Diamond in the Rough

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Past Events

As a kid I was always the odd one out never really fit in so I just stayed to myself or with Carsten but as long I get to go to go outside I don’t care
Carsten: Hunter come on let’s go play
Hunter: Okay let my go get my shoes
Vita: You boys be careful out there okay
Hernandez: Boy come here
Hunter: Yes sir
Hernandez: Take care off your brother you make sure he don’t get hurt and if he does you behind is mine you hear me
Vita: Honey he is only 10
Hernandez: This boy needs to learn responsibility now. Gone now
Hunter: And be back around dinner that is 6 you hear me
Hernandez: Yes sir
I ran outside and me and Carsten went to Peterson Park where all the neighborhood kids go for some fun
Hunter: You got the basketball
Carsten: Yup and I am gone beat you again
Hunter: Yeah okay
The park is packed with kids
Hunter: Hahaha I thought you was gone beat me look like I am beating you!
Carsten: Shut up!!
Deleon: Hey can we play with y’all
Hunter: No we good
Carsten: Why not
Hunter: I said No
Deleon: Dang why not we don’t bite
Hunter: We good over here
He walked away I don’t like him he gave me weird vibes. We kept playing and that’s when I saw her this little girl
Carsten: What you looking at
Hunter: Nothing just shoot
Carsten: You looking at that girl aren’t you
Hunter: Shut up
Carsten: She is cute and I heard that is all her hair too
Hunter: How you know
Carsten: We in the same class
Hunter: Really
Carsten: Yeah can I call her over here
Hunter: Yeah
Carsten: Hey Lily come here
As she walk over my heart drops
Carsten: Hi Lily this is my brother Hunter
Lily: Hi Hunter I am Nevaeh but my friends call me Lily
Hunter: Hi Lily I like you hair
Lily: Thank you. So what y’all playing
Hunter: Basketball. Wanna play
Lily: Sure
Deleon: Oh so she can play but I can’t
Lily: Butt out D
Deleon: We want to play with y’all well at least me
Hunter: Look man I said no
Deleon: Do you know who my daddy is the biggest drug dealer in the west
Hunter: That don’t scare me
Deleon: Boy!!
Lily: D go over there and play ball over there leave him alone you big bully or I am telling your mom you picking on me!
Deleon: You wouldn’t
Lily: Wanna bet
She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow he backed off and walked away
Hunter: You didn’t have to do that
Lily: I wanted too you are my friend
Hunter: It’s getting late can I walk you home
Lily: Sure after you show me how to play basketball
We played for an hour or two then we left
Hunter: So where do you stay
Lily: Right over there. You?
Hunter: Back that way
Lily: Oh okay well I don’t want you to get in trouble
Hunter: It’s 5 I have to be back by 6
Lily: Oh okay
We talk and I walked her to her door
Lily: Hey Hunter
Hunter: Yes
She kissed me on my cheek and thanked me for walking her home.
Carsten: You know that’s rape right
Hunter: She is a little girl she just nice that’s all
Carsten: Yeah okay
After that I made sure to walk her home from school from the park and I watched her to make sure she stayed safe
Age 11
Vita: Hunter, Carsten come down please
Hunter: Yes ma’am
Carsten: Okay
Vita: Sit down we need to talk to y’all
We sat down and waited on dad to speak
Hernandez: Now boys we called y’all down to let y’all know we will be moving soon
Carsten: Why
Hernandez: Well I have a new job and it calls me to move to a better house and bigger too
Hunter: So we all have to move
Vita: Yes son
I looked down cause all I could think of was Lily
Hernandez: You don’t look happy boy
Hunter: I’m fine sir
Hernandez: That’s what I thought so y’all start packing y’all rooms
We left and went back upstairs
Carsten: Why you look like you just lost your best friend
Hunter: I’m fine come on just pack
Later on that night I snuck out the house and ran to Lily’s house I saw hear light was still on so I threw a rock at window she looked out and as soon as she saw me her frown turned into a smile I motioned for her to come out and she did
Lily: My mom is at work right now so you lucky
Hunter: I just wanted to see you
Lily: Happy Christmas Eve
She hugged me
Lily: I have something for you since your birthday is tomorrow Christmas Baby
I smiled as she went in her pocket and pulled out I rope like bracelet
Lily: Since your favorite color is red and black I thought you might like this
I smiled so hard and then I grabbed her and hugged her tight
Hunter: I am going to miss you my Lilyana
Lily: What you mean
Hunter: Me and my family are moving since my dad got a dad got a new job
Lily: But I am going to miss you
She said with teary eyes
Lily: I am happy for you but I am not who gone walk with me now Hunter you are my best friend
A tear came down my face
Hunter: I know I don’t want to go
Lily: Promise me something
Hunter: Anything
Lily: Don’t forget about me
Hunter: Can I do you one better
Lily: Yeah
Hunter: I will come back for you
Lily: You promise
Hunter: Pinky promise
We locked pinkies and then she stood on her tippy toes and kissed me on the lips and I froze
Lily: Sorry
I looked at her and I kissed her back her face turned red but she smiled. I ran back home after that knowing now that it was okay for me to leave but knowing that I would never forget about my Lilyanna and that I would be back for her one day!
