Diamond in the Rough

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Not Use to It

After being with Hunter all weekend I be needing to sleep and recover he takes all my virtue.

{Ring, Ring}

Nevaeh: Hello

Logan: Hi Nevaeh this is Logan Miceal did not come in today. I don't know if you heard from him.

Nevaeh: Okay I am on it

Logan: Thank you

I get up to see what is going on Golden is gone so I put my clothes and shoes on and jog to his house and when I got to his house I saw a moving truck and Melana walking out with bags so just stopped and stared

Melana: I hope your happy

Nevaeh: Why

Melana: You ruined this family and my marriage that I worked so hard for

Nevaeh: You can't blame me for that

Melana: Well all was well until you showed up. So thank you I wish your life a living hell

Nevaeh: I refuse to receive anything you are saying and to lower myself to your level

Melana: You are a low level

She said as she walked off getting into the moving truck. It took everything in me not to knock her the hell out but I am trying to be a better person at least that is what I keep telling myself. So anyways I ran in the house it was dark and I looked for Miceal who was upstairs in his room.

Nevaeh: Miceal

He didn't respond

Nevaeh: You want to talk about it

He stood there silent. So I did not say a word I just stood there. it felt like a lifetime to me until Hunter called and I excused myself

Lily: Hello

Hunter: What's going on with you

Lily: Nothing I am fine how are you

Hunter: You lie

Lily: Huh

Hunter: I can feel it

Lily: What

Hunter: You are hurting

Tears ran down my face

Lily: I think I should just go home

Hunter: What why

Lily: Because I mess up everything I touch here

Hunter: But you don't

Lily: Melana just left my dad and he wont even talk he just been standing in the same position for hours its all my fault I just should go

Hunter: When you are pushing out purpose there is a lot of pain and pressure but you can not stop you must pull through

Lily: I cant

Hunter: Pull through Lilyanna

Miceal: He is right you know

I turned around and just stared at him

Hunter: Mr. Noel hi sir I will go and let you two talk Lily?

Lily: Yes

Hunter: I love you and you got this. Talk to you later

Then he hung up

Miceal: You sat there for hours while I stood there for hours

Nevaeh: Yes

Miceal: Come on lets talk

We started walking through the house

Miceal: When I met your mom. I met this little fire cracker who sparked my interest then one thing led to an other and I fell in love with her. I never knew she was pregnant but we talked about what we would name our child if we had a girl and I told her if a girl name her after my grandmother Nevaeh Lilyanna Noel. and here you are. Do not blame yourself for Melana leaving she wanted me to choose you or her and I chose you.

Nevaeh: But you don't know all of me

Miceal: As long as my blood run through your vein I will always chose you

There was nothing left to say.

Miceal: I like him for you

Nevaeh: Who Hunter

Miceal: Yeah he knows you and watches you a hawk when he is here and he major check ins with Tony to make sure you good

Nevaeh: Really wow

Miceal: You know he ask if he could date you

Nevaeh: Yeah he told me I was shocked

Miceal: Me too even though I know he was sneak taking you out anyway

Nevaeh: Not really he was helping me out by clearing my head with fun after being introduced to this side of the family

Miceal: I know but he just never showed interest in no one I thought the boy was a closet case until you came around

I smiled

Miceal: I feel like that about your mother. Well felt but um the way he is about you is how I was with your mom. It was lighting hit my body when I saw her and we clicked we were like a match made in heaven like you and Hunter I was willing to give up everything for her.

Nevaeh: Wow that's love

Miceal: Yeah love is a man willing to lay down his life for his wife and I know Hunter would for you.

