Diamond in the Rough

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Lorenzo: Is it on. Okay cool(Clears his Throat). Well to my dear my fans I want to take the time to formally apologize because not only am I hurting myself but I am hurting the biggest part of my life you guys and I love you guys some much you guys make me who I have become and when I get out hand I hurt you the most. Especially my little fans I don’t even want you to think what I have done in the past is who you are to be cause its not I will show you no we will be better together. I love you guys and lets beat this together. Renzo out.

That’s was pretty good man look at him out here getting better oh wait he posting a picture wait a minute my Lily why he taking a picture with here no I need to read the caption “ To little Miss Nevaeh thank you for helping making me better and being my camera man.. well woman and you are truly more than a good image consultant you are a great friend” fuck!! I don’t like this and how close they are no she is mine or maybe I am just tripping cause I like her hell I love her she means the world to me and I cant let him take that. Maybe I should just call her

Lily: Hello

Hunter: Hi

She looks so sleepy

Hunter: What time is it there

Lily: 3 am

Hunter: Its 7 am here. I am sorry I didn’t mean to wake go back to sleep I will just talk to you later

Lily: No babe I am up now so lets talk. Are you okay

Hunter: Yeah I just wanted to hear your voice

She rubbed her eyes blinked a lot of times and sat up and turned on her lamp

Lily: I miss you

Hunter: I miss you too my love

Lily: Hurry and get back to me I need to taste your lips

Hunter: I need to taste both pair of you lips

She laughed

Lily: You are so nasty

Little do she know she is my first lover and with every second after being with her I just crave her

Hunter: Did you get what I sent you in the mail the other day

Lily: Yes I did I am just glad G wasn’t here when I opened it a Dildo Hunter: You don’t like if not I can

Lily: No of course I like it I was just surprised

I looked at her for a minute and instantly I got hard as a rock

Hunter: Pull it out I want you to use it right now

She bit her bottom lip the put the phone down for a minute then she came back with it in her hands and she started it

Hunter: Put your phone somewhere I can see you playing with yourself

She gets up and put her phone on the dresser

Lily: Can you see me

Damn she look so good I gripped my penis

Lily: Baby can you see good

Hunter: Yes I can

Lily: I want to see you too I want to see you stroke yourself to me

I quickly put my phone on the tv stand across from my bed I sat there looking at her she sat there shy then she took off her tank to and her shorts

Hunter: You look so beautiful like that

My mouth started watering

Lily: Take your shorts off

I did exactly what she told me to do then we stared at each other again

Hunter: Hi

Lily: Hi ya back

Then she moved to the top of the bed laid back and started the dildo I sent her and once she puts it inside her all I could think of was my first time being inside her at the park in our secret place

Lily: Mmmmmh Hunter

She moans my name and without even knowing it I was already stroking my penis watching her play with herself it turned me on

Hunter: Lily

Was all I could whisper as my motioning got faster and it went from her being on the screen to me imagining her on top of me riding me as I lick and suck her nipples and her neck

Lily: Cum for me I want to here you scream my name when you cum

She sounds like she on the verge of popping herself

Hunter: (sighs) Lily (Sighs) Lily Lily Lily Oh my God Lily I want you so bad (gasp)

She exploded as well with her hand over her mouth trying not to scream to loud

Hunter: I love you

She scooted to the edge of her bed and grabbed her phone

Lily: Why do you get me like this. I do not do this but with you it feels so normal. I like it

Hunter: Same here

Lily: I love you too

She said turning red I took a Facetime photo

Lily: Hey no pictures my breast are out

Hunter: This is my favorite picture already

Lily: Nooo Hunter please

Hunter: No one will see this but me

Lily: Well I screen recorded this soo

Hunter: Wait you did what

Lily: I was gone send it to you and when I don’t talk to you at least I have you on my phone

I just looked at her

Hunter: Why do that when I can send you own personal one

Lily: You want one too

Hunter: YES!!!!!

We laughed

Hunter: Well I have to go shower and get ready for the reading of his will today

Lily: Beloved you got this I may not be with you in person but in spirit I am there I got you Hunter

Hunter: I got you too Lilyanna

Lily: Now go get em tiger. Kiss me

Hunter: Call me later

Lily: Yes Sir

I hung up from her and went to get ready.


Hunter: Yes come in

Woman: Wow

She looks me up and down

Hunter: Can I help you with something

Woman: Um yes Mr. Dawson is waiting for you in suite 4 conference room downstairs

Hunter: Okay

She is standing there and getting on my last nerve

Hunter: You need something else

Woman: Question is do you?

