Diamond in the Rough

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The Jar and Lid

Daily Schedule:

3am FaceTime with Hunter

5:30am FaceTime Macy making sure she good and they all up for school

Go back to sleep until 8am to Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé my morning motivation

Me and Golden meet each other in the hallway dancing to it I get dressed

10am Head out to work

Logan: Hi Nevaeh here is your caramel frappe

Nevaeh: Thank you Logan

Logan: Your Father is waiting on you in you office

I walk to my office seeing Miceal looking at the flowers Hunter sent to me

Nevaeh: Hi dad

Miceal: He sends you flowers every week

Nevaeh: Yes he does

Miceal: How is he

Nevaeh: Good he says hi and he hopes Tony is doing his job the way he told him to do it

Miceal: Send him good remarks concerning Tony

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: Now down to work. I need you to get ready to deal with Lorenzo concerning his dress he needs to be more business casual not thug life wanna be

Nevaeh: Okay yes sir

Kent: Knock, Knock Hey there

I rolled my eyes

Miceal: Kent is he here

Kent: Yup she ready for this

Miceal: Yup come on Vae

Running to keep up with them we take elevator to the ground and once it opens up there were suites and clothes everywhere it was like one big ol closet I was amazed

Lorenzo: Little Miss Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Lorenzo hi there how are you

Lorenzo: Confused why am I down here

I look back at Miceal

Miceal: Because with a new attitude comes a new look

Lorenzo: I am good I don't want a new look I like who I am

Kent: Hey Renzo can I call you Renzo well look I understand I love how a dress too but sometimes a change needs to come

Lorenzo: First off my name is Lorenzo and the last thing I need to hear from is you telling how I need to dress I am a grown ass man and I want to dress like this

Nevaeh: Hey hold up come here look at me

Lorenzo: No look little cutie the only reason I am doing this is because I know I need to change but I can't be something I am not

Nevaeh: That is not what is being asked right now but like Miceal said with a new attitude comes a new look... Look you like Tupac right

Lorenzo: Hell I sorry I don't like cussing in front of you but yes I do like Tupac that's my role model

Nevaeh: Yeah I love him too but look he was all hood straight no chaser but as he got older his look changed he went from Thug Life to a grown ass man and if that meant putting on a suite. Honey he wore it and looked damn good in it too so now it's your turn show the world how versatile you can be I know you can do it and they believe you can now let's put that money where yo mouth is

Lorenzo: You lucky I think you cute.

Nevaeh: Hey you like me because I can help you be a better you

Debbie and Rose walk in

Debbie: Hi Lorenzo I am here to dress you today

Lorenzo: Okay

Rose: Right this way sir

Kent: Hey Nevaeh

Nevaeh: What

Kent: You want to dress me

Nevaeh: No

Miceal: Dress me

I looked at him

Miceal: I want to be more urban I feel like I and more old school but I want to do something a little different it is November and all I wear is black suites I want to switch it up now

Nevaeh: Are you sure

Miceal: I trust you

I walk over to the men's section and look at all the different things they have for men and I start to think I kept looking at Miceal and I look back at the clothes and I went in I started looking for a fall type of look and I got lost in creating a new look for him

Debbie: Okay here is the new and improved Lorenzo

Rose: Tah dah!!

Kent: Brotha you look uncomfortable

Lorenzo: I am I hate these tight pants you can see my dick and I am too tall for my ankles to be showing standing up my shirt too tight and this ugly ass suite jacket is horrible

Kent: Well you look stupid but let's see what Miceal has to say

Lorenzo: Where is he and little miss cutie

Debbie: Dad!!

Rose: Dad!!!

I walked out first and they didn't look at me they looked at Miceal in surprise so since it is getting cold I decided to go with a velvet burgundy suite jacket a black turtle neck with a some black slacks and some burgundy velvet red bottoms oh and a Gucci black leather belt

Miceal: What

Kent: Okay GQ

Rose: Wow Dad you

Debbie: Rose!!!!

