Finding My Queen

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Chapter 26

Monday, October 26th, 2020


I can't believe I put Victoria in a sex induced coma last night. Well, I guess six orgasms can make anyone pass out.

I lay there next to her, running my fingertips up and down her bare back, tracing her royal mark.

We need to decide what we will do about Marcus and Priscilla today then make a trip to Victoria's parent's kingdom and figure out what she would like to do since it is her birthright.

"You keep doing that, I may expect it every morning" Victoria mumbles sleepily. "Would be my honor, love" I answer, leaning down and kissing her shoulder.

"Good morning, my Queen" I murmur in between kisses. "It is indeed a good morning, my King" she moans, rolling over, she runs her hands through my hair, pulling me down for a kiss.

Pulling back, I laugh as Victoria pouts. "As much as I would love to stay in bed with you all day, we have very important matters to deal with and we will be late if we don't get moving. But I promise once everything has calmed down, we are going away for a vacation, just you and I" I inform her, getting out of bed before she can pull me back to her.

We rush through our showers, getting dressed, and out the door not long after. Walking hand in hand towards my office, we find Malcolm, Robert, and Andrew waiting with breakfast.

Taking our seats, we get right to work, discussing what will be done with Marcus and Priscilla. "You said, I would have some say in what their punishment was correct?" Victoria asks. "Yes, I thought it would be fair you have the say in this matter the most since it was not only you but your parent's life taken because of them" I explain.

"I've been thinking it over and I don't want a quick and easy punishment for them. I want them to suffer, to live with what they did. They took my parents from me 23 years ago, they took away the life I had never known I was to have from me" Victoria starts, her voice shaky, with emotions.

"I think it is only fair that their life is taken away from them for 23 years before death finally comes. I want them to live with the regret, with only themselves for 23 years, knowing that at the end of that time they will die, just as my parents had" she finishes with nothing more than anger, and grief in her words.

"I agree with her rule of punishment, I find it to be fair" Malcolm speaks up.

"I feel the same as well," Robert says jumping in.

"I agree as well" Andrew voices last.

Leaving everyone waiting on my answer. "Then it is done. Marcus and Priscilla will serve their 23 years in our prison before they are put to death," I say, giving the final vote.

Moving on to the next matter. I ask, "what would you like to do about your kingdom? As the birthright states, it is rightfully yours."

Giving me a somewhat confused look, "well I know nothing about running a kingdom, would there be any way to, I don't know, combine ours together maybe?" She asks hesitantly.

Smiling at the way she is already starting to think like a true Queen. "That sounds like an excellent idea, and I would be honored to combine them and work together on running both," I say, agreeing with her once again. We then make plans to visit her family's kingdom today, and I can see she is excited about going.

As soon as Andrew has the orders ready, she quickly signs them before dismisses herself to go see if Ashley and Margaret would care to go with us. As Malcolm, Robert, Andrew, and I make our way down to the prisoner holding cell to deliver the verdict of Marcus and Priscilla's 23-year sentence.


Using the portal, we make it to Victoria's family kingdom rather quickly. The whole trip Victoria and Ashley stare out the windows, taking in the beauty we pass by.

Pulling up to the center of the village, we see it is already crowded. With the news that Marcus and Priscilla had been dethroned and that the missing Princess now turned Queen has returned, everyone is wanting to catch a glimpse for themselves.

Coming to a stop at the gates to the castle, we wait for them to open before pulling on through. As soon as we park, Robert opens up our back door, while Alan opens up the other side for Malcolm and Ashley.

Stepping out first, I give a small wave to the crowd before holding my hand out to help Victoria out of the car. As soon as she steps out, the crowd begins clapping and cheering, shouting her name. Victoria being Victoria, beams with pride and a little shyness as she waves at them all.

The staff is all waiting outside the castle to greet us. I know from the files, some had been around when King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa was still alive. They all bow at once before standing at attention, with the exception of one who steps out of line as we near.

