Diamond in the Rough

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The Comeback Kid

Nevaeh: Here you go Ms. Lisa

Ms. Lisa: What's this

Nevaeh: My Two Weeks Notice

Ms. Lisa: You leaving me

Nevaeh: Yes

She turned her back and walked away and I left to go to the club and do the same thing and once I was done with that I had one more person to tell but I thought I should wait till she get home

Nia: Hey

Nevaeh: We need to talk

Nia: About you being out all night

Nevaeh: No but sorry about that

Nia: Then what

Nevaeh: I want to work with my dad

Nia: No

Nevaeh: What no mom I want to work with him I will work with him

Nia: Oh really now you making demands in my fucking house

Nevaeh: Mom no I just want to give this a chance

Nia: It won't work

Nevaeh: Mom I have been working so hard here but this is a chance of better

Nia: You sound stupid

Nevaeh: Mom I need to do this. It's all I could think about I want this

Nia: If you go work with him don't ever come back here

Nevaeh: But mom this is for us

Nia: I knew you would be the one to turn

Tears filled my eyes

Nia: Now if you go I don't ever want to talk to again

Then she walked away and I ran to my room and laid on my bed and cried on my pillow but while crying I heard my door open and so I look over to see who it was and little did I know it was Luke

Luke: Sister can we talk

I wiped my face and sat up so he could talk to me

Nevaeh: What's up kid

Luke: Sister you deserve to be happy

Nevaeh: What do you mean

Luke: I know you are not mom but sister you have made some sacrifices too for us

Nevaeh: Won't you miss me though

Luke: I miss you when you just go to work but you still have to go

Nevaeh: Yeah you do

Luke: Yeah I love you. You are my sister my big sister

Neveah: I love you more kid

Luke: Can I lay in here with you

Nevaeh: You sure can

He hugs on me and falls right asleep then my phone rings

Nevaeh: I was just about to text you

Hunter: I miss you

Nevaeh: I miss you too how is Paris

Hunter: Not as fun as it would be if you were here but I bought you something

Nevaeh: Yeah I bet and really what did you get me

Hunter: It's a surprise but anyways I wish I could taste you right now

Nevaeh: Hey I have some virgin ears here here listening

I put my phone towards my stomach and he put his hand over his mouth

Hunter: Sorry but um I'm feeling some type of way. How are you

Nevaeh: I'm fine

Hunter: It's in your voice I hear it

Nevaeh: Don't worry about me you focus on the reading of the will and hurry and come back to me please

Hunter: Kiss me through the phone

I did so

Hunter: Dream about me and I will see when I get back

Nevaeh: Okay

As I went to hang up

Hunter: Lily

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: Can we just fall asleep together

Nevaeh: Sure I will lay you on my pillow

Hunter: Okay

The next morning I woke up packing my stuff waiting on Hunter since he was still sleep on the phone with a Luke in my bed when I hear the doorbell ring. I run downstairs open the door to see a mixture of lilies and rose pink and yellow on the doorstep a card was in the middle so I grab and read it

Roses are red violets are blue my dear Lilyanna I can't wait to get back to you enjoy your day I love you talk to you soon


My Hunter. I run upstairs and grab my phone off the charger

Lily: Hey you wake up

He tossed

Lily: Hunter beloved wake up

He turned

Lily: Hunter baby

Hunter: 5 more minutes

Lily: Get up sleepy head

Hunter: Not yet I'm not done

Lily: Done with what

Hunter picks up his phone and flips the camera for me to see his penis. I gasped

Lily: Hunter!!!

