Finding My Queen

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Chapter 27

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020


It's early in the morning, as I leave a peaceful Victoria asleep in bed and slip out of our room. I have a top-secret appointment I need to go to and get back before she wakes up.

Making my way to my office, I grab what I need out of my safe before heading towards the front door. "So why are we up even before the sun?" Malcolm grumbles from the bottom step.

Laughing at him, I answer, "because I have something I need to do and it is best to do without Victoria knowing." Malcolm just grumbles some more about it being too damn early. He has never been much of a morning person, at least anytime before 8 a.m. that is. Even being a vampire he has always been moody before having any blood and coffee.

Slipping out the door, I call out that I'm driving as we head towards the garage. Even though I don't drive much, I still love getting behind the wheel of one of my cars.

I pick one of the quieter ones, so as not to wake anyone and speed out, and towards the main gate that guard is already opening up for us, giving him a small wave as I pass by and down the hill, driving into the village.

A lot of the shops are still closed but there are a few that have employees already working. The bakery is getting fresh loaves of bread and other goodies ready for the day as well as the coffee shop.

Driving on down the street, I find the shop I have an appointment at. "Why are we at Mr. Cane's Jewelry?" Malcolm murmurs, looking out the window at the shop we stopped in front of. "Told you last night, it was top-secret," I say teasingly as I get out of the car.

I see a light on in the back of the shop so I know Mr. Cane is here. Knocking on the door, I see him come out a few minutes later, turning on another light as he comes to open the door.

"Good Morning, Your Highness" Mr. Cane says, allowing us inside. "Good Morning, Mr. Cane, thank you so much for opening up early for me. I didn't want Victoria to know what I'm up to" I tell him. "Don't worry my boy, your father had done the same thing with your mother" He tells me as he walks back to the front counter.

"Ok, is someone going to tell me what is going on here? Why are we up so early and why does everything have to be a secret?" Malcolm asks again.

Taking out my small black velvet bag, I empty the diamonds out. "I have diamonds from both Victoria's parents as well as mine that I would like placed in her ring, as well as this one, it's from my personal collection. I want to also make this her daylight ring" I explain, showing him each of the diamonds I had picked out.

"Ring? As an engagement ring? Why didn't you just say this instead of making it like we were going on some secret mission?" Malcolm asked confused. Giving him a look, I see when it finally clicks into place, "Oh right, you didn't want this getting back to Victoria, alright then I understand, carry on."

Mr. Cane and I can't help but laugh at Malcolm before getting back to discussing the ring. I plan on asking Victoria on Saturday to marry me.


I make it back just in time. Victoria is still sleeping when I slip back into the room, carrying our breakfast. I don't have much on my schedule today besides a few video call meetings and I know Victoria plans on getting some school work done today as well.

Setting the tray down on the table, I walk over to the bed, crawling up next to Victoria, I start kissing her bare shoulder, moving across her back and over to her other shoulder.

A soft sleepy moan comes from her as she arches her back against me. "Good morning beautiful, I have some breakfast for us. And lots of coffee and extra blood" I tell her, earning another moan out of her.

"You had me at coffee" she mumbles, peeking up at me. I find it funny, how at the mention of coffee, will get my mate to do just about anything.

Giving her another kiss on the top of her head, I climb off, pouring us both a cup as she sits up and stretches before grabbing her robe from the foot of the bed and climbing out, making her way to me.

"Thank you, honey. I think I'll keep you around a while longer" she jokes, winking up at me as I hand a cup to her. Laughing at her cuteness, I lean down, giving her a quick kiss before going back to setting up our table while she goes into the bathroom.


After a delicious breakfast, I leave for my office so I can get to work and let Victoria have the bedroom to get her schoolwork done, I have plans on making one of the rooms next to my office into her office but for now, she is comfortable just getting her work done in the bedroom.

I end up working through lunchtime, but Victoria, being my ever so loving mate brings me something to eat when she takes a break before she goes back to the room to finish her paper.

By the time I'm finished with my work for the day, it is close to late afternoon. Seeing that it's a warm day for fall, I plan a picnic for us, calling the kitchen to get a basket ready and then call down to the barn to get two horses saddled up and waiting.

Making my way to our wing, I find Victoria sitting out on the terrace reading a book. "All done for the day?" I ask, going to sit down next to her. Smiling over at me, "yep, how about you?" She asks. "Yes, I've actually set up a horse ride and picnic for us," I announce. Watching as Victoria's eyes light up as she practical jumps out of her chair and into my arms.

Once we have changed into comfortable riding gear we make our way to the kitchen where we pick up our basket then on out to the barn where our two horses are waiting.

I decided to take her to another favorite spot of mine, just a little ways away from the castle. I had found it as a kid when I just wanted to get away from all the crazy that can come with being royal.

When we arrive, I get off my horse, tying him to one of the nearby trees before helping Victoria off hers and doing the same with her horse.

Taking the basket, then grabbing the blanket from the horse, we walk up onto rocks, finding one of the big flat ones to sit on. Once the blanket is laid out, we sit down and start pulling containers of food out. Placing a little of everything on our plates.

We sit in silence as we just enjoy being with one another and look around at the amazing view we have from up on this hill that overlooks a lot of the property.

"So, I was thinking of taking you into the village here tomorrow and showing you around. Thought maybe you would like to see what we have and meet more people" I say, after a while, finishing up my sandwich.

"I would love that very much, I find myself looking down at the village from our terrace and seeing all the shops and people out and about and I wonder who they are and what their life is like. I only met a few at the ceremony but would love to meet more" she says, a smile making its way across her face as she looks off into the distance.

We stay until the sun starts to set then ride back to the barn as we watch the sunset all around us and the stars begin to appear.

I can not wait for Saturday. Even though I know we will be together for all eternity, being able to ask Victoria to be my wife, just makes waking up and falling asleep together that more exciting.

Knowing I'll get to live life with someone I call my best friend, my lover, my mate, my partner in everything, and hopefully my soon to be wife as well as someday the mother of my children, is the best feelings I could ever experience.

I'm forever grateful to Malcolm for deciding that we went to Ivywood this year, not only did I find my mate and new Queen but he also found his mate. And Ashley being Victoria's best friend was just a bonus.

Life truly is good.

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