Diamond in the Rough

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Decisions, Decisions

I woke up realizing that today is the day I have to start planning my Fathers funeral and this is not feeling well but I'm the oldest and the strongest and if anyone can do it for him I can. Oh if you see wondering who I am well you should know Hunter when you hear him.

It's 3 am and I can't go back to sleep so let get it start the day. But I can't really move since Lily is holding me tight God she smells amazing like some type of earthy scent and her skin is so soft it's like sleeping on a pillow I almost don't want to move especially off her breast these pair of D's is guys dream but I have to get up and shower and at least look over some paper work concerning caskets and stuff so I slide from her embrace and kiss her on the lips

Hunter: Sleep well beautiful

She moaned and turned over.

If only she knew who I really was I wonder if she would accept me or hate me from not telling her the truth in the first place. And if I told her I thought I would never see her again in person but I am glad we did would she think I was a creep. My grandma was right you will never true love until it hits you in the face and this little lady has smacked me so hard I am still recovering.

Hunter: Hi this is Hunter I am calling concerning my father Hernandez Mitchell. Yes thee Hernandez Yes I am. Really on the house wow. Yes I have donated there before. Yes every year. I am his son. No you can call me Mick.

Kindness works every time. Yes you heard right I am the from the diner.

Well here is my back story about that day. My wife died she of breast cancer even though we were married we wasn't happy my mother forced her on me so my father could close a deal with her father which got us all of downtown New York and part ownership of Disney World. We wasn't happy in our relationship we slept together one time well almost one time on our honeymoon once that was over she turned into well lack of a better word a monster she cheated on me a lot and put me down a lot verbally. We stop sleeping in the same bed after two months and I buried myself in my work I started investing in cars well one car at first and that's how I met Miss Sylvia she needed a ride and we talked and she liked my ambition as a young man and she wanted to invest in me and if you know Sylvia she doesn't like to many people but I impressed her and she introduced to some people and they like my personality and I made some connections and a few years later I become one of the youngest half black millionaires in world but I decided I didn't want people to know my face and I like to work hands on and get an opinion of how real people like the company and if there's something I need to change I can get it done with out them knowing its me helping. They call me the Billionaire with no face.

[Ring, Ring]

Hunter: Hello

Carsten: Bro

Hunter: What's good with you

Carsten: What can I do to help

Hunter: Well food you know a good catering company that mom would be okay with

Carsten: Yeah that Mexican place her and dad use to go to you know where she say we were conceived

Hunter: Ew yeah I remember

Carsten: What you think

Hunter: I am good with it but check with her first

Carsten: Well she said she don't want to have anything to do with it she just wants to show up

Hunter: She is taking this harder than I thought

Carsten: Yeah

Hunter: Okay then call them and set everything up trust me they will want to contribute

Carsten: Bet I will and I will put my sexy voice on too

Hunter: Right

Carsten: Anyways where is that hot piece of tits you had yesterday

Hunter: Well first off her name Lilyana and she is still here

Carsten: Damnnnnnn go bro go have y'all did it everywhere in the house yet

Hunter: Um why would I tell you that

Carsten: Oh damn just a one night stand

Hunter: No actually bro I like her

Carsten: Whoa you like someone. I mean I knew you weren't gay but you know how many women practically throw them selves at you and you don't even look twice barely look once you just keep it moving and you burry yourself in your work and never dated and we not going even talk about whore of a birth you called wife

Hunter: Hey chill out she still deserves her respect

Carsten: My brother the gentleman

Hunter: How are you with all this

Carsten: I mean I had my time with him and I made sure to do right by him will I miss him yes. But what about you brother you watched him take his last breath

I took a breath and sunk into my chair

Carsten: It has not been long since you buried that chick and watched her die so how you holding it together

Hunter: I am fine

Carsten: Brother sex cant hold you forever

Hunter: We are not sleeping together

Carsten: Huh

Hunter: I tried but she saw it as a distraction from dealing with my feeling she said I need to grieve properly and after I spilled my feeling to her she wants to take things slow.

Carsten: Damn do she have a sister but wait she turned you down like you brother you are a girls dream and she turned you down for sex.. I like her. Wait you wanted her

Hunter: To devour her if I could

Carsten: Damn why I mean if that is okay to ask

Hunter: She does something different for me she found me yesterday when I had a little break down she just held me and when we came home she showered me and comfort me

Carsten: She didn't take advantage of you in your time of need

Hunter: And she is the one

Carsten: The one like the one one wait the girl for the diner

Hunter: Yes

Carsten: Wow Lilyanna. Will she be your date to the funeral

Hunter: Yes of course she is

Carsten: Well a heads up the man eater is coming too mom invited her

Hunter: Fuck!!!

