Finding My Queen

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Chapter 22

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020


I don't remember much from the drive last night. After yesterday's events, I was exhausted. I do remember being somewhat awake when Cal carried me from the car, then there were the hushed whispers from all around me as he carried me inside his home. I was too tired to even see what his home looked like.

All I know was one moment we are moving than the next I'm laying down in one of the most comfortable beds I've ever laid in, with Cal whispering something as I fall back asleep.

Yawning, as I stretch out, I feel a nice cool breeze flow through the room. Glancing around, I take in one of the most beautiful decorated bedrooms I've ever seen. Gray and Royal Blue walls, even some of the furniture are a matching color.

And the bed is freaking huge and sits on top of a platform, with a sitting area in front of the bed and a fireplace and tv.

The fireplace looks to be a two way, as I can see the bathroom on the other side.

I don't see Cal, but I do see there is a sliding door open that the cool breeze is coming from. Pulling back the covers, I notice Cal had put me in only his shirt after he put me to bed last night. Needing the bathroom, I get out of bed and make my way across the room, to where I see the bathroom is.

The bathroom is just as big as the bedroom, with a big tub right where the two-way fireplace is as well as a big glass shower next to it. Doing a quick version of my morning routine, not including my shower at this time, I find a robe hanging next to the door.

Putting it on, I make my way to the open door, which leads out to a small terrace. I find Cal sitting in one of the lounge chairs, working on his laptop, and the smell of coffee drifting through the air.

"Good morning love, I hope you slept well" Cal speaks as soon as he sees me. "I did, very much so. Your bed is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on, and your room is very lovely" I reply.

Setting his laptop on the side table, he holds out his hand for me to take. As soon as I place my hand in his, he tugs me down into his lap. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he pulls me closer and begins kissing my neck, leaving little nips in between as he goes.

I can't help but moan as he goes along my jaw, finally reaching my lips. "Our bed, our room, Victoria" he murmurs against my lips before sealing his over mine in a deep kiss.

Not breaking the kiss, he is somehow able to move me so that I am now straddling him. The tie to my robe becomes loose, and I now notice Cal is shirtless and only wearing lounge pants as I dig my nails into his bare shoulders as he grips my hips, grinding his hard cock against me.

Between the cool air and Cal's cock, it's like a live wire from my core up to my nipples as they harden.

Cal reaches between us, pulling his pants downs enough to free his cock, then lifting me, placing his cock at my opening before lowering me back down onto him.

His grip on my hips tightens as he finally gives me a chance to breathe. Gritting his teeth, he thrust up hard and fast as I cry out, forgetting that we are outside and anyone could hear and possibly see us.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I fall against him as my cries become louder, giving him access to my neck. As soon as he bites down the fire inside me burns hotter as his thrust becomes harsher.

A low growl comes from the back of his throat as he sucks harder. My pleasurable screams are lost in the winds as I fall over the edge, gripping tightly to Cal as he follows soon after.

All I can hear is our mixed heavy breathing, and birds chirping in the distance as I lay against Cal, too exhausted to move. "Welcome home, my Queen," Cal says breathlessly, as he rubs his hands up and down my back.

Letting out a small giggle, I move my head enough to peer up at him, "that is definitely a nice welcoming present" I whisper, dropping a kiss to his chest. His arms wrap around me tighter as we just enjoy the bliss of this moment for a few more minutes.

"How about we go get a shower, then get ready for the day. I have lots to show you and there are many people very excited to meet you" he says.

"We also have a breakfast date with Malcolm, Ashley, and Margaret, as well as Robert and his mate Anna and my personal assistant Andrew, will also be joining us" Cal goes on to explain, kissing the top of my head before lifting us both from the lounge chair.

Wrapping my legs around him, he walks us back inside, making his way to the bathroom.

Without setting me down, he steps out of his pants, then pulls off my robe and shirt. With each step, I can feel him hardening once more inside me.

Stepping into the big open shower, he pushes some buttons on the wall, a waterfall flows down all around us. My back hits the wall as he begins thrusting again. "Fuck, I can't get enough of you" Cal grunts as he pushes inside me deep, his thrust speeding up again as I clench around him, my release quickly approaching once again.

Letting my head fall back against the shower wall, my legs grip tighter around Cal's waist.

From this angle, he can hit my G-spot easier, gripping me with one hand he moves his other to rub quick circles on my clit, "Cum for me Victoria" Cal growls, just his voice alone sends me over the edge once again as we call out each others names.

After we are showered and dressed, he leads me through the long hallways explaining that this part of the castle, yes castle, is our wing.

I'm still stuck on the word castle as he leads me down a set of stairs. I can't help but look in wonder around me as we move from room to room, finally ending up in the kitchen.

As soon as we enter, everyone stops and bows. "Rise" Cal calls out. I watch in amazement as the laid back Cal that I have come to know, turns into the King that everyone around here knows. It's a little scary if I'm being honest with myself.

