Finding My Queen

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Chapter 31

Saturday, October 31st, 2020


Today is the day!

The day I ask Victoria to be my bride, my wife.

I had sent Victoria, Ashley, and Anna off for a spa day after breakfast. Then I let Matthew and Margaret in on the secret proposal I have planned for this evening.

Dinner for two out by the pool, candles and string lights along with roses scatter around. Soft music playing in the background to set the mood than when dessert is served, I will get down on one knee and ask Victoria to marry me.

I had sent Andrew and Matthew off to pick out a dress for her since she had loved the last dress Andrew had picked out for her crowning ceremony.

Just thinking back, it doesn't seem like it has only been a month since finding my mate that first day and now I am proposing on the last day, it just seems so unreal.

It has definitely been a whirlwind these past few weeks but I wouldn't change this journey Victoria and I are on for anything in the world.

I have been in my office since sending the girls off to get pampered and relax, so I can try and finish up all the reports needing to be done.

I have a nice small getaway planned for Victoria and I to leave for tomorrow. Just a few weeks away, up in the mountains, away from everyone is just what we need.

I would have had us leaving tonight, but I believe after dinner we will be quite busy, at least that is what I'm hoping for.

I'm in the middle of reading over a report when Malcolm walks in. "How's it going?" Malcolm asks as he sits down on my couch I have in my office. "Good, I've got a few more reports to finish up then I'll be good to go. Are you going to be alright running things for a few weeks?" I inquire. "Of course, I've got it covered, don't worry. And it's not like I won't be able to get ahold of you if I need to, even on vacation you have trouble getting fully off work mode" he informs me.

I laugh as I know what he says is true. "Yes well, this time around I'm going to do my best to be fully present with Victoria and try not to think about work. But I will still be able to contact if anything urgent is needing my attention, but let's hope that won't be the case" I respond, doing a quick signature before moving to the next report.

"Is your dinner plans set up for tonight as well?" I ask. We knew the girls have been wanting to do something special tonight. We just hope they will be alright with us doing our own separate things.

"Yes, it's all set. Ashley has been hinting at wanting to try one of the restaurants in the village, so I have got our reservations set" Malcolm explains. "I have also gone ahead and planned our own getaway for after you and Victoria return" he goes on to tell me.

By the early evening, I'm all finished with my work. Leaving my office, I pass by Andrew and Matthew in the hall, "we just dropped off Victoria's dress, but she was taking a nap" Andrew lets me know. Nodding, I say a quick thank you before rushing up to our wing.

I find Victoria sleeping on the couch, so I take this time to go get a shower and get dressed.

By the time I'm out and ready, she is still sleeping. Walking over, I lean down, giving her a soft kiss on her forehead. "Victoria, it's time to wake up love" I whisper into her ear. Backing up, I sit down on the coffee table as she yawns and stretches, blinking her eyes open.

"What are you doing so dressed up, handsome?" She asks sleepily, looking me up and down with confusion. "Oh, I've got a hot date... I believe she is the Queen of all Vampires as well, so I'm really excited" I say, with a wink.

"Your dress is hanging up in your closet, Andrew and Matthew picked it out, so I know you will approve" I explain, as I stand up. I hold my hand out for her to take. "Go get ready and I'll be here when your ready" I order, giving her a small slap on her ass as she scoots by me.

An hour later, Victoria comes walking out, wearing a very beautiful short black dress, the front scoops down, giving me a glimpse at her cleavage.

"Remind me to give both Andrew and Matthew a raise and to have them always pick out your dresses, love" I declare, not able to take my eyes off her. "Fuck Victoria, you look absolutely gorgeous. How the hell did I get so lucky?" I hiss, adjusting myself. I'm going to be hard all dinner at this rate.

Taking Victoria's hand, I lead her out before I end up just forgoing dinner altogether and just stay here, getting my full of her instead.

Once we hit the stairways going down, she gasps seeing the candles places all around and rose petals scattered in a path leading the way towards the patio doors.

Stepping outside, the sun is now low in the sky, setting off a beautiful sunset. We continue to follow the path of rose petals all the way to our table that I had the maids set up next to the pool.

"This is beautiful Cal," she says looking around in awe as she sits down. Taking a seat across from her, I can't help but keep my eyes only on her.

When the butler brings out our food, I wait to see what Victoria's reaction will be when she sees what we are having.

"No way, my favorite. Sweet and sour chicken and rice, Cal you are beyond amazing" she exclaims, tears threatening to fall. She should know by now, that I pay close attention to what her likes and dislikes are.

All through dinner, I watch Victoria closely. She gives no hint that she knows what is about to happen.

As the sun finishes setting, the lights in and around the pool light up, and the candles glow brighter against the fast-approaching night sky as the music that had been softly playing in the background gets a little louder.

Once our dinner plates have been cleared off the table, two smaller plates are sat down with a slice of chocolate cake on both.

"Before we dig into dessert, I need to ask you something" I begin, gaining her full attention. "Victoria, I know this month has gone by quickly with everything that has been happening. And I know you are still getting used to this new life, and we are still getting to know one another, but I have a question I would like to ask you" I say, taking a moment before continuing.

"Victoria, will you do me the honor of not only being my mate and Queen but also my wife?" I ask, getting down on one knee with the ring box in my hand out in front of her.

