Finding My Queen

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Chapter 4

Sunday, October 4th, 2020


It has been a crazy busy weekend so far.

On Saturday, The Bean was busy all day. I ended up working a twelve-hour shift, from ten A.M. to closings time at midnight.

By the time I got home I was so exhausted, I just fell asleep on the couch.

But when I woke up I found myself laying in my bed and still with my clothes on from yesterday but no memory of me moving from the couch to my room.

Looking around confused, I don't hear the knock on my door until Ashley enters to let me know she is heading off to work and wondering if I could stop by for lunch before I head back to work later today. Telling her I would, she leaves and I decided to get a little more sleep.


Waking up the second time when my alarm goes off, I go to take a shower before getting ready for the day.

With the weather cooling off into fall I dress warmer, before heading out to grab some lunch to go from the diner for Ashley and me.

Arriving at the flower shop, I see it isn't as busy right now, grabbing our food from the passenger seat before I head into the shop. I see Mama Tia standing at the front counter helping a customer with their flowers. She gives me a quick wave then motions with her head, telling me Ashley in the backroom.

"Hey A, I brought lunch" I call out as I walk into the back room, I see Ashley putting together a beautiful flower arraignment. "Oh my gosh thank you so much V, I was getting hungry," She sighs with relief making me laugh at her dramatic self as I set out our food.

We are eating and laughing as Ashley tells me what her dad did this morning when Mama Tia comes in. She asks me how things are going with me since we last saw one another, staying to chat with us until Papa Jim comes to pick her up to take her out for lunch, leaving Ashley in charge.

Once we are finished and cleaned up our trash we walk back out front. I have a few more minutes before I need to leave for work, which I'm glad is only down the street.

"What time are you off tonight?" Ashley asks. "I get off work at eight" I inform her. "Ok sounds good, I'll have dinner ready for you" she lets me know. "You're the best babe" I reply, playfully winking at her making us both giggle.

Seeing the time, I need to go, I give her a hug before heading out the door.


Work isn't as bad today, there is a steady flow of people coming and going. Most are here doing some last-minute studying and homework before classes resume tomorrow.

I haven't seen Professor Masters today which I'm thankful for, there is just something about him that makes me nervous yet excited.

I just don't understand why but I end up getting butterflies in my stomach every time I think of him, and the dreams I've been having, have not stopped either. I need to figure out how to get him not only out of my head but also out of my dreams.

I keep telling myself that this is inappropriate for a student to be fantasizing about their professor, but then I remember he will be gone at the end of the month, and become sad knowing I will most likely never see him again. Then I again wonder what is wrong with me.

Sighing, I do my best to push all thoughts of the dark mysterious professor out of my mind as I concentrate on my work, there are only a few more hours of work before I'm done then I have the next three days off.

When work is finally finished, I hurry home so I can join Ashley for dinner. I'm starving and my feet are hurting from all walking around I did at work. I think a nice hot bubble bath is definitely happening tonight before I go to bed.

Walking into our apartment I find Ashley in the kitchen finishing up dinner, going ahead I grab our plates, holding them for her to fill up.

We decided to sit in our living room to eat so we can catch up on some of our shows. Once we are done, I clean up before we both call it a night and head to our rooms.

After taking a long hot bath, I feel more relaxed. Putting on some warm pajamas, I crawl into bed and decided to read one of my many romance books for a while until I fall asleep.

Which doesn't take long as I find myself once again dreaming of a dark, mysterious creature of the night.

*Dream state*

Walking down the vacant hallway of the Language Arts building, I get this eerie vibe as the dim lights flicker and I can't find anyone around.

Walking further down, towards my literature class, Professor Masters had asked to see me after hours for some reason, I had debated with myself if this was a good idea or not but in the end, I decided to come.

Getting closer to his office door, I can see a soft glow of light coming through the cracked door and hear what sounds like moans coming from inside.

Stopping right outside the door, I once again debate with myself if I should leave as it sounds like he is busy even though he had asked me to be here at this exact time or stay and wait.

Curious as to what is really going on, I slowly peek inside and shocked to find that it isn't just one person moaning but three. Beverly, Amber, and Dani who are classmates of mine are inside the office with Professor Masters, all of them are naked and laying across his desk.

I can only see the silhouette of Professor Masters standing behind them, thrusting in and out of Beverly as he fingers both Amber and Dani who are on both sides of her. All three are moaning as I hear him grunt with every slap of skin hitting against one another.

"Oh yes, Professor, your cock is so big inside me" Beverly cries out as she arches her back. I wish I could move, but I'm frozen where I stand, it's like a force is keeping me here, not allowing me to move or even look away.

"Oh, Professor. Give me some of that big cock of yours" Amber whines. "No me, Professor. Give me your big cock" Dani interjects. "Don't worry my pets, I have enough for both of you, just as soon as I finish with my lovely Beverly" Professor Masters grunts, speeding up his thrust making Beverly scream his name loud.

But he isn't finished with her yet as he pulls out and spins her around so she laying flat on her stomach now before ramming back inside her.

Fisting her hair with one hand as the other begins playing with her clit. He arches her head to the side and licks her neck, it's at this point his eyes flicker up to meet mine that I see they are blood red, and from his mouth I watch two sharp fangs descend, causing me to gasp aloud.

I see him whisper something in Beverly's ear as her eyes shot up to meet mine, "Enjoying the show, V.V?" She says with a breathless laugh as Professor Masters thrusts harder and Amber and Dani let out their own laughs as well.

V.V. which stands for Virgin Victoria is what they started calling me my sophomore year of college when they heard from a guy who had tried to get in my pants that I was still a virgin.

Hearing a deep dark chuckle, my eyes snap back to Professor Masters. "Of course she is ladies. This is how close she will ever get to see a real cock" he says. Smirking, he leans down again, not once taking his eyes off of me as he sinks his fangs into Beverly's neck just as she orgasms, screaming out.

I go to scream but nothing comes out, I need to get out of here but how?

As he lets his hold on Beverly go, I watch with wide feared eyes as she lays there on the deck unmoving, dead as he does the same thing to both Amber and Dani.

*Dream state ends*

"V", "hey V?" "Victoria, wake up" I hear, as I feel my body shake. Shooting up into bed, I glance around trying to see where I was, my eyes finally landing on Ashley.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I place my hand over my heart as I can feel it pounding hard. "You ok? You were screaming bloody murder in here, V. Scared the shit out of me" Ashley whispers softly as she looks at me, worry still in her eyes.

"Yeah, sorry to wake you. It was just a bad dream" I tell her, giving her a reassuring smile.

Seeing the time, it's morning so I might as well get up because fuck, I sure as hell won't be trying to go back to sleep after that nightmare.

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