Rose: I have seen better

Lorenzo: Now that's what I like not the turtle neck though but I like that

Miceal: Y'all like it

Kent: You look good sir

Miceal: Well thanks to Vae I got a new look

Kent: Good job girl

Rose: Yeah good job

Debbie: Dad you have looked better

Rose: Yeah Dad you have looked better

Miceal: I think I look good I feel good and this color is nice on me

Then he looked over at Lorenzo and bust out laughing

Miceal: You look stupid

Lorenzo: I know. I want to look like you but I want the turtleneck in camel color

Miceal: Vaeh go head

I did so. Lorenzo loved his look he was pimp walking and everything we went from dressing to just playing dress up and Lorenzo went live on Instagram recording the whole this of up dancing and act up well all except Debbie she just watched and left while Rose was stuck in between wanting to join but not disappoint Debbie

Lorenzo: What now

Miceal: Photo shoot supporting your mew album and then a club appearance and so on and so forth

Lorenzo: Okay little miss cutie you coming

Miceal: No she coming with me Kent will go with you to make sure you stay out of trouble okay

Lorenzo: Dang we would have had a lot of fun

Miceal: Alright y'all go ahead Vae come with me

Nevaeh: Okay

As we walked down the hallway I had to ask

Nevaeh: Why can't I go with Lorenzo

Miceal: Because you are my daughter and when I feel it is safe for you to hang out with him I will let you go but unlike it's Hunter you will go where I go

I looked at him for a minute

Miceal: You are my very important substance and I am you Jar and Lid to make sure you are preserved and kept in place

Nevaeh: Thank you.

He paused and looked at men

Nevaeh: Did I say something wrong

Miceal: No you didn't. Now let's go home

Nevaeh: But I still have some work to get done and I need to proof those pictures when they come up so I see what we putting out

Miceal: Vae

Nevaeh: Yes

Miceal: Let's go home we will worry about that tomorrow

Nevaeh: Okay

We left out but I got a call from Carsten

Nevaeh: I been waiting for you to call me back

Carsten: Yeah sorry I was busy with work but Um hey what's up with you

Nevaeh: I need help with Hunter I don't knew what to do for his birthday which is literally a month away

Carsten: Well I always take him to the strip club but he is no fun there he just like the food

I laughed

Nevaeh: I can't believe he is a Christmas baby

Carsten: Yeah he is December 25 but he don't be wanting nothing so I get lost at what to do for him as well

Nevaeh: I want him to feel so special he is always doing that for me so I really want to return the favor so maybe this weekend when he come home I will figure it out

Carsten: I have an idea I know what he would like

Nevaeh: Yeah what

Oh you thought I was going to tell you what we got planned. Ha nope.

After I got home I hit the bed and went straight to sleep then I was awaken by my phone ringing over and over again. Someone sent me a text messages oh okay it's Hunter. OH MY GOD is he sending me a video.. Wow it's turning me on so much I got to save this

Hunter: Now that we both have came I hope your day was just as wonderful as you are I love you my Lily talk to you soon

I love him so much.

Lately for me life has felt like a dream come true I almost want someone to pinch me because I must sleep I am finally working the job I want I have the man of my dreams I wake up everyday waiting for the other shoe to drop but it seems to be lost and I am glad about. I had to fix my mindset and change my mentality because I was so use to things not turning good for me that for myself I was always waiting for the worst and now that I have met better I doubt it when I shouldn't. I wake up and thank God everyday for not forgetting about me so I keep my promise to him I seems my mom money every week to make sure she has what she needs, I send my grandpa money too my moms father, and I make sure the twins are token care of oh and I make sure to send my tithes to my church right off the top! Just like Papa told me too.

{Ring, Ring}

Lily: I can't wait to see you

Hunter: I miss you too

Lily: How is everything going down there

Hunter: It's good I am just helping out

Lily: When is the grand opening for your friends hotel

Hunter: December 25th

Lily: Your Birthday

Hunter: Yeah I know

Lily: No!!!! But it's Christmas you can't work on Christmas

Hunter: It's just another day for me

Lily: Hunter it's your birthday that is not fair

Hunter: I got all I need for my birthday well before but I am happy

Lily: No!! I am not satisfied with this

Hunter: I am satisfied long as I got you

Lily: I want your birthday to be special because you are special

He blushed and looked at me

Hunter: I can't wait to hold you in my arms

Lily: Feelings mutual

Hunter: Well I am going to go get my day started and I will see you tomorrow

Lily: Enjoy your day and I will be the first one at airport

That man. What can I say.

After spending the day picking pictures for Lorenzo and watching how the party went with him and glad they played his song and he didn't fight or get into anything.