Nevaeh: How do you know

Miceal: I am man baby girl and I heard about what happen with those cops

Nevaeh: It scared me so much but Hunter was like an bull with those guys

Miceal: Yeah he is good man don't lose him keep him and appreciate him trust me it goes along way for him

Nevaeh: Okay I will

Miceal: And stop having sex everywhere

I coughed

Nevaeh: Back home I go

Miceal: No no please stay spend the here and I want to spend time with you tomorrow so no work just us for a day

Nevaeh: Okay I will sleep on the couch

Miceal: Or you can sleep in the room I had prepared for you in here

Nevaeh: You sure

Miceal: Yes I want you to stay

Nevaeh: Okay

He takes me upstairs to this gold door when he opened it my mouth dropped this room is beautiful

Nevaeh: This is beautiful I love it

Miceal: Well get comfortable it yours

He left and I was so in aww

My phone ringed it was Golden

Nevaeh: What's up G

Golden: Hey I wont be coming home tonight

Nevaeh: Because of your mom

Golden: No I am out so I will see you tomorrow

Nevaeh: Are you out with Carsten

Golden: Bye

Nevaeh: Don't forget to wear a condom

We laughed and she hung up. I get comfortable in bed and fall asleep but it was hard I kept tossing and turning all night I sit up and grab my phone

Nevaeh: Hello

Hunter: Babe you alright

Nevaeh: I am fine but how are you

Hunter: I am fine

Nevaeh: You lie

He smiled

Hunter: I cant sleep

Nevaeh: Why not

Hunter: I miss you. Wait where are you that's not your room

Nevaeh: Its in my dads house. I will be spending the night here

Hunter: So no phone sex

Nevaeh: Hunter!!!

Hunter: I cant stop thinking about you I want to right next to you

Nevaeh: You will see me this weekend

Hunter: But I am craving you now

Nevaeh: You need to sleep

Hunter: Put me to sleep

Nevaeh: I am in my daddies house and don't know where he is and you want to put to sleep

He just smiled at me I hate him

Nevaeh: Are you still thinking about what happened with the cops

He starred down

Hunter: I have been through much more than that

Nevaeh: Army right

Hunter: Yeah

Nevaeh: I want to kiss every wound you have one day

He looked up

Hunter: I would like that

Nevaeh: So

Hunter: I guess I just keep seeing how scared you was and I didn't like feeling like I couldn't protect you I felt hopeless

Nevaeh: But you did though

Hunter: How

Nevaeh: You survived for me. You know how many males dying now a days

Hunter: Yes I know

Nevaeh: So I am glad you are still breathing and I am not mourning you

Hunter: I love you my Lily

Nevaeh: I love you more. Now

I sat up and pulled my cover down so he could see my breast his eyes opened wide then he sat up and smiled

Nevaeh: I wont do nothing because I don't know how thin these walls are so

But when I looked at my phone he was just staring at me my heart skipped a beat and time froze.

Hunter: Can I tell you something

Lily: Sure

He sat up took a deep breath. I got butterflies

Hunter: Thank you for coming into my life. I always think about things I want to change about my life but you are something I would do over and over again. You have changed me I don't show feeling often but with you I am an open book and I don't mind

His eyes teared up and so did mines

Hunter: I know it has been only a year and a couple of months but I really do love you. You are a God send because I cant imagine a life without you. I am sorry for getting so sentimental during a time of something else but I just wanted to appreciate you for a minute

Lily: I wish I could kiss you right now and hold you tight

Hunter: I would love that. So instead of masturbating to you I just want to fall asleep looking at you

Lily: Okay

I sat my phone up where he could see laying down and he did the same and we laid down and just looked at each other until we fell asleep. That was better than sex to me it was an intimacy I have never experienced before but I am glad it was with him.

The next morning I woke up and went down stairs to see the maids in the kitchen cooking

Maid: Can I get you anything

Nevaeh: No I am fine actually if you have somewhere else to work I can cook today

She smiled at me

Maid: Help your self and um

Nevaeh: Nevaeh

Maid: Ms. Nevaeh thank you

Nevaeh: For?

Maid: You wouldn't understand but we thank you

And she walked away I am confused but I took out some breakfast and made some coffee and started cooking

Miceal: Something smells wonderful. Hey Vae what you doing

Nevaeh: What just cooking

Miceal: I have maids for that

Nevaeh: I know I told her to do something else

He laughed

Miceal: Well what you cooking

Nevaeh: Well for you bacon, French toast, grits, and eggs

Miceal: I haven't had that in a while

Then he goes in the fridge and grab these spicy sausage and asked if I could cook those. We ate and talked at the breakfast bar

Miceal: So you don't eat meat

Nevaeh: Not for 3years

Miceal: Why

Nevaeh: Me and my Papa started it he wanted to do it and I wanted to encourage him so I joined and I like it

Miceal: Wow

Nevaeh: Yeah

We talked and talked then we left and went running then we came back I changed and we left and went shopping, came back and I cooked dinner.

