Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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Chapter 2


When the manager calls you to his office, its either to fire you or give you raise

MANAGER: Lisa, am sorry, i have to let you go. My customers are complaining bitterly about you. This is my family business and i can't choose you over them

" so now am at fault because i didn't allow one spoilt rich kid to touch my bumbum?? You are letting me go because of them? I should have stabbed him, maybe i would have enough reason to be fire" i replied him

MANAGER: This is what i don't like about you, you always forgot that you are a lady and have to behave as one. Whats there, if someone touch your bumbum and you dont like, but for the sake of your job, you smile to the person and move on

" let me tell you, even if you are the one. I will stab you and make sure i destroy your properties. You know what, no point dragging things, i quit" i remove my apron and tag, drop it on his table, then leaves his office

Inside the diner, the fool that got me fired is smiling with his friends

I catwalk to his side

" you want me to give you nice time, am all yours baby " he pats his legs for me, i sit on his leg. He try kissing me, i push his face away, pour his drink on his head, then bite his ear

The diner security rescue him, and push me outside

On my way home, the reality of what just happened dawn on me. How will i take care of my babies. I have to start looking for a new job


Getting home, my besties from childhood is at home, a writer that always work at home. Which makes taking care of my babies easier without getting a nanny for them.

SHARON: So early? Is your boss dead?

" i wish, the fool sacked me because i refused another fool from touching my bumbum"

SHARON: That's too bad, welcome to the club, we can both be at home sleeping, eating, dancing

" Dream come through, but my babies wont allow that, i have to look for another job that will fetch good money"

SHARON: Dont you think you have proven to the world that you are capable of taking care of them? They have a father whose family is rich. We can look him up, contact them, so that they can start taking responsibilities

" if taking 3 different job will give me the money i need for them to be ok, i will do it. I will never contact that bastard. Its over between us"

SHARON: Over, and you refused to give another man a chance. Anyways, i saw a job vacancy, what got me was the name of the company. Lisa Tech company, i submitted your CV, you are to go for interview on Monday

" just like that?" Is not that am not happy, but it looks too good to be real

SHARON: Yes just like that, now freshen up and lets gist

" I love you bestie, thank you so much" am feeling emotional, i just don't know how to appreciate her.

SHARON: They are also my children, you don't need to thank me. Charles is coming in the evening to take us out. Get prepare

Charles is our gay friend, we met him during our school days. He is like a father figure to the kids.

I quickly freshen up, then close my eyes to relax a bit


DAVID: mummy, food is ready

DANIEL: Allow her to sleep a bit. Lets just watch her, so that no body will come to harm her

DANIELLE: Aunty sharon said we should disturb her

They are 10 years old, i had them when i was 18. It wasn't easy. But With the help of my parents, brothers, Charles, and Sharon. I was am able to cope. I refused to give them up for adoption

I open my arms wide for them to know am awake, they rush on to give me hug

" how was school today? Lets go before your aunty Sharon gets here " we all laugh


My mum agrees to babysit this weekend, after we drop the kids. Charles, sharon and i hit the club. Charles is a self billionaire that knows all big and famous people. This club belongs to one of his associate.

Sharon and i dance, then i notice someone staring at me. I raise my eyes up and see him Jake, Jake my nemesis. I can never forget him even though have tried to. He now a changed man, 6 pacs, more handsome than before. I continue dancing then wisper to Sharon

" jake is here " i wisper to her

SHARON: Are you sure? Should we be going home? Are you ok? Do you want to cry?

" hey calm down, he can never spoil my fun. Am here to have fun, and that's what will happen " even though my heart is beating fast, i have to act tough

CHARLES: I want to introduce you to one of my business associate, a tycoon, they refer to him as beast

Charles drags us to Jakes table, he is there with his friends. Sharon keeps on looking at my face to see that am ok

I give her a reassuring smile. After 10 years, am about to speak with Jake again. The one i thought truly loves me. The man i thought will be there all through

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