Diamond in the Rough

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A Day Journey

4am my alarm goes off I hit it slowly get up and start my day which consists of a shower followed by brushing my teeth , washing my face now heading to the kids room to wake them up for school

Nevaeh: Come kids wake up hit the floor time to get

Macy: Five more minutes please

Nevaeh: No get up now!!!

Luke, Matthew: Nooooooooo

Nevaeh: Well has y'all little asses been sleep instead of up on a school night you would be up and ready to go

Luke: But please sis

Nevaeh: Get up now!!!!

They don't move that's cool though I got a water gun fool of cold water and it's a super soaker I cocked it up and fired off

Macy, Luke, Matthew: Ahhhhhh OKAY OKAY WE IP WE UP AHHHHHHHHH

Nevaeh: That's what I thought get up and this conversation ain't done!!!!!

Matthew: She's Back

After that I ran down stairs to start breakfast for them which consists of bacon scramble eggs and a waffle and coffee for me and mom by this time it is 6:30 and I make sandwiches pack cookies chips and juices followed by an encouraging note for each one of them and set by the door they come down and immediately Lukes eyes lit up

Luke: Oh yeah she is back and better than ever cause if I had to eat cereal one more time man I swear

Nevaeh: Boy DON'T you dare swear in this house you know better and you should be happy you eating something some kids right here in America ain't getting nothing so hush!!!

Luke: Yes ma'am

Nevaeh: Now hurry so we can say the Lord's Prayer before school

They eat wash they're hands and form a circle

Nevaeh: Now altogether

Macy, Luke, Matthew: Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed it be thy name Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth ,as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our debts ,as we forgive our debtors And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil , For is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen

Nevaeh: Amen

And off we go. Since they're school wasn't far I made sure to walk them everyday to school my mom picks them up and as I drop them waving them goodbye Luke stops and turns back he looks at me for a minute then he runs to me and hugs me tight

Luke: I missed you. I love you and see you later

Then he goes back into cool kid mode. These kids is something else.

I go back home get myself together to go to work and once I get dressed and ready to leave I feel something hit the floor when I turned around it was the letter from Hunter.. Should I read it or should I wait oh what the hell. I open it up

Dear Lily,

I apologize for not being there to see you off my dad has became very ill and so it wont be to much on my mom I come help take care of him on the weekends. Our hope is that he get better and get back on his feet. But I wanted to thank you for being that fairy dust I needed in this time of pain you have been strength for me in a time of weakness and who knew it could happen in a week. I will see you soon safe travels


My heart skipped a beat he makes life worth it. Maybe I will stay home today I need to think somethings over after having the taste of a better life I think I want better now I don't want average anymore but I must say when it come to life for me I am not use to something good happening to me; I know what your saying "CRY ME A RIVER"; but I am just being honest I don't cry about it I just move on brush it off get up and start over. I am not one to stay down but God a break would be nice. Checking the bills seeing what needs to be paid and when I notice everything is paid in full. Now I am confused not once has is been in the status I got to call the companies and see what's up and they say I am all good.

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hello

Natalie: HEYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Nevaeh: Hey girl!

Natalie: Um we need to talk

Nevaeh: Okay about what

Natalie: Who the hell was that fine ass man you spent the whole night with

Nevaeh: Who Hunter

Natalie: YES!!!!! Fine ass Hunter I was like damn

Nevaeh: Girl air yourself out

Natalie: Girl where did he come from

Nevaeh: He is just a friend

Natalie: From where

Nevaeh: Girl you nosey

Natalie: I a just saying we don't see those often and how the hell you know him without me knowing

Nevaeh: Well you cant know everything

Natalie: WHHHHYYYY!!! We talk about everything

Nevaeh: Anyways how are you

Natalie: Fine but like I was saying where did he come from and the way he handed Deleon his ass was wonderful

Nevaeh: I know but he don't need to be involved in his petty stuff

Natalie: Well he didn't look scared

Nevaeh: He is a real man

Natalie: That he is and yummy too so when will I get a chance to meet him

Nevaeh: One day

Natalie: Oh so you just gone keep this one on the wraps huh

Nevaeh: We are just friends ain't much to tell Nat. I got to go I will call you back

Natalie: Yeah cause we are far from done

I had to get off the phone with her even though I love her to death I have learned you cant tell your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hello

Hunter: Lily?

My heart skipped a beat

Lily: Hunter

He takes a deep a breath

Hunter: How are you

I miss you is what I wanted to say

Lily: I am fine. How are you

Hunter: Good now

While talking to him I hear a bunch of noise outside

Lily: Hunter hold on I am going to the window so much noise

Hunter: Lily is everything ok

Lily: OH MY GOD Hunter!!!!

Hunter: What LILY are you okay

Lily: Hunter AHHHHH Hunter they are rebuilding the park

Hunter: Park?

Lily: Yes Peterson Park

Hunter: Oh really you scared me

Lily: I am sorry I was just excited

Hunter: I am glad to hear that though

Lily: When there are done will you come and see it

Hunter: Is that a date

We both laughed

Lily: Seriously would you?

Hunter: Of course Lily of course

Lily: It's a date then

I felt warm inside. We talked for hours and we didn't even notice it was dark outside when I got off the phone with him it felt like something you do in high school it was refreshing.

Hunter: Before you hang up I want to ask you something

Lily: Sure what's up

Hunter: Do you see the moon

Lily: Its beautiful

Hunter: Remember we are sleeping under the same moon.

