Diamond in the Rough

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The Other Side of Things

Have you ever felt like you were dreaming like how the hell did I manage to meet someone who is truly I mean sheesh!!

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hey G!

Golden: So I was thinking I come to the funeral

Nevaeh: Okay

Golden: I drive

Nevaeh: Okay

Golden: Well I am at the door

I run to open the door and we hugged and screamed

Golden: I missed you

Nevaeh: Me too

Golden: So what has been up with you and Hunter

Nevaeh: Welll

Golden: Oh my this seems juicy tell me everything!!!

Nevaeh: He I mean we um well I am taking ah

Golden: Girl spit it out please

Nevaeh: Well the night I found him he was really going through and so I took care of you know and nothing happen then but the next day I actually met his mom, brother, and grandma

Golden: Okay

Nevaeh: Not done yet so after that he cooked dinner but we never got to the meal because he had another meal I tried to apologize for saying something that triggered him on my birthday but he pulled me on to him and kind of told me he like me and then he showed me

Golden: Meaning

Nevaeh: He fingered the hell out of me so good I cried I mean and to add insult to injury I jacked him off too and God is he big I mean huge but it was like I couldn't control it mind body and soul I literally wanted him more than he wants me and the next morning

Golden: Wait there was a morning after this

Nevaeh: Yes I mean I had to pry him off the night before he was so horny I got scared but I offered him intimacy instead but that next morning when I went to cook for him he just over took me with every kiss and every touch I was hot and the next thing I know I was on top of his breakfast bar and he was all over me and he put his whole mouth on my vagina I mean he sucked the life out me and he didn't even had to take my panties off for it he just slid them over and wrote his name with his tongue down there!!! he made my body do things I never knew it could do

Golden: I need a fan to air out girl I am jealous but I mean Hunter the guy who don't look at no woman did that to you

Nevaeh: I know but me and him has connected from the beginning for some odd reason I feel like me and him met before

Golden: So what scares you about him

Nevaeh: He is so different I mean I haven't met a man like him he is a gentleman he is loving he is nice he is strong he is exactly what I need but what happens if this is just a front and then look at G he so damn fine why would he settle for little ol me

Golden: Because he wants a real woman not a little girl

I looked at her

Nevaeh: But it's me I don't deserve him what if he hurt me

Golden: He won't

[Ring, Ring]

Nevaeh: Hello

Hunter: Hi

Nevaeh: Hi

Hunter: Are you ready

Nevaeh: Yes I will ride with Golden. Are you okay

Hunter: No me and Carsten are coming we are 2 minutes away

Nevaeh: But don't you have to go to the church

Hunter: I am here coming to the door now

Then he hung up

Golden: What

Nevaeh: He is outside

Golden: Okay

[Knock, Knock]

Nevaeh: Can you get the door while I put my shoes on

Golden: Yup

Hunter: Hi Golden

Golden: Hunter hi come in

Hunter: Okay

Golden: You good

Hunter: Yeah I am fine

Then I walked down and we looked at each other

Hunter: You look so beautiful

And he run to the stairs grabbing my hand. I looked at him I could since something was wrong with him

Nevaeh: Hey look at me

His eyes was red and tears formed

Nevaeh: Come here

I wrapped his arms around me and he buried his head in my neck

Hunter: I don't want to do this

Nevaeh: I know beloved I know but no one excepts you to be perfect today and you did all you could to take care of him you honored him while he was living and now you will lay him to rest knowing that

He just laid on my shoulder

Nevaeh: Come Hunter we got to go okay I am here I will be right there with you

Hunter tightened his grip

Carsten: Don't they give you hope that in this day and age love might still be out there for us

Golden: I never seen anything like this before it's

Carsten: Real What they share is real I don't even believe in love or marriage but this it hit different

Golden: Yeah me neither but this makes my heart happy

Carsten: I am Carsten by the way

Golden: Golden nice to meet you

Carsten: The feeling is mutual

Hunter: Okay let's go

He took my hand and we left out

Carsten: After you

Golden: Thank you

We get in the limo and Hunter never let my hand go the whole ride we just held hands and looked at each other

Carsten: So um how has everyone been

Golden: Fine I guess

Carsten: They DON'T hear us

Golden: It's like talking to a wall

Carsten: So you guys are close

Golden: Extremely I love her

Carsten: I see so since these are joint at hip apparently would you be my plus one

Golden: Are you asking me out

Carsten: Will you accept

Golden: I guess

We made it to the church and people are walking in I see his mom and grandma waiting

Carsten: Brother you ready for this

Hunter: about as ready as I am going to get

Carsten and Golden got out the car and when I went to move out the car Hunter pulls me back

Nevaeh: Yes

Then he pulls my head towards him and he kissed me he put his tongue so far down my throat I coughed like last time and then he moved down to neck nibbled a little then kissed and sucked then he creeps his hand up my dress and ended up inside me

Lily: Hunter stop we have go the funeral is starting soon

Hunter: Please I need this. I need to taste you before

And before I knew he had me on his lap about to lay me down but I had to fight it

Lily: Hunter please come on what if someone comes in and the doors aren't even locked.