I run to the bathroom and locked the door

Lily: What are you doing

Hunter: I heard you wake up and this happened I also dreamed of you too I can still smell your scent

I bit my bottom lip

Hunter: Show me something I want to hear moan

Lily: Hunter

Hunter: Lily

He says my name slowly

Hunter: Mmmm Lily I want you so bad I want to see you play with yourself

Okay sooo this is a first I have never had phone sex but apparently he has

Hunter: Lily turn your camera towards my body I want to see you wet

So I take my robe and stand in front of the mirror

Hunter: You look so good

Lily: What do you want me to do

Hunter: Take off your tank top

I did

Hunter: Take off your shorts

I did

Hunter: Set the camera on the sink and turn towards yourself

I did so

Hunter: You look tasty

I looked up to see him licking his lips

Hunter: Caress your breast for me

I did. He moan as I hear the covers moving

Hunter: Move your hand down and rub your clit

I did so and I let out a moan

Hunter: Mmmmm Lily

I closed my eyes and continued. He called my name so much I thought he was in the room touching me instead of myself and before I knew I was cuming and he was too then he looked at me with those piercing grey eyes

Hunter: Now that's a good way to start the morning

Lily: Yeah

Hunter: I can't wait to get back to you

Lily: How long are you staying

Hunter: Until the end of the week then I am back to you

Lily: Can't wait

Hunter: So how did everything go with you mom

Lily: I don't want to talk about it

Hunter: That bad

I looked down

Hunter: Lily

I looked up at him

Hunter: I am here for you

I smiled

Hunter: There she is

Lily: I can't wait to be in your arms

Hunter: I can't wait to be between your legs

He is so nasty

Lily: Talk to you later

Hunter: Yes!! In my glove department is some extra cash Tony should have filled the gas up I told him to I don't want you doing it.

Lily: You are such a gentleman

Hunter: And the silver key on there is to the apartment. That cash is yours just to have something extra in your pocket and ummm did you get

Lily: I love my flowers

He stopped and smiled

Hunter: You do

Lily: Yes they are so beautiful

He blushed

Hunter: Talk to you later

Lily: Okay

Hunter: Hey Lily

Lily: Yes

Hunter: I love you

Lily: I love you too

We hung up after that.

After hours of sorting things out I called Michael for directions.

Macy: I think that's it we put all the bags in the car

Matthew: So how long will you be gone

Nevaeh: Not long just trying this out

Luke: Can we visit you

Nevaeh: Of course

They hugged me and then I looked up to see my mom just standing there I blew a kiss at her then got in the car to drive off. Tears filled my eyes as I looked them through my rear view mirror.

Once I got to the house Miceal , Golden, and MJ was out there waiting on me

MJ: Who car is this

Golden: Don't worry about it

Miceal: Yeah not now

Golden: SISTER!!!!!!!!!

Nevaeh: Hi!!!

MJ: What's up fun size

Nevaeh: Wow nicknames already

MJ: Yeah this all you brung

Nevaeh: Yup

MJ: Cool I got it

Miceal: I will help

Golden: Soo

Nevaeh: What

Golden: This is Hunter car

Nevaeh: He wants me to keep it until he get back from Paris

Golden: Damn

Nevaeh: We talked last night and this morning

Golden: Yeah I know because he cut conversations short with Carsten because he felt something so he wanted to call you and see if you were good

Nevaeh: Really

I blushed

Golden: Sickening

Nevaeh: So you and Carsten

Golden: Are seeing what's this is

Nevaeh: Yeah okay

Golden: Anyways you need to get those marks off you body before talking to me

Nevaeh: Where!!!!

She points everywhere on my body and laugh

After settling in and having the help of Miceal, MJ, and Golden we got it all together except for my panty drawer

Miceal: Okay now that you are all settled in we need to leave real quick

Nevaeh: Okay

We hurry down the stairs and leave in his car

Miceal: So how are you

Nevaeh: I am good

Miceal: How did your mom take it

I just looked at him

Miceal: That bad it's okay I will talk to her

Nevaeh: No it's okay

Miceal: No trust me I got her.

We pull up to the company

Nevaeh: Why are we here I am not even dressed to be here

Miceal: You need to get use to coming here and looking at me I am in sweats. Remember it is all about how much you care about this company and being here. Live it breath it

Nevaeh: Got it

Logan: Mr. Noel I didn't know you were coming in today

Miceal: You good just stopping by

Logan: Need anything

Miceal: No I am good

Logan: What about you Ms.

