Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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Chapter 5


I saw her with Mrs Joseph. What is she doing here?? Maybe she is not the one, since that first day, every lady i see resembles her. I almost hug one at the park the other day. She thought i was cute. Imagine, me cute. Oh no, i dont want this stress

Mrs Joseph enters my office smiling like someone who just won a lottery. You never can tell with her

"I just got you your very own personal Assistant" Mrs Joseph informs me sitting down

" what are you up to?? I told you Secretary, why Personal assistant?? Is there something you are not telling me??" I asked her, because she is too Happy for my own liking

" Nothing boss, just that control that small rod that has been chasing your secretaries away. This one is going to where. Enjoy your space while it last"" she stands up and elegantly leaves my office.

Is it possible to strangle her? She calls Junior small rod, this one is big rod

I lost track of time with meetings and sorting out schedules. All will be over with the personal Assistant tomorrow, she will be the one taking care of everything.

My phone rings, mike is the bone calling me

"Yes?? How may i help you?" I asked him, i know it will get him angry

" its not your fault, stupid guy, will you be available to meet this evening?? " Mike asked me, every litttle time we get to spend with each other means alot to us

" ofcourse, i will meet you there. Bills on you" i added that one because i knew he just won a contract

"Broke guy like you, i pity your condition. Come over, i will pay, you can even bring all your staffs" he replied me and hung the call. I just cant replace the friends i have. They are so special to me

I continue my work, at one point, Mrs Joseph brought food for me. And she made sure i finished it before leaving


Isaac dropped me at our meeting joint, then leaves. Entering the place, some ladies were giving me glances,am not surprise, my friends and i are used to that already.

Maybe if one is lucky among them, i will take her to the restroom and fuck.

Getting to my friends we exchanged pleasantries.

"So what is the gist?" I asked Mike

"Am engaged" Mike shocks us with his reply, the drink am taking passes through the wrong side, i starts coughed

"Dude, a little warning next time" John informs him

" i got you,it's not that am engage directly. But the lady in question came up with the idea. With the money involved and free pussy to fuck every night, i agreed, "Mike explained to us, smiling

" if you are sure about it, congratulations man" Am ready happy for him and he knows that we will support him anytime anyday

"I have a new PA" i really want to see their reaction

Mike climbs the table attracting everyone's attention,

" Drink for everyone, order anything you want" the people there cheers

" you are crazy man" but i love his craziness


" Isaac lets go to my parents house" am feeling extraordinary loneliness this days. I prefer somewhere lively. Isaac smiles because he knows nice treats will be available for him

I relax my back then sleep off

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