Diamond in the Rough

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Two Opinions


After staying up late all night with Golden I am spent but today is bitter sweet since I will be leaving and going back home even though it was not all fruits and berries I will miss being here

{Knock, Knock}

This must be Hunter so I race down the stairs with my suitcase

Nevaeh: Coming !!!!

I can't wait to hug him. I bust open the door to a big disappointment

Tony: Hello ma'am I am Tony and I will be taking you home today

Nevaeh: Where is Hunter

Tony smiles

Tony: Mr. Hunter has another assignment to attend to so he sent me

Oh great I at least thought I can lay eye on him one more time

Tony: But he did instruct me to give you this

In his hand was a white letter envelope with the my name on it and all of a sudden I lit up like a light I snatched it out his hand and held it to my face to smell it and it smells like him oh my God but when I came back to earth Tony was looking at me strange with his mouth open

Nevaeh: Sorry hear goes my bags.

While I run in to read my letter I race to the couch and sit in the middle ready to read when my phone rings

Nevaeh: Hello

Miceal: Hi

Nevaeh: How are you

Miceal: Fine how are you

Nevaeh: Good.. Last day

Miceal: Yeah I know that's why I took the day off

Nevaeh: You did why I am nobody special

Miceal: WOW you sound like me so humble but I want to

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: You dressed

Nevaeh: Yes

Micheal: Well see you in a minute

Then he hangs up

Tony: Ma'am your father is waiting to be picked up

So I grab my jacket and run to the car I waited for

Toney to open the door and when he did I saw a dozen pink Lily Flowers sitting on the seat with a note I gasped and looked back at Tony

Neaveh: He did this didn't he

Tony: Yes ma'am he did

I smiled from ear to ear

I got in the car riding to Miceal house I kept thinking about Hunter and how sweet he is. Dear God where are the men like him at?

The stops and Miceal jumps in.

Miceal: Morning Tony

Tony: Sir how are you

Miceal: Fine thanks. Hunter is his other assignment

Tony: Yes

Miceal: Okay

Tony: Where too sir

Miceal: The Biggest Mall you can find and clear it out too please

Tony smiles

Tony: Already on it sir

He says as we began to drive off.

It was quiet for a moment.

Miceal: So um what does Nia do for a living now

Nevaeh: Well she has her own boutique now where she makes her clothes and sell them and she also does makeup too so she stays busy

Miceal: Good to hear. She been designing forever I use to love to see her drawing

Nevaeh: Yeah?

Miceal: Yeah. I told her she should design for men as well as women of course she said no she wasn't ready

Nevaeh: Well funny thing she specializes in it now

Miceal: Wow that's funny

Nevaeh: I know

Miceal: So What do you do

Nevaeh: Nothing really I just work at the Diner and the Club so I don't really do nothing else

Miceal: What do you like to

Nevaeh: Helping people be better

Micheal looks at me

Miceal: So the bills I remember you saying you pay some. Which one do you pay

Nevaeh: All of the utilities you know gas, lights, cable, phone bill, then I get stuff like food and help out with cleaning products.

Miceal: You handle all that

Nevaeh: Yeah I try

Miceal: So you don't work two jobs to stay up on the latest styles. You do it cause you need to get by

Nevaeh: Yes

A tear formed in his eye

Miceal: Well that's all gone change soon

He says under his breath.

Tony: We are here sir

Micheal: Thanks all clear

Tony: Yes go right in sir

We walk in to the big beautiful mall and my eyes marveled and it was just me and Miceal on this big mall

Nevaeh: This is beautiful where we going

Miceal: Where you wanna go

I was confused

Nevaeh: Huh

Miceal: Since I didn't get a chance to spend time with you as a little girl and you drag me to the mall. Let's do it now

I didn't know what to do so I just hugged him tight too I am starting to think around here they don't do hugs like that

Nevaeh: Thank you

I said choked up

Miceal: It's the least I can do

So we went from store to store I tried on a lot and I encouraged him to try on somethings we laughed and had lots of fun it was the best time of my life

Miceal: Hungry?

Nevaeh: Of course

Miceal: Let's go here I love they're burgers!!

Nevaeh: Okay

We eat laugh and talk to be honest after seeing Miceal at the job I thought he was serious but he is a cool guy well I like him

Miceal: So have Hunter been treating you nice

Nevaeh: Yes he is a complete gentlemen

I get butterflies when he asked about him

Miceal: Is he now. He is always so serious

Nevaeh: No he is friendly

He looks at me

Miceal: He hated he couldn't take you home today and I guess he left you those flowers right?

