Diamond in the Rough

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A Leap of Faith

At work busting my ass it's cold outside and people are hungry and my section is always the busiest

Nevaeh: Hey!! I said sunny side up eggs for this over fix that!!

Cook: Okay okay!!

Running around order after order sheesh this shit is out of control. 2 hours later I finally get a break and I take a breather in the bathroom when I hear a knock on the door

Ms. Lisa: Hey you got a request

Nevaeh: What no I need a break

Ms. Lisa: Get out here and take costumer!

I go out and I stop immediately when I see who is sitting at my table and I slowly walk over

Nevaeh: Hi

Hunter: You look beautiful even in your work clothes

His smiles gets me every time

Nevaeh: What are you doing here

Hunter: I miss you

He grabs me and kissed in front of the whole restaurant

Nevaeh: Hey I work here

They need to know you are mines

Nevaeh: Slowly remember

He tightened his grips and puts his nose in my neck

Ms. Lisa: Damn you fine as hell boy

She squint her eyes

Ms. Lisa: Don't I know you

Hunter: No

Ms. Lisa: You is fine as hell boy I could bit you

She gestured at him and he hid more behind me

Nevaeh I don't think I am the one who has to worry

Hunter: Can you take the rest of the day off so we can spend the day together please I have to go to out of town to handle some things with my fathers will for us

Nevaeh: Wait you didn't tell me this last night

Hunter: I know because I wanted to see you in person and tell you please please please

He gets on his knees and begs me to take the rest of the day off and the restaurant is in Aw of it

Ms. Lisa: Girl he on his knees if you don't leave with his fine ass I will

He stop smiling and looked at me I started laughing

Nevaeh: Okay get up let go get my coat and purse

Hunter: Don't leave me too long please. People keep looking at me

He so weird and shy with people so I go get my purse and my coat and run back out there to see him looking like someone was about to rape him

Nevaeh: Come on honey bunny

Hunter grads the door and I walk out he runs to open the car door and makes sure I get in once he gets in and turns my head towards him and kisses me so passionately and puts his hand on my thigh

Nevaeh: Slow Hunter slow

He stops and we are breathing so heavy

Hunter: I am sorry

Nevaeh: It's okay I

Hunter: No I need to chill out I just really

I put my finger on his lips and I kissed him

Nevaeh: Now where are we going

He smiles and pulls off.

Hunter: I brung you a change of clothes I looked at your size on your clothes and some comfortable shoes once we stop I will get out and let you change

Nevaeh: Okay

We drove and talked and laughed. World with is so amazing.

Hunter: Have you talk to your dad lately

Nevaeh: We texted

Hunter: That's it

Nevaeh: Yeah

He looked at me

Hunter: I hear something in your voice

Nevaeh: So where are you going

Hunter: Nope don't do that how long have we been knowing each other now

Nevaeh: Um I don't know

Hunter: 1 year today

Nevaeh: Really!!

Hunter: Yes

Nevaeh: So what are you getting at

Hunter: I know when your deferring a question

Nevaeh: Oh

He looked over at me again

Hunter: Why don't you want to talk to him for real

Nevaeh: Well it's my mom

Hunter: Huh

Nevaeh: So here's the thing Miceal offered me a job in the company

Hunter: That's a good thing

Nevaeh: But my mom don't want me to go because she feels like I will be betraying her so I am stuck

Hunter: Now since I have heard what they want. What do you want

Nevaeh: I mean I like the company but I don't want to loose the relationship with my mom over though

Hunter: I don't think you are asking the question

He stopped and pulled over

Hunter: Nevaeh Lilyanna Noel

Nevaeh: Yes

He grabs my hand and held it to his lips and looked me in my eyes

Hunter: What do you want

Nevaeh: To be apart that amazing company and to help Lorenzo get his good image back. Do you know I have been researching him all year and writing notes on how to get him back on his feet and oh I got this. Wait why you looking at me like that

Hunter: Nothing I am just looking at that fire in your eyes I must admit it is kinda turning me on

I smiled. He grabbed me and put me in his arms

Hunter: Take a leap of faith my dear it will all work out if it's meant to be

I hugged him and kissed him then I hear a knock on the window

Carsten: Come on y'all got all day for that

Hunter: I hate him.