Carsten: You know our family is kind of the judging type especially mom

Hunter: I will try to keep her close

Carsten: I will help I like her and I think granny do too

Hunter: Thanks brother

Carsten: Love you man

Hunter: Yeah me too

Dear God I think I love her please don't let my family brake her.

I felt arms around my neck so I grabbed her hand and kissed it

Hunter: Morning sleepy head

Lily: You okay

Hunter: Yeah I was just up getting somethings in order

Lily: Can help with anything

Hunter: No me and Carsten kind of handled everything

Lily: Okay you know I'm here for anything you need I don't mind helping

Hunter: Thank you

She tightened her grip around my neck

Lily: You hungry

Hunter: Starving

She runs to the fridge and see what I have; then she pulls out hash browns and eggs and onions cheese and ham and sausage

Lily: I make this dish with hash browns and eggs I can make it for you I can add meat if you like

Everything screams she don't eat meat so I will indulge in her world

Hunter: Make it how you make yours you don't have to add meat

She smiled and my heart burned.

She started cooking and I enjoyed watching her; it turns me on that she is a nurture she think about others more than herself and in this day and age it's uncommon.

Lily: Where is you is your seasoning cabinet

I get up her back is turn I thought it would be fun to play with her while she cooks so I go behind her pressing my body against hers and I reach in the cabinet to get salt and pepper

Lily: Move silly

Hunter: I was getting seasoning

Lily: Salt and pepper is not seasoning now what else you got

I move towards her but she brushes me back

Hunter: What

Lily: You not slick

Hunter: What

I said smiling she smiled back I wish I knew what she was thinking. I leaned on the fridge watching her cook with my hands in my pocket

Lily: Stop that go do something

Hunter: Well you wont let so what else should I do

She gasped and looked at me

Lily: Don't you need to talk to your brother about something concerning the funeral

Hunter: Nope already handled

Then I walked closer behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist putting all my weight on her

Lily: Hey down boy

I kissed her neck

Lily: Stop

I tightened my grip and licked her ear then I lightly bit it she started breathing heavy

Lily: Your distracting me

Hunter: I want you so bad

Lily: No you are not thinking straight you need to grieve Hunter

Little did she know I did my grieving I just want her especially since I have known her longer than she know I have always imagine this moment with her in my apartment so I just want to come true

Hunter: Please Lily don't leave me feeling like this

I took her hand and put it on my penis and moved her hand up and down showing her how much I wanted her right then and there

Lily: I have to finish cooking come on I know you are hungry you need to eat

Hunter: But that is not what I hunger for

I licked my lips and turned her towards me

Hunter: Can I eat what I really want please

Heat filled the room between us I can tell she was trying so bad to fight but I can feel her desire

Lily: Hunter please

She says faintly as I lick and suck on her bottom lip. So I turned off the stove and put her on top of the breakfast bar

Lily: Hunter

I looked at her deep in those pretty brown eyes which I seem to always get lost in then I pulled her close and practically sucked her lips off then I went down to neck and sucked it like a leech looking for blood she moaned and dung her nails in my back wrapping her legs tighter around my waist and with every touch and from her I grew harder and harder

Hunter: Be mine forever

Shit did that really come out my mouth she stopped and looked at me

Lily: Hunter

But before she could speak I kissed her licking her lips with every release to catch my breath then I slid my tongue in her mouth and went in deep so far I could that little dangly thing in the back of her throat she moaned and pushed me back she looked at me then she looked down to see my rock hard boner

Lily: Oh my God that's all you!!!

Her eyes got big then she bit down on her bottom lip and covered her mouth just staring so I slowly walked towards laid her down on the counter unbuckling her pants and ripping them off I played with her through her panties she arched her back then I pulled her up by her shirt and ripped that off breaking every button she had on that shirt until I see that lace black bra she has on and I see that her nipples are already rock hard so through her bra I bit her nipple then one of my hand placed firmly on her butt inside her panties I played with her some more through the front of her panties until I felt her clittorus vibrates then I get on my knees spreading her legs far apart I slid her panties to the side and tongue kissed her vagina she let out the loudest scream I ever heard then she covered her mouth I stopped and grabbed her hands off her mouth

Hunter: No don't do that it turns me on to hear you moan from me tasting you

She just bit her lip so I went back down and repeated my process licking all around her lips I discover has a mole on her right lip down there and on her right thigh damn that's sexy I bit her lip and her hand ended up on my head