Nevaeh: All done I am leaving for the day so you need anything before I go

Miceal: Come sit for a minute

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: Can I ask you something

Nevaeh: Yeah sure shoot

Miceal: Are you and Hunter sexually active

My heart dropped

Nevaeh: Excuse me

Miceal: It's the way he looks at you and the way he touches you and you always have a marks on your body after he is gone

I'll be dammed he been watched me but let's be honest who would tell they're daddy they're having sex like "Yeah Dad he is railing me like crazy" no ma'am no sir

Nevaeh: I don't want to have this conversation

Miceal: So you are

Nevaeh: NO!!!!

Miceal: So you not

Nevaeh: I am leaving bye dad

Miceal: Stop being evasive!!

Nevaeh: Good Night!!

I ran out his office and hit the door running to the car

Nevaeh: Tony hit the gas and don't stop until we are far from here

Hunter: Where to my Lily

I looked up and saw those piercing grey eyes and before I knew I leaped from the back of the truck to the front kissing him and then I saw Miceal in the doorway staring at us

Nevaeh: Drive please

Then before I knew it Miceal was knocking on the window

Me and Hunter were like high school lovers trying not to get caught

Hunter: Hey Mr. Miceal how are you

Miceal just starred at us

Miceal: Back so soon I thought you only come back on the weekends

Hunter: I wanted to come back for her a little earlier

Miceal: How sweet

He starred at us again

Miceal: You two be good okay

Hunter and Nevaeh: Yes sir

We drove off I waited until we were in the clear and I started kissing and touching him so we pulled over and got in the back seat

Hunter: I am hungry

Lily: Well let's go to the store I will cook for you

Hunter: That's not the food I want

And well you know the rest was history he ate of course we made love in the middle of no where

Lily: Oh my God

I said as I zipped my skirt back up

Hunter: You forgot these

Lily: Hunter give me my underwear

Hunter: No I am going to keep these until we get back home

Then we climb up to the front and he drove off we just laughed and held hands when out the blue we saw flashing lights behind us so we pulled over and two officers got out they're car with they're flash lights and when they got to the window they knocked on the window

Police: License and Registration please

Hunter: Yes sir


Hunter: Sorry sir I was just reach

Police: MOVE AGAIN!!!

Lily: Baby just listen please

I whispered

Police2: Well well roll your window down sweetie

I did so with my hands up

Police2: Aren't you a tasty treat

Hunter hands got tight around the wheel

Police: License boy

He reached for it and the officer got real mad out of nowhere


Police2: Yeah you too hot thang

I was so scared then officer pulled out his gun and pointed it at Hunter and I started crying

Police: Tell me something boy

Hunter: Yeah what's that

Hunter is mad!! Oh God please don't let him do anything stupid

Police: What's a little nigga like you doing driving a car like this

Hunter: It's mines

Police: You selling drugs boy

Hunter: No

Police: You bucking up at me boy

They were having a stare off

Lily: No he is not officer

Police: Was I talking to you whore hey check that bitch make sure ain't no drugs on her


Before I knew it the cop hit with his gun and pulled him down to the ground kicked him a couple times I couldn't stop screaming and crying leave him alone but he didn't stop them to add insult to injury he kneeled down on his neck

Police: Hey come get his wallet let's see what he got

Lily: Get off him!!!

Hunter: Lily stay back it's okay I got this

Police: Move again bitch and I shoot the reason your little boyfriend looks like this is because he was resisting arrest

Police2: Um sir you might want get off of him

Police: Why another drug selling nigga off the streets gets me a medal

He showed him the wallet and stiff the officer got off of him Hunter was coughing I ran to his side

Police2: Sorry sir we thought you were someone else

Hunter got up and walked towards the officer who kneeled on him

Hunter: HEY!!!

Lily: Hunter No!!!

