Finding My Queen

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Chapter 3

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020


Yesterday when I read Victoria's mind, I saw she was going out to eat and knew that would be a perfect chance to be close to her a little longer. My feeling towards her was rapidly growing and I knew sooner or later I would need to make my move.

When I would glance over at Ashley, I was only trying to get a read on her as well since she was Victoria's best friend. She would catch me glancing Ashley's way and I could see she was becoming conflicted with the way she was feeling towards me thinking how wrong it was that she would even entertain the inappropriate thoughts of her professor in such a way, and then would ask herself why would I not want Ashley more than her, she thought of herself more as the "Plain Jane" when it came to the two of them. Did she not think as highly of herself as she did her friend?

Victoria was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I've been around for centuries. Sure I spent nights with woman, trying to fulfill my sexual desires but no one has ever affected me as much as Victoria has and it's only been a few days with those times being only in the classroom and also very limited conversation.

I needed to step my game up and show her I did only want her, I'm on a time schedule, I need to do something before my time runs out.

The other night when I had snuck into her room I found her schedule for work, she was working the early morning shift today, so I decided after my early morning run I would stop by the coffee shop.

Walking into the coffee shop, I see there are a few people here which doesn't surprise me. As many students were most likely still home nursing their hangover. There were a few employees bustling around. And as I walked up to the counter, I saw some professors here as well.

I checked the menu even though I already know what I want, I made it seem that I'm still deciding when really I just want to give myself a few more moments to enjoy her scent as she walks up to wait on me.

"Good morning, welcome to The Bean, what can I get you, Professor Masters?" Victoria asks, her smile not reaching all the way to her eyes, which now that I'm looking closer she looks more tired than usual. "I will take a large dark roast black, to go, please" I order giving her a smile in hopes she will feel better.

Giving me a small smile in return, she types my order into the computer, telling me how much it will be. Once I have paid she turns to get my coffee, I watch as she works even though she is exhausted she still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

She turns back to me with my coffee. Handing it to me, I make sure to brush her fingers with mine, feeling a spark run through them as we touch. Making her gasp and let go as soon as I have ahold of the cup. She steps back looked at me shocked by what happened.

"Thank you Victoria, have a good day" I just say, acting as if nothing happened. When in fact I just started our bonding by us touching skin to skin for the first time.

I leave so not to make her feel overwhelmed and scared all of a sudden, I'll let the bond slowly start to work, it is hard to walk away but I will see her again soon.


Once I made it back to the manor, I shower and dress. Having some meetings I need to attend to, I make my way down to my office finding Malcolm and Robert already there. "Good morning gentlemen," I say cheerfully as I take my seat behind my desk.

"Well someone is in a good mood this morning" Malcolm comments with a smirk. Nodding my head in answer, I grab myself another coffee that Ian had left for me on my desk.

"So what is on the agenda for today's meetings?" I ask, wanting to get down to business.

Picking up his folder, Malcolm gets right to work, going down the list of what is needed to be done today and what can be left for tomorrow as Robert excuses himself when his phone rings.

Being the King of all Vampires, I'm always busy making sure my kingdom is always running smoothly, even when I am away.

I'm finishing up my last call when Robert comes rushing in, he had been away dealing with some important phone call this whole time. "Sir, I believe there has been a very important discovery made about Victoria."

That definitely gets my attention as I slam my laptop closed, not taking my eyes off of Robert, "what sort of discovery?" I growl.

Handing me some papers, I glance at them, seeing it is an article about the double murder of the Vampire King and Queen of Italy and the kidnapping of their baby girl that happened 20 some years ago. The baby to this day has yet to be found, along with who did the crime.

Giving Robert a questioning look, "I believe Victoria may be the missing baby" he declares. "What? How did this come about?" I demand, jumping up from my chair.

"I've been having my team doing a more detailed background check on her since the other day, we found something was off with her birth certificate. So after more digging, we found that she had actually been adopted as an infant but there were no records of what hospital she was born at or who her birth parents were" he tells me, before continuing on.

"When we dug some more into who adopted her, we found her parents had been using false identities and discovered they had been vampires. Turns out they had a long list of past crimes and the plane accident was more than just an accident, they had been targeted" Robert explains, handing over more of his findings.

Glancing through the evidence, multiple questions come to mind. "How do you know for sure that my Victoria is, in fact, the missing baby? they had not yet announced the baby's name" I ask Robert.

Giving me a knowing look, he pulls out a piece of paper that is in a sheet protector and hands it to me. "You know when I need to find the darkest of hidden secrets, I stop at nothing to find them. The team and I were able to uncover the missing baby's birth certificate, the day King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa were slain was the day they were going to announce the baby's name and have the christening ceremony, but mysterious the birth certificate had also gone missing that same day" he explains.

"When we did a search of past employees we found the King and Queen had hired a human nanny for their baby. That same night she had also disappeared and it was rumored that she was in on the whole thing with whoever had killed the King and Queen and kidnapped the baby before going into hiding" Robert says.

"The team and I were able to track the nanny down, we found her living alone just outside of a small town. Turns out she was, in fact, hiding but from the killers. They had threatened her that if she was to ever talk, they would kill her. I was able to convince her to come back with me and she waiting to see you, I also said we would be able to keep her safe if she would tell us everything" Robert explains more.

Nodding as I take everything he said in, I glance at the birth certificate. Seeing that it did in fact, have the baby's name listed as Victoria and with the exact same birthday as my Victoria's right down to the same year.

