Finding My Queen

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Chapter 5

Monday, October 5th, 2020


The day has gone by slowly and I don't know how many times I have pictured feeding and ripping off some annoying student's heads. I don't know what is going on, but something just doesn't feel right. Both Malcolm and Robert have had to stop me multiple times from attacking. I just need to see Victoria and I'm grateful her class is next.

"Here you need to drink this even more now before you see her again or you may not be able to handle your urges," Malcolm orders pushing a cup filled with blood my way. Normally I would not take kindly to being ordered around but I know Malcolm is only doing this to help so I take the cup and gulp it down.

"Better?" He asks watching me closely. Closing my eyes, I feel as the blood makes it way through me, claiming me down. Opening my eyes I can tell they are back to their normal blue color, not the bright red they turn into when I need to feed. I nod my head yes before making my way out of my office and towards my classroom where I see students walking in already.

Class is about to begin but there is no sign of Victoria, I begin to panic, wondering if something bad has happened to her. I almost send Robert to look for her when she rushes in the back door of the room looking rattled which causes me to go on high alert.

"Sor-sorry I'm late Professor Masters" she stutters as she stumbles to the first available seat which is at the back of the class. "Class please go ahead and finish your writing" I quickly say as I give a worried look to Malcolm and head up to check on Victoria as well as mind link Robert to bring a bottle of water.

"Victoria, did something happen?" I ask softly for only her to hear. She jumps at my voice, looking up at me wide-eyed. "I-I'm fine, I'm sorry I was late and interrupted class," her voice shakes as she rushed to speak. "Victoria, you can tell me. I noticed you look extra tired this morning, did something happen last night, are you feeling unwell?" I ask trying to keep back the growl that threatens to come out.

At the mention of last night, fear crosses her face, "Just didn't have the best nights sleep, I'll be fine. Please don't worry about me" she says all too quickly as she avoids my eyes.

It was that moment that Robert interrupts us, bring her the water I had asked for. I watch as she says thank you to him, before taking a sip, "please, I promise I'll be fine" she whispers glancing at me quickly before looking away, making herself busy pulling out her laptop. Giving her a reluctant nod, I stand and make my way back down to the front.

I keep an eye on her throughout the rest of the class, she is busy typing that she doesn't notice Robert standing at the back watching her closely for me. When class ends she is quick to gather her things and bolts from the class before I can call her name.

"Was there anything unusual that you saw?" I ask Robert once the last student has left. "She was writing up a storm that's for sure and her story is about vampires" he informs me which has me shocked.

"You sure? The other day when I had looked over her shoulder she was writing about witches" I mumble confusingly, more to myself, what would have her all of a sudden switch her storyline? Shaking my head I know this will drive me crazy so I put that to the back of my mind for now, since all the papers are to be turned in by 5 pm today.


I've been sitting in my office back at the manor, reading through all the story assignments that the students have sent in, keeping Victoria's paper for last.

Just thinking about Victoria has me letting out a growl. Turning my chair around, I look out the window, which is facing the big back yard of the manor. My thoughts since my last class have been drifting back to Victoria and the way she was acting today in class, it was almost as if she was suddenly scared and mostly towards me.

I need to figure out what is wrong so I can fix it and hurry this bond on along faster before it's too late. I wish I could court her the right way but that will have to wait until I have claimed her as mine, I vow I will show her how much she means to me, we will have the rest of eternity for us to be together but if I don't step up and move things along we won't make it to eternity.

Lost in thought I don't near the knock on the door or my name being called until I see someone standing right next to me, calling out my name again louder. Turning towards the person, I see Malcolm staring at me with a worried look on his face.

"Is everything alright Cal?" He questions me. Sighing, I turn back to my deck, picking up my glass of whiskey, "no Malcolm, I'm worried about Victoria and the way she acted today in class. I have no idea what could have happened between Saturday when I last saw her and today that would have made her nervous like that" I tell him, before taking a drink.

"I wanted so badly to reach into her mind but I couldn't, it was as if her mind was so scrambled with thoughts that I couldn't get in. I've been trying to think of a way I can move this along so that I'm able to claim her before it's too late, but I'm always coming to a roadblock" I explain before taking another sip then letting out a frustrated growl as I slam my glass back down.

