Finding My Queen

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Chapter 6

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020


Waking up after having a much calmer night sleep then I did the night before, I know at first I was having trouble sleeping, afraid that the nightmares would come back, but finally, I just gave in to sleep, not able to keep my eyes open much longer.

Sitting up in bed this morning, I'm in a daze, wondering what is going on with me lately. Ever since Sunday night, things have changed. Wait no, ever since I meet Professor Masters I think, not able to keep from gasping at the realization.

No that can't be right. He is just my professor nothing more, but then why is it I feel a calming effect when I'm near him. Even yesterday in class, I was still freaked out from my dream but as soon as I sat down I felt relaxed automatically, as soon as he was near me.

When I had the desire the other night out of nowhere to change my storyline from witches to vampires. I had stayed up most of the night writing but then it was the dream I had that really got my mind spinning with the need to write about vampires but more importantly it was Professor Masters who had played the main role of the vampire.

It was like my mind was playing tricks on me. Like I had some kind of infatuation with my own professor that I conjured him up in my mind even in sleep. But it felt so real, he felt so real as if I could smell him, hear him, feel him.

Shaking my head, I try and rid my outrageous thoughts. Glancing at the time, knowing I have a split shift today, one for a few hours this morning then another few hours tonight with my afternoon class in-between work today, I better get moving.

Once ready for the long day ahead I make sure everything I will need for my class in my bag before leaving the apartment.

My morning shift is going well so far and staying busy has helped keep my mind off of other things or more importantly a certain person.

I'm just finishing up my first shift when in walks Robert, Professor Masters personal driver. He gives me a charming smile as he walks up to the counter

"Good day Miss. Jensen" he says. I don't know why I didn't hear it before but he has a hint of an accent but I'm not able to place from where. "Hello Robert, I'm just about to head out for class, is there anything I can get for you before I leave?" I ask. He tells me he needs three coffees to go to for him, Professor Masters and Malcolm.

I quickly whip up the three coffee for him. As I'm handing them over in a to-go tray, Robert asks if I would care for a ride since we are going the same way. Thinking a moment I decide to take him up on the offer, as it is getting colder out since I walked to work this morning. Making a mental note to text Ashley about getting a ride home later.

The drive to the Language Art Building is quick, Robert had offered me the backseat but I felt too weird sitting back there alone, I'm not used to being driven around much, so I just asked if I could sit upfront. We make small talk as he drives.

Walking into class, I make my way back to my original seat that is a few rows to the front. I watch as Robert walking to the front where Professor Masters and Malcolm are standing, talking with some other students. Handing them their coffees. They take a sip before turning my way, lifting their cups up in a gesture of thanks. I feel myself blush as I give a small shy wave, causing them each to chuckle and Professor Masters winks at me.

When class starts Professor Masters informs us that he has begun reading and grading our stories and will begin meeting with each of us tomorrow for a one and one in his office to discuss them.

He then goes on to explain the lesson we will be working on today as he and Malcolm walk around the room, handing out the assignment. Which is a short story that we are to read then fill out a worksheet that goes along with it.

Professor Masters stops next to my desk, placing my assignment down while thanking me again for the coffee in a low husky voice for only myself to hear, causing me once again to blush, as my insides twist with desire.

Ugh, why am I so affected by him? This is so wrong, there would be no reason for someone who is so out of my league to even give me a second thought, I think to myself. Hearing a low growl, I quickly look up at him, still standing next to my seat, his jaw is clenched tight, eyes are dark as he stares down at me. The hard glare in his eyes causes my breath to hitch, but all too soon the look is gone as he hurries by me.

The rest of the class period, I don't dare look up, even though I can feel his heated gaze on me as if he is daring me to look at him. I just keep my head down and try to focus on my work.

All too soon class is over and I rush to get out of there, packing my things and hurrying out the door without a glance back his way.

I catch a ride with Ashley back to our apartment since we finished at the same time. I have about thirty minutes before I was needed back at work so I did a quick change of clothes and refreshed my hair and the small amount of makeup I had on before leaving for work again. This time taking my car.

Work is super slow for a typical Tuesday night. Mostly just students coming in to study either by themselves or in groups. As well as a few older couples and professors also stopping in for a late-night drink and dessert.

I was happy, yet a little sad when a certain professor did not stop in though. While he is very good looking, he is also very intimidating, which scares me.

Getting home from work later that night, I warm up some leftovers for my dinner. Ashley is out on a study date so I just relax in front of the tv as I eat.

Once I've finished eating and washed the dishes, I take a quick shower, throwing on some warm pj's, then climb into bed.

Falling asleep to once again begin dreaming about vampires, one being the mysterious and dark Professor Masters.

*Dream state*

I'm sitting in Professor Masters class, working on my story. "I see you have zoned out again Victoria" comes the husky voice of the professor, startling me.

Glancing around I find all the students have gone. When I turn back to the front, I jump, finding Professor Masters standing in front of my desk.

There is a hungry look in his eyes as he stares down at me.

"You know, you are very pretty, Victoria," he tells me, grabbing a piece of loose hair that has fallen from my ponytail. I try to move away from him but I'm trapped in his trance, frozen in fear until his next statement has me running out of the room, running for my life.

"Pretty enough to eat, that is."

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