Finding My Queen

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Chapter 2

Friday, October 2nd, 2020


Waking up this morning, I feel this strange comforting aura around my room. I had the best sleep last night in what feels like forever and actually feel the need to write in one of the many unfinished stories that have been giving me nothing but trouble lately.

After taking my time in a nice hot shower, I put on my robe then I go and make me a cup of coffee and grab a muffin before heading back to my room to write for a while.

I'm so lost in my fantasy world I'm writing about that I don't hear the knock at my door until I feel a tap on my shoulder causing me to jump. "Hey it's just me, sorry for scaring you but you were zoned out again" my best friend and roommate Ashley explains. "No, it's ok. What's up?" I ask turning to face her. "Was going to see about meeting up for an early dinner tonight after class?" she asks. Nodding I agree to meet up with her at our favorite diner later before she has to run off to her classes.

Turning back to my laptop, I decided to spend most of my day writing, since I only have one class today and it's my literature class.

Just thinking about that class from yesterday has me feeling tingly and then I begin thinking about Professor Masters and the way he would look at me throughout the class. I had caught him a few times and others I could just feel his stares burning into me. And let's not forget that devilish smile he gave me when he did roll call, just hearing my name roll off his tongue like that had me wanting to beg for more.

Now I may have zero sexual experiences and for a twenty-three-year-old, that can be very hard to believe that I could still be a virgin. But I've never seen that as a must-have, and after the death of my parents, I had closed off my heart, not wanting to let others in and then end up losing them the same way I lost my parents.

I was grateful for Ashley and her family for taking me in when I was seventeen so I would be able to finish up high school along with my friends and not have to worry about where I would end up. But sex was never a big thing, my schooling was always more important, even more now that I had to provide for myself.

But just thinking of myself and the professor was crazy, it would be against the college rules for us to do anything together even if he was just here for a month; because after a month, he would be gone. I didn't see a ring but that doesn't mean he doesn't have someone back home, I mean who wouldn't want to date him.

Sighing I refocus back on my laptop, trying to get more writing done. I'm so close to the end and I can't stop now that my creative juices are flowing again.

Just as I hit the ending of my work my alarm goes off reminding me that I have class soon. Hitting the save button and then printing off a hard copy for me to use when I edit later, I rush to get ready and make sure I have everything for my class in my bag.

Seeing that I have enough time to stop by the campus coffee shop where I also work I grab me another coffee before class.

With coffee in hand, I make my way over to the literature building, It has started to become colder as fall is in full swing, so when I step into the nice warm building I sigh feeling the coldness of outside leave my body.

Making my way to the classroom I'm met by some friends who are in the same class as me. We talk as we make our way in, and right as I step inside the room I can feel his gaze on me.

Doing my best not to let on how much he affects me I make my way to my seat as I keep talking with my friends until he calls for class to begin.

Professor Masters doesn't talk for long as he wants us to work on our writing assignment. I feel him glance my way as he has a quiet conversation upfront with his assistant Malcolm, who we were introduced to at the beginning of class.


It seems crazy how my writing has been flowing out of me today, I have been in such a slump lately, and then to wake up this morning and just be going nonstop is amazing.

I'm once again in the zone that I don't notice when Professor Masters comes up behind me until he places a hand on my shoulder making me jump slightly.

"My apologies Miss. Jensen" he says huskily. I glimpse out of the corner of my eye that my friend who seats next to me isn't there anymore, which causing me to look around and notice no one is in the class.

"You were so focused on your work you missed me dismissing the class," he continues when he sees my confusion. "Oh, I am so sorry," I say hurrying to pack up my belongings. "No need to be sorry, it is actually a breath of fresh air to see a student so focused on their work for a change. I'm truly looking forward to reading your story when you turn it in" he says reassuring me.

"Have a good rest of your day Miss. Jensen, I will see you next week" he tells me as I make my way out, I reply with a quick goodbye as I slip out and make my way to the diner to meet up with Ashley.


Ashley and I are in the middle of dinner, chatting about our day. Ashley is studying business and plans to take over her family's flower shop someday. I had told her already about my class today and about the new professor teaching the class.

We are laughing about some joke one of her classmates had told her today when we hear someone clearing their throat behind me. Ashley's mouth drops open, eyes wide open as she sees who standing there.

"Miss. Jensen, what a pleasant surprise" I freeze, hearing that husky voice that makes my stomach tie up in knots since I first met him yesterday. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he steps up to my side, slowly I turn to face him "Hel-Hello Professor Masters" I stutter quietly all of a sudden becoming nervous around him.

"Please call me Cal, when we are not in the classroom Victoria," he says giving me a wink then turns his attention towards Ashley who is still staring wide-eyed at him. "Hello I'm Cal Masters, and you are?" He asks sticking out his hand towards her. "Ash-Ashley Nickels, I'm Victoria's best friend and roommate," she rushes to say as she takes his hand to shake. He nods before turning and introducing Malcolm who had I met today and Robert, his driver and friend.

"Well, we won't keep you girls, seeing as you are in the middle of eating. I just saw you were also here so I wanted to come and say hello, I will see you in class Monday, Victoria" Cal says with a small nod then continues walking a few empty tables away to sit facing me.

"Oh my God, girl you must have forgotten to mention how freaking hot he is" Ashley whisper yells, fanning herself. "Ashley, can you please be quiet, they are still close by" I hiss, taking a sneak peek over her shoulder to see if they heard but they appear to be in a conversation so maybe they didn't hear her. Thank God I don't think I could handle going back to class if he had heard, I think to myself then see as he goes from a smile to a frown, glancing over at me. That was odd.

Finishing up our dinner, Professor and his friends left not long ago. All throughout the meal I would see him glance over every now and then towards us, his eyes seem to go towards Ashley now more than me which, to be honest, why wouldn't he? she was a smart beautiful woman and even more outgoing than I most of the time.

I get up to go pay our bill since it was my turn to buy but the waitress tells me our meal had already been paid for. Confused I walk outside to meet up with Ashley who is waiting by our cars, she sees the look on my face and asks what happened. I tell her and she lets out a squeal as she jumps up and down.

"I bet it was that sexy hunk of a professor, I swear he has a thing for you" she giggles. I just shake my head not believe her before getting into my car and driving home with Ashley following behind me.

Once back home I decided to work some more on my story for class. We are to write a story with a Halloween horror-themed storyline, mine was about witches but something had me changing it to be about vampires.

Seeing the late hour I head onto bed. Where I end up dreaming that Professor Masters is standing over me in my bedroom watching me with glowing red lust-filled eyes like the vampires in my story.

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