, I drop Victoria onto the bed, following her down, I lay on top of her as we kiss.

Pulling away, "do you trust me?" I ask, hoping she feels safe enough with me. Victoria smiles up at me, lifting her hand, she cups my jaw "of course I do Cal" she murmurs, her eyes shining, full of love and trust. It still amazes me to see.

Pushing off the bed, I tell her not to move as I go into the closet and grab a few items. Walking back out, Victoria is still sitting on the bed, her shoes and socks already off as she watches me with interest.

"Strip love" I growl. Smirking when I see her shiver at my command.

I watch as she pulls her shirt over her head, dropping it to the floor, she then unhooks her bra letting it fall next to her shirt. Leaning back she undoes her jeans, slipping them off along with her panties.

Laying back, she is now bare to me. I take a few minutes just taking her in, she is perfection.

Walking around to the side of the bed, I gently take her arm pulling it up towards the headboard, and grab one of the ties from my back pocket.

I look down at her, asking the silent question if it is ok to continue, nodding her head yes. I wrap the tie around her wrist and then the headboard and do the same with her other wrist.

Once set, I take out the blindfold, not even needing to ask, as she lifts her head enough for me to slip it on.

Stepping away from the bed, I take off my shoes and socks along with my shirt, only unbuttoning my jeans. I hadn't put on any boxes after my shower, and just for this reason.

"Love, you were a naughty girl early today. Teasing me through our mind link, leaving me with a hard-on, in-class" I murmur, as I climb on top of her, she gasps when she feels my hard cock through my jeans push against her.

"You're going to pay for leaving me hanging all day," I tell her as I dip my head and lick her nipple before doing the same to her other.

"Before we get started, I need you to pick a safe word, in case things become too much" I inform her.

She takes a few minutes to comes up with the word, settling on the word Peacock.

Giving her a quick kiss, I get off of her and stand to the side. "Alright, at any point you can't take anymore, just say Peacock and I will stop. I want you to submit to me, Victoria. Can you do that? I need words, please" I explain.

"Yes, I will submit to you" Victoria's voice comes out breathlessly.

"Good, thank you, love. I'll ask throughout if you need me to slow down or if you are still good but remember your safe word to stop everything, is Peacock" I remind her.

Walking back into the closet I grab my flogger, I plan on only starting slow tonight. Stepping back into the room, I stay quiet as I watch her before coming back to her side. Her breathing is relaxed, heart at her normal rate.

Taking the flogger I run it up her legs, causing her to shiver. "This is a flogger, it has multiple tails of soft leather. I'm going to use it on you, not hard but just enough to give you both a little pain and pleasure. Ok love?" I explain as I run it up and down her legs. Her breathing picks up some as she whimpers an ok.

Moving the flogger on up her legs, I pass it over her pussy, making her gasps and arch her back, but I keep moving up across her stomach and around one breast, over to the other, and back down to her stomach where I flick it, making her cry out in surprise.

Continuing this play for a while, she is moaning and shifting her hips back and forth, I can see and smell her arousal, making my cock press hard against my jeans.

"Please Cal. Please I need you, please, fuck me" Victoria begs. I can tell she is close to her release, who would have thought my sweet innocent Queen is a kinky one.

Deciding she has had enough of my torture, I give her want she is seeking. Striking her once more against her pussy, just hard enough to tip her over the edge.

She screams out my name as I throw down the flogger and quickly strip out of my jeans.

Getting on the bed, between her spread legs, I thrust into her fast and hard just as she is coming back down from her orgasm, only to cause another one.

I don't give her a chance to recover, my cock has been hard as a rock all fucking day and night, only getting worse as I was playing with her.

Rubbing her clit, I push her to cum again, this time I follow along, joining her.

It doesn't take us long to get to our release, as we call out each other's names, cumming hard.

I collapse on top of Victoria, making sure not to put all my body weight on her. As we regain ourselves after that powerful moment.

Reaching up, I slip off her blindfold then untie her wrists, rubbing them to help ease any pain and numbness there might be.

"Are you alright Victoria?" I ask, worried this might have been too much for her too soon.

She is still breathing hard as she tries to speak. "Better than ever, I'll submit to you anytime, my King," she says breathlessly, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Fuck woman, you make me fall more and more in love with you" I groan, leaning down, I put everything I'm feeling into our kiss.

"Let's go get a nice hot bath, I'm going to pamper you tonight," I say, pull out of her, groaning at the lost of contact. "What there's more?" Victoria asks surprised.

Laughing I pick her up and walk us into the bathroom, sitting her down next to our big tub.

"Of course there's more. I want to pamper you as much as I can, for the rest of our lives" I tell her, turning the water on and adding some bath oils and bubbles.

I help her in before leaving. Returning a few moments later with a tray of snacks and wine for us.

We stay in the bathtub for a long time, eating and drinking and enjoying each other's company. I massage her feet, then pulled her towards me, giving her shoulders a nice massage as well.

When Victoria starts yawning, I pull her out, dry us off, then help her to bed, climbing in next to her.

She snuggles into me, kissing me goodnight then whispers, "I love you, Cal," as we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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