Age 16
I hate high school my face is covered in acne I wear glasses now because without them I can’t see and I have braces my hair is long but I don’t do much to when I leave school I go to my job at McDonald’s since my dad say I need to make my own money and not depend on him I get bullied a lot because I am quite and ugly apparently but the only thing that keeps me going is getting back to Lilyanna one day I wonder what she looks like now I wonder do she misses me or even remember me I still wear the bracelet she gave me when I was 11 since I can fit it now. I saved all my money from work for college, prom, and hopes to one day start my own business one day.
But not only was I a weird at school but at home too I stayed in my room unless Carsten came in me and my dad but heads a lot. So I come down I eat then I go back to my room.
Vita: Son
Hunter: Mother hi
Vita: Dinner is ready
Hunter: Okay here I come
I go down and see my dad and sat at the other end close to my mom the dinner table was always cold and quiet
Vita: Hunter have you told your dad about what you planned to don’t after high school
Hunter: No I haven’t
Hernandez: Well what is it
Hunter: I want to start my own business after college
Hernandez: Okay
Hunter: A um car business where I can drive people around
Hernandez: So you want to be a taxi driver
He said laughing
Hunter: No bigger
Hernandez: Well have fun with that cause who you think paying for it
He said as he continues to laugh
Hunter: I will do it I am going to work as hard as I can and get what I want
Hernandez: That’s the only way you are going to get it not from me. All the bills I pay I don’t have no money to invest in you I am too busy investing myself and trying to maintain all of this put food in your mouth
I just kept my head down
Hernandez: Boy I am talking to you do you think I owe you anything
I didn’t say a word I just kept my head down. He got up and walk towards me
Hernandez: Who do you think you are huh
Hunter: No sir
Hernandez: You think you funny huh
Hunter: No sir
He slapped me
Hernandez: Why you think you so perfect I hate that about you. Sometimes I wish you you were never born! You ain’t no better than the next person get that through your head
I just looked at him
Hernandez: You think you can take me or something
Vita: Honey he wouldn’t do that
He stood so close in my face and I just stared at him as he looked at me. And once I went to my room I ran out the window and ran I ran and ran ran ran ran until it was dark and I was on a beach by a tree and I just sat there looking at the water I refuse to cry or show emotions so I just suppress a lot and move on.
Age 18
I graduated from high school with honor managed to save enough money for a car a honda core to be exact blue would have preferred black but hey you win some you lose some my brother says I pack my big ass in this little care but I don’t care it is my baby and I am happy to have it.! I am now the tallest kid from my dad 6’5 to be exact I grew out my teenage ugly stage and now I look a little normal. Got an offer to do 3 years in the army for a good amount of money and I took the opportunity. I spent a lot of time at my grandmas house she kinda took care of me as her own child she knew how her son was and she wanted to make sure I was okay all the time she practically raised me while my mom and dad worked I spent so much time with her.
Granny: Pop pop you going to the army
Hunter: Yes granny
Granny: I don’t want you to
Hunter: I know
Granny: But I will pray for you the whole time your are gone for a safe and stable return
Hunter: Yes Ma’am
Granny grabbed my hand and held it tight
Granny: I saw a girl on your future
Hunter: Ma’am what she look like
Granny: I am not telling but it is not that girl your mom want you to be with I don’t like her!