We get out the car and I see a spread of seafood

Nevaeh: What is this

Carsten: A cook out! Barbecue

Nevaeh: Oh my God

Carsten: Brother we got wings on the grill and some ribs

Hunter: Okay cool

Nevaeh: Who all here

Hunter: Some friends and family I wanted you to meet them and we are going to release my dads ashes too

Nevaeh: Oh okay

Hunter: And after that I want to show you a special spot

Nevaeh: Okay

Meeting friends of Hunter and seen no him outside of just us is funny I mean he is loved by them. All the jokes and laughs seeing him hanging with the boys he is an environment changer and that is so sexy

Golden: Hey

Nevaeh: G omg someone I actually know

We hug

Golden: This is nice isn't it

Nevaeh: Wait What are you doing here

Golden: I came with Carsten

I looked at her

Golden: He is a cool guy so shut up

I laughed

Hunter: Lily come on I want you to meet the crew my boys

I was running behind him while he was holding my hand he takes me in front of a group of men of all colors

Hunter: Boys I want to introduce y'all to this very special lady Lilyanna my girlfriend

I looked at him and my heart did jumps

Aaron: Girlfriend

Ty: You got a girlfriend

Rex: Damn really

Frank: Oh wow

Stan: You were there at the funeral I remember you. Such a beautiful girl

Lily: Gentleman hi

Ty: Hi I am Tydrick

Aaron: I am Aaron

Rex: Hi I'm Rex

Frank: Frank here

Stan: Stan nice to meet you actually

Ty: So be honest you his beard

Hunter: I am going to drown you

Lily: No I am not but which one of these girls is yours

Rex: I like her

Ty: Do I look I need a beard

Lily: Yes

Stan: Burn

Frank: Get him!!

Aaron: Please let him have it!!

I laughed. While Hunter pulled me closer to him hugging me from behind one arm around my waist and the other around my chest with his head resting on my shoulder

Ty: Let her breath

Carsten: He still over here talking shit

Stan: I think he a little tongue tide since someone over here giving him a piece of his own medicine

Carsten: Good this jackass needs to be checked all the time

Ty: Shut up C before I get on you

Carsten: DON'T get fucked up

Hunter: Hey watch your mouth my girl right here

Aaron: Thank you! Now how did you meet this jerk

They laughed

Lily: We met through my Dad actually and we clicked instantly he is a dream come true for me

They looked at us

Carsten: See What I mean

Ty: Yeah he made sure you had seafood here cause we don't eat that

Lily: You did that for me

Hunter: Yes

I laid my head on his chest

Lily: Thank you

They starred at us again

Lily: Well my sister is here if it's okay can I go back to her

Hunter: Yeah babe go ahead

But before I walk off he grabs me and kisses me

Ty: Get a room

Aaron: I think I saw tongue y'all nasty

Lily: Bye guys

I said as I walked away towards Golden

Stan: So this the girl who got you all in the air

Hunter: Yeah she is different

Ty: She is different

Aaron: You ain't never bring a girl to our outings

Ty: Yeah bro we was just waiting on you to come out the closet at this point but you look happy

Hunter: I am

Carsten: I like her for you she fits who are

Ty: Let's rise a glass fellas. Hears to Hunter thank God he took the female out of you

Carsten: Hear hear

Golden: I know you feel that

Nevaeh: What

Golden: Them watching you walk away they must like you

Nevaeh: Why you say that

Golden: They did the whole smile and nod thing and cheered

Nevaeh: That's a good thing right

Golden: Yes girl . Nice dress and shoes

Nevaeh: Hunter bought them

Golden: Y'all make me sick

Nevaeh: He called me his girlfriend too

Golden: Wait What like in front of his boys

Nevaeh: Yes girl!!

Golden: Go Hunter

We laughed and talked and ate off the seafood table it was until I saw a car pop up and two people got out

Golden: Dad hi

Miceal: Hey baby girl

Hunter: Mr. Miceal how you doing sir

Miceal: I am good but more importantly how are you and the family I sent flowers to the funeral

Hunter: Yes I got those I sent out some thank you notes but you probably haven't seen it yet

Miceal: Yeah I will get but hey you my number 1 man I had to make sure you was okay I know how it feels to lose a father so it you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask and take all the time off you need it's paid for we will wait til you come back

Hunter: Sir can I talk to you alone.

