Finding My Queen

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Chapter 30

Friday, October 30th, 2020


I'm not sure when Cal ended up coming to bed last night. All I remember is him pulling me into his chest before I drifted back to sleep.

When I woke up again, I saw the sun was just peeking up over the horizon and the rain had finally stopped.

Maneuvering out of Cal's grip, I get up, needing to go check on Ashley. I'm not sure how long she will take before she wakes up, but I want to do whatever I can to help out.

Getting ready quickly, I make my way out of our room without waking Cal. Then using my new-found vampire speed, I zip over to Malcolm and Ashley's wing.

Stopping just outside the entrance, I listen to see if I can hear any movement from anywhere inside.

When I hear nothing, I quietly make my way in, stopping every now and then just to make sure it is still quiet.

Reaching their bedroom. I stop at the door to listen, I breath when I hear two people breathing deeply in sleep. Peeking in through the open crack, I smile, seeing both Ashley and Malcolm sleeping soundly in bed.

Walking back out to their living room, I meet Anna, who is just walking in, carrying two cups of coffee. "Everything going good?" She whispers, handing me a cup. "Yeah, they are both sleeping" I inform her, going to sit down on the couch.

We chat, getting to know one another more. I ask her about her family and how she met Robert, she also tells me how she got into teaching at the local school. We then talk about my life growing up and how I got into writing.

Anna calls down to the kitchen for breakfast to be brought up for us. We also take turns going and checking in on Malcolm and Ashley throughout the morning but don't see any changes with Ashley yet.

By noon, Cal and Robert join us with lunch, and Malcolm finally wakes up and joins us as well. We eat out on their terrace, right off of their room, just like they did during my transformation and I'm relieved when Ashley starts to come around by the time we have finished our meal.

With extra bags of blood on hand and the lights lowered, we watch patiently as Malcolm helps Ashley drink until she has had enough and has suppressed her urges. Since she is a newly born vampire, it takes a little more than it did with me. To me, it was like second nature.

Once the chains and cuffs are gone, and we know Ashley is back to being in control of herself, we leave them be. As I know she is most likely feeling the same way I was and nobody needs to witness that. With Vampires, everything is more intense, more heightened, we feel stronger not only physically but all emotionally, and it can be a lot of new vampires to try and adjust to.


Now that Ashley is awake and seems to be handling this new side of her well, we leave them alone. I still have a few things to sort out before tomorrow with the proposal, so I have Andrew keeping Victoria busy, having her come up with design ideas she wants for her office.

With her distracted, I am able to slip out of the castle without her knowing and make a quick trip into the village to pick up her ring.

I know she was wanting to do something special tomorrow since it was originally supposed to be our last night together before I left Ivywood and it also being Halloween, something both her and Ashley were excited for. So what better way to celebrate this past month, than with a nice dinner, dessert, and a ring to top it all off?

"I've planned a special dinner for Ashley tonight" Victoria saying, breaking through our mind link. "Sound like a wonderful idea, love" I answer back, just pulling up to Mr. Cain's Jewelry store.

"Did you know that I can now have a conversation with Ashley through our own link?" She then asks.

"Yes, I did. Now that she is also a vampire, she will be able to communicate with everyone else and not just Malcolm. Sometimes it can take a while before they can do so, which is why I didn't mention anything to you yet" I inform her.

A few hours have rolled by when Malcolm coming strolling into my office.

"Well, I did not expect to see you so soon" I joke. He just rolls his eyes as he sits down, "I'm only here because Ashley's passed out" he replies, smirking as he sounds pleased with himself.

"And anyway, I figured I would let her sleep since Victoria had planned a special dinner for Ashley tonight and I don't need a pissed off Queen breathing down my neck if her best friend is too tired and misses this dinner" he explains.

"Yeah, I would like to keep our Queen happy as much as possible, please," I say, agreeing wholeheartedly.

Just then Robert and Andrew walk-in, "how about a game of basketball to pass the time, 2 on 2?" Robert suggests.

Definitely feeling the need to get rid of some of this extra energy, we go change then meet out on the court.

Victoria is now busy with Anna, making sure everything is ready for dinner, so we have some time to play.

After a few good games, we call it a day and head back inside to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.

I don't see Victoria anywhere on the main floor, so I make my way on up to our wing. Smiling when I hear the shower going. Speeding to our room, stripping my sweaty clothes as I go.

I spy through the bathroom door and see Victoria is in the middle of washing her hair.