The tears that had threatened to fall earlier are now flowing down her cheeks as she keeps her eyes locked on me. "Yes, for all eternity, yes I will Cal" she chokes out in a sob.

Standing up, I lift her right from her seat, spinning us around in circles as we kiss.

When I stop spinning us, I sit her back down on her feet, pulling the ring from the box, I take her left hand and slide the ring onto her finger.

"I designed this ring with some of both of our parent's diamonds. They are the ones placed on the outside and the diamond in the center is from my personal collection. I also made this into your daylight ring so you can always be out in the sun" I explain to her.

"Cal, I love it and thank you for also including something of both our parents. I will cherish this ring forever. I love you, Cal, so much, thank you" Victoria whispers, eyes still shining with tears and love.

Cupping her face in my hands, we lean in, meeting each other for a kiss. "I love you too, Victoria" I whisper against her lips.

Sitting back down, I take my phone out so I can capture this moment and treasure it forever. Feeding each other bites of our cake, we laugh and enjoy just living in the moment with one another.

"So I actually have something for you... But I left it's up in the bedroom," Victoria says shyly. Not wanting to waste another minute, I pick her up and speed us up to our room, Victoria giggling the whole way.

Sliding her down my body next to the bed, she tells me to sit tight before walking into her closet and shutting the door.

Deciding to go ahead and get comfortable, I kick off my shoes and sock, as well as take off my jacket, tie and belt before sitting down on the bed up against the pillows.

About five minutes later, I hear the door open, glancing up I have to do a double-take at what I'm seeing as I mentally pick my jaw up off the ground.

Victoria is leaning against the doorway wearing a very sexy police officer Halloween consume with two pairs of handcuffs swing from her left hand.

She smirks as I swallow the sudden lump that is caught in my throat. I stare wide-eyed as she strolls over to me.

"I feel like a little roleplay is in order tonight, don't you?" she purrs. Not able to speak, I just nod my head vigorously as my eyes drift up and down her body.

Grinning down at me. She rips open my shirt, making buttons fly everywhere. I yank it the rest of the way off as she goes and unbuttons my pants, having me lift high enough for her to pull them off, taking my boxer briefs with them and letting my already hard cock spring free.

I just lay there naked while she is wearing this sexy costume, which has me feeling like a horny teenager. Even more, when she straddles me, and her covered pussy rubs against my cock, causing a groan to slip from my lips.

She leans down, starting at my stomach, kissing and licking up my chest, across my jaw, and finally lands her sweet lips against mine.

I'm so focused on our kiss that I don't notice when she raises both arms and cuffs my hands until I try to go and wrap my arms around her.

Jerking back, I look from one cuffed hand to the other before glancing towards Victoria, my eyebrow arched in question.

"Can't exactly roleplay as a police officer without there being cuffs involved now can we?" She inquires playfully. "No, I guess not" I respond, relaxing back against the pillows, excited to see how this all plays out.

Smiling, she crawls off me and stands at the side of the bed, before her face turns serious. "Do you know what you are being charged with tonight, Mr. Masters?" Victoria interrogates, her voice full of authority, full-on getting into her role, and turning me on even more.

"I. Um, I'm sorry officer, but I'm not sure. What did I do, Ma'am?" I ask, curiously, watching as she wanders around the bed.

"Well, Sir. I'm afraid I must arrest you for being a hot as fuck... Daddy," she tells me, causing me to pause at her words. Daddy? She has never once called me Daddy before.

It is then that my eyes go wide as the realization of her words hit me as she continues talking while walking to the foot of the bed. "I'm sorry, I also much inform you that your little partners in crime, won't be up for their parole until sometime in July possible early August."

"Vic- Victoria is this your way of telling me, that you're... your, pregnant?" I ask, glancing from her stomach up to her smiling face.

"It is. Cal. I'm pregnant... With twins might I add" she confirms, slowly easing the zipper in front of her costume down. I can't take my eyes away from her bare stomach as we stay quiet and I shut out all the other noises around me as I focus.

Exhaling when I finally detect two new heartbeats in the room. "Holy shit! We... we did this! And you said twins right, as in two. Holy shit! I'm going to be a dad, we are going to be parents, oh fuck, Victoria. This is the best news along with you agreeing to be my wife. Shit, this is one of the best nights of my life" I'm rambling and I can't seem to stop. But I don't give a fuck because this is the best news I could ever receive.

"Ok, love. I think role-playing is over for the night, uncuff me right now please so I can touch you. I need to touch you Victoria" I order, the look of determination in my eyes must be enough to get Victoria scrabbling to uncuff me.

As soon as both my hands are free, they are all over Victoria, practical ripping off her costume before I'm pinning her under me.

Slamming my lips against hers as I thrust inside her, we moan into each other's mouths, as I begin a slow and steady thrust. Showing Victoria just how much I love her with each and every move, every touch, every kiss, every word.

"I love you, Cal. My King" she cries out as she finds her release.

"And I love you, Victoria. My Queen" I reply, as I also find my release right along with her.

And that is how the lonely King of all Vampires, who after searching all over the world for centuries had finally found his Queen, his soulmate in life.

And we lived happily ever after for all of eternity.

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