Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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Chapter 4


Jake is here. He is really here. Can't believe i said that to him. My friends were already waiting for me, so we left immediately.

" This one that both of you are quite, one will think we are going for a funeral " i dont want them to feel pity for me, i just want things to be like before

CHARLES: Am sorry, i didn't know, Sharon just told me about him now. Please forgive me

" Why are you like this, you didn't do anything wrong. Am even happy that after many years , i can now face my fears, and fight the battles. Thank you guys for sticking to my side" tears start flowing from my eyes. I dont know how i deserve such winderful and loyal friends.

SHARON SNIFFS: Enough of this sad moment, happy time

We all laugh, Charles start the car and we continue out journey

Getting to our apartment, we bid Charles goodbye. Inside the apartment, sharon opens her arms wide, i rush in and cry my eyes out

SHARON: That is it baby, let it out. Dont keep any inside you

Sharon leads me to my bed, pecks my head and leaves my room

Even amidst all the excitement,shocks,am getting horny. I lock my door to avoid story that touches the heart, thank God the kids are with my parents..

I begin to imagine that Jake is here, i open my legs wide open and touches my clit, making a circle to it. Then insert my middle finger in, thrusting it in and out, untill i reach my climax.

Woow, that was intense. I move to my bathroom to clean up

Tomorrow is my family gathering, i have to go there and i don't want them to suspect anything.

After tossing from one side of the bed to the other, i finally slept off


Sharon and i are now at my family gathering, sharon is practically family and she has this crush on my older brother Blake

We all sit to eat, my dad says the prayer

" Sharon applied for a job on my behalf, am to go for the interview on monday" i tell them

BLAKE: that's goodnews baby sis, am happy for you. Sharon baby, thank you for looking after your friend

SHARON BLUSHING: Its nothing, she is not just my friend, she is my sister

SILAS: I don't know why you refuse to work at your brother's company

"Dad, Blake and lance are workaholic, i wont be able to express myself there. They are also womanizer," i notice Sharon countenance, i shouldn't have said that

LANCE: Its not our fault that we are handsome, ladies run after us

MARGRET: Table manners, if you dont stop the rubbish you are vomiting, i will beat it out of you

LANCE: Sorry mama

Our mum still makes us know that she is in control and can beat us anytime. Am suspecting she knows about Sharon crush on Blake, because that woman knows everything

We all continue eating.


Its time for us to go home, i can't find Sharon, i get to Blake's room, then i saw them in a hot kiss, making out. Oh lala, when did this happened?? I quietly closes the door giving them privacy, i don't even want to picture it, my brother and my friend having sex?? Its gross.

Getting home, i tucked the kids in to sleep, then leaves for Sharon's room for the hot gist

"So, is there anything you want to tell me??" I asked her

SHARON: i don't know what you are talking about

" you and my brother enh, was the kiss hot? Is he a good kisser ??. Tell me everything " dont mind me, she moody and i want to pull her outbof her mood

SHARON: He is, am in love with him. But he doesn't feel the same way.

" come here baby, dont cry. Do you want me to beat some sense into him?? I can do that for you. Who will see a beautiful damsel like you and refuse to love her?"

SHARON: Your brother

" that is true. But you know, no matter what happened am here for you??"

We both hug each other smiling


MRS JOSEPH: Sorry for the short noticed, if you want the job, you can start tomorrow

Am i dreaming? This elegant woman didn't even go through my CV, no interview. Just that i can start tomorrow

" just like that? Wont the big guy check my CV or ask me any question? "

MRS JOSEPH: My dear, i call the shot here. You will be the personal assistant to the big guy. My own is that you should work very well, and dont make me regret choosing you

"I promise you ma, i won't disapoint you, thank you so much"

MRS JOSEPH: No problem dear

She stand up and hug me

MRS JOSEPH: Am counting on you, you are strong baby

" Thank you ma"

In happy mood, i leaves the company


SHARON: How was it?? What did they say??

"I got the job, am to start tomorrow"

SHARON: Am happy for you baby

We both hug, i know my tomorrow is going to be great. I move to the kitchen to prepare a special delicacy for my family to celebrate. I can take care of my babies now, without their father's help.

Smiling, i add the necessary ingredients to it

My children get back from school, we all sit to eat

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