Nevaeh: Just call me Nevaeh please

Logan smiles at me

Logan: Okay

We walk through as we did everyone stood up in reference to Miceal being here. Then we go to these double wooden doors and he unlocks the door to this big office with Windows all around I walk in and you can just smell the new paint and the freshness of the wall and there was a nice cherry wood rectangular desk with two apple monitors with a keypad, mouse, vase with flowers a comfy roll around chair it was black leather on the other side of the desk was two chairs and in the far corner a nice sectional black, and leather with a silver finish with shelves everywhere.

Miceal: What you think

Nevaeh: This is beautiful so much potential

Miceal: Have a seat over here

I sat on the couch he pulled up the chair and bent down in front of me

Miceal: I need to have a serious conversation with you right now

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: I need you to know this is a hardcore company and when dealing with clients it's a lot so you to have a Builders Mentality

Nevaeh: What is your Builders Mentality

Miceal: Excellent question well Builders work, they dig in the dirt until they find something solid, Measure Twice and cut once(Builders Mentality), Can I repurpose it, Does it has value, Watch how you move and keep in mind this scripture Proverb 4

Nevaeh: I know that one talks about building a foundation

Miceal: A wise man

Nevaeh: Yes!

Miceal: That's the mindset you have to have dealing with these people

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: So do as much research as you can and tomorrow will be your first day of training and you have to be prepared for early mornings and late nights

Nevaeh: Yes sir

Miceal: You like this office

Nevaeh: Yeah it's nice

Miceal: Good it's yours now decorate it how you want it but just know it's your second home and tomorrow you will have to do a mini presentation on what can be done about Lorenzo

Nevaeh: Okay

He walked away and I stood up

Nevaeh: Hey dad

He turned around and I ran up to him and hugged him so tight

Nevaeh: Thank you for this opportunity

Miceal: You welcome

We left and as soon as I hit the I went right on my laptop and did more research on Lorenzo writing notes and getting some stuff together And before I know it I fell asleep. The next morning I got up early reciting my speech in my head.

Golden: Morning!

Nevaeh: Morning!!

My phone rings

Nevaeh: Hello

Hunter: How is my tasty treat doing God this week is going slow I need to be inside you

He did not pay attention to none of my signs of me telling him to shush cause he on speakerphone he just kept going

Golden: Hunter!?

He looked in to the camera shocked his face was so red

Hunter: Golden hey I didn't know you were there

Golden: Well she over here with us

Hunter: My love you at the cottage

Nevaeh: Yes beloved I am at the cottage

Golden: Beloved?

Nevaeh: Shut up

Hunter: Congratulations I am so proud of you. When is your start date

Nevaeh: Today

Hunter: You nervous

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: Look at me baby

I did

Hunter: Remember what I told you to keep in mind and remind you got this

Nevaeh: I love you

Hunter: I love you more kiss me through the phone

I did. We hung up and I got ready to leave.

I get to job 30 minutes early to go set up

Logan: Hi you here early your dad is not even here yet had I known I would have got your coffee or whatever you like to drink in the morning

Nevaeh: I am good you don't have to do that for

Logan: I get your humbleness but I get paid to do this and you are apart of this company now so you matter

Nevaeh: Thank you

Logan: Can I take you the conference room so you can get set up

Nevaeh: Yes please. So do you know who is all coming

Logan: Far as I know just you and Mr. Noel

Nevaeh: Cool

I go get set up and set my laptop up with the little slide show I decided to do last night at the last minute. Then 20 minutes later Miceal walks in

Miceal: Good morning

Nevaeh: Good morning

Miceal: Your all set up

Nevaeh: Yes I am I think

Miceal: Good. Hey Logan can you come here for a minute

Logan: Yes sir

Miceal: I need waters for all 9 chairs in here and a bowl of mints in the middle put muffins on this glass table and set up the coffee pot and some mugs with cream and sugar and some stirs

Logan: On it

She goes and set everything while Miceal set there checking his phone with a serious look on his face

Lorenzo: Well Well Well little cutie you finally came around

Nevaeh: Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: Miceal said you had a presentation set up for me and I ran at the fact

I looked at Miceal confused. Then some of the sisters walked in looking side ways at me and making little comments I can make out. Then Kent walks in rolling his eyes

Miceal: Ladies Gentlemen we are about to start. Now some may know that Belle' do not work here anymore and as you know I have been interviewing all week on who would be best fit for her position so with that being said I would like to introduce to some and remind of Nevaeh Noel