Hunter: Granny
Granny: What.. she gone make your life a living hell she is an animal not a woman
Hunter: Yes ma’am
Granny: Hunter my dear your future is so bright God is going to bless you because how you honor your mother and your father and me no one knows how much money you give me every other week I wouldn’t even tell they would get jealous especially your dad since he does the bare minimum when it comes to me but you my dear you have been faithfully caring for your granny. You gone make some woman very happy
My granny is my heart she is a Queen of Queens for so many reasons she had 5 kids 2 boys 3 girl all of which she raised on her own treated them equal even though she had her own personal relationship with each one for some odd reason my father always felt like she hated him which was not true at all but he was dealing with his own demons of being a life long victim never causing anyone problems the older I get the more I see how messed up my dad is as much as I love him I pray to never be like him.
Granny: Now I want you to keep God first as you out into war and know that all things will fall in to line for you
Hunter: I will FaceTime you everyday or as much as I can
Granny: You better!
They had an going away party for me all my friends and family came to see me off but it was something I had to do before I left the next morning.
Carsten: I don’t want you to go brother
Hunter: I will be back
Carsten: You promise
Hunter: Yes I promise
Carsten: Don’t fucking leave me here I will kick your corps and choke you in the casket I mean it
He said with tears in his eyes I just grabbed him and hugged him he meant well he just has a dark sense of humor.
Once the house is quite and everyone is either gone or sleep I make my out the house and I drove to Peterson Park which looks so bad now if I ever get rich on my own I will build this park back up then I see her running across the street to this club so I followed once I got past security I saw he dancing in the middle of the floor shining like the bright light she is and it made my heart melt my Lilyanna she danced all night then for a quick minute we made eye contact she just smiled at me and winked before walking into the arms of this thug like looking dude. Wait what is this I am feeling something in me is burning and I can just see myself choking this dude. Looking down at the bracelet she gave me when we were kids I will still keep my promise I will be back for you and you will be mine!
Army Life
They trained us like dogs
3am: They wake us up to plank in mud while the stand on our backs
6am: We ran
9am: We fight and do boot camp train
12pm: Shooting targets
3pm: Finally eating
6pm: Work out and Shower
9pm: In bed
I stayed to myself a lot there and really just trying to stay out the way
Mj: Yo what’s up I am Mj
Hunter: Hi Hunter
Mj: Can I sit here
Hunter: Sure
Mj: These guys here are a mixture of dumb and stupid
Hunter: Yup that’s why I stay to myself
Mj: Me too so where you from
Hunter: Michigan
Mj: Me too Detroit
Hunter: Same
Mj: I knew you was one of me
I laughed
Hunter: So I guess that means you got my back I got yours
Mj: Hell yeah especially since we like the only two almost black people in here
We kept each other safe all through training we end up calling each other brothers.
Mj: We go out in the battle field tomorrow
Hunter: Yup
Mj: Look
He show me a picture of a woman naked
Hunter: Bro I think she wants this just for you so keep it
Mj: She is my reason to come home I love this girl
Hunter: Good for you
Mj: So what is your reason to come home
I sat there and looked at the sky.
Hunter: Her name is Lilyanna
Mj: Really you got a picture of her
Hunter: No just this
I held up my wrist
Mj: She got you that bracelet
Hunter: Yeah I was 11 and she was 7
Mj: Is that considered rape on you in the end
We laughed
Hunter: I fell in love with her then
Mj: How old are you
Hunter: 18
Mj: So she like 14 now
Hunter: Yes and fine as fuck
Mj: You a pedophile
Hunter: Fuck you bro
Mj: I mean hey its only what a four year difference
Hunter: Yeah she is the same age as my brother
Mj: So it aint that bad I mean she 12 so
Hunter: Yeah I guess but I do like her though
Mj: Well tomorrow keep her on you’re mind tomorrow
Hunter: I will
2 years in…
MJ: Hot as hell in Iraq
Hunter: Who you telling that’s why I just wore this beater
MJ: Yeah what you these foreign girls going crazy looking at you
Hunter: Shut up
Mj: I am going to go say hi
I watched around while he went to flirt when I saw some guys come towards him I ran over and shot in air but before I knew it I had a bag over my head and was thrown into a vehicle.