"Bring the nanny in please" I order, dismissing Robert.

A few moments later, Robert comes back into my office with an older woman following behind. "King, this here is Margaret. Margaret this is King Masters, the King of all Vampires" Robert introduces.

Margaret, bows, and waits for me to say that she can rise. Once she stands back up, I offer her a seat as well as a cup of coffee.

"So Margaret, it has come to light that you used to work for the deceased King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa of Italy is that correct?" I ask, not wanting to waste any time. "Yes, Your Highness. I was brought on to be the nanny to their newborn daughter after they helped save me from a pack of rebel vampires" Margaret says softly, but with my heightened sense of hearing, I am able to hear her loud and clear.

"As Robert has told you as long as you can tell us everything that happened, I will keep you safe" to which she nods her head yes. Continuing on "I need to know who is behind killing King Maxwell and Queen Clarissa and who took the baby and why?" I finish asking.

Margaret takes a sip of her coffee before setting down her cup. Looking back at me, I definitely was not expecting her next words.

"The King's younger brother and wife were the ones who had come up with the plan. The brother and wife wanted all the power and money, so they had hired two hitmen to do the job" she says.

"When they came into baby Victoria's nursery that morning I was in there rocking her, I had overheard them talking as they had gone into the King and Queen's chambers but I knew it would be too late for me to warn them and I could not leave Victoria alone as I did not know what they planned to do with her. So when they saw me there, they demanded I hand her over or they would kill both of us" Margaret says shakily.

"When I asked the King's brother what they were going to do to her they said not to worry, they had a nice family waiting for her. They then threatened if I was to speak of this to anyone, not only would my family be killed but they would also kill Victoria and myself" she continues to say.

"But now that I am to at an old age, my family is all gone, and I also never married or had kids of my own in fear they would also be killed. I felt it was time to come forward, I just worry but hope that Victoria will be fine" Margaret confesses.

Hearing that it was, in fact, King Maxwell's own brother Marcus who was behind this all, should not really surprise me as he was always a sneaky bastard.

And the way he runs his kingdom so harshly. I should not have allowed his reign to have lasted as long as it has. But the only reason I had is that there was no heir left from King Maxwell's to pass the title and crown down to.

"This is why they got rid of the baby, correct? Because if they hadn't then when she was of age the title and crown would be handed over to the rightful successor" I mumble more to myself.

But Margaret answers anyway, "that is correct, Marcus and Priscilla wanted all the power, if they would have kept Victoria there, I'm afraid they would have still killed her and made it look like an accident. She would now be in her twenties so she would have been of age to take over."

"Sir, if this is true and Victoria Jenson is, in fact, the missing Princess then they may be watching her. We need to figure out who she really is and make sure she is guarded at all times" Malcolm speaks up for the first time.

"Victoria Jenson?" Margaret asks confused. "My mate, I found her the other day at the college I am a substitute professor for. She was in my class, but the only thing is she is human" I answer.

"Or so we think" Robert interjects.

"What do you mean, Robert?" I ask curiously. "Most vampires don't show any signs of being a vampire until they are of a certain at, mostly around the age of 13. But I have heard rumors of a potion on the black underworld market that can stop the stages of shifting, I would not put it past Marcus and Priscilla to make sure it was given to Victoria while she was growing up" Robert explains.

"Is there a way we can for sure find out if she really is the Princess?" Margaret wonders. "There is, we just need some sort of sample from her. Each royal vampire bloodline has a specific gene that no other has, we just need to test hers and see if it is a match to Maxwell's sample, which is still on file" Malcolm answers.

This is true, as the King of all Vampires, I have all royal bloodline samples locked in my vault, whether they are still among us or not, I keep them all for a just in case moment like this one.

"Is there a chance that I could see a picture of this Victoria Jenson?" Margaret asks, pulling me from my thoughts. Giving her a smile, I nod as I open up my top desk drawer and pull out a more recent picture.

Handing it over, Margaret gasps as she gets her first look. "Those eyes, I would remember those unique green eyes anywhere. This is Princess Victoria, oh my sweet, sweet girl how I've missed you so" Margaret weeps as she looks down at Victoria's picture, before grabbing her purse, she takes a few moments as she looks for something before pulling out a small worn picture.

She sets both down on my desk and I see it is an old photo of a baby. Getting a closer look I am stunned as well when I see the same unique green eyes Margaret talked about the baby having that my Victoria has as well.

"There can be no denying that Victoria has to be the missing Princess" I hear Malcolm murmur from beside me.

Calling Ian, I have him set Margaret up in one of the guest rooms and make sure she has everything she needs as she is exhausted from her travels. Letting her know she is safe with us and I will make sure she is well taken care of.


Later that night as I lay in bed, tossing and turning as I try but fail to get any sleep.

With my thoughts on Victoria. I let out a frustrating growl as I give up getting any sleep and decide that I need to see her. Looking at the time, it is well after midnight so I know she is home from work by now. Once dressed I rush over to her apartment, slipping once again inside undetected.

I can hear her heartbeat from the front door. Following, I find her laying on the couch tonight, she must have been very exhausted as she didn't even change her clothes or made it to her bedroom.

Deciding she would sleep more relaxed in her bed, I carefully pick her up without her waking and carry her to her room. Laying her down, I slip off her shoes and cover her up then softly stroke her face, putting her into a much deeper peaceful sleep.

Going to sit down in the chair I sat in last time, so I can watch over her, I make the silent promise that I will forever protect her whether she is the missing Princess or not, she is still my mate, my Queen.

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