Diamond in the Rough

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Happy Endings

It's been a month since I heard from Hunter especially after the question I asked him I feel so bad I wish I would have never asked him that. I can't stop thinking about him

Ms. Lisa: Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Yes

Ms. Lisa: Get your head out of the clouds and get back to work!!

Nevaeh: Yes ma'am

I hurry back to work and get my day finished; today feels like a blur my mind is surely cloudy

Natalie: Earth to Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Huh what happened

Natalie: Which dress should I wear tonight. The red one or the blue one

Nevaeh: Umm red

She looked at both dresses

Natalie: Blue it is

Nevaeh: I hate you

She stick out her tongue

Natalie: What's up with you

Nevaeh: What you mean

Natalie: I mean since you been back you been different

Nevaeh: I mean I

I look down

Natalie: What is it

Nevaeh: Have you ever wanted more out of life

Natalie frowned her face up at me

Natalie: No

Nevaeh: So you telling all you ever wanted out of life is what you got

Natalie: Yes I am happy with it because I always got something to fall back on

Nevaeh: With all you can do Making clothes, eyeshadow, hats and scarfs, and you just very talented with you hands. You mean to tell me you okay where you are.

Natalie: Yes long as I got a job I am a okay.

Nevaeh: WOW

Natalie: I am comfortable with where I am i wouldn't change it for nothing in the world.

When she said the I realized I didn't want to be that person. I can't just be comfortable. A rise person once said "If you stand for nothing what would you fall for". I don't have time to wait for it .

Nevaeh: Nat I have to go

Natalie: You coming to the club tonight

Nevaeh: No I don't think I will be able to I somethings to do

Natalie: Okay.. see you when I see you

I wink at her and left. As I am leaving I get a phone call

Nevaeh: Hello

Golden: SISTER!!!!

Nevaeh: G what's up

Golden: I miss you

Nevaeh: I miss you more.

Golden: Soo what you doing

Nevaeh: Leaving my best friends house

Golden: Call me when you get home please!!!!

Then she hung up immediately; don't know what that is about but okay. I get on the bus and I think about the fact that I really miss be at the office with Miceal and I can't stop thinking about Hunter oh and God do I miss the cottage that bed and being able to run with no interruptions. I miss it!

I get off at the near stop and start to walk the rest of the way home and from a distance I see a black Escalade parked then I hear a voice scream out to me so I immediately started running to her I mean hey it's Golden

Golden: Sister!!!!!!!

Nevaeh: Sister!!!!

We hug and scream in the streets neighbors looking outside hoping to see a fight. Then I paused and look at the car hoping who I think it is in the car

Golden: He's not here

Nevaeh: Figures

Golden: He wanted to be but its just his Father

Nevaeh: I understand

She looked down

Nevaeh: Is everything okay with him

Golden: Yeah he is good don't worry about him lets have us time

Nevaeh: You have me concerned now G talk to

Golden: Well his father past away 2 days ago

Nevaeh: I need to go to him

Golden: Well you cant he told Tony he didn't want to be bothered

Nevaeh: Yeah okay

I ran to the car beating on the window

Neveah: HEY!!!

The window rolls down

Tony: Ma'am hi how can I help you

Nevaeh: Take me to him

Tony: to whom

Nevaeh: HUNTER!!!

Tony: Ma'am I cant do that he gave me

Nevaeh: If you don't I will find him myself. Now take me because if he finds out I walked around looking for him because you wouldn't do it imagine what that means for you

Tony looked at me and looked at G

Tony: Get in

I tried texting and calling but it went straight to voicemail.

Neveah: Tony drive faster!!!

Golden: Calm down we will get to him in time

20 minutes later we arrived and this apartment building. I run out the car and I hear tony yell out

Tony: Apartment 1801

I run past the desk clerk and went straight to the elevators I push it until it comes down I push 18 to take me to the 18th floor I run out and look for 1801 and I bang on the door and scream his name

Nevaeh: Hunter!!! Its me please open the door Hunter!!!

I bang and bang on the door I fell to the ground and I began to cry then when I got no answer I got up and started to walk away when a lady across from Hunters apartment opened her door

Lady: He left a hour ago

Nevaeh: Thank you

Then I ran pushing the elevator to go back down. I paste back and forth in the elevator thinking God where could he be and then it hit I know exactly where he is at

Nevaeh: Tony!!! Take me to the beach now!!!

Tony: Yes ma'am

Golden: Why there

Nevaeh: He took me there before

Golden looks at Tony and they looked so confused. Once we hit the beach I see his car and I hop out the car

Nevaeh: Don't wait for me and I am sending you a number call my mom and let her know I am safe and with Hunter

Golden: Okay

Nevaeh: Oh and G thank you!