Trying not to panic I whispered Mj name
Mj: I’m here
Hunter: We gone get out this okay
Mj: I don’t know man I hope so
Hunter: Stay calm Mj
Mj: Miceal Jr
Hunter: What
Mj: My real name is Miceal Jr I was named after my Father I am apart of the Noel family
Hunter: Why are telling me this
Mj: So you know where to go and pay respects when I am gone
Hunter: Naw fuck we getting out of here you hear me both of us come on man get yo head in the game
The car stopped and I heard them speaking in another language before they opened the trunk they dragged up out the car putting ropes around our feet and dragging us to this warehouse where a pit bulls with foam coming from they’re mouth they hung us upside down
Man: Americans
We looked at him but then I started to look around and see how I can get us out of this. Then the man picks up a knife help it to my neck
Man: I should cut off you head
I looked at him.
Man: But first where are your army’s
I didn’t say a word. So they began to beat us but we didn’t talk they whipped us with a whip almost all night we were beaten so bad I could only see out one eye barely. They tortured us but we didn’t talk. The moment we were left alone I tried to get Mj attention
Hunter: Mj
He didn’t answer
Hunter: Mj come on man we gone get out of here
Mj: Tell my dad I didn’t die a punk
Hunter: No
Mj: Please man I don’t think I am going to make it
Hunter: Where you from
Mj: Detroit
Hunter: And what are we
Mj: Figh
Hunter:Say it
Mj: Figh
Hunter: SAY IT!!
Man: Are you boys ready to talk now
We said nothing
Man: Okay then you die
Hunter: You are a bitch you know that
Man: What you say
Hunter: You are a Bitch
Before I knew it I blacked out and when I came to I was be treated by a nurse
Hunter: Where am I
Nurse: Whoa easy there cowboy you took a hit
Hunter: Where is
Mj: Right here Ranger *coughs*
Hunter: How the hell did we get out
Mj: You brotha
Hunter: What
Mj:: You went real dark then you Hulk down the whole place put me you killed all of them cut me down and we limped as far as we could until we couldn’t and then boom someone found us and brung us here
Hunter: I did
Mj: I knew we were dead but you my friend are a beast out there I something was up because your eyes changed bro you got major darkness in you. You are full of rage!!!
I just looked up at the ceiling
Mj: Hey
I looked over
Mj: I owe you my life man
He held his fist out and I fist pound him back.
Welcome Home….
I got dropped off at my Grandmas house man am I glad to be home even though I have some brothers from another mother I am glad to be home. Once I open the door everyone pops out screaming Surprise
Granny: Welcome home pop pop I been praying for you a safe return
Hunter: Granny I missed you
Vita: SON!!!!! Oh my you have muscles now!
Hunter: Hi mom
Carsten: Hey um so I have question. How boyfriends did you have to make to survive
Hunter: Don’t make me hurt you
Carsten: Brother!!!!
Hunter: What’s up kid
Carsten: Glad you home man
We hugged
Hunter: You getting soft on me
Carsten: No!
I looked over to see my dad just stare and walk off.
Carsten: So you meet any foreign girls
Hunter: None that caught my eye
Carsten: Any men catch your eye
Hunter: You want to make to your next birthday
Carsten: Hey I had to ask
Hunter: Don’t play with me
Carsten: So how was it out there
Hunter: Just you got to do what you got to do to survive
Carsten: That bad huh
Hunter: Yup now where is the beer
Carsten: So can I have one
Hunter: Bro you 17
Carsten: Come on look I can either do it with you or with some friends its your choice
Hunter: Boy
Carsten: Please bro
Hunter: Here but don’t say nothing or act weird
Carsten: Yes!!! But wait lets toast
Hunter: To what?
Carsten: You coming home!!! Welcome back bro
We ate food drunk played basketball and other games we had fun until it was dark outside and then little by little everyone started to leave and since Carsten drove my car here he went home with mom and dad I decided to stay home with granny and once she went to bed I left. Since it was close to Halloween I decided to see of that teens club was still open in the neighborhood boy was it packed I parked my car and stood in line to get in
Bouncer: Let me see some ID big fella
Hunter: Yes sir
I showed him he looked at me
Bouncer: Go head
Once I passed that part a lady was standing in front of the main door
With a box
Lady: Hi hot stuff take and have fun
She gave me a mask and I put it on and entered the crowded place took the stairs up to the top level to get a better view and I searched and searched and not once did I see her maybe she moved on in life and I missed out
Woman: Welcome home
I didn’t look up didn’t really care
Hunter: Thank you
Woman: I am Lily what is your name
I just know I froze and looked up she smiled at me her
Hunter: I am Batman
Lily: Okay Batman then I am Wonder Women
She has tattoos now damn she look so good
Hunter: How many
Lily: How many?