Miceal: Girl you can cook

Nevaeh: Thanks Dad

My phone kept buzzing

Miceal: Who is that

Nevaeh: Hunter

Miceal: Answer it put him on speaker

My heart dropped I do not ever know what he is going to say

Nevaeh: Hello

Hunter: My love 3 days until I can

Nevaeh: Your on speaker and my Dad is in the room

Hunter: Hug you

Miceal just looked at me

Hunter: Hi Mr. Noel

Miceal: Hi Hunter how is everything down

Hunter: Um its going actually I will be glad to come back home though

Miceal: Yeah I bet. She misses you too

I blushed

Miceal: Now I will let you two talk I have something to do

Hunter: Bye Mr. Noel

He gave me the phone and whispered "Remember what I said" then he left

Nevaeh: How was your day

Hunter: Hard but its better now

Mj: Who you talking too

Nevaeh: How the hell

Mj: I have a key

He came and snatched my phone

Mj: Hunter what's good man

Nevaeh: Mj!!!

Mj: I heard you two getting all mushy last night I thought I was gone hear some phone sex but you got all emotional

Hunter: Ha ha

Hunter is embarrass I can feel it

Mj: I didn't even know you had emotions you so you. You know

Hunter: Well things can change

Mj: A woman will do that to you trust me I know

Every time I reached for my phone he held it up high so I couldn't reach it

Nevaeh: MJ!!!! Give me my phone

Mj: Shhhh we talking. Aye um real quick before my sister blow a vessel. Did you see the news

Hunter: Yeah I did

I cant believe he took my phone in the bathroom and locked the door I cant hear nothing

Mj: That should be a sign to all those racist bitches in the police force to mess with soldiers

Hunter: They almost touched Lily I didn't want them out there no more

Mj: Yeah I know but we handled them. You still kill the same way Wesalton

Hunter: You do too Noel 3 steps behind me

Mj: I will give you that brotha since you saved my ass in war

Hunter: Always we brothas for life that was our oath during war since we were both rebels

Mj: Do Vae know you for real and is this the gurl you talked about always getting back too

Hunter: No she don't I don't want to scare her and yes Peterson Park and the coney island

Mj: How the hell do she not remember you

Hunter: We were 10 when I moved and a lot about me has changed since then except my oath to her

Mj: Which was

Hunter: Finding her again and making her my wife one day

Mj: Call it fate

Hunter: No Faith

Mj: When will you tell her

Hunter: When the time is right


Mj: Shit I got to go she gone kill me

He opened the door

Mj: Bye

Neaveh: Hunter

Hunter: Yes my love

Nevaeh: Did he threaten you

Hunter: No we was just talking

Nevaeh: That's okay I am going to end him with a pillow tonight

Hunter: Babe no hey look at me

Nevaeh: I am looking

Hunter: I love you

Nevaeh: I love you too

We finished talking and called it a night but Mj was still up and around. I punched him

Mj: Damn you strong

Nevaeh: You took my phone

Mj: You really are crazy

Nevaeh: You don't know the half it

Mj: You have been a light since you got here you know

Nevaeh: How

Mj: Well I understand that the some of the sisters are not welcoming but you are a load lightener especially to dad

He says as he gaze out looking into the city from the my room balcony

Nevaeh: We haven't spent much time together

Mj: Yeah I stay busy working but we will have our time

I smiled

Nevaeh: Thank you

Mj: For what

Nevaeh: Being so nice

Mj: You are my sister. I don't care where you come from

I hugged him and he patted me on the head. We talked until the sun came up and I managed to go lay down until my alarm went off he slept at the bottom of my bed. Miceal came in and looked confused

Nevaeh: Morning

Miceal: You are up and dressed

Nevaeh: Yup. Going down to make coffee you want some

He just stares at me

Nevaeh: What.? Did I do something wrong

Miceal: No I am just not use to it

Nevaeh: To what?

Miceal: Someone taking this job so seriously

Nevaeh: Well if you don't work bills don't get paid right

Miceal: I am glad to call you daughter

I walked out and he followed
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