Finding My Queen

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Chapter 8

Thursday, October 8th, 2020


I slept like crap, which has made me very testy today. Malcolm has been supplying me with the constant flow of blood in a tumbler cup all-day and has had to stop me multiple times from killing these very annoying students as well as faculty members.

Robert had updated us this morning with Victoria's whereabouts which is... she hasn't even left her apartment.

Her class is starting soon and I'm worried she will not show up as Robert has not been in contact yet.

I stand from my desk and watch as the students file into the classroom. When there is no Victoria, I mind link Robert and he informs me she has still not left and will see what he can find out.

Not feeling up to teaching the class today, I leave the teaching to Malcolm and go hide out in my office until school ends. Safer for everyone that I'm not around right now.

I'm sitting in my office drinking more blood to keep me calm when Robert finally contacts me again letting me know it seems that Victoria is unwell. It takes every effort in me not to go to her right now, but as Malcolm had pointed out to me yesterday she is scared and confused. I will give her today and tomorrow but come Saturday if she has not left her apartment, I will go to her.



After what happened yesterday in Professor Masters's office, I could not face him today.

I've spent so many years building up walls, staying away from the opposite sex because I was scared once I let one in something bad would happen, leaving me all alone again.

Yeah, I have Ashley and her family but even them I sometimes kept at arm's length and they understand why.

So to allow Professor Masters to get under my skin and kiss me and not stop him; had scared me. But not as scary as the visions I had racing through my head while we were locked in a passionate embrace.

I saw what I can only think of as picture clips of the professor or a scary look-alike of him as a real vampire.

Ever since then, I keep going over our conversation in my head. Going over his gestures and the different looks he would have.

"Miss. Jensen, are you questioning if I am in fact a vampire or not?"

And that growl, what was with him and growling all the time?

"Never submit to me, Victoria. Well at least when we are not in the bedroom, only there is where I wish for you to submit"

I shivered and blushed when he told me he only wishes for my submission in the bedroom.

This can't be right, Professor Masters isn't a vampire, it isn't possible.

Or is it?

Ugh, I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And why me, there are a lot of other beautiful and experienced females around here who wound fall all over themselves for a chance with him, so why me?

When I got home yesterday I went straight to my room and locked my door, I didn't want anyone to see me, to question what was wrong. So when Ashley knocked on my door after she got home from work, I lied and said I was sick and thought it would be best for her to stay away so as not to get what I had.

So I stayed in my room all night and then decided to skip today's classes just so I wouldn't have to deal with people.

I feel like my mind is going to explode as I search for all things about vampires on the internet, not knowing what crazy unknown world I'm going to fall into.

Many hours and lots of coffee later, I'm still searching. I have found odd encounters of people saying they have witnessed first-hand a vampire walking amongst the rest of us, dead people with what looks like two small holes that were bitten into the sides of their neck and blood drained from their bodies.

This can't be right, this can not be happening.

Giving up my search for the night I crawl back into bed after making sure my windows and doors are locked.

I vow to get answers tomorrow as I drift off to sleep.

Only to get thrown into yet another dream world, filled with vampires, and the main star of my dream once again being Professor Masters.

*Dream state*

I find myself once again walking down the dark empty hallway of the Language Arts building.

Feeling a pull towards Professor Masters's office, I can see the soft warm glow of light coming from his half-opened door again. I'm scared of what I might come across this time but I don't hear any moans as I slowly make my way towards the door.

Peeking through the small opening, I don't see anyone inside right away, but I can feel him in there. Hesitating with my hand on the doorknob, I debate with myself if I should leave or stay.

"Victoria" his voice rumbles through me. "Come here" he growls impatiently.

Swallowing the hard lump in my throat, I push the door the rest of the way open, revealing Professor Masters standing next to the windows, his back to me.

Cautiously I step into the room, glancing around as I go, I find that we are alone this time. As soon as I'm further inside, the door bangs shut behind me, causing me to jump around only to find that the door has seemed to shut on its own.

Slowly turning back around, I gasp when I find Professor Masters now watching me with dark hooded eyes. "I knew you would come back, love," he says huskily, taunting me. Hearing a clinking sound, I look down towards his hand and see he is holding a whiskey glass but instead of whiskey, it is filled with blood.

I watch as he lifts his glass to his lips, smirking as he takes a drink, emptying it before placing it on the table next to the window, and in a blink of an eye he is behind me, his warm breath against my neck causes me to shiver.

"I was quite disappointed when you ran out of here last time. I was hoping you would have joined me, but nevertheless, you did come back" he murmurs, trailing his nose up and down the side of my neck, breathing me in.

"Wh-what do you want from me?" I stutter as I remember what I saw happening in here the last time. He makes a humming sound as he locks an arm around my waist, keeping me from moving. I feel his free hand trailing all the way up my spine, gripping ahold of my hair, he once again has control of my movements as he turns my head to look at him.

"What do I want from you, love? I want everything from you, because. You. Are. Mine" he growls, his voice sending chills through my body, as I become turned on and...wet?

Oh. My. God!

What is happening to me? My mind is racing with questions after questions as I watch in shock as Professor Masters's eyes turn blood red. Smirking as his fangs descend from his top gums.

"Don't worry love, this will only hurt a little. But the pleasure will be far worth all the pain" he murmurs against my neck.

I scream out as I feel his teeth sink into my neck, sucking until I feel myself fade away into darkness.

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