Hunter: Tattoos
Lily: 7
Hunter: Where
She began to show me the ones on her arms and wrist and the one on her back and the lily flower on each corner of her chest and the one her leg
Hunter: Those are beautiful
Lily: So are you eye
I winked at her she blushed
Lily: Lets dance!!!
Sean Paul “Temperature” started playing and she grabbed my hand leading me the middle of the dance floor and she started grinding her butt on me and hip rolling all over me and her butt was so soft and big she was making hard with every move but I matched her by grinding back on her and gripping her hips. She smelled so good and I held on to her tight and it felt like that moment lasted a lifetime and she turned towards me our eyes connected and it seemed as everything slowed down once the song was over she lead me to where the drinks were
Lily: You can keep up I like that
Hunter: You not so bad yourself
Lily: You live around here
Hunter: No just visiting
Lily: Well you can always come visit here and dance with me
I smiled then I hear a slow song play so I reached out my hand she took my hand and I pulled her close and w danced slow to Beyonce “Still in Love” I laid my head on top of hers and we swayed side to side
Lily: I feel like we met before
I chuckled
Lily: Okay we are in the moment say your favorite line from one of your favorite movie
I thought to myself was could I possibly say that wont mess up the moment and then it hit me so I whispered
Hunter: Can I keep you
She look up at me and smiled
Lily: I love it Casper
After that I offered to drive her home but she said no she left with her friends and I left on cloud nine.

Age 22…
[Ring, ring]
Hunter: Hello
Vita: Hey son can you come over to the house
Hunter: Yes ma’am
[Ring, Ring]
Hunter: Hello
Hunter: My guy what’s up
Mj: Aye you still trying to get your business off the ground
Hunter: Yeah man why
Mj: Well my grandma just fired her driver because he told her personal business to TMZ think you can take his spot
Hunter: Yeah when
Mj: Tomorrow at 9am
Hunter: Bet I got you
Mj: Aye come correct cause um granny don’t play
Hunter: Trust me I got that in the bag
Mj: Alright see you tomorrow solider
Hunter: Copy that
Since I been back I was able to get my own place a better car well truck now and I am working on my own business. I get to my mom and dad place and dread going in
[Knock, Knock]
Carsten opens the door with a funny look on his face
Hunter: What’s up bro
Carsten: They are fucking sick
Hunter: Huh
Hernandez: Hunter living room now
I looked Carsten and he just shook his head as I walk into the living room I see a woman standing there smoking as she fix her lipstick
Hernandez: Hunter meet Nicolette
Nicolette: Hi
She was tall skinny with long hair she didn’t spark anything in me at all but she stood there with her arm out waiting for me to kiss her hand
Hunter: Hi
She looked surprised and pulled her hand back.
Hernandez: That’s rude boy she came all this way to see you treat her with some respect
Hunter: I said hi
Hernandez: Carsten take her to another room please
Carsten: Okay
Nicolette: Yummy your cute
Carsten: Eww no
The doors closed after them
Hernandez: What the hell is your problem I bring you a woman home and you just completely dismiss her
Hunter: She is not my type
Hernandez: Well make her your type I will not deal with you acting like this because in this house all my boys marry women
Hunter: And what is that suppose to mean sir
Hernandez: Nigga I know you gay and that is why you haven’t dated yet
Hunter: Sir with all respect
Hernandez: Walk light boy
Hunter: I am not gay
Hernandez: Yeah whatever all I know is you are going to go in there act like you like this girl marry her
Hunter: But sir that is not
Hernandez: Conversation over
And he bumped me out his way and left and I just stood there thinking what the hell just happened.
Vita: Son
Hunter: Hi mom
Vita: Your Father can be harsh at times but don’t mind it
Hunter: I don’t want to get to know her I don’t even like her
She grabbed my hand and sat me down and sat next to me
Vita: Son look at me I need you to do this for me please
Hunter: Huh what do you mean
Vita: I need you to date her for 6 months then marry her once you do this me and your father will give you a house please son do this for me
I just looked at her. While everything was going on I just sat there I couldn’t hear or see anything or anyone I just sat there
The next Day…
I didn’t have time to talk to think about what was happening I had a one track mind that day. Make sure the car was clean waters in the back make sure my suit is not dirty make sure car smells good oh and peppermints
I get to the address MJ gave me and I arrived 30 prior to the time I was supposed to show up.