Nevaeh: Yes sir

Miceal: I think he likes you

Nevaeh: No he is just cool that's all

He looks at me as if he know something I don't and then he was ready to go and of course Tony was out there waiting on us. I get in the car and I saw another car behind us

Nevaeh: Who is that

Miceal: Your Stuff from the mall

Nevaeh: Wait but how

He holds up one finger

Miceal: Don't ask questions

He says with a funny smile and wink. I guess he thinks he sweet he ain't sweet we laughed and joked and got to know each other sung songs and danced in the back seat I even saw Toney moving his head.

Now I am home I look at our condo not ready to go in then I felt a hand on my shoulder

Miceal: You ready

Nevaeh: Sure

We get out the car and I feel like crying but I can't I have to be strong

Miceal: Welp this is it huh

Nevaeh: I guess

Miceal: I wish you would work with me I think you would be a great part of our company

Nevaeh: I would have to think on it

He nods then he wraps his arms around me and hold me close

Miceal: It has really been a pleasure meeting you please don't let it be the end

Nevaeh: I promise and I mean it when I say I will think about your offer

He smiles and as he does that my mom is at the door and running past her is Macy Luke and Matthew hugging me tight

Nevaeh: Whoa okay okay I missed you all too let me go I can't breathe

Matthew: Hi who are you

Luke: And what you doing with our sister

Miceal looks at me

Nevaeh: Meet my two bodyguards Matthew and Luke

Miceal: What's up boys I am Miceal Nevaeh's dad

Matthew: We never met you before

Miceal kneels down

Miceal: Get use to it. You will be seeing a lot of me

Then he looks over

Miceal: And who is this darling little girl

Macy: Hi sir I am Macy

Miceal: What a beautiful name for a princess

She blushes. He is quite the charmer

Then he looks at my mom and I think they have a moment then he nods at her and she back at him. Eww did I just witness a moment.

Miceal: Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Miceal

Miceal: Until next time

Nevaeh: Oh yeah I will catch you later

And I walk in the house and he watches me the whole time

Nia: How was you trip

Nevaeh: It was needed

Nia: I see you got a lot of stuff

Nevaeh: Yes!!! He took me shopping oh and he got this for you

She looked at the box and turned away

Nia: I got to go

Nevaeh: Okay see you later I have a job tonight at the club

Nia: Yeah whatever

After my mom gets back I shoot to the club I am already late and on REGGAE NIGHT!!! As soon I get in there everyone is screaming my name and crying they missed me and of course they pull me to the dance floor and my hips are moving

Deleon: Damn you look good

Nevaeh: Get off me please

Deleon: But I miss that sexy ass damn a little off did you we'll

Nevaeh: Get your hands off my ass please

Deleon: Stop playing you like when squeeze that ass like this

Nevaeh: Off D for real

He moves back

Deleon: Well I am here with the crew to support so when you want to fuck with a real nigga bring that ass to VIP I will be waiting on you

I can't stand him and I need to take a long ass shower when I get home

Natalie: What was that about

Nevaeh: Nothing

Natalie: It must be something good about ol girl down there cause he do that every single time he see you acting like dog in heat

Nevaeh: I am all set on him

Natalie: I don't see how you turn that down nice big ole hands

Nevaeh: Girl stop

Man: Lily?

When I turned around my eyes couldn't believe who I was seeing

Nevaeh: Oh MY GOD HUNTER!!!!!

I wrapped arms around his neck and nearly jumped him

Hunter: I am sorry I didn't get a chance to see you off so I went to your home and your mom told me you would be here. You look beautiful

Lily: Thank you.. look at you in regular close you nice yourself

Damn and he did his arms and chest is filling out this white t-shirt he is wearing and those dark jeans is holding quite the package GeezzzZ

Hunter: I try you know but thank you

DeLeon: And who the hell is this

Lily: D leave him alone

DeLeon: He can talk can't he

Hunter: I can and my name is Hunter

DeLeon: What the fuck you doing here

Hunter: See a special person

DeLeon: Naw bruh ain't nothing that special

Hunter: We all see things differently

DeLeon: You need to go

Hunter: When I am ready I will

DeLeon: You DON'T know me so chill out

Hunter: Like wise

Damn Hunter act like he from the streets.

