Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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Chapter 3


Am not dreaming, she is here. I nudge mike and John. They also look surprise, this is not the sweet innocent girl i knew

MIKE: I want that ass, men look at her, she has really changed

JAKE: Dont you dare think about it.

Have planned this meeting, what i will tell her, how am going to react. But none is working. Charles one of our business associate is bringing her and Sharon to our side

Is my baby girl going to hug me? Will she cry that she missed me?

CHARLES: And here is Jake, jake the beast

LISA: Mr Jake, nice meeting you

What the fuck, who is this lady? And what has she done with my sweet baby??

MIKE: Good to see you again,

JOHN: You look good

LISA: Thank you, but its like you are confusing me to someone else. This is my first time of meeting you people

This cant be happening, what is going on? She cant forget me.

JAKE: If you don't mind, you guys can join us, order for anything you want

LISA: mr Jake we really appreciate the offer, but we can buy our own drinks ourselves

SHARON: Have a nice evening gentlemen

Sharon and lisa both leaves, charles looks confused

CHARLES: Am i missing anything here?

JOHN: No we are good

CHARLES: Alright, we will talk on phone

Charles leaves and my friends turns to me

MIKE: Are you sure she is the one??

" she is the one, she is just pretending " i replied him

A lady that has been eyeing us since we got here moves to me

LADY: i can give you a nice time of your life handsome, you lead the way

Immediately we got to the restroom, i push her to the wall, spread her legs, unzip my trouser and fuck her to the wall

She keeps on shouting, not minding the passerby

LADY: Give it to me baby, yes, harder,

Making different sounds. As i finished with her, i raise my head up and meets a blue eye staring at me.

Lisa is looking at me with a smirk on her face

LISA: You need to step up your gane man, if you are fucking her and she is not bringing the whole place down, then you are not man enough. Just a little tip for you though.

She washes her hand and leaves me speechless. Who is this lady?? The whore i touch tries touching me again

" sorry i don't do left over"" i threw cash on her, then leaves

LADY: You are a bastard

Why am not surprise? She is not the first to tell me that. Getting to my friends i told them goodbye

Isaac is already waiting for me outside


As i enters my room, i begin to picture her face, the way that cloth fits on her body. Junior began to get hard, i begin to stroke mt self imaging that she is the one sucking my dick. Before you know it, i release hard

Am getting too old for this, my sleep that night comes with a beautiful damsel with blue eyes smiling at me, telling me that she loves me


Every sunday is our family gathering, i almost dodged coming because every time my mum do pair me with her friend's daughters. Have told her countless time that am old enough to make my own choice

FRANK: Son how are you doing?

" Am good dad" we hug each other. He is my older version, even at this age of mine, i still look up unto him. My mentor,

JUDITH: My baby boy is home, you are too lean, haven't you been eating??

" Mum, nice seeing you too" i hug and Peck her

I move to my sister and brother to greet them. We all are always been close

My dad says the prayer and we settle down to each

" Lisa is back" immediately everyone keeps quite

FRANK: That's lovely, bring her home to meet us

JUDITH: Yes, lets meet her

" She didn't recognized me, she look passed me as if she didn't know me. I tried talking to her, but she said i had the wrong girl. I don't know what to do" i didnt know tears have started flowing from my eyes until my mum rush to me and hug me

JUDITH: every thing is going to work out. Don't over stress your self.

Later that evening, am too stressed uo to go home, so Isaac and i decided to pass the night at my parents house. My mum also treat isaac like her own son

My youngest sister, baby of the house Juliet enters my old room. We are the closest, we always feels each other pains

JULIET: So she did as if she didn't know you? What a shame . sometimes love is not enough

" And what do you know about love? You are still young to think or breadth about love."

JULIET: Am 24 big brother

" too young, maybe when you reach 40, i might consider you" she moves closer to me and i hug her tight on bed. I sense something is weighing on her mind, i don't want to pressurize her at the same time, i want to know what its all about

JUDITH: How is John doing??

Woww, wooow, i know this sign, its a signal. John, my best friend with my baby sister. Dont get me wrong, she didn't ask, how is John and Mike. She asked how is John doing!! Am ready to murder someone, nobody dares touches my sister, not even my friend. Come to think of it, the signal have been there all tbis while, i just didn't click to it, and John have been acting strange lately. Like not having sex with ladies again, rejecting our threesome.

" And why would you be asking after him??"

JULIET: Lets sleep, i miss you bro

She is definitely hiding something from me, i hug her at the same time think of how to kill John slowly. Her phone vibrates, i pick it up to check. Then a message from John"Am sorry baby doll"

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