Her Secret Babies for the billionaire

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Chapter 6


"Jake, don't stop, am about to come" The urge to release is so high

JAKE: you are not permitted to come untill i say so. Who owns your pussy??

"I can't..." What is wrong with this man, am not permitted to come. Am thinking of different ways to murder him

JAKE: I asked you a question, whose pussy is this

"Mine, my pussy" its mine my, why asking the obvious question

JAKE: Wrong answer, you will beg before o allow you to cum

Jake keep om thrust so hard, i think my back will break.

"Yours, the pussy is yours. It belongs to you" i quickly informs him. This man has one power over me that i can't really explain

" Always remember that, your pussy is mine" Jake thrust one more time and we both cum at once

SHARON: That must be one hell of a dream for you to me touching yourself. To think the children wanted to come over to say hi before leaving for school

" Jeez, Sharon , Privacy " i quickly remove my hand

SHARON: Miss privacy, if you don't want to be late for your first day at work, you need to stand up now

I checked my time, i have 30minutes left, i quickly rush to the bathroom

" why didn't you wake me up since, my alarm didn't ring out" i shouted at Sharon

SHARON: With that dream you were having, even the horn of a truck won't be able to wake you up

After having my bath, i quickly dressed up, then join Sharon at the livingroom

SHARON: Dont take shit from anyone, do your job, and impress the big boss. Who knows, he might give you candy

I chuckle, hug her then rush out to drive to my new job.

Surprise? I have a car, just dont like driving, but this new job warrant it

Getting to the company, i showed the security my badge, he allowed me inside. I rushed to mrs Joseph's office, drawing attention to my self. But who give the fuck??

" Good morning, am so sorry, the traffic was mad" if you want to survive in this world, you have to know how to blend in, using traffic as cover up

MRS JOSEPH: My dear, i understand, i was once in your shoe. The big boss just walked in not quite long, let me take you to him. Then i will show you the rope of how we run things here

" Alright ma"

MRS JOSEPH: Hope you have eaten? You may not hvae the opportunity later

" No ma, i haven't " am not a fan of eating early in the morning.

MRS JOSEPH: Let me give you your first tip, always eat before coming or bring your take out with you. Its not every time your boss will be generous to let you go for lunch break

"Noted" i love this woman already, my mum is going to like her

Getting to the big boss office, she didn't even knock, she enter and ask me to follow her. Maybe they have a special bond, entering the boss office like you owns it means alot.

JAKE: To what do i own this special visit

No,,why me? Jake is the CEO, he is yet to look up, he talking to mrs Joseph. Should i run back and quit this work already? I cant, have kids to feed at home.

MRS JOSEPH: you are yet to tell me how you always know when i enter the room

JAKE: That's because, nobody dares enter my office without knocking

Jake looks up, and locks that beautiful eyes of his with mine. I remembered the hot dream i had this morning. I can't help but Blush

JAKE: When you are done checking me out, let me know

The bastard, he knows that he still affects me after so many years. I cants just help it, i want to touch him, i want to spread my leg wide open for him to fuck me on his desk

Mrs Joseph clears her throat and gives me a knowing smile. I swear i love this woman already

MRS JOSEPH: As i was saying, Lisa, this is your boss Jake. He is the CEO of this company. Trust me you are in good hands. Jake, this is lisa

JAKE: Lisa, what a beautiful name

" nice meeting you sir" i purposely added the sir. It always turn in on then. I bet all that i have that he is very hard now, he dick is trying to strentch out from his trouser.

Jake adjusted his sitting position as if he is no lomger comfortable.

JAKE: Mrs Joseph will teach you and show you everything that you need to know. But as from tomorrow always report her by 7 am. I hate lateness and laziness. If truly you want to work with me, you have to put in your best

" i promise you daddy, sorry sir, i will pit in my very best sir. Trust me" i hid a secret smile. I know am playing with fire, but i just cant help myself.

I need to go to the bathroom and quickly touch my self, am really wet, just seeing him. How on earth am i going to work with him if getting close to him still makes me wet.

MRS JOSEPH: Alright, Jake if you need anything, let me know

JAKE: Ok, am not paying you that huge amount to be lazing around. Go to your office and start your work

MRS JOSEPH: You know you are not paying me enough for the work i do around here. Aside that i organize things, am also your nanny.


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