"Your Majesty's, welcome. My name is Matthew, I was the personal assistant to... Um..." The young man starts but stutters at how to address the ex-king and queen. "It's lovely to meet you, Matthew, I'm sure we will work wonderfully together" Victoria jumps in to save the nervous man, quickly easing his fears, something she is amazing at doing.

He shows us to the platform that is set up with a microphone. Stepping up, Victoria allows me to take lead and talk first.

"Good day everyone, I know by now you all have heard the news that Marcus and Priscilla have been dethroned and have been sentenced for the crimes they committed with orchestrating the assassination of your beloved King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa. You have also heard that you're missing Princess has returned and is now your Queen" I announced, as the crowd cheers once more.

When they quiet down again I continue on, "we are here today so that Queen Victoria and I can begin the process of getting to know the fine people of this kingdom. We have also decided that we will be combining both our kingdoms as one."

With that, I hand the microphone over to Victoria and step back to allow her the spotlight. "Good day everyone. I just want to say, I'm glad to finally be home and I hope I can make you all proud" she says in a quick speech, earning another round of cheers.

Helping Victoria back down from the platform, Matthew is waiting for us, "would you care to see the castle first or take a tour of the village?" He asks. I can see Victoria is very eager to see where her parents called home, so I suggest the castle first.



I was so happy Ashley and Margaret had come along with us today. I wanted to be able to share this special trip, not only with Cal but with my best friend and my very short-time nanny. I knew Margaret would have liked to come back to a place that she once called her home as well.

Matthew, who I guess is now my personal assistant took us on a tour around the castle. He showed us everything, and while he wasn't around when my parents were alive he had told me that many people still to this day speak kindly of them.

He has also made it known, in not so many words of his dislike of Marcus and Priscilla. I'll ask him later what even brought him to work for them if he couldn't even stand them.

"Did my mother have a vault?" I ask suddenly. From the sounds of things, Marcus and Priscilla had ended up spending almost everything my father had left in his personal vault. And if Cal is correct, the only way into these vaults is by blood magic.

"Yes, she did. They had been trying everything for years to get it to open but never could. And just recently I had overheard them talking about needing to find some girl that could open the vault up..." Matthew says only to stop suddenly, glancing wide-eyed between Cal and I. "Do you think they were talking about finding you?" He asks nervously, again looking back and forth between us.

"Relax Matthew, you did not know what or who they were talking about" Cal reassure him. "But yes, I believe they were talking about Victoria. When they asked for a meeting with me on Sunday, they asked if they could use my best trackers to find a girl. They didn't say who, only that she had something of theirs that they needed back. I feel that they only wanted to use you to get into your mother's vault" he goes on to explain.

Ever since this morning meeting about what punishment I wanted to give Marcus and Priscilla, I've been back and forth with how I feel. Was the punishment too harsh? Was it not harsh enough?

Then I remember what they did. They took my parents from me, and instead of doing the same to me they just got rid of me. My life was not the one I was born into, all for power, greed, and title. Now I can't help but think about if they had found me, they were only going to use me to get into my mother's vault, and then what? Kill me as well? No, their punishment is harsh enough and they will be paying dearly for it for the next 23 years.

Matthews stops suddenly, and I glance around to see we are standing next to two heavy metal doors on opposite sides of the hall. "This here is your mother's vault, the other one was your father's. Not sure what, or if anything is left in his but your mother's vault has not been touched. I'll leave you be" he says before turning and walking away.

I look at the door in confusion, as Cal feels around for something, "found it" he announces after a moment, just as a small door, that could only fit your hand pops open. "Put your hand on this screen, it will scan then you will feel a small poke as it takes a sample of your blood" he explains, stepping to the side so I can get in front of the little door opening.

Placing my hand on the screen, I hold my breath as I watch it light up and scan my hand up and down, before feeling the poke, Cal said would happen. I'm relieved when I hear the locks to the door clicking and it pops open.

We both step inside, and I jump when I hear the door slam shut. "Don't worry, there is a button in here that will open the door back up" Cal tells me soothingly.

