Finding My Queen

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Chapter 23

Friday, October 23rd, 2020


All night, in between the few hours I would rest, I spent checking on Victoria. So far she has stayed asleep, but we are still unsure of how long she will be out.

I had brought my work to the bedroom and planned on eating my meals here today so I can be here for when she wakes up.

Ashley, Margaret, and Anna have all been by to check on her before rushing off to do some work on the ceremony. Ashley still needs to pick out her dress as she will also be announced as Malcolm mate.

I'm in the middle of some reports I need to go over and sign when there is a knock at the door. With the flip of my wrist, the door opens, and in walks Andrew.

"Good morning your Highness, how is everything?" He inquires quietly, glancing towards Victoria before giving me his attention. "So far good, nothing has changed" I reply, signing another report.

"Good to hear. I'm just here to inform you that I have heard back from all the royals. They will be in attendance on Sunday, I have also informed all of the citizens of the kingdom of the new date as well" Andrew notifies me.

"Also, from the talks around the village, they are all excitedly waiting to meet their new Queen" he informs me. We talk some more before he leaves to run more errands, as I get back to work.

By lunchtime, there has still been no change to Victoria. And Malcolm, Ashley, Robert, and Anna join me for lunch on the terrace, right off from our room to discuss additional information on the ceremony.

It isn't until the evening that I start to notice a change in Victoria.

Dimming the lights, I go sit next to the bed, waiting for her to open her eyes, while mind linking Malcolm and Robert and instructing them to bring some extra bags of blood up.

I watch as Victoria slowly blinks her eyes open, and hisses as the lights are still bright against her new eyes. So I quickly dim them even more.

"It's alright my love, take a moment to get used to everything" I whisper. Knowing with her new hearing, her ears will be sensitive to all loud noises at first, but she will still hear me at this tone as well.

I see the look of surprise on her face before she turns her beautiful new red-colored eyes my way, a smiles spreading across her face as she sees me. I can also see her fangs are out as well.

"Welcome back love, how do you feel?" I ask.

She takes her time as she glances around the room, a look of shock and awe as she takes everything in. Before turning back to face me, she has a wicked smile now, as she goes to try and lunge at me but is stopped short by the handcuffs keeping her bound to the bed.

She looks at the chains holding her hands and feet in place in confusion before looking back at me with hurt in her eyes. "They are only for precaution, to keep you as well as everyone else safe. Once you have fed a sufficient amount of blood, I will let you out" I quickly explain just as Malcolm and Robert walk in, each carrying a cooler filled with blood.

Victoria hisses at them, having the same reaction she had with me but they play it off as they know this is the normal way for any new vampire to act.

Since Victoria has always had the vampire gene since birth, for it to only have that side be laid dormant, it shouldn't take as long for her to have control over her vampire again.

Standing up, I take one of the coolers and place it down on the bed. Opening it up, Victoria hisses again as she smells the blood. She watches my every move as I take one and open it before carefully moving closer to her.

"This will help curb your appetite, so you can gain control of your urges again" I let her know as I slowly lift the bag to her mouth.

It takes 3 bags of blood before Victoria has control again. Her eyes finally turn back to her original color, fangs receding into her gums. "How are you feeling now love?" I ask her again. "Weird... but ok" she answers, wincing at how sensitive her hearing is now.

"You'll get used to everything, once you get the hang of how to handle it all" I explain. "When do I get these off me? I mean they look like they would be fun but, right now, not so much" she confesses holding up her cuffed hands.

Coughs come from both Malcolm and Robert at her choice of words, as I stand there looking stunned. "Oh come on, as if none of you have ever thought of using handcuffs on us girls during sex before?" Victoria says mockingly.

Trusting that she is in fact in control of her urges, I go ahead and uncuff her as Malcolm and Robert stand guard in case we need to catch her.

Victoria sighs in relief then glances my way, smiling, "I need a shower" she says sweetly. Climbing out of bed, she reached up and gives me a quick kiss before making her way to the bathroom.

"Well she surprisingly does seems to have control of herself, we will see ourselves out. Good luck," Malcolm says, clearing his throat. I don't even see them leave as I'm still... I'm not sure what, shocked, relieved, turned on?

Hearing the shower turn on, and Victoria start humming, I snap out of my frozen state and speed into the bathroom. I find Victoria leaning against the counter, looking at herself in the mirror.

Walking up behind her, I pull up the hem of her shirt, tossing it aside, then next is her bra, turning her around to face me, I slide down on to my knees, slipping off her leggings and underwear, leaving her naked in front of me.

Running my hands up her legs as I stand up, she lets out a moan. Pulling her into me, I give her a quick kiss. "Your so beautiful, love" I murmur against her lips, giving her one more kiss then pick her up and walk us into the shower.

Letting her down, she slides herself down my body, turning to get under the warm water. I quickly remove my clothes before they get wet and then slip up behind her, pulling her against me.

"So, you doing ok with all this? I know it will take time to get used to this new normal but know that you can come to me about anything" I murmur against her neck.

Victoria lets out a relaxed sigh as she runs her fingers through my hair. "Cal, honestly I feel amazing. Everything is new but I feel like... I don't know, I just feel at home in my skin, more confident, sexier. Something I've never really felt before" she says sincerely.

Kissing up and down her neck and over where my mark is, she moans and relaxes more into me. "Victoria, you have always been confident and sexy, don't ever doubt that. But I'm glad you feel that way. I'd be lying if I didn't say I had been a little nervous. But I'm relieved you have so far taken it well" I tell her.

Grabbing the soap and washcloth, I wash all over her body. Paying extra attention to her breasts and pussy. Victoria beings to moan and rock her hips, pushing back against my cock.

Turning her around, I lift her right leg, placing it over my hip as I rub my cock against her. Victoria grips my neck, pulling me down into a deep kiss as she runs her fingers through my hair.

Lifting her enough on her left foot, my cock slips inside her a little. I grab ahold of her leg, placing it around my waist, and slowly slide the rest of the way in. Letting out a groan, as I set a deep, slow pace, continuing our kiss.

Pulling away from her lips, I watch in a lustful gaze as Victoria throws her head back, moaning loud as my thrust increases. Keep a tight grip on her ass with one hand, my other hand goes to her breast, I rub her nipple between my fingers, pulling and twisting as I thrust harder, making her bounce against me until she cums screaming my name.

While Victoria continues to breathe hard, coming down from her orgasm high, I quickly shut the water off. Keeping her legs wrapped around my waist, my cock still hard inside her, I walk us out to the bed. Laying her down, then begin to slowly thrust in and out of her again.

Claiming her lips once more with a deep heated kiss, I bite her bottom lip before flicking my tongue into her mouth.

Victoria wraps her legs around my hip tighter, as my thrust becomes harder again, causing her to moan and arch her back, pushing her breasts into my chest.

Leaning down, I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking, while I move my hand down to rub circles around her clit.

I'm close, but I need Victoria to cum with me. Biting down on her nipple just hard enough sets off another orgasm, hearing my name spill from her lips once more as she squeezes my cock, milking me dry as I follow, cumming deep inside of her.

Once I've cleaned us both up again, I crawl into bed, pulling Victoria into me. "I love you," she whispers against my lips. "I love you too" I answer back, wrapping my arm around her.

We talk on into the night, and I explain more about her new way of life, what we do and how we do have some humans here that allow us to feed on them from time to time. But mostly we drink from blood bags. We just enjoy this time together, talking and making love. Victoria as a newly awaken vampire has so much stamina now that we can go for hours and I no longer have to hold back my full power. We eventually wear each other out and fall asleep in each other's arms.

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