Miceal: Yeah sure

They walk off and for the life of me I wish I knew what they were talking about.

Miceal: Um is everything okay

Hunter: Yes sir it is but I am a bit old fashioned.

Miceal: About

Hunter: Well if it is okay with you I would like to date your daughter Lily I mean Nevaeh

Miceal: I thought you two were already doing that

Hunter: No sir not so much we were just friends and dealing with all the hostility from the girl I just wanted to easy her mind by taking her out after work

Miceal: So what changed. Why do you want to date her now

Hunter: Well she is different than any other woman I have ever met she has class she is caring sir she got me through one of the hardest time of my life she is beautiful not only on the outside but the inside too. I really like her and want to make her my girlfriend but I want your permission and approval first. I already talked to Ms. Nia and she said okay

Miceal: Se must be really special for you to go through all this trouble. To be honest this the first time I ever seen you look at a girl I questioned it but never judged so I did know but I see now. You have a type

Hunter: Yes sir I do.

Miceal: No man has ever asked to date my daughters before. But I like you boy you got heart.

Hunter: So is that a yes

Miceal: Yes but hey no funny business just date

Hunter: Yes sir

They walk back over laughing and I am confused I sure wish I knew what was so funny

Miceal: Hi Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Hi

I stand up to give him a hug but before I could get my hands out he pulled me into and hugged me so tight. I felt emotional

Miceal: God I miss you so much Vae

I gripped him back

Nevaeh: I miss you more dad

Kent: Awwwwwwww what about me you miss me

We act as if he wasn't there

Miceal: can we talk in private please

I looked at Hunter as he jesters me to go ahead

Hunter: Remember what I said

I winked at him and followed after Miceal

Miceal: Look I

Nevaeh:Wait I need to say something first

Miceal: Okay

Nevaeh: If the offer still stands I would like to be apart of the company but under your training. I haven't stop thinking of how to make it better since I left it got so bad that I am dreaming about it I even been researching Lorenzo and what he needs to do to be better I have tried hard not to think about it but I guess just in my blood

Miceal: I thought I would never hear you say that

Nevaeh: I need to tell my mom first

Miceal: I understand take all the time you need I have waited this long I can be patient a little while longer.

We walked back to the gathering Hunter looks at me to see how it went I smiled at him as if he knew what just happened he smiled back and winked at me then went back to talking to his boys then Kent came and sat right next to me

Kent: Hey Beautiful how you been

Nevaeh: Fuck off I am talk to my sister

Kent: You mean your half sister

Nevaeh: Get our my face go follow up after Miceal

Kent: Hey chill okay

Nevaeh: Make me

Kent: Look I am sorry okay how many times do I have to say that

I get up to walk away and that's when Kent grabbed my hand

Nevaeh: Kent let me go

Kent: Not until you talk to me

Carsten: Is everything okay over here

Kent: Yeah man we good we just talking we go way back

Carsten: Lily you good

Nevaeh: No I want him to leave me alone

Carsten: Well you heard the lady let her go please quickly or you gone have bigger problems than that and I don't mean me so just let her go

Kent: Look I just want to talk

Carsten: Look please just let her go that's best for you I promise

I tugged my arm and he let go

Carsten: Thank you

Kent: So can we talk please I want to make things right

Nevaeh: You get 5 minutes of my time

Kent: I will take it

We walk to the side

Kent: Look can we start over please

I went silent

Kent: Hi I am Kent

Nevaeh: Nevaeh

Kent: Nice to meet you

I walked off to bump into

Hunter: You okay

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: Kent

Kent: Driver Boy

And he walks off

Hunter: Can I have a hug

Nevaeh: Sure

He grabs me and I rest my head in his chest

Hunter: It's almost dark I wanna show something when you get a chance

Nevaeh: Okay

We go back to gathering I hug Miceal and shook Kent hand and watched them leave. Then I hugged Golden and Carsten as they left and all Hunters friends kissed my hand hoping to see me again and once everyone was gone I felt arms around my waist

Hunter: You ready

Nevaeh: Yes

He grabs my hand as we go farther in the park and I see this closed I. Balcony with vines around the glass and the door and it's right above a pound it is so beautiful he takes me inside and I just marvel over it

