Diamond in the Rough

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Words Can Hurt

People don't believe that words can bother you. You know the old saying "Sticks and Stones May brake my bone but words don't hurt" well that's a lie words do hurt especially when it's repeated more than once and that can make you feel horrible and guarded. I am one to guard myself once the same womb is reopened. Hunter words ringed in my ear all night "Why are you so guarded".

But if I could face to it I would go to me as a child right ..the age 11 I changed my mom was freshly married and things were going good she was happy but a few months down the line it changed the good relationship she once had was toxic and while he was with her he couldn't stand me he said I was jerk and an asshole but I didn't care. Her toxic relationship lasted 5 years and grew worse and worse I hated him for what he did to my mom and how he treated me two years in she gave birth to triplets Macy Matthew and Luke we didn't know about Luke until the birth he came out kicking. Anyways we moved out to a apartment for the safety of the kids and he filed for divorce since she wanted out so bad. It changed her the free spirit I knew was gone and darkness was born.

She blamed me for the divorce.

Nia: Had you not been such a ass to him maybe he would wanted to stay

Those words pieced like a knife I am now 16 and all I wanted all I need was my mommy be she left. But I still was a good daughter and loved her because I knew she was hurting so I said to myself with time she will get better. So I moved on got my first job and had my first boyfriend Deleon he was hot and smooth and I was attracted to him. But it wasn't long before I realized he was toxic he didn't know how to keep his dick in his pants and sadly he was my first in everything I wasted two years trying to get him love me and understand that I was all his but he didn't care and his "I'm sorry" ran out even though he made it hard to move on I did but something was still missing .. Love. Deleon even told if I would change my ways he would too because I was an asshole. I knew my problem came from my mom she had my heart until she switched on me so now every time someone flips on me once I mentally remove myself from feeling anything for them cause if my mom could do it so could anyone.

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hello

Macy: Vaeh

Nevaeh: Hi Macy honey!!

Macy: I miss you

Nevaeh: I miss you too. I will be back soon

Matthew: How long is soon

Nevaeh: I will be back this weekend Matt

Luke: I miss you too

Nevaeh: I miss you too Lukey Pooh

Macy: Yaayyyy

Neaveh: Y'all need to go to bed do you know what time it is

Matthew: It's only 3am

Nevaeh: Boy!!!! Go to bed all of you love y'all and see y'all when I get back

Macy, Matthew, Luke: Love you too

Just bad they better be glad I a not there. While I started to think I get a text

Hunter: Lily

Oh my God should I text back I got butterflies and I am filled with so much joy oh my God!!!!

Hunter: Lily are you awake I can't sleep

Deep breath

Hunter: I guess you are sleep well sweet dreams

Lily: I am up.. Why can't you sleep

Hunter: ..... Can I FaceTime you

FaceTime me!!!! I mean what do he want and why do he want to FaceTime me!!

Hunter: Lily are you there?

Lily:Yes and yes

No answer for like five minutes

Then my phone lit up!!

I answered

Lily: Hi

Hunter: Hi there

Lily: You know you never answered my question

Hunter: I know

Lily: So why can't you sleep

Hunter: Just can't.. Long story

He didn't have a shirt on.. Damn

Hunter: Why can you sleep

Lily: Thinking about a lot

Hunter: Yeah that's why I try to take you out after a long day to free your mind

He did that for me .. How sweet

Lily: Thank you

Hunter: Um I wanted to talk to about something

Lily: Sure Anything

Hunter: Well I want to first apologize for being rude to when you asked me about my ex wife

Lily: Oh no I totally understand I would be the same way she past

Hunter: I could have handled that better though

Lily: I get it you loved her and it's touchy.

He looks ate for a minute then he looks down it was an awkward silent moment for a while

Lily: so when you not working what else do you do?

Hunter: I do lots of things

Lily: Liiiiikkkkeee

He laughed

Hunter: Well I volunteer at a boys and girl club talking to the young boys and girls if I have time I catch a movie I draw and paint take pictures when I am hiking so I do a lot

Lily: Adventurous how sexy

He smiled and bit his bottom lip which made me do the same

Hunter: Enough about me I want to know more about you

Lily: What you want to know

Hunter: Got anymore siblings

Lily: Yes three little crumb snatchers I will have to put in a head lock this weekend

He laughed again

Hunter: How old

Lily: 12

Hunter: All three

Lily: Yes they are triplets

Hunter: Damn Mama wasn't playing

Lily: No she wasn't

Hunter: What do you like to do

Lily: Dance , write , sing I use to watch the kids at this basketball court by where I stay but when a guy got killed they closed it so now I just catch up with the kids I see along going to my second job

Hunter: Why two jobs

Lily: Bills even though I live with my mom I try to cover some stuff and still have a little something to enjoy for myself and save