DeLeon: Cute this little ass boy trying to be a man

Hunter: Been a man

DeLeon: Is that right

Hunter: And the only thing little around here is you so please good day

DeLeon: Bitch

Hunter: Come on now we not doing name calling are we? To old for that

Nevaeh: Hey okay enough Hunter come on dance with me come on

I grabbed his hand and went towards the dance floor

Hunter: Is that him

Nevaeh: Yes

He shook his head so I stood on my tippy toes and put both my hands on his face

Nevaeh: Enough about him look at me our song is playing

Stand by Me came on and he fell into place the next thing you know we are dancing and it's like nobody is there but me and him our bodies become one and we were into it

Hunter: I left you a note did you read it

Nevaeh: No I didn't at least not yet but I plan too

Hunter: Did you like the flowers

Nevaeh: I love them

His hand tightened around my waist

Hunter: Good

Nevaeh: Thank you

Hunter: No thank you

He bends down a little wrapping both arms around my waist kinda lifting me off the ground with his nose on my neck sniffing me

Hunter: You smell wonderful

He whispers in my ear. As the song ended I took him by the hand to the bar I ordered a cherry coke with extra cherries and some cheese fries

We sit there he looks at me when the drink came I drunk some and offered it to him he took it and drunk some of course the fries come and I put it between us but before he could touch the fries I hit his hand confused he looked at as I grab a fry then I held it to his mouth he laughed and proceeded to take the fry and I got to tell you the way his soft juicy lips took in my finger with his warm soft tongue slowly grabbing the fry while sucking the cheese off my finger it turned me on and while doing it his eyes never left mine and once I got my index finger back I put in my mouth bitting it. And I hear the Dj yelling over the mic

Dj: Oh snap y'all we the one the only Lorenzo in the house!!!!

Girls go crazy but I see him coming my way

Lorenzo: What's good with you little cutie

Nevaeh: Lorenzo hi what are you doing here

Hunter: Um I can give you guys a minute

Nevaeh: No please stay

I said holding his hand

Lorenzo: Yeah my dog you good what's up by the

Hunter: Nothing much. You good

Lorenzo: Yeah you know it


Lorenzo: So what you doing here Miss Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Working this is my job

Lorenzo: So you not going back to that company

Nevaeh: I don't know yet I got to think about what I would really be getting myself into

Lorenzo: They could use someone like you a real person to work there who know people and when you start I will be your first client I promise

Nevaeh: WOW that's nice of you

Lorenzo pulls out a card out of his pocket and hands it to me

Lorenzo: Please call me when you get started

Nevaeh: Okay I will

Lorenzo: Going to VIP

Nevaeh: I will send two bottles your way on the house

He smile

Lorenzo: See you little cutie

He walked away

Hunter: WOW how much fairy dust did you use on him

I looked at him and we laughed finishing our fries we talked the night away all the until closing time

Hunter: Need a ride home

Nevaeh: Sure

Instead of the Escalade I am use to him driving he has this Ford Explorer still black though

Hunter: You cold

Nevaeh: A little

He reaches in the back seat and grabs a jogger jacket for me to put on

Nevaeh: Thank you

Hunter: You are more than welcome

Nevaeh: So this is your car

Hunter: Yup this my baby

I laughed

Nevaeh: She is cute

Hunter: Why thank you she is my first car so we have a special connection

Nevaeh: Aww too cute

Hunter: Let's see what's on the radio

And oh my God "I have Nothing" is playing

Hunter: You know what I am about to do right

He pulls over gets out the car runs to my side taking me out the car and pulling my close to him we danced when I am with him it's no cares in the world it's just me and him he is really nice

Hunter: You sure know how to break a guy down


Nevaeh: What do you mean

Hunter: I am normally guarded but you break down every wall I have up with time

I look up to see a beautiful moon shining right over us

Nevaeh: Same here

I say wrapping my arms tighter around his neck

Nevaeh: Hunter you are a dream come true

He holds me tighter

Hunter: I could say the same about you my little pouch of fairy dust

He don't miss a beat do he. As the song ended we head back to the car Hunter is reluctant to pull off

Hunter: I don't want this night to end

Nevaeh: What do you mean

Hunter: I like being around you Lily

Lily: I like being around you too

He holds his head down

Lily: Let's go to our spot

He smiles and pulls off as we arrive to the river front he tries to get out

Lily: No let's stay here and watch the sunrise

He silenced the car and turned off the radio and all we could hear is the ocean waves going back and forth we move to the back seat then he pulls me close to him

Hunter: Can I lay on shoulder

Lily:Yes you can

He wraps his arms around me and lay his head on my shoulder I feel like his personal teddy bear I lay my head on his and rub his arm.