"Have you read her paper yet?" He asks. Not knowing where he is going with this line of questioning, I give him a confused and annoyed look.

This time it is his turn to sigh as he sits down in one of the empty seats next to my desk. "Today when I was going through your class email to make sure everyone had turned in their papers, I had scanned Victoria's paper. I think you need to read it and not keep putting it off, see for yourself" Malcolm suggests, getting up to leave before I can question him more.

Turning back to my laptop, I pull up my email again and scroll down until I find Victoria's email.

Taking a deep breath, I click on her name and wait for it to load. Wondering if this will give me any clue as to what I need to do moving forward.


I've now read her story a total of three times. It blows me away, pulling me in with her words, I just couldn't stop reading over again.

Her story is about forbidden love, that starts off with a cocky vampire who isn't quite ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle and all the women that want a chance with him.

But one night at a party as he is entertaining three ladies upstairs in the bedroom, high as a kite and drunk off his ass. He does not recognize the woman at the cracked open door watching them all. Is, in fact, his mate. He just thinks it is just some random chick who enjoys watching people fucking, gets off on it even.

Being the cocky guy that he is, he decided to show off for the curious girl. Sinking his teeth into each of the horny ladies in his bed.

As he finishes up with the last one, his high and drunken state has faded away, allowing his senses to take over again. Letting him see clearly that the now frightened girl at the door is, in fact, his mate.

The mystery girl runs away before he can reach her, making it difficult for him to find her. Until weeks later when he happens to come across her in an alley outside of the grocery store, surrounded by a group of other male vampires, who are trying to get in her.

Enraged that anyone would do this and even more to his mate, he quickly rips each vampire head off, causing them to turn to dust right before her eyes before she passes out.

As the story unfolds, the vampire has taken his human mate back to his castle, as he does his best to keep her safe from all the evils of the underworld.

During this time they become close and she finds herself falling in love with him. Only for there to be a tragic event happen and he is now forced to decide whether he saves his love by either letting her go forever or turning her, but he knows it has been frowned upon to turn a human in the underworld.

In the end, he makes the decision to turn her so they will forever live as one together, hidden away with new identities, and made to believe that he had let her die and then joined her in the afterlife, instead of living an eternity alone.

I'm shocked for words as she has brought this story to life in my mind. Because many many years ago it had been frowned upon to in fact turn a human, even though it didn't stop many for doing so.

How had she known this? Had she done her research? But how could that be possible when she had been writing about witches first, leaving her no real-time to do this deep research in a short amount of time? I question myself.

A knock at the door this time brings me out of my thoughts. "King, dinner is ready if you are hungry" Ian calls from the open door. Nodding I mumbled that I will be right there as I go to print out her story to have as a hard copy to keep for myself.

Walking into the dining room, Malcolm and Robert stand behind their chairs waiting for me to arrive while Ian, Tina, Maggie, and Bethany stand waiting over by the buffet food warmer.

"How many times have to said not to wait for me when it is only us?" I playful growl towards them. To which they just laugh as they shrug their shoulders, shaking my head, I go sit down in my chair as Ian, and the girls go about getting us our food and drinks before also coming to join us for dinner, with Simon and Theo joining us as well.

When it is only us in the privacy of the manor with no guest, I wish for the staff to not always be so formally towards me but it is sometimes hard for them to forget that. Also, Malcolm and Robert find it amusing, knowing that it annoys me.

"So, have you read her story yet?" Malcolm inquires as we eat. "Yes, I did. Amazing work, I read it over many times. I was quite speechless with how much detail she put into it and in such a short time" I confess. Which causes Malcolm to just smirk and a nod in agreement.

We pass the time with the normal dinner conversation, talking about our day and what is in the plans for the rest of the week.

After a delicious dinner and dessert, I retire back to my office to continue reading and grading papers, knowing I won't finish them all tonight.

I promised myself after today's incident in class I would try my best to stay clear of Victoria and give her some breathing room when she is not in my class. Even though it will take me a lot of will power, I want her to feel comfortable and not feel suffocated by me.

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