Finding My Queen

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Chapter 25

Sunday, October 25th, 2020


I let Victoria sleep in as I go and make sure the decorators know where to place all the arrangements at.

Andrew had let me know that most of the royal families had started arriving at the Royal Hotel that is just outside the Castle walls the day before, so I will be busy with meetings that tend to happen when any Royals are in town.

I had set the girls up with a spa day during this time, and I will most likely not see Victoria until the ceremony beings.

"Good morning Sir, how are you doing so far?" Malcolm asks, handing me a cup of coffee. "Thank you. Feeling good, but ready for this to be done. Ready to get justice for not only Maxwell and Clarissa but also Victoria" I tell him through our mind link so others can't overhear. Giving me a sad smile, he nods in agreement.

We have a plan on how we will be handling the news of who Victoria really is and how we will handle Marcus and Priscilla. Until tonight Victoria will be staying out of sight and Robert has increased our security to ensure no one is to slip past the main part of the castle.

"I woke up in a lonely bed. Where oh where is that sexy King of mine?" I hear Victoria ask through our mind link.

Grinning, I tell Malcolm I'll be back before speeding back to our wing. Sliding into our room, I find Victoria sitting in bed, a sheet wrapped loosely around her and that wicked smile, only meant for me.

"Right here, my beautiful Queen" I answer, prowling over to the bed. Taking her face in my hands, I lean down brushing my lips against hers.

Smirking when I hear her whimper, she snakes her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. Nipping my bottom lip before smashing her lips into mine for a deeper kiss.

"Now that was one hell of a good morning kiss," she tells me when we pull apart. "I'll remember that" I murmur, giving her one more quick kiss.

Standing up, I straighten my jacket and tie, then run my fingers through my hair she messed up. I watch as she grins, pleased with herself.

"I've set up a spa day for you, Ashley, Anna as well as Margaret but she declined, saying she will just show up when it is time to get hair and makeup done" I announce.

"So I want you to go and have fun, relax, and enjoy being pampered. If you need anything from me just mind link me, otherwise, your security team will be with you" I finish explaining.

I watch as Victoria, sit up on her knees, and lets the sheet fall, showing me her beautiful naked body. I let out a groan because I want to stay and have some fun with her but can't, "fuck woman, you're a damn tease" I hiss out, now having to adjust my suddenly tight pants.

Leaning close to my ear, "you can punish me later" she whispers, kissing me on the cheek before getting out of bed and sauntering off to the bathroom.

"Fuck me" I mutter aloud to myself, as I adjust myself once more before speeding out of the room before I become too tempted to join her in the shower.


It seems so far every King and Queen has wanted a meeting with me today, next time I'll just rent out the big conference room so I can get to everyone at once.

I've mind linked with Victoria off and on, just to check in and see how her spa day is going. Then decide that after all this, I plan on taking another vacation, just Victoria and I.

"Sir, you have one more meeting," Andrew tells me. "Who?" I ask, only half listening as I start planning out where we could go for our vacation.

"It's... King Marcus and Queen Priscilla" he says hesitantly, causing my attention right back to here and now. "Did they say what this is in regards to?" I ask, wondering if they found out about Victoria. Andrew just frowns, shaking his head no. "Very well, send them in... five minutes," I say as I mind link Malcolm and Robert to join me as well.

Malcolm and Robert arrive at the room right away, joining me at the table as I inform them of who asked for a meeting. They each give me a worried look and I know they are both thinking the same as me, that this must be about Victoria.

The next time the door opens, Andrew is showing Marcus and Priscilla into the room. They bow, before taking their seats across the table from me.

"Thank you for seeing us today, Your Highness. We know today is a big day for you and might we say congratulations on finding your Queen" Marcus says.

"Thank you, I'm actually in a rush to get back and make sure everything is on schedule so may I ask what you are needing to meet with me about?" I inquire.

They glance at one another for a moment, which causes me to go on alert. "We are looking for someone, they seemed to have gone off the grid and we were hoping you would lend us some of your best trackers," Marcus explains.

"And who might this person be and why are you needing to find them?" I ask. I know they are looking for either Victoria or Margaret and I need a reason enough to tell them no without giving anything away.