Hunter: Can we stay like this forever

Lily: Yea please

And he tightened his grip the next thing I know we were sleep.

The next Morning with the sun kissing our face he was still sleep God he looks so good I just rub his shoulder and watch him then he started moving so I thought he was about wake up but he didn't

Hunter: Mmmmm Lily

Huh I thought he was sleep

Hunter: Mmm Lily you feel so good mmm

Oh shit he is dreaming

Hunter: Mmmmmm you are so soft and you u taste so good mmmm come here

He grip tightened

Hunter: Mmmm Lily mmm Lily mmmh ummmmmmmmm don't stop

Damn what is he doing to me in his sleep better yet what am I doing in his dream

Hunter: Lily mmmmmmmmmmm

Then he stops now he is moving again shit he is waking up I play sleep as he moves from under me

Hunter: Lily

He says gently rubbing the side of my face

Hunter: Lily Good morning

I play wake up looking in his eyes

Lily: Hi morning

Hunter: You sleep okay

Lily: Yes. You?

Hunter: Yes I did

I know you did

Lily: You have to work today

Hunter: No

Then all of a sudden I feel my phone buzzing and his is buzzing too it's my mom calling me like crazy and I have so many text messages from her and Natalie shit how did I let this night get the best of me

Lily: I need to call my mom

Hunter: Yeah me too

Lily: Okay

Hunter: You first

So I called my mom and she was hot!!

Lily: Mom hi calm down I am safe I am Hunter.. MAMA!! No I didn't do that for Gods sake I just met the man I do have standards

Hunter laughed I hit him

Lily: Yes ma'am I am I will see you later. Okay love you too bye.

I hang up

Lily: Your turn

Hunter: Hi mom yes ma'am I am fine I am with Lily. Yes my friend yes.. no wait no!!! We didn't mom stop it no.. who no mom okay how is he okay yes I will tell him I will be there yes.. mama love you too

He hangs up. We look at each other

Lily: Well it's morning

Hunter: Yeah it is

Lily: Well I guess this is it huh

Hunter: For now. Home?

Lily: Yeah I guess

We switch to the front and drove off he put his sunglasses on and let the windows down my hair is blowing in the wind once we pulled up to my house he gets out and comes around and open the door for me. Grabbing my hands and pulled me in close

Hunter: Can I call you everyday

Lily: Yes please

Hunter: Can I write some times

Lily: Yes

Hunter: Can I visit

Lily: Anytime you want

Hunter then presses me against his chest and holds me tight

Hunter: Bye Miss Noel

Lily: It's never goodbye

Hunter: It's see you later

And he seals it with a long kiss on my forehead

I walk in the house and go to my room and lay on my bed sighing and on my bed is his letter to me. Will be reading this later

Nia: So some little boy come around and you spend one week at yo dads house and now you can do what you want

Nevaeh: No ma'am

Nia: Who the hell do you think you are and you come in here with all this bull shit from his house throwing it all up in yo sister and brothers face cause they daddy can't do it

Nevaeh: No ma'am not at all

Nia: Oh so I am lying now

Nevaeh: No I was jus-

Nia: Girl bye shut up with all I am going through trying to keep it all together and now you the victim shut up and figure out what you gone do with this shit cause it can't stay here I don't have the room for it

Nevaeh: Mom no I just want to be a help

Nia: Yeah okay and I hope you had fun with him since you not going over there no more

Nevaeh: But that's not true

Nia: Excuse me

Nevaeh: He wants me to work with him

Nia: Oh so now you picking sides

Nevaeh: Not at all I just maybe want to give it a try

Nia: Yeah okay go ahead but if you don't ever come back here with yo trading ass

Nevaeh: But what ever I do I have you and the kids in mind

Nia: All I am saying is leave me for him. Don't ever come back here. You know what I knew it I knew yo simple ass was jealous of me and speaking against me but it's cool though so what you want I am going to be okay and happy with or without you

Nevaeh: No mom wait

As she leaves she leaves she turns back around and say

Nia: Fuck you I'm gone

Left there with tears in my eyes I don't know what to do. God please help me I am halted between two opinions.

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