Swallowing down the sudden nerves, I stay behind him as I'm unsure what it is I need to do. I'm just glad I decided on this dress instead of what I had originally thought to wear.

Turning towards me, Cal must notice my nerves, "relax love, everyone will love you" he tells me through our mind link. Holding his hand out for me to take, my hand shakes as I place mine in his. Cal gives me a small smile, as he gives my hand a little squeeze and he pulls me up next to him.

"I would like to introduce to you, my mate, and the soon-to-be Queen, Victoria Jensen" he announces to everyone. I watch again in shock as they all once again bow before rising. "Hello," I say, giving them a small wave in return.

Cal directs us on out the open doors that go to another terrace, finding our company already waiting for us. They also rise and quickly bow, Cal leads us to two open seats, pulling one back for me before taking his own and the rest follow and sit again.

"Welcome home, Your Highness. Miss. Jenson, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person" Cal's personal assistant, Andrew says as the maids begin to bring out breakfast for us.

Ashley and I most sit quietly, eating as we listen to everyone else chat as they update Cal on what has been going on around the kingdom. We are both out of our element here, but Cal makes it a point to touch me every so often, which does help me relax.

Once breakfast is finished, Cal asks for Andrew, Malcolm, and Ashley to meet us in the office so we can begin going over the crowning ceremony.

"How soon could the girl's dresses be ready, now that we come home sooner than planned?" Cal asks Andrew, once we are seated in Cal's office.

Andrew looks down at his tablet, taking a moment to check something before answering, "I can have the dresses they have narrowed down here by late afternoon for them to try on and decide.

Cal nods then glances my way to see if that is ok with me. I give him a nod, and Andrew types some more before glancing back up waiting for Cal to continue.

"I had planned on waiting but I want to move the crowning ceremony to this Sunday now, everything should be finalized for what Victoria and I wish to have" Cal goes on to says, as Andrew types more, nodding at everything Cal informs him of.

Just then there is a knock at the door before Robert enters. "Sorry to interrupt, Your Highness but I believe we may have found a way for Princess Victoria to get back her powers and bring her vampire to the surface" he announces.

Snapping my head towards Cal, I find him already looking my way, his beautiful smile in place as his eyes light up. "And how so do we do this?" He asks Robert, not taking his eyes off me.

"From what Anna and I were able to find, the only person to help her has to be a highest-ranking royal member. They will need to drink from her until her heart slows to an almost stopping point. Then she will need to be fed some of the extra royal blood of both her mother and father before then drinking from the highest royal members blood that fed on her in return" Robert explains, sending a smile my way.

I watch as Cal's eyes light even more at this news. Taking my hand in his, he brings it up to his lips to kiss. "Well then, it is a good thing her mate is the highest of all royals" he murmurs against my hand, eyes turning full of playful lust.

"There will be some side effects though" Robert goes on, catching Cal's attention as well as mine. "She will go into a deep sleep, almost as if she has, in fact, died as your blood and her parent's blood works its way throughout her body" he explains.

"It is hard saying how long she would be out for. It could be a few hours, possibly a day or more. So if this is to happen then it might be best to happen today if you plan on the crowning ceremony to be Sunday, unless she decides to wait until after" he continues.

"She will also be a little stronger than a normal vampire due to being new as well as royal, and will need to feed a little more than average for a while" he finishes saying.

"This is a lot to take in and decided, we will leave you both alone to talk it over. No matter which direction you decide, everything but the dress has been taken care of for the ceremony" Malcolm cuts in to say.

Cal dismisses everyone, leaving only him and I alone in his office. As the door shuts closed, he turns back and studies me for a moment. "Well love, what would you care to do, now or wait?" He asks, moving back towards me.

Thinking over my opinions, it seems easy to figure out what to do, "now, no point in waiting and I would only assume my so-called loving aunt and uncle would be there at the ceremony as well" I say with some sarcasm at the end.

"Yes, we still need to discuss what you would like to do about them" Cal answers, eyes looking distant for a moment before they look focused once more.

"Malcolm and Robert will come back in so we can talk things over on what we can do about them. If you are ok with what we will need to do to gain your powers and bring forth your vampire tonight then we can move on to discuss Marcus and Priscilla" he continues, just as the door opens once again.

Malcolm and Robert once again join us at the table. "No one outside this Castle knows of who my mate is correct?" Cal asks. "Correct, we have made sure all the staff that would come into contact with Victoria anytime before the ceremony knows to keep her identity a secret. As far as everyone else knows, you have found your mate and will be announcing her at the ceremony" Malcolm informs us.

"Very good, I want the element of surprise for Marcus and Priscilla when it comes time to reveal who my mate is. I also want to make sure no one is able to get to Victoria before she is introduced, so Robert if you don't mind staying with Victoria, Ashley, and Margaret until it is time, that would lessen my worries. I will take your 2nd and 3rd in command as my security detail while you stay with the ladies" Cal orders, getting a nod in agreement from both Malcolm and Robert.

