Finding My Queen

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Chapter 29

Thursday, October 29th, 2020


Waking up, I find myself still laying on top of Cal on the couch, his arms wrapped tightly around me. Glancing over at the clock by the tv, I see we have slept in a little later than normal.

When I catch a flash of light out of the corner of my eye, I look over towards the windows to see it is storming. Rain is coming down hard as lightning flashes brightly every so often across the sky and there is thunder that I can hear off in the distance.

"Today seems like the perfect day to just stay in bed, or well more like on the couch I guess" Cal murmurs, pulling me closer so he can nuzzle against my neck.

"Fuck, your scent is like a drug to me, Victoria" he growls lowly, nipping and kissing my neck. I moan, as my hips begin to grind against him as he rocks up against me.

Cal tugs at the hem of my shirt, making me lean back some so he can pull my shirt off. He then flips us over and leans down over me, as he runs his fingers through my hair, gripping a hand full then tilts my head to the side enough to give himself more access to my neck.

"Fuck, love. I have been dying to be inside you again" he growls, using his other hand to yank my shorts down and off my legs. I quickly push his shorts off as well, needing to be skin to skin as I wrap my legs around his hips just as he pushes inside me, in one deep thrust.

All I can do is hold on to him, digging my nails into his back as I enjoy the ride as he works his hips, not slowing down.

"Cal, oh fuck... Please, I need... I need to taste you, Cal. I need to bite you" I beg him, breathlessly.

It's like watching a switch turn on in his eyes as his vampire urges come forward and his eyes turn blood red, excited about the chance to feed off of his mate.

"As you wish, my Queen" he declares, turning his head to the side, he leans down, allowing me access to his neck for me to bite before he bites into mine as well.

He doesn't slow down any as he continues his thrusting as we feed off each other, pushing each other into pure ecstasy.

After our morning sex marathon. Where we went from the couch to Cal knocking things off the small dining room table to lay me out on, then getting slammed up against the wall in the hallway, being bent over the back of the couch in our bedroom, then up against the cold glass sliding door that leads out to the terrace off of our bedroom and then finally ending up making it extra steamy in the shower. We are happily satisfied by the time we finally leave our room for a late breakfast, or more like an early lunch.

It is still storming and looks like it won't be stopping anytime today and no matter how much I wish we could go back to our room and cuddle the rest of the day, I know Ashley would come looking for us before long.

"They're alive..." Ashley yells out dramatic from the dining room table. "Well, kind of... Right?" She asks, looking at Malcolm in confusion, which makes us all bust out in laughter.

"Ugh, whatever. You guys can be just plain mean sometimes to the still poor human," she says, pouting as she crossing her arms.

"But your the cutest human around here babe" Malcolm jokes, kissing her check only for Ashley to swat him away. "That's because I'm the only human around here" she mumbles, as I sit down next to her.

We spend our meal, joking back and forth with each other when Ashley decides to drop quite the bomb on us. "I want to be turned... Today" she announces, causing us all to stop mid-bite and stare at her in shock.

"Are you sure babe?" Malcolm asks, all playfulness gone from his voice as he becomes serious.

"Yes, I'm 100 percent sure" and she is, I know that look of determination she gets when she puts her mind to something. And I know she won't let it go until she gets it.

Once we have finished eating, we make our way up to Malcolm and Ashley's private wing. Since I've been awakened, it will be alright for me to be in the room to her support through everything.

Robert had gone and got the chains and cuffs they will put on her once Malcolm has finished the process of turning her.

When Ashley comes out of the bathroom, she has changed into a tank top and leggings. She gets in the bed and sits in between Malcolm's legs, just like I did with Cal.

When she looks my way, I can see she is nervous but I give her a reassuring smile as she leans back against Malcolm and closes her eyes as he relaxes her by kissing up and down her neck, as he finds the right spot to sink his teeth into.

Being on this side of the whole turning process is honestly quite amazing to witness. Being able to hear as Ashley's heart rate slowly drops to almost nothing than watching as Cal and Robert jump in and practically have to break Malcolm's jaw just to get him to let go.

I watch in awe as Robert quickly cuts Malcolm's wrist open and shoves it into Ashley's mouth as Cal hold Malcolm in place.

When Ashley has taken enough blood, Cal slowly lets go of Malcolm as Robert releases Malcolm's wrist before slowly stepping back from the bed, keeping their eyes locked on Malcolm, ready to jump in if they notice Malcolm not able to regain his vampire urges.

When they see that Malcolm is back in control, they back up the rest of the way, to allow Malcolm space to clean Ashley and him up and then place the chains and cuffs around Ashley's hands and feet.

Once Ashley has been secured and Malcolm has feed again from the extra bags of blood, we can finally leave them alone, to wait out the process.

Making my way back to our wing, I take the next few hours to finish up the edits on my paper before submitting it. Then get to work on some reports I need to go over and sign for my kingdom. I also decided to check-in with Matthew and Margaret to see how things are going there through video chat and inform them of what is going on with Ashley. They send their best wishes, knowing these next few days will be quite an adjustment for her when she wakes up.

Cal and Robert plan on taking the night shift, so they can make sure everything continues to go as planned for Malcolm and Ashley.

Anna and I have planned to take over tomorrow for the day shift watch.

Not feeling as hungry for dinner, but feeling the urge myself for some blood after smelling Ashley's, I grab a bag of blood that Cal keeps stocked in the kitchen to drink before calling it an early night, letting the peaceful sounds of the rain hitting against the window to lull me off to sleep.

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