Hunter: If you could be anything in the world what would it be

Lily: A Positive Change to a lot of people

He looked at me

Hunter: That fits you and who you are

Lily: What you mean

Hunter: You are like a big ball of fairy dust sprinkling a little bit of happiness everywhere you go

I blushed

Lily: You are such a gentleman and I really like that about you

I froze didn't mean to say out loud and when I looked at him he was so red it was so cute it gave me butterflies

Hunter: It feels so good to have someone to talk to with a motive

Lily: I understand

Hunter: Really

Lily: Yeah

Hunter: But you have a good family background

Lily: Everything that glitters isn't gold

He looked at with worry

Hunter: What do you mean

Lily: Lets just say a lot of people cant handle my happy go luck attitude

Hunter: Yeah

Lily: Yeah

He looks at me and I look at him

Hunter: I am usually guarded but you take those down a little at a time

Lily: You called me guarded earlier umm well you are right

Hunter: I didn't

Lily: No please it helped I keep walls built up because I don't trust easy but with you its different you are different and thanks you for that

He smiles and lay his head on his pillow

Lily: Somebody is getting sleepy

Hunter: Lay down go to sleep with me and make sure your phone is charging

Lily: Okay

So until I got sleepy I enjoyed watching him sleep he looks so peaceful then shortly after I fell asleep as well.


Belle' comes home face full of tears

Belle': I'm home

She doesn't hear anyone so she goes to turn on a light when she is grabbed with a knife to her neck

Man: Belle' Belle' Belle'

Belle' is struck with fear

Belle': Hi I am going to pay you I promise

Man: Your late and you know what happens when your late

Belle': I know I know but look I need just a little more time

Man: Time is of the essence

Belle': If you give me more time to come up with a better plan you will thank me and be so satisfied

Man: But what about I need payment now

Belle' turns and looks at the tall light skin Jamaican guy wit a scare up his eye and long blonde dreadlocks and gives him a sinister smile then she gets on her knees up zips his pants and let him have it!!

Man: Consider more time gra gra gra granted.. oh my God slow down I wanna enjoy every minute please

He says grabbing her head slowing her down.

The next morning I hear someone calling my name

Hunter: Lily oh Lily my love it's time to wake up

Lily: No I'm not ready please 5 more minutes

With the sun shining in my face I feel the covers pull-up from my feet then I feel warm big hands rub up to my hips pulling me down

Hunter: My love if you don't wake up I will have to wake you up

I pulled the cover over my face

Hunter: Okay you asked for it

Then all of a sudden I feel the heat of a wet tongue inside me and I began to moan and arch my back then he goes deeper swirling his tongue around and around followed by sucking then after a few minutes he stops wiping the corner of his mouth

Hunter: Are you up now

I gasped and popped up out my what seems to be a dream. I can't believe it did I just have a wet dream about Hunter I mean damn I just met the guy I must admit it did feel good but no no no I promised myself not to fall for the bull shit again!!!

Hunter: Um Lily

I gasped again. SHIT I am still on the phone with this man

Hunter: Lily where you go still there

Lily: Hi I am still here

Hunter: You got up so quick sounded like you had a nightmare

Lily: Did it?

Hunter: Yeah

Lily: Sorry

Hunter: You fine. Are you okay

Lily: Yes I am good

He looks down

Hunter: It's Morning

Lily: It is

Hunter: Looks like we spent our first night together

I blushed

Lily: We did I enjoyed it

Hunter: Me too

Lily: Well Good Morning

Hunter smiles and the sunlight hits his face just right where the light beams on his beautiful eyes causing them the shine more

Lily: Your so beautiful

Shit I just said that out loud I looked down

Hunter: Thank you Lily your so kind

I looked up at him in my phone

Hunter: Can we do this again sometime

Lily: I would like that

Hunter: Yeah me too. Well let me get this day started

Lily: Okay. Enjoy your day

Hunter: You too

He says as he smiles and wink at me before he hangs up

He is truly different from what I am use too but I can't I need to set some damn boundaries when it comes to him.

[Ring ,Ring]

Nevaeh: Mom Hi!!

Nia: How are you

Nevaeh: Good

Nia: No issues right

Nevaeh: Nope all good

Nia: Okay when you coming home

Nevaeh: This Weekend

Nia: WOW that long why

Nevaeh: Well I am trying to get to know everyone

Nia: Yeah okay well don't forget who raised you while your there

Nevaeh: I haven't

Nia: Well I am going to drop the kids off at school.... Did you pay that bill

Nevaeh: Yes I did

Nia: Okay good I was about to say don't get down there and act all new and shit you still have responsibilities here too

Nevaeh: Yes Ma'am

Nia: Bye

Then she hangs up.

I wish things was better between us. But I love her and will always love and take care of her.

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