Hunter: No so please leave my room before I call your boss

She runs quickly. There is nothing more unattractive then a desperate woman. I say a prayer to calm my nerves and I leave out for the elevator. Making my way to the first floor going through to the conference room to suite 4

Mr. Dawson: Well well well if it isn’t the name with no face how the hell are

Hunter: Yup in the flesh. I am fine how are you

Mr. Dawson: Man I am great now to finally meet who you father call the smartest kid he had

Hunter: Is that so now you know it’s two of us

Mr. Dawson: Mickenze Hunter Wesalton right?

Hunter: Just call me Mick

Mr. Dawson: Well Mick you are the one he talked about daily

I looked at him

Mr. Dawson: (Clears his Throat) Lets move on to the video tape

Hunter: But we are here for a reading

Mr. Dawson: This is the reading and there will be something to discuss after the tape.

Hernandez: Well hello this tape is personally for Mickenze Hunter Wesalton well first thing first if you are watching this then it must mean I have finally decided to leave this earth. I want to know I didn’t give you my last name for a reason. So here is some history my father was a Mitchell so I went with it but my love for my mother runs deep as do yours for your mom my wife that is why when I got married with her your mom changed her last name for the sake of honoring your grandma and keeping the family legacy secure. Now before we into my will I wanted you to know something son I am so proud of you and the man you have become I have been hard on you and I know for you that has not been easy especially not knowing where you stand with me well I want to set things straight and say I am sorry for that because your mind for success is amazing and the love for your family is something that will make some woman the right woman not that well anyway let’s move on to my will.

I took a breath swallowing my tears and adjusting myself in my chair.

Hernandez: I Hernandez Mitchell hear by give all my assets, businesses, accounts, and Hotel to Mickenze Hunter Wesalton I give all that own to him as well the house in Paris and my Cabin in upper Michichgan and land in Novi all 673 acres. There will be paperwork for you to sign plus a year in Paris with time to travel back and fourth for your own business purposes but you will need to be vested here picking up where I left off and making it better of course because I know you will. Well son I love you and I speak nothing but blessing over you.

Hunter: Can I have a minute alone before I sign

Mr. Dawson: Yes sure I will right outside the door

Hunter: Thank you

When I here the door close I break down. I try to be strong but at times it’s hard so I just sit there and look at the paused video with my dad face on it. I take a moment then I call for Mr. Dawson then after getting the paper on order and signing everything.

Mr. Dawson: One more thing

Hunter: Yeah sure

Mr. Dawson: Your Father never named the Hotel he wanted you to do it

Hunter: Really

Mr. Dawson: Yes. And with the grand opening being next month for advertisement purposes I will leave the room once again so you can come up with something

Hunter: Okay thanks

How the hell am I supposed to do this I didn’t even know this shit exist.

Mr. Dawson: Hey anything

Hunter: Hotel Jené saquis

Mr. Dawson: Damn sounds like a hotel I want to get laid in but out of curiosity what is the meaning for why you picked it

Hunter: The Unexpected.

He looked confused

Hunter: Meaning Anything can your Jené saquis

Mr. Dawson: Okay well I know you are leaving today but I will get to working on designs and send it to you

Hunter: Um No I will draw something up and send it you when I land the airplane ride home will give me time to come up with something

Mr. Dawson: Whatever you say boss but Sir the reading for your mother and brother was read to them already and they didn’t get a much as you so I would not be so quick to tell them about this just yet

Hunter: Okay

I left and went back to my room to three messages left on my phone and it was from my Lily. Oh shit she did she did the video by herself damn she is better then me shit let me look at this later I got to pack I need to hurry and get to her I want to show her how much I appreciate this. I get to the airport and my plane is ready to board

Flight Attendant: Mr. Wesalton how are

Hunter: Fine thank you and please call me Mick

Flight Attendant: Yes sir we are so happy to assist you today on your personal plane so if you need anything I will be in the other room

I pull out my laptop and my phone and asked for a glass of white wine and got comfortable I started drawing what I think the logo should look like and how I wanted this logo not only on the building but I want it on every employee uniform after all that I must have dosed off because when I woke up we were in Michigan so I packed up all my stuff and rushed of to make seem like I got of one of the other planes I got on escalator going down hoping to see my Lily.