Lily: This is so pretty

Hunter: You like it

Lily: Yes I look at this view of the sky as the sun goes down

Hunter: Yeah I like that too

But when I looked at him all he was doing was staring at me

Hunter: Come here

I walk towards him as he leans on apart of the wall

Lily: Yes

Hunter: Kiss me

I did as he said his hands slipped down my back and squeezed my but then one hands moved up and cuffed my breast through my bra and before I knew it a light hit my eye and I was opened my eyes to see fairy lights blink pink and baby blue it lit up this room we was in which caused me to see the lay out he created in here a blanket two chairs a table and she sparkling cider

Lily: Hunter I love it

He just smiled

Lily: You have out done yourself

He took off his suit jacket and tie unbutton the top three buttons and and rolled up his sleeve

Hunter: I know you like chocolate so I got a piece for us to share it's the best cake I ever tasted too

Lily: Who cooked it

He smiled

Hunter: Me it's my grandma recipe and I wanted to make it for you

I dipped my finger in the icing and licked it off

Lily: Tasty

He bit his bottom lip

Hunter: I talked to you Father and Mother today

Lily: Why

Hunter: I am old school a little bit so I asked to have you as my girlfriend

Lily: Huh

Hunter: I wanted they're approval before I make my next move

Lily: WOW I never had a guy so that before I was always sneaking around I never really fully

Hunter: I know

Lily: So what is you next move

Hunter: I really like you Lilyanna and I want to officially date you so can we make this official

Lily: Okay

Hunter: Would you be my Cinderella and I be your Prince Charming

As he stepped forward I moved back

Hunter: Can you tame this beast in me as Bell

I turned my back on him

Hunter: Lily what's wrong

Lily: I don't deserve you

I whispered

Hunter: Huh

Lily: Why do you want me I mean I am just a well I am just me no one special just me

Hunter: Yeah just you the person who makes everything and everyone feel important even if he is just a driver for her dad

Lily: I am not perfect

Hunter: Who is?

Lily: This can't be real you can't be real I can't

Hunter: I want you Lily just you

Lily: Why I don't

Hunter: Stop it

Lily: But I

Hunter: JUST STOP!!!

He yells

Hunter: What is wrong with you why are you so damaged

Tears ran down my face. He walks over to me

Hunter: I won't hurt you I know how you feel this might sound crazy but I just want to love you Lily I have never felt for any woman what I feel for you. Please let me in.!

I just sat there with my back turned.

I turned towards him and in his hand was a necklace rose gold chain with a diamond Lily flower dangling from it. He puts the necklace on me then he sits on the couch like big bench and holds his hand out

Hunter: Will you lay with me

I grabbed his hand kicking my shoes off I did as told I laid with him while the moon kissed our bodies but when I closed my eyes I kept seeing Hunter all the memories hit me like a flood of how he just been there never changed just been there my heart started to beat and my stomach filled with butterflies I started to lose my breath a bit so I turned towards him. He was sleeping so good he looked at peace his string of curly hair was in his face a I moved it he moved a little then I touched his face God he is so beautiful next thing I know my lips was on his I was biting his bottom lip hoping he would open his mouth and once he did I slipped my tongue in as my hand travelled into his pants he woke up so shocked and confused

Hunter: Lily what are you doing

Lily: Taking a leap of faith

I climb on top of him unbuckling his pants as he takes my dress off and undo my bra he stopped

Hunter: What do you want Lilyanna

I stood up and he sat up we starred at each other for what like eternity

Hunter: I need you to use your words. What do you want

I took my bra slowly walked towards him taking his pants off

Lily: I want you I only want you

And before I knew it I was climbing up him kissing him as his hands caressed and squeezed every inch of my body while his tongue went to work on my breast sucking my nipples he picked me up and throw on this couch like big bench he starts kissing my stomach, went to licking my thighs he then puts his middle finger in his mouth getting it wet then he stuck it inside me moving it back and forth slowly I went crazy I twisted and turned my whole body I moaned and he looked at me while he was doing then when I closed my eyes I felt a warm sensation touch my clitorus

Lily: OMG HUNTER!!!!