They look at one another again before glancing back at me, "it's a girl, she has something of ours and we need it back" Marcus grits out which causes me to raise my eyebrows in surprise at the heat in his voice.

Clearing his throat, he looks away. "Sorry Your Highness, it's just if we don't find her soon, well something could end up happening to her" Priscilla speaks up for the first time.

Nodding my head, I take a moment to think before speaking. "I will think it over, I will need to know more before I give you use of my trackers but as of right now, I really must go so I can get ready." Standing they bow once again, before leaving the room.

"Well, they will be in for quite a surprise this evening" Malcolm murmurs after a moment. "Let's get back to the castle" I order, not wanting to be too far away from Victoria any longer.


We are an hour away from the ceremony to begin. People have already started showing up and I have yet to see Victoria. Ashley and Victoria's stylist's team have ordered me to wait until she is done before I see her, which should be any time now.

I'm pacing in our room, dressed and ready to go when I smell Victoria as she walks down the hallway. As soon as she steps into view, my mouth goes dry and I'm left speechless.

She is an absolute dream. "Wow love, you are breathtaking. I don't know if I'll be able to keep my eyes or hands off you tonight" I murmur, choking on my words. "Thank you, and you look quite handsome yourself," she tells me. Leaning down, I kiss her nice and slow, savoring this moment.

When I pull away, to pick up one of the jewelry boxes on the table. Holding it out in front of me, I open the lid to reveal the diamond necklace to her. "Cal, it's beautiful" Victoria whispers, gazing down at it.

"This once belonged to my father's mother, she then gave it to my mother on her crowning ceremony and I know my mother would have passed it onto you for your crowning ceremony" I explain, as I take the necklace out of the box and place it around Victoria's neck. 'Thank you" she tells me, gently touching alongside the diamonds.

Turning, I pick up the last jewelry box, again opening the lid for Victoria. "Since we right now don't have any of your family's personal jewels, I thought you would like to wear one of my mother's Princess tiaras" I explain, as Victoria stare wide-eyed at the tiara.

"Once Marcus and Priscilla have been dealt with, we will get everything of your parent's belongings back and if I'm correct, like most family vaults, all of your mother's jewelry and other important items are in a locked vault, only blood relatives to your mother would be able to access," I tell her, taking the tiara from the box.

"Thank you, Cal. I would be honored to wear your mother's tiara" she whispers, her voice full of emotion.

Placing the tiara on her head, I lean in for one more kiss. "Robert, Ben, and Alan will be staying with you, Ashley and Margaret until it is time, then Robert will bring you to where you will enter. I need to go and welcome the guests, but if you need me, just use our link" I inform her, taking her hand and walking us out to our living room where everyone is waiting.

I know I'm leaving her in good hands as Malcolm and my security team follows me out.


I've been greeting guests for a while now, different royal families from all are in attendance as well as the people from my kingdom.

"Cal, it's time" Malcolm mind links me. Nodding, I finish up the conversation I'm having before making my way up to where I will meet Victoria. "Do you have a visual on Marcus and Priscilla?" I ask through our link as I get into place next to Malcolm.

Glancing around he finally nods when he finds them "over by the left side windows, talking with the King and Queen of Spain" he informs me.

I quickly link a few of my security team to move closer, just in case they run or try to do anything. "Keep watch on their reaction," I tell Malcolm just as Andrew steps out to announce Victoria.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome. We are gathered here this evening to welcome your new Queen..." Andrew begins to say, pausing a moment.

"Please welcome King Cal's mate, and the missing daughter of the late King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa... Princess Victoria" Andrew exclaims, stepping to the side to allow Victoria to enter as everyone stands in stunned silence.

My eyes are only on Victoria as I watch with joy as she shows confidence and strength. Not a minute later the room erupts in loud cheers as everyone shouts and claps for her.

Moving to her side, I take her hand in mine then bow to her as a show of respect as she then curtsy to me in return.

"They are moving closer" I hear Malcolm tell me over our link. Glancing around at everyone so as not to seem obvious, I find Marcus and Priscilla looking at Victoria with a mix of shock and horror as well as some anger.

I feel when Robert and Ben step out and stay behind us as Andrew moves back closer to Victoria's side and Malcolm steps closer to me.

