Finding My Queen

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Chapter 21

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020


My body is still humming from last night. I can still feel the sting of the flogger, I wasn't sure how much I would truly enjoy playing with Cal but he knew my body well and played it like a damn piano.

I'm getting horny again just thinking of how well he took care of me last night from start to finish, he was so respectful and didn't push me. I obviously need to tease him more often if that is how he is going to react.

Snapping out of my daydream, I focus back on my test I'm taking. It seems all my classes today wanted to have tests. So I decided to just come on to campus and take them instead of sitting at the manor, I also needed to be back in town since the movers are coming to pack up the apartment today.

Ashley, Robert, and I will head over after lunch to make sure everything goes well, and come this Saturday, we are out of here.

Holy shit, it is so close. Wow, the time has been passing by quickly. I can't believe we will be leaving this Saturday. I'm also only working Thursday and Friday this week, both being double shifts.

Finishing up my last test, I hand it in and then leave. Walking over to the cafeteria, I grab my lunch then find our normal table, which is still empty. Sitting down I begin eating my sandwich and chips while I wait for Ashley and Robert to get here.

While passing the time, I begin searching for dresses on my phone. I need to find one to wear for my crowning ceremony.

I had met Cal's personal assistant, Andrew over video chat the other day, and he has been helping me long-distance with getting things that need to be done, finished along with the help of Robert's mate Anna.

I told them my ideas on the style of dress I would like and they sent me pictures to choose from. Now, I just need to narrow them down some more.

Finishing my sandwich up, I email Andrew back my top five favorites, so he can have the dresses ready for me to try on when we arrive Saturday.

"Hey, sorry I'm late, that last test was a killer," Ashley says, sitting down across from me with her food. "No worries, my test this morning sounds just like yours. You think you well?" I ask. "Yeah, I think so, just glad to be done, I'll eat then we can go," she tells me as Robert joins us.

Once they are done with their lunch, we head on over to the apartment. Pulling up we find the movers waiting outside. "Sir, we have a problem," one of them says, addressing Robert. "What is it?" He asks, glancing back at Ashley and I before turning back to the mover. "There seems to have been a break-in," he explains. Giving me and Ashley a worried look.

Robert tried to get us to stay in the car as he checked the place out but we weren't having it. We wanted to know what the hell happened and if anything had been taken.

"Oh my God," Ashley and I say, gasping as we get our first look at our apartment. There are things turned over, some lamps, vases, and dishes are broken. It's a total mess.

Who could have done this? I wonder to myself as I walk around looking at the destruction of our apartment.



I'm sitting in class, as the students work. When Robert suddenly mind links me. "Sir, we have a problem. The girl's apartment was broken into." Those words put me on high alert as I worry about how Victoria must be feeling. "I'll be there soon" I link back, just as Malcolm rushes in, looking just as worried as I am.

I hate to do this but, I need to get to Victoria. I compel the class that we are finished for the day and as soon as everyone is gone, Malcolm and I rush over to their apartment.

As soon as I step inside the apartment, I see Victoria just wandering around in a daze. "Love, I'm so sorry this happened. I promise I will get to the bottom of this" I murmur, pulling her into me.

Looking around the room, Malcolm is comforting Ashley on the other side of the room, while Robert is talking with some of the movers.

"Do we know if anything was taken?" I ask him through our mind link. "Hard to say, Sir, from the looks of it, they may have been trying to find something but it is unclear as to what and if they were successful. It looks like Victoria's room was hit the hardest" he answers back.

"Are you saying Victoria was the target?" I ask, continuing to mind link so as not to upset Victoria anymore right now. "Sadly, yes I do, sir," he says, confirming my worse fears, causing me to hold Victoria tighter to me.

"Let's get everything we planned to move, done. I want to leave tonight" I order, causing Victoria to look up at me, with questioning eyes. "I told you, you are my number one priority. I want you back home, in my kingdom where it will be safer" I explain, caressing her cheeks.

Robert stays out in the main rooms, directing the movers of what needs to go, as I lead Victoria back to her room. Malcolm had already taken Ashley into hers to finish helping her.

As soon as I open Victoria's bedroom door, I hear a small gasp behind me as she glances around me.

The room is a total mess, clothes thrown all around the room, the bed is flipped over, along with her desk. Everywhere you look, there is something messed up. "I'm so sorry love, anything ruined or broken, I will replace" I murmur, hugging her to me.

Getting to work, We repack everything and anything ruined, I make a mental note to have replaced.

When we are almost done, I hear Victoria curse from inside the closet, "what is it?" I asked rushing over to her. Stepping back, she holds up a key, "how could I have forgotten this" she mumbles, glancing up at me, a look of happiness in her eyes.

"This key goes to a storage unit, I had bought after my...parents? Died. I had stored some of the things I wished to keep of theirs. I must have hidden this key up here for safekeeping" she explains to me, excitement in her eyes.

Finishing up in her room, we plan to also go and check out the storage unit. Malcolm and Ashley say they will stay behind as Robert, Victoria and I drive across town. When we locate the unit, Robert tells us he will give it a good sweep to see if anyone has been here, and I'm relieved when he comes back with the all-clear.