Quickly making my way into the shower, I get right up close against her back and take over scrubbing the shampoo into her hair for her.

A soft moan leaves her lips as her head falls back against me. "Your fingers are like magic" she informs me, moaning again. Turning her around, I keep her tucked close to me as I begin rinsing the suds out of her hair.

When I've gotten everything out, I grab the soap to wash her body, but Victoria stops me, pouring some soap onto her hands and begins rubbing my body instead.

Working her way from top to bottom, skipping over my cock, I groan when she does it again.

Hearing her sweet laughter I know she is playing with me, getting me worked up and hard. "Victoria, come on love don't do me like this" I groan as I feel her hands pass around my cock, again not touching.

The next time she moves her hands down, I close my eyes and hold my breath, waiting to see what she does.

Letting a sigh of relief out as her hands finally grab ahold of me, stroking my cock, she lets the water spray down on us as she washes my body.

Keeping my eyes shut, I give into my other senses.

Feeling Victoria's hands on me, the light kisses she leaves as she moves down my chest and gets down on her knees before taking me into her mouth.

A groan passes my lips as she sucks my cock, moving me in and out of her hot, wicked little mouth.

Twirling her tongue around my tip, each time she pulls back. Her nails dig into my thighs to keep her steady as she pushes my cock all the way in and down her throat, humming around me. I can feel my cock throb and become swollen as she sucks harder.

"Victoria, if you... don't want to... swallow, pull back now" I stutter, slamming my hands against the shower wall.

She doesn't ease up, doesn't stop her sucking as I roar out my release. Watching her with hooded eyes as she swallows my cum.

Victoria sucks every last drop, before finally easing up.

I stagger backward, my back hitting the other side of the shower as I breathe heavy.

"Holy... Shit... Woman! You had me seeing stars exploding" I exhale, closing my eyes as I will my strength back into my body.

Hearing Victoria's sweet laugher again, I open my eyes to see her looking at me with amusement.

Pushing myself off the wall, I stalk back over towards her, I pull her up and push her up against the wall before dropping to my knees, placing her left leg over my shoulder.

I attack her pussy with as much determination as she did when she sucked my cock dry.


My legs are still weak, as we make our way down the stairs for dinner. I can see Cal is very pleased with himself as that damn smirk has not yet left his lips since the shower.

Walking into the dining room, I glad to see we aren't the last ones to arrive.

Cal walks us over to our seats, pulling out my chair for me before pushing me back in and sitting down next to me in his.

Andrew is sitting on my other side with Anna and Robert sitting across from us.

Just then the butler comes in and informs us of two guests that have just arrived. Glancing at Cal, he just shrugs, not knowing who it could be.

"Sorry to just drop in, but when I talked with Andrew early, he informed me of a special dinner in honor of Miss. Ashley turning, so we thought we would come and join in on the celebration" Matthew answers our silent question as he and Margaret walk in.

Happy to see them both, I get up and give them both a hug while two maids bring out two more place setting. And a few minutes later, Ashley and Malcolm finally arrive.

"So Ashley, how are you feeling?" I ask as we wait for dinner to be brought out. "Amazing. I can't believe how much different everything is now" she answers.

Dinner is wonderful, I had the chef prepare all of Ashley's favorites.

Matthew and Margaret had planned on staying a few days before going back home. And what really shocks us is when Andrew and Matthew ask Cal and I for their blessing to mate each other.

Matthew had told me some of his past while he was showing me around my family's castle.

He had a mate once and had gone to Marcus and Priscilla to ask for their blessing to proceed with the mating process.

But Marcus being the asshole that he is. Had denied them since he didn't want any openly gay couples working for him and then one night, Matthew's mate ended up dead.

To this day Matthew believes Marcus and Priscilla were behind his mate's death.

With Matthew being born already a vampire, he had a chosen mate. While Andrew, who was turned, doesn't have a chosen mate unless someone, who has lost theirs wanted to choose him as their 2nd chance mate.

Glancing over at Cal, he is looking at Andrew with such pride, one could only see it as a big brother looking at their younger sibling.

Looking at me, I give him a small nod in agreement. "Matthew, Andrew, we would be honored to give you both our blessing," he tells them, getting up to congratulate them, with the rest of us following behind.

We don't get back to our room until late. Both Cal and I seem to still be on some kind of high from all the excitement of the day.

We strip each other before falling into bed and making slow, sweet love until we fall asleep in each other's arms.

My last thoughts, as I drift off to sleep is I will finally get to tell him the exciting news I've been keeping from him, tomorrow.

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