"Love, I want you to have some say in what should be done about them. We can tell you some options and you can think them over. But they will be dealt with for their crimes, even if they weren't the ones who got their hands dirty, they were the masterminds behind everything. I want you to get back what is your birthright" he tells me sincerely. All I can do is nod my head, as a lump in my throat forms.

We discuss more what can be done to Marcus and Priscilla before he ends the meeting.

"Why don't you go ahead and go try on those dresses and see which one you like best. I will be on up shortly" Cal says, bring my hand up to his lips to kiss once more.


Andrew meets me outside the office and walks me back over to Cal's wing. We find Ashley, Margaret, and Anna waiting in one of the bedrooms Anna has set up with my top dresses choices in.

All five dresses are beautiful, even more so in person. I spend the next hour trying each on, some more than once before I settle on the dark red silk dress. The fit is perfect, it is backless with thin straps, a low "V" in front, and split up both legs, paired with beautiful black heels, makes me feel sexy and confident.

Once I'm done, I find Cal chatting more with Malcolm and Robert in the small kitchen he has in his wing of the house.

"All done, love?" He asks, pulling me into him. "Yep, I found the one, I'm sure you will love it as well" I tease, winking at him. "I'm sure I will be very busy, trying not to kill any males who look at you with desire Sunday night," he says laughing.

With all jokes aside, Cal turns serious, as he tips my head back enough to look me in the eyes, "are you sure you want to go through with this today? We can wait until after Sunday, it won't change any plans we have set" he asks.

Biting my bottom lip, the nerves have started to set it again but I push them away, "I'm sure" is all I say as I hold his attention, letting him see that I'm alright with everything.

Nodding his head, he wraps his arms around me, bringing me against his body as he directs for Anna and Andrew to take Ashley and Margaret somewhere else and to stay with them during this process.

Giving both Ashley and Margaret a hug. Cal leads me on into the bedroom, instructing I go change into a tank top that I don't mind ruining.

Coming back out of the bathroom, wearing a tank top and leggings, Cal takes my hand and leads me over to the bed. Climbing on, he motions for me to join, placing me with my back against him, in between his legs.

"We are only here to make sure things go smoothly, once a vampire has entered into a blood lust state, they typically have trouble with stopping their feeding" Malcolm informs me.

"So we will be here to ensure that once your heart rate is low to almost stopping that Cal will be able to stop and then we will help you drink your parents and Cal's blood" Robert takes over, explaining.

Before glancing towards Cal, "We have extra blood ready for you to then drink once you're done as well." Once they are done explaining everything, they both step back, out of our line of sight but still close enough to jump in if needed.

Cal wraps his arms around me, bring me even closer to him. Kissing up and down my neck, I move my head to allow him more access and close my eyes as I enjoy the feel of our mate bond. I don't even react when I feel the quick sharp pain of his teeth sinking into my neck.

I don't know how long he feeds from me as my eyes grow heavy and my breathing becomes slow and everything goes dark.



Victoria's blood has always been addicting. I just can't control myself as I continue feeding on her.

"Cal, you need to stop, her heart is slowing down now. Cal, let her go so we can help her finish her part" I hear Malcolm order, I know I should stop, but I just can't help it.

"Cal, don't make us have to break your jaw, let go now" Robert shouts, coming up next to the bed.

Letting go, I turn and hiss at him, angry that he was going to try and take her from me.

It is at this point that Malcolm is able to grip Victoria's jaw, opening her mouth up just enough to pour in the mixture of her parent's blood as Robert grabs my arm, slicing my wrist open and then shoving it to Victoria's mouth.

As the blood lust, I was feeling just moments before is gone as I look down and pale at the sight of Victoria.

Her lips are turning blue, her skin almost ice, I can only hear a faint heartbeat. Hugging her to me, I watch as Malcolm and Robert keep my wrist at her lips, watching as my blood flows into her.

"Oh fuck" I whisper as I look down at her in shock, a few more minutes, and I would have killed her.

"Cal, we knew this was a risk, that is why we stayed in the room" Malcolm tries to reassure me. I feel numb, as I continue to watch my blood disappear into her mouth and down her throat.

Malcolm keeps checking her pulse every few minutes, and I finally take an easy breath when I see her lips going back to her normal color as her body begins to warm up again.

Robert hands me a bag of blood to begin drinking, while I continue feeding Victoria my blood.

After the second bag of blood, Malcolm allows me to remove my wrist from Victoria's mouth, slipping out from behind her, I gently lay her down as Robert brings out a small tub of warm water and washcloth for me to wipe Victoria's neck clean.

Next, for safety reasons for both herself and everyone else. We handcuff her to the bed. All new vampires can be very strong when they are first turned until they have feed enough so it is always safe to keep them as restricted until they can handle any urges.

"We will check-in often, let us know if you need anything else" Malcolm informs me before they leave us alone.

Checking once more that Victoria is sleeping peacefully, I go take a quick shower before rejoining her in bed.

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