Hunter: What the fuck are you doing here

Carsten: Surprise I am you ride home and your car

Hunter: Where is Lily

Carsten: She had to do some last minute work so she asked me to

Hunter: Great

I just started walking to the car

Carsten: Well I am happy to see you too Jackass

But when I get to my trunk I saw a note laying there

Hunter: Hey what is this

Carsten: Stop asking questions and read it

Dear Hunter,

I wanted to plan something for you but I could be in two places at once so enjoy your time with you brother and when you think of me sniff this letter so be patient and nice to Carsten

-Your Lily

I sniffed the letter and it smelted so much like her

Carsten: Hey Romeo come on

I get in the car and he drives

Carsten: I take it you got the hotel since you went to Paris

Hunter: How did you know about the Hotel

Carsten: Dad showed it to me and he said he would and I said rightfully so

Hunter: Yeah I got it I have to be there a whole year to make sure things stay a float

Carsten: Damn well what about you and Lily you guy just started really dating

Hunter: I don’t want to leave her but I still get to travel back and fourth

Carsten: You not happy with though I mean yall haven’t even had sex yet I mean you aint even been with anybody how you think that would work long distance

He said laughing I just stared out the window

Carsten: Hunter yall haven’t had sex yet right

I didn’t say a word

Carsten: Wait a damn minute she had a passion mark on her neck and on her collar bone

I looked out the window he pulled the car over

Hunter: What you doing

Carsten: You had sex with her didn’t you.. HUNTER!!

Hunter: What man

Carsten: You not a virgin no more

Hunter: No

Carsten: Was she disappointed I know you didn’t last long

Hunter: She was very satisfied

Carsten: Get the fuck out of here yall did not have sex

Hunter: Would I lie to you

Carsten: So how was it

Hunter: It was amazing she got on top of and said she was taking a leap of faith and man it was amazing she fit me like a glove and she taste so

Carsten: Okay enough wow does she know

Hunter: Nope

Carsten: You gone tell her

Hunter: Maybe

Carsten: You got to tell her

Hunter: Why

Carsten: She already don’t know you a billionaire so a least she can know that damn!!

Hunter: Its embarrassing

Carsten: Maybe not with her she is different

I looked back out the window he laughed started back driving. By the time we got home it was dark and I was tired until I got off the elevator and opened my door to see rose petals leading up to a candle lit dinner set and saw Lily standing there in a red and black mini dress I dropped my bag and walked quickly to her grab her and tongue her down

Lily: Baby come on

I started sucking and licking her neck

Lily: Hunter baby come on

She pushed me back

Lily: You have to eat come on I got a whole list of things planned please

She sad out of breath

Hunter: Okay I am sorry I just miss you

Carsten: I just wanted to bring the rest of your bags up God I wish I can un see what I just saw I think I am going to be sick

Lily: Thank you Carsten

He walk off crying and mumbling

We laughed

She grabbed me by my hand and sat me in my seat and gripped my shoulders

Lily: I made you a little different and I hope you like it

I took the top off to see a t-bone steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli and in the middle of the table was a tossed salad and two wine glasses

Lily: I know you like white wine so I bought this from a market I was at

She popped the bottle and poured me some. My heart felt something

Hunter: Thank You

Lily: We not done yet

We talked and she asked me how my trip was and how she liking her new position then once we was done eating she went and grabbed desert it was a double chocolate cake with chocolate icing with strawberries on top

Hunter: You made this

Lily: Yes I do a little something

We ate cake then once our stomach settled she grabbed me and took me to my room and started taking my clothes off she started with my shoes and worked her way up

Lily: Now come on

Hunter: Where to now

Lily: The bath time to wash the airport off

Hunter: You getting in with me

Lily: No but I am going to clean you

She put bubbles in my bath water and it was hot man this feels good she grabbed my wash cloth and started cleaning me I just laid my head back and closed my eyes while she cleaned my body. Once everything was done she wrapped a towel around my waist and took me back into the room where I grabbed her and kissed her

Lily: Hunter wait I got you something please let me give it to you

Hunter: All I want is right in front of me

I pushed her on the bed and got on my knees

Lily: Nooo we got to stick to the

Before she could finish her sentence I slid her panties to the side and started licking her clit