Holding up my hand to silence everyone. "It is true, my mate is the lost Princess. But she was not lost, more like stolen as her parents were killed in their sleep. Victoria was stolen from this life and made to believe she was just a normal human with parents who truly loved her, which the people who had raised her did, in fact, love her but it was all a lie, and for what you may ask?" I call out for everyone to hear.

"Greed... Power... Title. King Maxwell's own brother, Marcus, and his wife Priscilla planned the assassination of King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa, then made it look as if Victoria had been kidnapped by her own nanny, Margaret, who had gone missing as well" I shout loudly, turning my glare to where Marcus and Priscilla, now stand frozen in. The crowd whispers and gasps, turning their attention to them as well.

"Thi-this is all a lie, how do we know for certain that this is the missing Princess? How dare you try and tarnish my late brother and sister-in-law's memories" Marcus yells.

Knowing they would be asking for proof, I was happy when Victoria had chosen a backless dress. "Love will you turn around, please," I say, aloud. As soon as she turns, more gasps can be heard as they get their first look at the royal mark that is now visible in between her shoulder blades, each royal family has their own mark to show which family they belong to.

As soon as she had her parent's blood in her system and her vampire had been awakened, her family mark had appeared. And since we had already mated beforehand, a small amount of my family mark had been intertwined with hers, coming together as one.

Looking back at Marcus and Priscilla, I see their faces pale, "Is this proof enough for you? And you know this can not be faked" I hiss.

"Guards take them into custody, I will deal with them later" I order.

Once they have been escorted out, I turn back to Victoria, who is trying to keep her tears at bay, I motion to Andrew to get the crown as I take the few steps back to Victoria.

Cupping her face in my hands, we lean into one another for a kiss, causing the crowd to cheer once again, pulling back just enough, "are you ready to officially become our Queen?" I whisper for only her to hear. "Yes," she whispers back, her voice cracking from emotions.

Smiling, I look next to us to find both Ashley and Margaret each holding onto a side of the crown box. They lift the lid and step closer to me, I smile as I see my mother's crown awaiting to be placed on its new owner.

Turning back to Victoria, I take the Princess tiara off, then set it back in its box Andrew is holding open for me. Before turning back to Ashley and Margaret.

Carefully lifting the crown, I turn back to Victoria. Watching as she takes a deep breath before lowering herself onto the kneeling bench Malcolm has placed for her. "I King Cal Masters, King of all Vampires, crown you, Princess Victoria, my mate and the daughter of the late King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa Staffon as our new Queen of all Vampires" I call out, placing the crown onto Victoria's head.

Reaching down, she puts her hand in mine as I help her up and face the crowd as they erupted once again in an almost deafening cheer of claps and people chanting "Queen Victoria."



After Cal crowns me and announced Ashley to the crowd as Malcolm mate.

We danced and danced and danced some more.

"Is my Queen ready to go have some more fun... in the bedroom?" Cal growls into my ear. My body shivers against him as I let out a quiet whimper, trying to hide my face against him. I feel Cal smirk as we rush out of the ballroom, unnoticed and back to our wing of the castle.

I see the dark lustful look in Cal's eyes and know he is going to make good on his promise to punish me.

Kicking off my heels, he arches an eyebrow and crosses his arms as he gazes at me. Feeling playful, I take off in a run, laughing as I hear him growl from behind me.

Making my way into our bedroom, I'm suddenly thrown up and over his shoulder. "My Queen wants to play, does she?" He growls, walking over to the bed, he slaps my ass before tossing me down.

Laughing, I just nod my head as I move up in the bed more. Cal follows, climbing over my body, caging me in with his.

Smirking down at me, he leans in, sealing his lips to mine. I feel as he pushes the straps of my dress down and off my arms,

Grabbing my hands, he places them over my head where I hear a click sound, I pull away from Cal, glancing up to find my hands are cuffed.

Looking back at Cal, who is smirking. He sits up, straddling me, his gazes sweeping up and down my body before climbing off me to slide my dress the rest of the way off, leaving me completely bare.

"Holy shit, Victoria if I had known you were naked underneath here this whole time, I would have gotten us out of there sooner" He mutters, cursing as he quickly strips out of his dress shirt and shoes, leaving only his pants.