She smiled and I ran off looking for him all over I hear screaming and I ran towards the sound once I see the tree I ran even faster until I see him and with open arms I embraced him from behind. Immediately he froze up

Nevaeh: I'm sorry for your lose

He slowly grabbed my hands breaking free he turns around and looks at me with tears falling from his face. I took the cloth he gave me during my break down and wiped his eyes he looked down grabbed my hands and fell to his knees I rubbed his curl that was in his eye he looked up at me even though he was on his knees he was still at my stomach. And before I knew it he grabbed me and buried his head in my stomach and cry like a baby and I just comforted him.

We eventually end up laying under that tree all night and when the sun came up Hunter looked as if he was in a trans he didn't get no sleep he just laid there. So I get up and pulled him up by his hand

Nevaeh: Come on time to go

He doesn't say a word he just do as he is told so I put him in the passenger seat and I took his keys out his pocket and I hop in the driver seat I remember the address and so I set it up in the navigation on his car and let it lead me to his apartment I parked his car got out my side and ran to his side un did the seatbelt and grabbed his hand and wrapped it around me staggering to the front entrance walking past the front desk and all the people in the lobby staring at us I pushed the elevator and finally it came and I made it up to his floor I check the keys to see which one is his and I found it. Side note this place is beautiful black marble floor black leather sofas a fire place the all black and silver kitchen with a breakfast bar its one bedroom all black velvet comforter set nice window view inside the bedroom was a big beautiful beige and off white bathroom with a jet set tub on one end and a shower on the other with his black towels folded on top of the toilet ready for use.

I sat him on the bed and began to take off his shoes then his socks and eventually all his clothes and lead him to the shower I turned the shower on and put him in and close the door I walked away and realized he was just standing there so I went back in there I looked at him for a minute and I picked up his wash cloth and began to clean him I washed his back then he turned around for me to wash the front of him which was extremely hard to since he didn't stop staring at me the whole time I grabbed the other bar soap which I assumed was for his face I rubbed it in my hands and rubbed it on his face and washed it then he got on his knees so I could wash his hair and he let me he me the whole time I did it too once I was done I got out turned the water off grabbed his body towel wrapped it around his waist and lead him out the bathroom and sat him at the end of his bed I went to the closet and got what look like a pair of pajama pant and I white tee and some lotion and I lotion up his whole body except two areas his butt and his big friend in the there. yeah you get why!!! Anyways I get him dressed and lay him down to get some rest when he grabs my hand I looked at him

Hunter: Stay with. Please I don't want to be alone

Nevaeh: I not I am just going to be in the front okay

He grips my hand tighter and pats on the bed

Nevaeh: But my clothes are soaked I don't want to wet up your bed

He gets up pulling me with him and we goes back to his closet he grabbed one of his dress shirts took it off the hanger unzipped my shirt taking it off of me then unbuckling my pants pulling them down and then turning me around taking off my bra then kneeling down taking off panties I was covering my breasts he looked at me and the shirt on my shoulders our eyes connected and never left each other as I put my arms and he button the shirt then he goes to his drawer further down and pulls out a pair of boxers kneeling down again he jesters me to put one foot after the other in then pulls them with his hand around my waist he pulls me close and hugs me so tight then holding my hand he leads me back in the bathroom where two wooden French door where his towels is on the top and under it was a nice Samsung washer and dryer and he put his stuff and mines in his washer then close the doors and left with my hand in his bed. He laid down and tugged me to lay with him so I did I laid down and we laid face to face looking in each others eyes then he pulled me close and laid on my chest I played with his hair and ear and he fell straight to sleep and I did too.

2 or 3 hours went by and when I woke up Hunter was no where to be found so I get to a buzzing phone

Nevaeh: Hello

Nia: You okay

Nevaeh: Yes

Nia: How is Hunter

Nevaeh: He making it

Nia: Okay well I just wanted to check on you

Nevaeh: Thank you

Nia: I will see later

Nevaeh: Yeah maybe I just want him to be okay

I hear talking in the living room I look to who it is but I couldn't see the other person

Nevaeh: Mama I am going to call you back

I hang up from her and Hunter came it

Nevaeh: You scared me

Hunter: How did you sleep

Nevaeh: I should be asking you that

Hunter: Better than I have in a while. Thank you for being here for me

Nevaeh: Anytime. I got your back

He smiled and took me by the hand to the living room. Where some people was who I never saw before

Nevaeh: Oh wow Hunter!!