Making our way inside, I can see it is a nice small size unit, with what looks like mostly boxes. "If you want we can get the movers over here and have them load all these boxes up as well. You can sort through them back home" I suggest.

Even though these people who raised Victoria weren't her real parents, they were still people who seemed to want to give her the best life they could.

"That would be great, thank you," she says as she moves around some boxes. I mind link Malcolm, letting him know to send the movers over here when they are finished at the apartment, giving him the address. "They should be here shortly" I inform Victoria and Robert.

As Victoria looks around at everything, something in the corner catches my eye. "What's in this?" I ask, moving closer to get a better look. "Oh, that safe? I'm not sure what the code to get into it is" she answers like it isn't a big deal.

Glancing over at her, "could it be your birthday?" I question. "Nope tried that as well as their birthdays and even their anniversary... oh my God. The dates for their birthday's and anniversary would have been fake, right?" Victoria shrieks.

Picking the safe up, it's pretty heavy so I'm not sure how she would have carried it unless she had help. Setting it down on a small desk that Robert cleared off, he takes his phone out and pulls up the documents of Charles and Darlene Williams.

Punching in first the date, Charles's birthday, it comes up incorrect, trying Darlene's birthday next, it is also incorrect. Giving it one last shot, I put in their anniversary, and sigh in relief when the lock clicks open. "Oh my God, it worked" Victoria squeals, jumping up and down.

Opening the top, right away I can see it is filled with lots of papers, seeing an envelope with Victoria's name on it. I hand it to her, while I continue to glance at what else there is.

It is when I hear Victoria's heart rate increase, that I turn my attention to her. "Love, what is it? Your heart is beating like crazy" I say as I look over her shoulder to see what she is reading.


"My own aunt and uncle, had my parents killed and then decide they would do me a favor, by just getting rid of me instead of killing me as well?" She whispers, looking up at me, tears threatening to fall from her questioning eyes.

"I was going to wait until we got back home to tell you what I knew, but yes it is true. I'm so sorry love" I murmur, wrapping her in my arms as she slightly cries.

We stand there alone, as Robert steps out, giving us some privacy as I just hold on to Victoria. I honestly did not know how she would take the news and this sure as hell wasn't the way I wanted her finding out.

Not long after, Malcolm, Ashley, and the movers pull up. I guide Victoria out to wait in the car with Ashley while the rest of us get everything in the storage unit onto the moving truck.

Once everything is cleared out, Robert goes to return the key and sign any papers needed to closeout Victoria's account. With all their things packed up, the movers head on back to the kingdom, while we still need to go back to the manor and pack up what we had brought along with us.

Pulling up to the manor, we find everyone waiting outside. As soon as the car stops, Ian hurries to open the door for us. "Sir, Malcolm called earlier to informs us that you will be leaving tonight. We are sad to see you all leave earlier than planned but we understand, Tina has started preparing your farewell dinner" he informs me.

"Thank you, we are going to go ahead and pack up the rest of our belongings then," I say, taking Victoria's hand in mine as I lead us inside.

Victoria has been quiet since reading the letter, I been watching her closely but giving her enough space. "Love, why don't you go take a nice bath while I pack up" I suggest when we get up to our floor. She nods silently and turns to go but I stop her, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.

I rush through packing all my things and send off a few emails as I wait for Victoria to finish. When she comes out of the bathroom in only a towel, I inward groan at how tempting she is but hold myself back because of what she is going through, this isn't the right time for my dirty thoughts.

"Dinner is waiting once you are done getting ready" I inform her. She gives me a small smile, but I can see the tears she is trying to keep in.

When Victoria is ready, I grab both our bags on our way back downstairs. "Is this every Your Highness?" Ian asks as he comes to take the bags from me. Nodding my head, he takes them on out to the vehicle as Victoria and I make our way into the dining room where everyone is waiting.


Our farewell dinner was as always delicious. Tina, Maggie, Bethany, and Margaret made quite the fest for us all.

With promises to return, we say our goodbyes before departing for home.

Both Victoria and Ashley fall asleep, as Robert drives us into the night, with Margaret sitting upfront with him.

The only way in and out of our kingdom is through a portal that is an hour away.

We all remain quiet, each lost in our thoughts during our travel back home.

Looking out the window, I run my fingers through Victoria's hair as she lays with her head on my lap, my jacket covering her like a blanket.

Feeling the tug in my mind, I know either Malcolm or Robert is trying to connect the link. "What are you planning on doing with Marcus and Priscilla?" I hear Malcolm ask. I see Robert glance into the rearview mirror so I know he is also connected in with the link as well.

"I haven't yet decided, I want to discuss more with Victoria. But Marcus and Priscilla will be dealt with" I reply. Getting a nod from both of them in return.

Glancing back down at Victoria, I can't help but feel a warm spark run through me, I close my eyes as I savor this moment.

I have finally found my Queen, after so long, and I'm finally taking her back home, to our home, to our kingdom.

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