The cop turned around

Hunter: Officer Willis is it

Police: Yeah

Hunter: Good to know Remember this face

And he walked back to me put me in the car while looking at them and then he got in and drove off the cops unturned and went the other way. We were quite the whole way home. Once we got to the apartment Hunter started making phone calls and I went to draw a bath for him once he got the phone he came in the bedroom room I looked at him his face was scratched up and his bottom lip was swelling I took his hand and took him in the bathroom took all his clothes off and put him in the tub then I went to the bedroom

Hunter: Lily

I couldn't stop shaking but I didn't want him to see

Hunter: Lily come here please

I went in there and as soon as I looked at him I started crying

Hunter: Come here Lily come here

I did he pulled me in the tub with him and I fell weak on his chest

Hunter: Stop it I am okay

Lily: I thought he was going to kill you

Hunter: Stop shaking I am right here

Lily: I can't imagine life without you I don't want to lose you I thought I was going to lose you

Hunter: Stop it look at me Lily

I couldn't stop crying

Hunter: I am not going anywhere. Look you are stuck with me for life

He laid my head in his chest

Hunter: Don't ever worry that will never happen again okay

I just laid there hearing his heart beat. Then I grabbed the rag and started cleaning his face and his chest where he had bruises

Lily: I love you Hunter

Hunter: I love you more Lily

Once we got out the tub we laid in bed with his whole body on top of mine and his head in my chest holding me tight I held him the same way.

I don't think we will ever get passed this night but now I know the meaning of true meaning of why Miceal trust me with Hunter.

The next morning his swelling went down he was just bruised he never left my chest we didn't talk that morning he just looked up at me smiled and laid his head back on my chest and tightened his grip I just rubbed his head.

Hunter: You hungry

Lily: Nope

Hunter: You lie

Lily: I'm serious

Hunter: Yeah okay tell that to your stomach

Lily: Shut up

He lifted his head and I rubbed his face

Lily: Messing up my pretty boy face

Hunter: I have took harder hits than that in the army

Lily: And my body it's bruised come here let mama help you feel better

The next thing I know he pulled me by my ankles climbed on top of me and kissed me while squeezing my breast

Hunter: Turn over

I did so

Hunter: On your knees

I tutted my butt in the air like he asked. He grabbed my butt and squeezed it so hard then he presses his rock hard penis against my throbbing vagina pulled me up by my stomach and he whispered in my ear

Hunter: Can I blow off some steam

Lily: Yes

I just realized I was willing to do whatever he wanted to me to do with thinking twice he had full control over my body I don't think I ever loved someone this much

Hunter: I will be back DON'T move

I did what said I saw him go in his closet. When he came back he was naked with handcuffs and a blindfold he climb back in bed and put the blindfold over my eyes and then the cuff around my wrists then he pulled me closer to the head and locked me in to something I was still on my knees. It got quite and I couldn't sense him no where. Until he grabbed my neck and pulled me close to his lips

Hunter: You belong to me

This is turning me on

Hunter: Say it

Lily: You belong to me

He laughed and then he slapped me hard on my butt

Hunter: Say you belong to me

Lily: I belong to you

Then he licked my lips and bit my bottom lip

Hunter: Open your mouth

I did. Then I felt his tongue enter my mouth and he kissed me so hard while he fingered me so hard then his mouth traveled to my breast and his tongue played with my nipples as he sucked then he took his fingers out my vagina and grabbed me back by my neck and kissed my ear then bit it then got behind me grabbed my hair from behind and pushed my head down into the pillow spreads my legs and entered me full force and started thrusting so hard and fast oh my God he has never gotten this rough with me I guess this is him blowing off steam.

Lily: I'm cuming I'm cuming I'm cuming

Hunter: Who do you belong too

I couldn't do anything but scream he was hitting spots I never knew existed down there

Hunter: Lily

Lily: Yes yes yes

Hunter: Who do you belong to

Then he tugged on my hair pulling my head back a little bit

Lily: You I belong to you I'm yours

Next thing I knew I came so hard my body was shaking so hard and he was still thrusting long after that I had multiples of orgasms and once he stopped and pulled out I was still having orgasms my body would not stop shaking and I couldn't stop moaning and it was dark outside Oh God how long have we been. Damn he blew his steam off. He took off the blindfold and the cuffs and kissed me

Hunter: Did I hurt you

Lily: No

Hunter: Why are you still shaking

Lily: Don't ask questions

He pulled me close to him and swallowed me in his arms

Hunter: Thank you

Lily: I think I need to be thanking you

We laughed

Hunter: I am glad you were my first and you will be my only

Lily: I am your first. What do you mean why do you keep saying that


Lily: Hunter.. Hunter

He done fell asleep on me after blowing my back out Damn his grip is tight as hell even in his sleep. I am his first so you mean to tell me he was a virgin before me!! Oh we got a lot to talk about I am not letting this one go
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