Hunter: Mom, Lil bro, Granny this is Lily oh sorry Nevaeh my friend

They looked at me with they're mouth open God I am so embarrassed

Carsten: Damn Hi friend

Hunter: This is my mother Vita

Nevaeh: Hi Mrs. Vita sorry for your lose well all of your lose

Hunter: And this is my most prize possession my love Grandma but everyone calls her

Granny: You can call me Granny

She said smiling and her hands reaching out for me

Granny: Come to me I want to touch your hands

I go to her kneel down and give her my hands she holds them tight and close her eyes and when she opens them she kisses my hands and then takes my forehead and kisses it too

Granny: Nice to meet you Lilyanna

Nevaeh: Very nice to meet you

Carsten: Hey Big bro can't we talk over here for a second

Hunter: Yeah What's up

Carsten: Um quick question do she know who you really are

Hunter: No I haven't told her

Carsten: How the hell are you going to hide that especially at the funeral

Hunter: I don't know I didn't think this through. Since you get it will you help me please

Carsten: You lucky I love you

They walk back over

Carsten: Mom we should go

Mrs. Vita: What we need to talk funeral arrangements

Hunter: I will handle all of that

Carsten: Yeah me too

He says pushing her out the door then his Granny taps me

Granny: I look forward to seeing more of you Lilyanna

Nevaeh: Yes Ma'am

Granny: Pop pop I will be seeing you

Hunter: I love you Granny

She kisses him

Nevaeh: I love her

Hunter: Apparently she loves you too

He takes my hand and kisses it

Hunter: You hungry

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: You like stir fry

Nevaeh: You got shrimp

Hunter: Let me check .. yup

Nevaeh: Then lets get cooking

Hunter: No how about you go take a bath and get dressed I will prepare dinner and set the table

Nevaeh: No I should be doing this for you

He puts his hand over my mouth and pushes me to the bathroom

Hunter: Bathroom now take sometime to yourself please I got you.

Nevaeh: Okay okay I'm going

And he left.

After an hour of getting myself together I came out to the lights dim and candles lit at the breakfast bar

Hunter: Madame

Nevaeh: Such a Gentleman

Hunter: I try. Now sit please

Nevaeh: Okay

I sit down and her goes to the fridge

Hunter: White or red

Nevaeh: Surprise me

He smiles

He sat the wine on the counter and went to the stove and made the plates God it smells amazing!!

Hunter: Here you go

Nevaeh: why thank you!

Then he sat down next to me he looked me I looked at him

Hunter: I need to tell you something

Nevaeh: What is it

Hunter: I um

He looks down I touched him on his hand

Nevaeh: Hunter What is it?

He looked up at me. And before I knew it he kissed me. I was stiff at first but then my hands went around his neck and he pulled me close and sat me on his lap; his went up and down my back then he pulls back

Hunter: I get so vulnerable around you and it hurt when you said why am I so perfect because I am not I am just as messed up as the next guy

Lily: I'm sorry

He looked at me and I bit my bottom lip

Hunter: Lily you.. I

Then while he was talking he looked at me he pulled me closer.

Hunter: I desire you but because I am afraid to hurt you I back off and give you space when I just want to be with you every chance I get. And plus I haven't known you long and it might sound weird saying that I desire to just be with you and I don't want to lose you and I like that with you I can just be myself.

And be I knew I kissed him.

Lily: I feel the same way I long for you when you are not around

And he brushed my hair behind my ear lightly touching the side of my face with his thumb brushing my bottom lip

Hunter: I have never felt this way before

Lily: Me neither

I hugged him and he buried his head in my chest

Hunter: Can you stay with me

Lily: I would love too

He hold on tight kissing my neck I rubbed the top of his head as his tongue burned each part of my skin then he looked at me unbuttoning my shirt he took his index finger licked it and touch the curve of my chest then he stopped

Hunter: You are beautiful more than I expected or imagined

Then his head went down to my stomach he sniffed my stomach and licked a part of it and unbuttoned my jeans he looked at me as if he was asking me can he touch there I quickly shook my head yes then while looking at me with those piercing grey eyes his finger entered me and my eyes close and my head went back but he stopped me

Hunter: No please look at me don't leave my eyes

I did so as he continued to go deeper I bit my bottom lip but I don't what is was but this moment was different I saw him his heart his feelings I felt what he felt for me it was like we were one in this moment when he got deep enough he went in a circular motion and I started to shake I gripped his neck harder but our eyes never left each other his other hand undid my bra and I took it of for him and his tongue traces my nipple then he put my breast in his mouth sucking and licking my nipple so hard all I could do was moan so I felt like I shouldn't be getting all the pleasure so I untied his pajama pants and grabbed his penis which was so hard his eyes got big and he bit bottom lip and he begin to shake and breath heavy he started to close his eyes but I caught him

Lily: Focus on me

Hunter: Mmmh Mmmmmh oh my God (gasping)

Then I turned his head and licked his neck and bit him slightly then his speed picked up

Hunter: You are so wet

Lily: You are big

We laughed then he kissed me and he picked up speed again going in circles inside me so I tightened my grip and went faster too and looking in his eyes he came I felt him burst all and I got all on my hand then he his hand went harder and deeper with my breast back in his mouth I exploded all over his hand and I screamed so loud I know the neighbors heard me a tear came out his eye and tears flew down my face too. We exhaled looked each other and then he gave me napkins for my hand while he licked me off his hand I blushed

Hunter: I can't wait to actually feel you in my mouth

He says as he continues to lick his hand I bit my lip then I put his hand down and kissed him

Hunter: Shall we eat

Lily: Yes I think the food needs to be warmed back up and you need to change your pants

He looked down

Hunter: Oh wow yup you right!!