I blushed looking at him on Facetime

Hunter: You have a nice night Lilyanna

Lily: Hunter

Hunter: Yes

Lily: Sweet Dreams

He smiled and we ended the call

3 months Later

With life getting back to normal with that life I have now. I still talk to Hunter now once or twice a week due to his father not getting much better he is such a good son.

Natalie: Girl

Nevaeh: What huh

Natalie: Get your head out the clouds

Nevaeh: What girl!!

Natalie: It's a guy here to see you with his fine ass

I got excited and looked to see and hope its who I wanted see I haven't seen him face to face I miss him; walking toward the man standing there it is far from who I would have like to see

Nevaeh: What do you want

Kent: Well hey beautiful it is good to see too

I just stared at him

Kent: Have a seat lets talk

I stared at him more

Kent: Come on now I said I was sorry

No he didn't he never said anything ole lying son of bitch

Kent: Look okay maybe I didn't but I thought it

Nevaeh: I have work to do bye

Walking away he came and grabbed me and before I knew it I slapped the hell out of him and the whole restaurant went quiet and they were staring

Kent: Can we please talk for a minute please

Nevaeh: Kiss my ass you jerk. And let me go

Kent gets on one knee

Kent: Would you prefer the left or right cheek

I looked at him and wanted to kick the shit out of him

Kent: Please

So I did I kicked him right in between his legs; oh and the look that came over his face was amazing I felt better then I walked away

Kent: Your dad needs you

I stopped

Nevaeh: What

Kent: Miceal needs you he aint been the same since you been gone you changed him hell you changed all of us so please will you talk to me

Nevaeh: 5 minutes!!! Outside now

I said brushing past him as he falls again; I stand outside pasting back and fourth wait on him to limp out

Kent: You and yo mama can really hurt a mans pride and jewels and I need both DAMN!

Nevaeh: Tick Tock!!!

Kent: Okay look I am sorry for leaving you at the party like we did that was wrong and now since your sister Belle' no longer works there I been having to carry all of her work load but Miceal refuses to hire anyone else because he swears he is saving that spot for you but you wont take it

Nevaeh: Why would he do that I don't even want to work there

Kent: Blind faith I guess he has this thing where he gets an idea and he runs with it but he is killing me!!!

Nevaeh: And why should I care

Kent: Cause that's what you do you care

Nevaeh: I don't want to work there I think I will pass

Kent: And the company is losing business especially since we lost our biggest client Lorenzo

Nevaeh: He lost Lorenzo

Kent: He said he wont come with us until we have you so I thought hey let me talk to her and work this out

Nevaeh: I said no

Kent: Come on you really want to stay here

Nevaeh: Yes.. no back biting here

Kent: No money either

Nevaeh: Money aint everything

Kent: Spoken like someone who aint had none

I really hate him

Nevaeh: Fuck you I am gone

Kent: Just think it over please it would be nice to have a fine ass piece of meat like you at the office

Nevaeh: Don't come back around her no more and leave me alone

Kent: Come on

Deleon: Aye Vaeh you good

Shit Deleon well he came on time for once

Deleon: Who the hell is this

Kent: Hi I am Kent

Deleon: Boy put yo hand down I don't want to know you

Kent: Wow

Nevaeh: He aint nobody

Deleon: I guess you better bounce then partner

Kent: You right I am gone

He left quickly; I cant believe he came up here asking me to come work with him sickening.

A couple of days later I checked my bank account hoping I still have something left in there but when I checked I have $4,000 in my account; my jaw dropped how the hell did I go from $4 in my account to $4,000 OH MY GOD!! What in the hell; I look around taking my receipt; I looked at it blinked looked at it again blinked and looked at it again Lord I thank you! I need it; I got bills to pay and catch up on which I am about to do right now; wait a minute the bills are paid in full again; so I get to enjoy my money or maybe I should save it you know for a rainy day; $4,000 wow.

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hello

Miceal: Nevaeh is that you

Nevaeh: Miceal

Miceal: Hi

Nevaeh: Hi, how are you

Miceal: Good now , you?

Nevaeh: Good now

Miceal: Um I didn't want anything just wanted to check on you I haven't heard from you in a while and I know everything is still fairly new for you I wanted to make sure you were doing well

He is so complicated

Nevaeh: I miss you too

He laughed and sighed in relief

Miceal: Well since you putting me out there I do miss you company it hasn't been the same since you left

I haven't been the same since I left

Nevaeh: Yeah I know the feeling

Miceal: Golden misses you a lot too but instead of saying it she just works harder and longer and she refuses to leave the cottage she says she is waiting for when you come back

Nevaeh: I miss her so much

I think about Miceal everyday no I don't text or call because I am still trying to wrap my mind around the whole situation. I am not mad at him nor do I have any bad feelings towards my mom I just needed to breath for myself and figure things out

Miceal: And a lot of people in the company misses you they ask about you too

Nevaeh: Wow I was only there a week

Miceal: That's all it took

We began to talk about things and life and how he hopes to see me soon. And with every word I longed to be back there in that life but then I will have to deal with my mom who refuses for me to even breath the same air as Miceal.

The next couple of weeks I went back to my normal schedule; I texted Miceal almost everyday after we got caught up on the phone; haven't heard from Hunter in a while but I pray for him because he has a lot on his shoulders.

Lisa: Nevaeh!!

Nevaeh: Ma'am coming

Running from the kitchen to the front of the diner

Nevaeh: Oh my God

When I came to the front it was a dozen Pink and White long stem roses and my heart just melts and a note attached

Dear Nevaeh,

I haven't got over the kind thing you done for me just wanted to still say thank you


That is so nice; it truly made my day!

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