Nevaeh: Hi everyone before I get started on my presentation I would like to give you some background about myself. Well I am a hard worker I love helping people; before I got here I worked two jobs one as a waitress in the day and at night a club promoter I have met people on top of people and one thing I have always tried to do is make each one of them feel special not because I wanted something from them but because I care for them. Lorenzo we have talked once before and the thing that is holding you back from being great is this whole situation with your ex girlfriend

Lorenzo: Right

Nevaeh: So with that being said

I clicked the on my laptop and Lorenzo face popped up

Lorenzo: Whoa you designed that

Nevaeh: Yes. Um so I took a look into Chris Brown situation which is similar to yours so I wanted to shadow what he did

Lorenzo Manager: So you want my client to cry on national tv well sorry but no one has died to whom he is inspired by

Nevaeh: This is why I said shadow not do the same thing may I continue?

Lorenzo Manager: Sure don't let me stop you

Nevaeh: Like I was saying the first thing I feel like we should do is a public apology to the world, your fans, and your ex. Now while I believe you that the situation didn't go the way she is making seem like it went and you have to keep in mind people who were actually abused domestically, as a child, and ect. I think a social media apology to start will help and go viral

Lorenzo: I am down so what you want me to say

He says as he pulls out his phone

Nevaeh: Stop hold on. Now it needs to be heartfelt and mean something and by yourself not something to read off a paper I need you the you I saw that day at the bar. The real you Lorenzo the world needs to see that

Lorenzo: Okay I understand. So what do I call myself now they use to call me The overnight sensation

Nevaeh: I am glad you asked. Which brings me to my next thing. You will be called The Comeback Kid

Lorenzo: Hey I like that

Lorenzo Manager: Its catchy

Miceal: So do we have a deal are going to start here or do you need further details of long term

Lorenzo: I am sold been sold since last year

Lorenzo Manager: I mean if he is good with it I am too

Miceal: Well then here is where you sign

Without reading everything Lorenzo signs

Nevaeh: The first thing I need you to do is make your page public take it off private but disable you comments no comments no problems okay

Lorenzo: Yes ma'am anything else

Nevaeh: Post everyday not about how you feeling about this whole thing that is spiraling out of control but about you life happy times smile more mug less don't smoke or drink any of these can make you look like a stereotype so don't be.

Lorenzo: Okay

He stands up and come towards me

Lorenzo: Thank you Ms. Noel

Nevaeh: Call me Nevaeh please

Lorenzo: Okay little Nevaeh

We laughed

Lorenzo: Thank you

Nevaeh: Don't thank me yet lets see where this go first and I will text you when I feel like it's the right time to go live with an apology

Lorenzo: Okay

Nevaeh: And be ready for the backlash and for the gossip sites like TMZ Wendy Extra all of them to pick up that you are showing face and know they will have some horrible things to say that's they're job but your job not to respond

Lorenzo: Ok its gone be hard

Nevaeh: I know but it will be worth it and you need to take this time to work on more music. And the next will be your apparel

Lorenzo: What is wrong with my look

Nevaeh: You are 27. Its time to look it the saggy jeans and oversized t-shirts are not in anymore

Lorenzo: Yes it is

Nevaeh: Then start a new trend be the change

Lorenzo: Ok well I am trusting you.

We shook on it and he left so I went back to my office where a huge bouquet red and pink roses in a pearl vase was waiting for me I went to look for the card of course Hunter sent these.

My Love,

Congrats on your first client I knew you would do great. Can not wait to see you soon this week is taking forever. Keep being great.! -Hunter

He is so amazing. Let me text him right now

Kent: Hey

Nevaeh: Get out

Kent: I don't want much just wanted to say good job on your first win. Hope to be working with you soon

I turned around and looked at him

Nevaeh: Thank you

He nodded and walked away. I went to texting Hunter


How sweet of you to send me these beautiful roses that smells amazing I have to do something real special for you when you come back . I miss your lips and your warm embrace; hope all is going well in Paris.

-Your Lily

I cant wait until he come back.

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