Lily: I will warm up the food

He takes me off his lap and get out the chair and walks away to change and damn his walk makes my legs shake. But while he is changing I warm up the food and put my clothes on right but I can't find my bra I look on the floor and I don't see it then I look up to see Hunter twirling something around his finger it's my bra!! So I ran to him and he holds up where I can't reach it

Lily: Hunter give me my bra

Then he sniffs it

Hunter: You smell nice

Lily: Hunter you are not funny give it here

Hunter: But I want to keep it so I can smell it when I think of you

Lily: No!! I need it

Hunter: Me too

He smiled I blushed and stopped I looked at him and started tickling him he laughed so hard then he fell on his couch with me on top of him he stopped and starred at me and I starred back

Hunter: I like you a lot Lilyanna

Lily: I like you a lot to Hunter

Hunter: Here you go

Lily: Thank you

I put my bra on and he went and grabbed the food

Hunter: Now let's eat for real

Lily: Yeah

We ate talked kissed talked some more laughed we were enjoying each other's company

Hunter: Favorite Disney Movie I know you got one

Lily: Beauty and the Beast

Hunter: And I know you have another one

Lily: Cinderella

Hunter: Curious of why

Lily: Bell was normal she liked books and she loves her family she just wanted more than she had but she was willing to work for it too and when she saw the beast she was able to love him even beyond looks she liked what was on the inside and Cinderella had faith that one day her life would change even through being put as a made in your own house and token from normal to lower than low she kept the faith that one day my life will be better and she didn't even know the prince was a prince when she met him she thought he was a normal guy who she fell madly in love with after one day and she had hoped to meet him again and when she did she didn't know she was talking to a future king she thought the help maybe and when she did find out she just knew he would not fall for her know who she really was and how she dressed but he didn't judge her he loved her anyway.

Hunter: You have a strange way of seeing a story


Hunter: But I like it

I smiled. He starred off into space for a minute. I went to touch him and he jumped. I pulled my hand back

Lily: Sorry

Hunter: No I am sorry

His eyes are different. He quickly gets up and run to the bathroom so I give him a minute. Then I go knock on the door

Lily: Hunter I am here for you please don't shut me out

I sit with my back leaned against the door

Lily: Okay well I talk you listen. Knock if that's okay

He knocked

Lily: Okay I am about to tell you something I have never told anyone this but most of my life I have felt like Bell and Cinderella so busy doing for or well trying to please others that I put myself on the back burner and now when better finally approaches me I am waiting to wake up from this dream because wrong has been my life I do understand right. So when you came along you are a guy a girl dreams of like Prince Charming. You say your not perfect but to me your are everything I need. So if I can be the same to you or at least I can try.

It was quite for a while

Hunter: I wasn't taught to show emotions I was if you were a guy who showed emotions like crying then you were a pussy. And by me being a man I had be a protector, provider, and strong. My father taught me that and he was all that I looked up to him I even did time in the war like he did just to so he can be proud but it wasn't enough. He always told me you can do better and believe me I tried. He just appreciated my brother more. It didn't stop me from loving him I just never let my guard down again and I kept everything at arms length and nobody thought anything of it because I am not easy to read. I wish I knew he was proud of what his first born has turned out to be.

Lily: it hurts not knowing but I have a feeling his chest is stuck out because you turn out better than he imagine you would be

The door opened so I quickly popped up. He looked at me then he grabbed me and hugged me

Hunter: Thank you for listening.

Lily: Anytime

He went to kiss me and I stopped him

Lily: Let's take things slow

Hunter: I am confused

Lily: Let me comfort you

He grabs me with his hand leading to my butt but I stopped him

Lily: This is a distraction and

Hunter: You think I'm not ready for sex

Lily: No I'm not ready

Hunter: Wait why

Lily: Um you need compassion and comfort not

Hunter: But I want you now.. Everywhere I can possibly have you I have every since th-

Lily: The what

Hunter: Never mind I'm sorry

Lily: As much as I want you we need to take things slow and you need heal properly

Hunter: Your right. Sorry

Lily: I know something you need

Hunter: And what's that

I took his hand and we went to his bedroom I laid him down and laid next to him I wrapped my arms around him and he laid his head on my shoulder.

Hunter: This is what I call a happy ending

He said as he gripped me tighter. And we fell asleep.

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