Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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JAKE A billionaire who has everything and everyone at his beck and call except Lisa LIsa a single mum trying hard to provide for her children and wont fall for Jake's charm this second time

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Chapter 1


everyone sees me as an overbearing, workaholic beast. Am not a beast, i just want everything to be in order. I plan ahead, to be a billionaire is not easy, not everyone to be trusted

June my secretary enters, as usual she is dressed in a seductive way. I hate to see her leave. She is the 6th secretary this month alone. They all want to fuck me, claims to love me. Where as they love my money.

JUNE: Sir am done for the day, do you need anything before i leave.

She gives me that seductive smile

"Well, since you mentioned that, what do you have to offer?"

Am a man that needs to satisfy my self, i don't get attached, because it's just sex to me

I move towards my secretary, grabs her towards me, she tries to kiss me, i push her face aside. I dont kiss, i only fuck.

She grabs junior which is very much ready for action. June unzipped my trouser, brings out my dick, the suck me to the fullest

She really knows how to pleasure someone, have been missing since all this while

After am satisfy, i place her on my desk, spread her legs open. She is not even putting on pants. I roughly enters her and pound into her, releasing all my stress of the week into her

JUNE: Yes, harder, faster. Oh, give me more. Am about to come

"Dont you dare, you come when i ask you to"

I turn her over then fuck her from behind.

" you are free to come now"

I enter my office bathroom, clean up, then return to my office

JUNE: Are you sure, you don't want me to stay?

Since have enjoyed a little then, no point denying the free offer

" follow me"

We both leave the office, take the private elevator to my personal car park where my Driver isaac is waiting for me

"Isaac take me to the joints"

ISAAC: Ok sir


" dont worry your pretty head about that "

The joint is the place where my self and the boys meet for the drink

I have 2 best friends, we have been friends since childhood, we all knows our weakness, our strength and our pains. The fact that we are rich and well sorted out billionaires doesnt mean we don't get hurt

Isaac parks the car, i got down from the car, and june got down herself without me helping her

"Isaac, i will call you when am ready to go home"


MY driver always mind his business, he never talk or disapproves

Immediately we entered our private place, i spot the boys already having fun. June place her hand on mine trying to scare the ladies that are checking me out. Stupid girl, she wants to claim me

MIKE: nice of you to finally join us

JOHN: You are late, but i can see the reason

JUNE: Hi, am Jake's girlfriend

The Boys looks at themselves and start laughing

" sorry guys, i brought a gift to competaite you."

Mike checks her out

MIKE: Are you that good??

JUNE: Very good

I know she is a bith that is after fame and money

We had drinks and discuss irrelevant things,

" i need to start going, i booked a room already for you guys, enjoy your self, and june, take care of my boys"

JUNE: I will, see you at the office tomorrow

Getting outside, isaac is already waiting for me

* lets go home "

Isaac start the vehicle, few minutes later, my phone rings

"Hi mum"

MUM: when are you coming home to check on us?? You are always too busy. Is it untill we die before you know that family matters?

"Sorry mum, have been busy, i will come this weekend"

MUM: I will be expecting you,

I end the call,at 35. My mum still treats me like a baby. Am the second born. I have 1 elder brother, 2 younger sisters

My elder brother is married with children, so my mum expects me to do the same. But am yet to find the right woman for me

ISAAC: We are here sir

" Thank you, we need to be at the office 7 am tomorrow morning "

He has a spare room here, he practically leaves here. He has no family, no one

I entered my room, enter the bathroom to freshen up. Then lie on the bed, i pick up my phone to check all my messages, feel disappointed when i didn't see any from her


Early in the Morning, getting to the office, i noticed some of my workers gathered around my secretary place

JUNE: He is a little bit shy, who would have thought the beast will be shy to propose, at first i wanted to make him survive and beg me, but i pitied him and told him yes. You all have to respect me, am your boss's wife

Stupid girl, i wanted to do it nicely, but she just dig her own pit

The workers that first notice me quickly adjust and bow their head

JUNE: Hello baby, you are early today

So she didn't know i will come on time, no wonder

"Pack your personal things, submit your badge and leave this office"

JUNE: Baby, we talked about this, the fact that we are now engage doesn't mean i have to stop working, i can't just be sitting down at home doing nothing

Ooh, the bicth want to play

" We are not engage, the fact that i fucked you on my desk doesn't make you my fiance. Remember, i gave you out to my friends and you also fuck both of them at once. Maybe i didn't use the word you will understand. You are fired. A prostitute cant work for me"

Some of the workers hid their smile, some shocked

" am not paying you all to be playing around, get back to work" i barked at them, they all rush to their respective posts"

JUNE: You are such a bastard who wont find anyone to love him

" remember to drop everything that belongs to the company " i replied her then enter my office

Mrs Joseph angrily enters my office, she is like a mother to me and the only one who doesn't fear my barks

MRS JOSEPH: For how long will you continue to behave like a kid. This is the 6th one this month. Must you sleep with them?

" its not my fault that am very handsome , i need a new secretary immediately" i replied her

MRS JOSEPH: May be you should sort out all your schedules yourself without any secretary to do that.

" you love me so much, you won't do that"

MRS JOSEPH: I think i know what to do

She walks out of my office

"Love you too" i call after her

Smiling, now i can start the day in peace

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