Her legs started shaking as my tongue flickered inside her as I sucked her sweet juices she moaned and grabbed my head I took off her heels and ripped off her underwear then I flipped her on her stomach and unzipped her dress to see she wasn’t wearing a bra so I put my hand in the front of her dress caressing her nipples her body curved and a moaned came out so I stood her up while I sat down on the bed I looked at her then I turned her around pulled her close to me and I kissed every inch of her back then I turned her towards me we made eye contact and I slowly took her dress off

Hunter: Have I told you how beautiful you are

She blushed. I put both my hands on each one her breast

Hunter: Can I have a hug

She looked at me then she brushed her hand across the side of my face while I used my thumb to brush across her bottom lip then she wrapped her arms around my neck tight and I gripped her back while I buried my mouth in her neck sucking the side of it

Lily: God I missed you

I sucked harder on her neck then I bent down grabbed her legs and wrapped around me and kissed her before I tossed her on the bed I rubbed her thighs as I opened them wide to see how wet she was I put my finger inside her then I put my finger in my mouth then I put my finger in her mouth and while she sucked my finger I entered her and thrusted as hard and deep as I could and I can tell how deep I was because she was always trying to catch her breath in between while she scratched my back up and bit my shoulder. I put her legs around my neck and grabbed her hands and kissed her but before we knew the sun was kissing our bodies and finally we exploded on to each other

Lily: I cant feel my legs omg

Hunter: Sorry it has been a while

She looked at me and we both laugh while trying to catch breath.

Hunter: I to live in Paris for a year

She set up

Lily: I don’t think I heard you right

I set up too

Hunter: I will be able to travel back and fourth but my dad left me in charge of a piece of his property there so I to stay for a year

She grabbed my shirt and put it on and walked outside to my balcony my room and set out there. I didn’t know what to do so I froze there a minute then I put my pajama pants on and went out there to her

I wrapped my hands around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder she took a breath and I saw tears fall but I didn’t say a word

Lily: The last relationship I was in was hell and I promised myself I would never give anyone a peace of me like that because it took life from me and then out of a messed up world comes you this unexpected thing in my life and I tried I mean I tried hard not to love or like you but you just kept pushing and I fell now your leaving me

Hunter: No no I am not leaving you nor do I want to go without you. I don’t want to leave my first love and lover

She stiffed up and I felt the warmth of her palm on my top of mine

Hunter: What happens when life gives you Lemons

Lily: You make Lemonade

Hunter: Can we make this sour thing something sweet because my love you have me for life.

Lily: This won’t be easy

Hunter: I don’t expect it to be but I promise I will not hurt you we may have differences but I am here to stay that I promise

And I walked back inside went in my suitcase grabbed her surprise and her hair tie off the nightstand

Lily: Wait no

She ran to and reach behind the pillow and brung out a navy blue velvet box

Hunter: Really

Lily: Yes I couldn’t stop thinking about you so I wanted to make you coming back special

I kissed her

Hunter: Here you go

Lily: This is a big heavy bag

Her eyes lit up and she gasped


She start jumping up and down and running in place I got her a custom made huge tote made in Paris in her favorite colors pink and baby blue

Hunter: Okay babe stop look inside please

I had BOUCHERON make her a custom made Eiffel Tower charmed necklace and Paris theme rose gold charm bracelet and rose gold pink diamond ring 10k and also I got her a mini flare dress and chiffon scarf to go around her neck or lap it depends on her

Lily: You trying to out do me omg this is so beautiful I love everything

While she talking I got behind her and pulled her hair up in a ponytail

Hunter: Can I put your necklace on

Lily: Yes please

I did and kissed her neck after putting it on

Lily: What you think

Hunter: Beaty for the most beautiful person

Lily: Wait it says something on the side je- je- I can’t pronounce it and it’s the same word on my bracelet too

Hunter: Jené Saquis

Lily: What does that mean

Hunter: The unexpected which is you in my life. I didn’t see you coming but I am glad you stayed

Her eyes watered

Lily: My turn

She hand me the box I opened it to see silver dog tag chain in there one tag was red and the other was black and on one was you are my rose that grew through concrete and on the black one was forever I will be your Lily. I kissed her and hugged her

Lily: I know it’s not much but I wanted you to have something to take with you everywhere you go

Hunter: It’s the best thing I ever got to me it’s a lot

Lily: Oh I am coming back better I owe you

Hunter: You are all I need

Lily: Nope it’s war now

Hunter: Come on let’s go back inside

Lily: You are so nasty we need to shower and I just gained feeling in my vagina

Hunter: Yeah let’s take a shower

Lily: Hunter !!! {Laughing}

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