I managed to slide out his arms and I was crawling to the door but he so long he caught up with me and locked the door and ended up on top of me

Lily: Hunter

We started laughing

Hunter: I missed you

Lily: Boy!!! Stop we need to get out the car

He started kissing me again then we hear a hard knock on the window

Carsten: Hunter!! Mama looking for you get yo ass out here

We laughed

Hunter: Can I have a kiss before we get out please

Lily: Just one

We looked into each other's eyes and he kissed me so soft and passionately he had a curl in his eye so I moved it

Lily: Hey you

Hunter: Hi ya back

Carsten looked through the window trying to see where we at

Carsten: Get the fuck out the car!!!!!!

Hunter: He mad come let me get the door before I kill him

He hit Carsten with the door and he got out and then he reached out for my hand and I took it and got out

Carsten: Hey bro

Hunter: What's up

Carsten: I didn't know you wear lipstick

Hunter: Huh

Carsten: You got some lipstick on your lips but you know red is you color though

He wiped his lips off

Golden: Damn you red as hell and your lipstick is smudged girl and fix your clothes !

Nevaeh: Oh God help me

She helped me get myself together

Hunter: Lilyanna

I turned around and his hand was held out I took it and he wrapped it around his arm and Carsten took my sister and had her on his arm. We went into the service viewed his father service went on and it was a good service and his father touched a lot of people everyone had something to say so many people cried on Hunter shoulder but he wasn't moved his face never changed he makes laugh.

Carsten: I am glad this is over these people crazy as hell

Golden: I thought my family was bad

Carsten: Well welcome to the other side of things my dear

Golden: So what's next

Carsten: The Banquet hall now

Golden: Oh

Carsten: You want to go home if so that can be arranged

Golden: No I like hanging with people who understand me

Carsten: I like hanging around you too Golden

They smiled at each other

We arrived at the banquet hall and we all went in together we sat at a table and Hunter and Carsten went to get us food and drinks. That is when this 6'0 foot slinger white girl walking with Hunters mom walked up to me

Woman: My name is Kenmore

Hunter's Mom: Hi there I saw you before

Nevaeh: Hi I am Nevaeh

She looked me up and down and rolled her eyes

Hunter's Mom: Anyways this is Hunters new girl Kenmore

Kenmore: Yes I am his girl why are you here

Nevaeh: Hunter invited me as his plus one

Golden: Yeah and I am plus two so what's up

Kenmore: Well you both can leave now

Golden: What no!!!

Hunter: What's going on over here mom

Hunters Mom: My lovely boy Kenmore is here to comfort you

Kenmore wraps her arms around him. He pushed her off

Hunter: Kenmore get off me please

Hunters Mom: Now now son that's no way to act just because your side piece is here she needs to know she is not the one she was just a toy

Golden: Now I know you lost your husband and all and I am trying to respect you because you are Hunter and Carsten mother but you pushing it

Hunters Mom: You watch your tone young lady

Golden: You watch yours

Carsten: Mom what the hell can we have peace on dads funeral please!!!

Hunters Mom: I am just letting her know she is just a piece of

Carsten: MOM!!!!

I got overwhelmed so I ran out to the balcony to clear my head and breathe I just looked out onto the city lights. God help me to see clearer.

I feel hands touch my hand and I felt curly hair on my shoulder

Golden: You okay

Nevaeh: Yeah I am fine I just needed a breather

Golden: If we fighting we can do this together I got you

I hugged her

Nevaeh: I am glad you are here

Golden: Your my sister I got you

Nevaeh: I got you too

We just sat out there and watched the city lights

Then finally we decided to go back inside and Hunter and I eyes connected then he started walking towards me

Hunter: Hey you

Lily: Hi ya back

Then he whispered to Carsten something and he ran off to the Dj

Lily: What do you have under your sleeve

Hunter: Come with me

All of a sudden I heard Fugees – Killing me softly

Hunter: Dance with me

Lily: But what about every-

Hunter: Look at me there is nobody here but me and you don't at my mom nobody just me and dance with me

I did what he said he wrapped my arms around his neck and then before I knew it we were dancing as one his body pressed against mines we motioned back and forth all over that dance floor he spinner me and twirled me his hands never left my hips

Hunter: Can I be honest with you

Lily: Sure

Hunter: I haven't been with anybody besides my deceased wife and that was only once.

Lily: Okay

Hunter: I want you Lilyana not just sexually and I am sorry about that I just can't control myself around you because I want you in every way I can have you I like you a lot you have changed my life and perception of things since I met you and I am so happy for that

Lily: Hunter

Hunter: Let me finish I want to be with and only you if you would have me

I just looked at him I was lost for words

Hunter: I know we

Lily: Yes can we just take

Hunter: It slow yes I will learn to control my desire for you but I just want you

I laid my head in his chest and closed my eyes while everyone watched us dance

Carsten: Wow

Golden: I know they know how to change an environment

Carsten: He look so happy

Golden: She does too

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