Hunter: Do you want me to go deeper

Lily: Yes

I open my mouth wider and slide my tongue so deep inside her she started shaking so I kept sucking on her clittoru as my tongue went back and forth and in circles she made so noise and screamed so loud I bet my neighbors wondered what I was doing to her

Lily: Hunter Oh God Hunter Oh MY GOOOOOOOOOOD

I went deeper inside her using my tongue to write my name down there using one of my hands to massage her breast out her bra and my other hand to jack myself off next thing I knew I felt her tongue on my middle finger and immediately I came damn she always know what to do to get me off she put my hand back on her breast and I squeezed them and played with her nipple she could not control her body for nothing and she screamed so much I think she lost her voice a little

Hunter: Cum for me

I said as I sucked harder

Hunter: Cum for me Lily

She moaned and twisted and turned

Hunter: I want to taste it cum for me

And before I knew she release all of her in my mouth. I got and I kissed her so hard

Hunter: You like how you taste

Lily: Yes

I kissed her again

Lily: We gone really have to sanitize this counter top now

Hunter: I think it's the best thing that happen to it

We laughed

Lily: I cant move I think you all my virtue from me

We laughed again

Hunter: Come on my love lets lay you down

Lily: I was supposed to be cooking for you

Hunter: Maybe later but right now let me hold you while we fall back to sleep

She laid her head on my chest while I carried her to my room I laid her down and I laid down next to her she turned around and ended up on top of me

Lily: You feel better than a body pillow smell better too

Hunter: I can always be you what you need me to be Lilyanna

She climbed up me and kissed me

Lily: Vice versa

Hunter: Be my plus one to my father funeral

Lily: Okay

And we fell asleep

2 weeks went by and me and Lilyanna have grown closer than ever even though she refuse to come over anymore and make sure we are in a public place always since the counter top incident. I guess I make her weak but I wish I can tell her I feel the same way.

Carsten: Who you texting

Hunter: What

Carsten: Lily

Hunter: Why

Carsten: She does something different to you

Hunter: What do you mean brother

Carsten: You smile more, she makes you happy, you look lighter and free

I felt warm inside just thinking about her

Waitress: Can I get you anything else

Hunter: Nope just the check

She sat on the table closer to me

Waitress: Are you sure

Hunter: I said no so please get off the table

She left with an attitude

Carsten: Wow

Hunter: What

Carsten: This is sick I mean she practically threw herself at you and you just looked at your phone no eye contact brother look around

Hunter: I have what

Carsten: WE ARE IN A STRIP CLUB!!!!! Who don't look twice or at least once at all this scattered ass just jiggling around here

Hunter: You picked this place I just wanted food

He just looked at me in disappointment

Carsten: I hate you.

Hunter: I love you too brother

Carsten: Oh my

Hunter: What

Carsen: Have you ever been in love

Hunter: Huh

Carsten: I mean before now

Hunter: What I don't lo

Carsten: Go ahead finish that sentence

Hunter: But I

Carsten: Say it I know you bro you feel like its too soon but when it is meant to be just let it happen because she clearly loves your weird ass too

I look down

Carsten: Its okay I can tell she has had more disappointment than having happy moments so keep being the guy you are to her your real self

Hunter: But I

Carsten: You were hurting that girl used you and disappointed you badly but dad did worse

Hunter: Wait

Carson: I am your little brother and I might not say much but I see all especially when he told you he hated you for being perfect or as he said "Why are you so perfect" I bet she said that to you and you backed off but she didn't give up because she my good brother wont give up on you so stop being a girl and just tell her because you two are made for each other

I just looked at him I never knew he heard that conversation

Carsten: So you ready to bury Dad

Hunter: Yeah I guess

Carsten: Yeah well I am so you do the paper work and I am going to stick some paper up that stripper's ass

Boy my brother

[Ring, ring}

Hunter: Hello

Lily: Hi

Hunter: I miss you

Lily: I miss you too

Hunter: Can I see you

Lily: No remember night caps are not good us

Hunter: But I need you

Lily: I know but we cant let what happen between us happen again until the time is right please

Hunter: Okay

Lily: Thank you. Gets some rest

Hunter: Hey

Lily: Yes

Hunter: You know your worth me waiting for you

She paused

Lily: I will see you tomorrow are you doing okay

Hunter: I am now. See you tomorrow

Lily: Bye

Boy I tell you how do you tell the truth to a woman like that I just don't want her to hate for not telling the whole truth God help me. Decisions, Decisions

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