Sylvia: Your early
Hunter: Hi I am Mickenze Weaselton I will be driving you today
Sylvia: This is the list of places I need to go
Hunter: Yes ma’am
I made sure she go in the car and I drove from one place to another, she took phone calls and I once look as if I was interested in what was going on I drove and minded my business, I didn’t talk I just drove.
Sylvia: How old are you
Hunter: 22 years old ma’am
Sylvia: What is your background
Hunter: Army ma’am
She looked at my eyes through the mirror
Sylvia: It’s more to you than that
Hunter: What do you mean ma’am
Sylvia: You have some act right
I laughed
Hunter: Thank you ma’am
Sylvia: What is your last name again
Hunter: Weaselton
Sylvia: You Hernandez boy
Hunter: Yes ma’am
Sylvia: Wow I know your people
Hunter: You do?
Sylvia: Yes I remember you as a boy always observing never butting in
I looked at her
Sylvia: Why start your own business when you come from money
Hunter: It’s my Fathers money I want to create my own
Sylvia: I like you Mickenze
Hunter: Thank you ma’am
We got back to her home and I opened her door giving her a hand out from my truck
Sylvia: Is this your truck
Hunter: Yes ma’am it is
Sylvia: let’s talks Escalades tomorrow same time Mickenze
She said as she walked to the house and I was excited.
6 months later..
As I look in the mirror in the mirror adjusting my tie I think of the good things that are happening for me my business is growing I was able to hire drivers and get more cars and to think it only took one ride with Mrs. Sylvia. I still drive her and now her son.

Carsten: I can believe you are doing this
Hunter: Smile and Nod
Carsten: You drunk aren’t you
Hunter: Yup
Carsten: Only cause dad want that deal
Hunter: Smile and Nod
The wedding went on she was happy and I was there she cried and said her speech I thought only of Lily hoping she is not doing what I am doing. Pictures flashed people congratulated me and her I was just there like a robot waiting for this shit to be over.
Nicolette: This room is nice as hell
She looked at me as she started to take off her wedding dress. I pulled out my laptop and went back to working on my business
Nicolette: You know I ain’t won’t this either but since we here we might as well make it work
I felt a little bad.
Hunter: What you want
Nicolette: Can we kiss or at least can I kiss you
She was looking at my pants. I thought about it and I moved the laptop I closed my eyes and when I opened them all I saw was Lily. She kissed me and my neck and she climbed on top of me and before I knew it I called out her name right when unzipped my pants
Nicolette: Seriously
Reality set in
Hunter: Shit I’m sorry
Nicolette: I’m down here sucking yo dick and you thinking of another bitch wow but hey whatever gets us through the night I will whoever you want me to be
She said as she licked the head of my penis
Hunter: Yeah um I not feeling this can we stop
I said tucking my penis back in my pants
Nicolette: So that’s it you gone get up and walk away
I went to the bathroom and closed the door I thought of Lily all night.
Years went by and me and Nicolette drew farther apart. My business grew bigger and I am now known as the Billionaire with no face now don’t like media but I love working so I prefer to keep it like this
My father became sick and little did I know Nicolette was too
After Burying Nicolette I started taking a hard look at my life as much as I hate to admit it I got everything I wanted but what I need I don’t have and even though I never can forget about her I just wonder was it too late I spent so much time working and being a gentleman since I was married that I never even looked or considered another woman and of course I’m not stupid I know people think I am gay which is not true but look at like this it’s not often you hear about a man saving his self for one woman it’s always the other way around. And once I saw her at the Coney Island I decided too much time went by and cutting all my loses with her is what I planned to do one last note one last smile to see one last moment and that’s it keep my Lily as a past event even though she would always be in my heart.
[Ring, Ring]
Hunter: Hello
Miceal: I need a favor please I am about to text you the address I need you there tomorrow please
I looked at the address and my heart dropped
Hunter: Sir I don’t think I can
Miceal: Please man I can only trust you with this
Hunter: Okay

Well you know the rest from here. I guess if it’s meant to be in due time it will happen and when you have faith and wait you can have it all.!

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