Finding My Queen

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Chapter 7

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020


I can't believe I let my temper get the best of me yesterday in class. I just can stand that Victoria would think so little of herself.

After she practically ran out of my classroom yesterday, I've been doing anything I can think of not to rush to her and take her away, just the two of us. Then maybe she will see that she is perfect for me, that I do want her. Both Malcolm and Robert had taken shifts to keep watch on Victoria for me last night.

But now that it is a new day, I can start to breath easy since I will be seeing her in class later. Yesterday I had told all my classes that I had planned on doing some one on one time with each student in my office to discuss their stories today and I've made sure that Victoria will be the last one I see today, in hopes that we can talk about more than just her story.

But first, I just need to get through these other classes first before her afternoon class.


Morning classes have surprisingly gone by faster than I thought they would.

I'm now sitting in my office having a cup of blood to help hold me over, so I don't do anything stupid when I have her alone in my office. There is a knock on my door, and I can sense that it is Malcolm and Robert so I call for them to come in.

"Sir, are you ready or will you be needing another bag of blood?" Malcolm asks as soon as the door is closed. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, before slowing letting it out as my eyes reopen. "I believe I will be fine, I still have an extra bag of blood in the small fridge if need be" I inform them, nodding towards the corner where the fridge is at. "Very well, the class will begin shortly, so we will see you in there," Malcolm says as they both give me a short bow before leaving me once again with my thoughts.

When it is time for class, I make my way from the office into the classroom. Automatically Victoria's scent hits me as I am forced to bite back a groan.

Walking down to the front of the class, I watch as the students get settled into their seats. "Good afternoon, I hope your night was well" I call out, looking around the room. There's a murmur of voices in reply, I nod as I turn towards my desk and pick up a stack of papers before turning back to face the class once again.

"As I said yesterday, I will be meeting with each of you one on one in my office to discuss your stories today. While I am meeting with each of you, I want the rest of you to finish your assignment you started yesterday. I will be calling you each to my office one by one" I say as I look down at my list of names, calling out the first name "Alison" before walking back up the steps towards my office with Alison following close behind.


There is a total number of ten students in this class, it is the smallest class I have, so I knew I would be able to get through everyone today. Looking down at my list, I let out a breath when I see it is finally Victoria's turn.

I call out to Robert who has been waiting outside my door this whole time. "Victoria please" he nods then heads into the classroom to get her while I grab a copy of her story.

I smell her before I see her. I can hear her heartbeat racing from where I'm sitting. She is nervous and I need to put her at ease.

I can tell when she enters the room, looking up from her paper, I give her a reassuring smile as she takes small steps. I see Robert over her shoulder as he closes the door, causing her to jump a little. All throughout the class, I have kept my door open while I was talking with the students. But I know my talk with Victoria is going to need to be more of a private conversation.

"Hello Victoria, please take a seat so we may begin," I tell her, watching her every move. She is wearing faded ripped black jeans and a baby blue sweater along with boots. Her hair is flowing down in soft curls and she has light makeup on. She is absolutely breathtaking.

Looking back down at her paper, I allow myself a moment to relax before I being to explain my impressions on her work. "Your story is very well written Victoria, I was very impressed with your attention to detail. But what I would like to know is how you were able to switch subjects so quickly and efficiently from witches to vampires and still go into the depths you have on such a short timeline?"

I watch as different emotions flash across her face as she takes her time to answer. Seeing as she sits up straighter, head held high, and a look of pride and determination sets in her eyes. "It was a dream that kept nagging at me, and when I went to write, it was as if the words just spilled out of me. But professor due remember, this story is only fiction as there is no such thing as vampires, correct?" she warns with a look of challenge in her eyes.

Is she trying to see if I will deny her words of vampires not being real or does she truly believe that they are make-believe? It is hard for me to tell and for some reason, I can not read her mind, what the fuck is happening? I'm at a loss of words right now.

She sees that I am speechless as she raises her eyebrows. "You see Professor Masters, the vampire in my dreams always ends up Now that had caused questions to arise as again vampires are not real, correct? Because why would I dream of my professor as the vampire when I've only just met you and better yet why would I dream of you at all?" She keeps throwing out questions at me, to what, catch me off guard? I don't know.

But I need to say something as the clock ticks by, I feel the blood rushing through my body as my cock becomes hard as I get more and more turned on by how much confidence she has. She is my Queen, she is strong and doesn't back down when she is provoked and is passionate about things.

I need to claim her. The urge is so strong, I can taste it.

Standing up I step around my desk to stand in front of her, leaning back against my desk, I cross my arms. We are in a locked battle as we stare at one another, I catch her small gasp as her heart rate kicks up again.

"Miss. Jenson, are you questioning if I am in fact a vampire or not?" I can't keep the heat from my words as I stare her down. She needs to know that even though I enjoy a challenge, I am king and she is my queen. We should never question one another but work as a team, communication is key.

I watch as she lowers her head in submission, and although I enjoy her submitting to me, it is the bedroom I only wish for her to submit in.

I let out a low growl, causing her to gasp again as she looks back at me, eyes wide but she does not move.

"Never submit to me, Victoria. Well at least when we are not in the bedroom, only there is where I wish for you to submit" I growl, smirking as she blushes at my statement.

Leaning forward I skim my fingers across her cheek. She leans into my touch making me groan, cupping her jaw I look deep into her eyes. I can see the confusion as to why she is affected so much by me and the conflict between this being right and wrong as it is forbidden to have a relationship between a professor and student.

I need to rid these doubts she is having about us. Not giving her any time to react I seal my lips over hers in a soft kiss. She doesn't move at first but soon becomes alive under my touch and kisses me back. She lets out a moan as I lick her bottom lip, hoping she opens up for me and allows me in. Gasping as I nibble on her bottom lip, she finally gives in and opens a little, allowing me the chance to move my tongue in against hers.

I groan getting my first real taste of her as I deepen the kiss. My fingers tugging her hair, bring her closer to me as her grips tighten on my suit jacket.

Moving one hand down to her waist, I pull her up, turning us around so her back is to my desk. Wrapping my arm around her waist tighter, I lift her so she is sitting on my desk with me standing in between her legs, kissing her harder.

Knowing she still needs to use her lungs to breath, I pull my lips away but lean my forehead against hers, closing my eyes as she tries to catch her breath.

My mind is spinning as I'm so caught up in the fact that we just kissed, that I'm not even aware as she pushes me away and runs from my office.

I rush out after her, seeing Robert standing there looking from me to Victoria's running form. "Should I go after her?" He asks looking concerned. "No. I mean, yes but stay at a distance, please. Just watch her and make sure she is safe. Thank you, Robert" I mumbled sadly as I continue staring down the hall where Victoria ran.

Nodding Robert leaves, while I stand there feeling defeated. "She will come around Cal, don't give up hope" Malcolm saying coming up beside me. "Come, let's go home. I'm sure Robert will be in touch" he tells me, handing over my bag and leading me out.


I'm restless all night again, worrying about Victoria.

Robert had mind linked myself and Malcolm while we were in the car on our way back to the manor, letting us know that she was back safe at her apartment and that he would stay to watch over her for now.

It is going to be another long night, as I do everything possible not to go see how she is doing for myself.

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