"You want to be punished?" He asks huskily, eyes burning with need. Biting my lip, I stare right back at him, "I was a naughty girl this morning, wasn't I? I should definitely be punished, my King" I confess.

Cal just grins before turning and walking into the closet. I hear as he opens and closes different drawers then walks back out carrying a few things.

"I want to try some new things, if your willing," he tells me, sitting the things down on the side table. "I'm more than willing" I whisper, my body already humming with what's to come.

Turning back to me, he holds up two items, but I can't make out what they are yet. "This here is a butt plug, I want to put it in that beautiful little ass of yours, while this vibrator goes in that tight hot pussy. I will then use the flogger again since you enjoyed it so much the last time I used it on you" he begins to explain, getting me more worked up with need.

"Then when I'm ready, I'm going to fuck you with the butt plug still in, until you can't take anymore and pass out from so much satisfaction. Do you remember your safe word?" He announces, watching me intensely.

"Holy shit, I think I almost came" I rush out, swallowing the sudden lump in my throat.

Smirking at my words, he doesn't say anything as he waits. "Yes, my safe word is Peacock" I stutter out finally.

"Good girl" is all he says as he pours some kind of gel on to the butt plug and vibrator before slipping back onto the bed.

I feel tingles, moving up my right leg as his hand slowly goes up, pushing my legs apart as he gets more comfortable in between them.

Grabbing a pillow he has me lift enough to place it under my lower back, "just keep breathing love, should only feel uncomfortable for a moment" he murmurs, leaning in to kiss and lick my pussy. I moan as I feel my own juices begin to drip down to my ass, helping to lubricate, as he pushes the plug inside slowly.

"Beautiful" he murmurs, kissing my pussy once more before slipping in the vibrator before standing up from the bed. He watches me as I move around, feeling the strange new sensation. Arching my back I moan as I clench around both objects inside me as I feel the vibrator come to life.

"You like that?" Cal says, eyes lighting up in surprise.

I watch through hooded eyes as he picks up the flogger from the table. Like a predator stalking, it's prey, Cal moves with smooth movements, that I don't even notice the flogger until it strikes my upper legs. Screaming out in more surprise than pain, my back arches off the bed as I grip tight to the straps my handcuffs are attached to. Causing a moan to leave my lips as I clench with each movement.

Cal plays my body like a fine stringed instrument, each place the flogger touches, sends a nice pleasurable sting. He not only works the front of my body but flips me around to also strike my backside as well.

And with each strike to my ass, the flogger whips right across the plug making me moan louder.

I'm breathing hard from my first orgasm when Cal finally drops the flogger to the ground, I can barely lift my head when I feel the bed dip and Cal's hands soothe my warm body.

He dips a hand low, slowly removing the vibrator then rubs his fingers through my dripping wet pussy, pushing his fingers in and out before I feel him remove them and replace them with the tip of his cock, pushing deep inside me.

The plug along with Cal's cock makes me feel fuller than normal. And with each time he pumps his hips back and forth, I can't help but moan at the new feeling.

I feel the plug twist as a shiver runs through me, "like that, my Queen?" Cal asks with a laugh, twisting the plug again as I moan out a yes. His hips speed up more, grunting as he punishes me with deep, hard thrusts, causing my second orgasm to come out of nowhere. Cal doesn't let up as he keeps pushing through.

After my third orgasm, he pulls out the plug which shoots me right into my fourth. Flipping me onto my back, he doesn't let up any.

"How many more can you give me, love?" He grits through his teeth. "Can you give me two more? Make it a lucky six in all" he continues, reaching down to play with my clit, my voice is almost non-existent at this point as I open my mouth in a silent scream as my fifth hits me.

"That's it, love, give me one more. This time we are cumming together" Cal growls, once more flipping us so that I'm on top of him as he has to hold me up.

Sitting up against the headboard, he doesn't lose his pace, "bite me, Victoria" he whispers into my ear. It's as if those words have given me enough strength, as I raise my head just enough, allowing my fangs to dropdown. Leaning in, I bite into Cal's neck, marking him, just as he bites into mine again.

Sending us both finally over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms ever to rock my body, making my world go dark.

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