Hunter: You taste so good

I moaned so loud I think I scared the animals away I grabbed his finger and sucked on it and he pulled his head up licking his lips he looked at me

Hunter: What do you want from me

I pulled him up as he took one lick and suck I laid him down and climbed on top I slowly sat down on his enormous penis and started to ride him slowly

Lily: I want you and only you

His moan dropped and he begins to shake he looks at me while I ride him while his one hand plays and caresses my nipple his other hand was squeezing my butt he licked my neck with every stroke then he buried his mouth in neck sucking like a vampire searching for blood then he flipped over me ending up on my back and he thrusts so hard and deep my back arched with his hand squeezing my breast he puts his finger in his mouth again then rubbed it back and forth on my clitorus in a circular motion

Hunter: Cum for me Lily

I was losing it I moan and scream but he never stopped thrusting and playing with my clit

Hunter: I can't cum unless you cum first ummm you feels so good and being inside you Oh oh my Gooooodddd you feel warm ummm cum for baby cum for me I want to feel you explode on me

Lily: Hunter umm Hunter ummmm ummm ummmh I'm cuming I'm I'm.

I exploded then I felt him burst inside of me and as I moaned for the last time he did his tongue in my mouth and the whole time he was kissing me he moaned and called my name and he was shaking a little bit. He rolled over and we both just looked at the moon breathing heavily

Hunter: Come home with me

Lily: No you got to leave tomorrow

Hunter: Take me to the airport please

Lily: But Hun-

Hunter: Your face is the last face I want to see before I leave . Please

Lily: But what about when you come back

Hunter: Keep the car and pick me back up

Lily: Are you sure

Hunter: I don't like you walking I don't care how close it is I will more comfortable knowing you driving where you need to go

Lily: Okay

Hunter: You want to leave now I think we both need a shower and I leave in 4 hours

Lily: Okay

He takes my hand and my shoes and then he picks me up and carries me back to the car. As we drive back to his place I see the sun start to rise it was so beautiful to see.

Hunter: Lilyanna wake up come baby let's go take a shower

I must of drifted off. We walk to the elevator waiting for it to come and he just kisses my hand while we wait. We made to his apartment and I I told him to take a shower first then after him I will go he offered the boxers of his I wore last time I was here since he washed them of course I took them and just put my work clothes back on

Hunter: Lily

He yells

Lily: Yes

Hunter: I left my black towel on the bed can you hand it to me

I walk seeing the towel and I knock on the shower door so he can reach his hand out but instead he opened the door and stood looking down on me

Lily: Here you go

He licked his lips and bit his bottom lip

Hunter: Join me

Lily: No you only have three hours left and you are already running late

Hunter: Join me

Looking at the water trinket down his chest from his face and of course his big friend I was not about do that again I just gained a little feeling down there

Hunter: Come on I need at least a taste before I go

Lily: Hunter!!

I yell as he pulls me in the shower. Pressing me against the glass my dress is getting soak he rips it off me and immediately began playing with my breast since I forgot to put my bra back on after we came back he grabs his soap lathering it in his hand he begin rubbing it on my vagina then my stomach up to my breast around my neck down my back and in between my butt

Lily: Hey!!

Hunter: Sorry. You want to do me

I grab the soap out his hand and started at his neck while he starred so deeply in my eyes I rubbed it across his chest where I see what looks like a bullet wound and further down what looks like a scare from a knife he had a lot of wounds on his body especially on his back I wanted to cry looking at them

Hunter: This what happens in war

Lily: I am glad you made it through

I kissed the one on his back and turned him around and licked the wound above his nipple on his chest while creeping my hand down and squeezing his balls he jerked a bit then he got on his knees spreading my legs apart he use the tip of his tongue and rubbed my clitorus causing my knees to buckle and of course after that he went in for the kill sucking my soul clean out of me.

2 hours went past and I was rushing him down the stairs

Lily: Told you we should have waited

Hunter: Calm down woman I will get there in time. Oh and here you drive

He opens the driver side door making sure I got in and we drove off to the airport with his hand inside me the whole drive

Lily: Really the whole way here

He smiled.

I get out the car as grabs his luggage and we go to where the plane is

Hunter: Kiss me before I go

I did just that we hugged and held each other until they called for the last call

Hunter: Kiss me once more

I did so

Lily: Call me when you land

Hunter: I will

Lily: Have a safe flight

Hunter: Wait by the phone for me and I will see you when I get back

He turned to walk away as did I

Hunter: Lilyanna

I tuned back

Hunter: I love you

My heart dropped

Lily: I love you too

As I turned to walk away tears came down my face. I can't wait til he come back to me.

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