Looking around, I'm amazed by everything here. "Oh my gosh," I whisper, taking small steps, afraid to touch anything. Right in the middle of the room in a glass case is my parent's crowns. "They're both in here, I would have thought my fathers would have been in his own vault," I say quietly more to myself but Cal hears me, "this might explain everything. It has your name on it," he says, handing me a sealed envelope.

I run my fingers over my name, "my mother wrote this" I say, as I open it up and take out the letter.

"My dear sweet Victoria, if you are read this then it means you are now of age to get into my vault without me, which sadly means I'm no longer with you and I'm so sorry for that.

I'm actually writing this letter with you still safe and warm inside my womb, but I know any day now you will join us in this world, I just hope it is kind to you. I don't know what will happen but I keep having these bad feelings that something will happen, and I only hope that you, my sweet dear child are spared.

Your father and I have been moving as much of his jewels and other belongings from his vault into mine, as a just in case, since no one but you will be able to open this door. Just know that we love you so much and no matter what happens, we will always be around for you in some way.

Please take care, sweet girl. And we hope once you meet your mate, he will make you happy and loved. I know you will make a wonderful Queen and with your mate by your side, you both will be unstoppable as King and Queen. With love, mama."

As I finish reading the letter aloud, her last words have me choking on a sob. Cal had been rubbing my back while I read but I'm suddenly in his arms as I cry once again for my parents, for me, for what I've lost because of my father's ungrateful, greedy brother and sister in law. Life can be so cruel and I promise my parents and myself that I will do everything to make it not as cruel.

"Is there a way to take all if not most back with us?" I ask nervously.

"Yes, we can have a vault set up. I can move my mother's belongings on in with the rest of mine and my fathers, been meaning to do so but just never seen the need to until now. We can take some with us now and store in mine until we have the other vault cleared out and set up for you if you're alright with that" he suggests. I eagerly nod, as I look around once more at everything she has in here. It's not just jewelry, but also paintings, pictures, and even some clothing.

I decide to also check and see what is possible left in my father's vault before we leave. "Wow, not much was left. Would it be possible to burn these pictures of Marcus and Priscilla? Or would that be too rude? Also, any jewelry and money that is left in here, I would like to put into some kind of fund for the village" I suggest, glancing around.

"From the sounds of it, Marcus and Priscilla did more terrible things than good for this village when they were in power and I want to change that," I say.

When I don't hear a reply from Cal, I turn to see him leaning up against the wall with an amused smirk on his face. "What?" I inquire. "You are so your mother's daughter," he tells me. Pushing away from the wall and stalking towards me. "And yes I think your idea is wonderful. You, my love, will be a wonderful Queen just like your mother said," he says, pulling me into him by my hips.


After we left the vaults, I decide to take a tour of the village, meet the locals and see what stores they had. Cal stays at my side, being the relaxed person I remember him being when we first met, which is crazy to think that was only a few short weeks ago. Matthew and Margaret are both showing us around, and I'm happy to see Margaret enjoying herself and saying hello to old friends.

I just hope she decides to stay around, I want her to be able to see Cal and I's kids grow. I think to myself and I secretly place my hand over my belly.

I found out the other day, that I was pregnant, it was while I was asleep during my transformation. I had this vivid dream of my mother coming to see me. She said that I would be an amazing mother soon, as she glanced down and touched my stomach.

I believe it most likely happened the night Cal made love to me for the first time and marked me. From what I've read, vampire pregnancies can be found out quickly, and most of the time by the mother first.

I'm planning on surprising Cal with the news soon. And boy will he be surprised to learn we are having two babies. We haven't really talked about kids but I've heard him hint at the idea of someday being parents.

We spend the rest of our day walking around the village, talking and getting to know everyone before our visit comes to an end. With promises to come back soon, we say our goodbyes before driving away.

Margaret had decided to stay a little longer so she could continue catching up with her friends and help with anything needing to be done around the castle and village.

It is late by the time we return home. I was so exhausted from the night before activities and today's, that Cal ended up carrying me up to our wing and putting me to bed.

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