Finding My Queen

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Chapter 28

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020


So far I've been able to keep that I'm pregnant a secret but it has been hard. I for sure thought Cal would have said something yesterday when we went on our picnic.

The cook had added a bottle of wine to our basket, and when I turned it down, Cal didn't question me as to why I wasn't drinking.

I need to think of some way to tell him the news, but every idea I thought of has seemed lame to me. I was hoping with me needing to do this paper that maybe an idea would come to me, so far nothing has.

Letting out a sigh, I can feel a headache coming along with all these thoughts running around in my head.

Sitting back in my chair, I look out at the peaceful sight around me. I've been taking every opportunity I can to sit out on the terrace while the weather is decent. I just can't get over this view.

It's so nice and quiet with only the sounds of birds singing and wind rustling through the trees... "Victoria!" Well, it was quiet, I sigh, closing my eyes.

"Victoria!" Ashley shouts again, as she makes her way out to me.

"What the hell V. Why has my best friend been avoiding me?" She asks, sitting down next to me. I can hear a hint of hurt in her voice.

I hate the thought that I hurt her. "I'm sorry A. I really don't mean to be avoiding you... it's just, I have a secret and ugh, I just don't know what to do" I tell her, running my fingers through my hair as I sigh again.

"You know you can tell me anything V," she says with a pout. Smiling over at her, I can't help but laugh at her silliness.

Grabbing my phone, I open up my notes and being typing. Ashley looks at me, with a look of confusion written on her face. "Just in case anyone is listening" is all I tell her.

Finishing up my typing, I hand my phone over to her. After a few minutes of Ashley just staring at my phone in studded silence, she finally speaks.

"Victoria, oh my gosh. Are you for real? Oh my gosh, this is so exciting" she whispers, bouncing up and down in her chair. "But why have you been avoiding me, why is this a secret? Isn't this happy news? Aren't you happy, V?" She asks, looking hurt and confused.

"What? Of course, I'm happy. I'm only keeping it a secret because I haven't told Cal yet. I've been trying to think of a special way to tell him. But every idea I have come up with just doesn't seem right" I whisper, giving up on typing everything out.

No one, other than our close inner circle is allowed into our bedroom. Unless Cal or I invite them in, even the maids have a certain time they are allowed in to clean. And with my new super vampire hearing, I can hear if anyone is nearby.

"Well let me help you then. When were you planning on telling him?" Ashley asks, sitting back in her chair with a look of serious concentration on her face.

"Um... I was thinking about Saturday. I wanted to do something fun with the Halloween costume I bought, it just felt like a shame to waste a perfectly sexy cop outfit," I say, giggling. Then feel bittersweet as I think about us missing this year's town Halloween celebration.

We sit in silence, staring off as we think. When Ashley all of a sudden jumps up excitedly, "Ok, hear me out because this might sound corny but how about you roleplay and make it like he is being arrested for being a hot as fuck Daddy and then tell him, his partners in crime are due to be released in 9 months" she suggests.

I think over her suggestion then laugh as I picture his reaction, "I actually love that idea" I answer.

We spend the rest of our morning hanging out together. Ashley had gone to grabbed her schoolwork to do out here, as I got back to work on mine. We even call down to the kitchen for some snacks to be brought up to keep us going.

Cal and Malcolm stop in around noon. "Ladies, ready for a break? We were going to take a trip into the village and eat lunch at one of the cafes" Cal asks as he glances at what I'm working on. I think Cal still feels like he is in professor mode as he wants me to do well, always asking if I want him to look over my assignments.

"Sure we could use a break right about now" I answer, glancing over at Ashley and she nods in agreement. Picking up our things and heading inside to freshen up.

Cal leads us downstairs and out the front door where Robert is waiting at the car along with the rest of our security team.

We drive down the hill and out the gate and on into the village. It's a beautiful fall day and lots of people are out and about and many stop and wave as we pass by.

Pulling up next to the fountain in the village square. Robert gets out and opens our door for us. Stepping out, I see a crowd has now formed around us. "Good afternoon everyone" Cal calls out, with a wave. Placing his hand on my lower back, he guides me through the crowd as we shake hands and chat with the locals before directing us to the cafe where they have an empty table for us.

I asked Cal to order for me since everything on the menu looked delicious and I couldn't decide. He orders us both their famous homemade chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes with a basket of dinner rolls.

As we wait for our food, we chat some more with the people in the cafe, having nice conversations about what they do for a living and learn about their families.

When lunch comes, I can't help be dive in, the food smells wonderful and tastes amazing.

Once we are done, we say our goodbyes and spend the rest of the afternoon, walking throughout the village, seeing all the shops and meeting everyone. Cal even takes us by the two schools that are in the village, going in to visit with the kids and see what all they are learning.

By evening, I am exhausted from all the fun activities that we stop and get enough pizzas for dinner to take back home for everyone there.

After dropping off some of the boxes of pizza for everyone else and saying good night to Robert and Anna as they had planned a date for tonight, Cal, Malcolm, Ashley, and I take a few pizzas up to mine and Cal's room so we can eat out on the terrace.

"Oh, thank goodness. I am starved" Ashley cries out, as we sit down. I laugh at her even though I'm also hungry as well. Cal tries to set a beer down in front of me, but I wave him off, telling him I need to finish a paper after dinner and need to do it with a clear head.

"So what are the plans for Saturday? Now that we are all here instead of back in Ivywood like we originally thought we would be, should we still do something?" Ashley inquiries, glancing between Cal and Malcolm.

When I see they aren't looking, I quickly look back at Ashley and mouth "what the fuck." Ashley just smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

"Didn't really have any plans" Cal answers nonchalantly, sharing a look with Malcolm. "Well, maybe we should do something, I don't" Ashley goes on to say, smiling sweetly at them.

Once our pizzas are gone and Ashley and Malcolm leave. I get back to finishing up the last little bit I had left on my paper. I plan on doing my edits tomorrow before sending it in.

Cal sits next to me, stretched out on the lounge chair, reading the paper, catching up on what's been going on around the kingdom.

When I'm finally finished, I do a quick save before closing my laptop. "You up for a movie or is it too late?" Cal asks, sitting the newspaper down. Smiling I just nod, before getting up and grabbing my things to take back inside.

I make a quick trip to the bathroom and decided to change into one of Cal's shirts, and my sleep shorts before joining Cal in the living room. Seeing he had also changed out of his work clothes, opting for just some basketball shorts.

Getting cozy on the couch, we spend our night watching movies until we fall asleep on the couch, me laying on Cal, his arms wrapped tight around me.

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