Diamond in the Rough

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Best Birthday!!

I hate that Hunter will be out of town for his birthday but with everything I got going on here I can’t just leave without my work undone

Miceal: Lorenzo looking and doing good
Nevaeh: Thank you I am trying
Miceal: I think he like you too
Nevaeh: Not my cup tea
Miceal: Thank God .. You know Hunter birthday is Friday
Nevaeh: Yup I know.. It’s Christmas Day
Miceal: And I know you got something cooking and also I want you to know if you do decide to go see him tickets are on me
Nevaeh: Well I kind of need to talk to you about something

After talking to my Dad I left and went home waiting for Hunter to call

[Ring, Ring]

Lily: Beloved is that you
Hunter: I wish you were here to see how beautiful this Hotel is
Lily: I wish I could see it too. How come every time we talk you have no shirt on
Hunter: Does it turn you on
Lily: I am sending you a birthday gift and I hope you like it
Hunter: If it’s nope you on my bed with you legs spread wide open for me to eat then I don’t want it
Carsten: Sure wish I can un hear that
Hunter: What the hells are you doing here
Carsten: Well someone sent me with gifts
Lily: Thank you Carsten
Hunter: Not what I want
Carsten: Alright Lily me and Mr. Legs eater got to talk
Hunter: This is my phone and I want to say bye
He runs in the bathroom with me on the phone

Hunter: Welp not gone be the night I want

I can hear Carsten banging on the door

Hunter: I hate him but I love you and I hope you have an amazing night

I pulled out my vibrator and he laughed

Hunter: I really hate him I am going to kill him
Carsten yells I love you too my Lily

He hung up the phone I realized it was one more thing I have to do

December 25

Carsten: Happy birthday bro
Hunter: Thanks
Carsten: Why you like you actually care about the birthday and why you look so sad
Hunter: Nothing man I am fine the Grand opening is today so let’s just enjoy getting people in here
Carsten: Do she know this your hotel
Hunter: No she don’t she thinks I am helping a friend
Carsten: You have to stop lying to her
Hunter: Do you know how angry she would be at me to know the truth and that I am not who she think I am. She would hate me forever and I can’t have that not after waiting this long to have finally got her back
Carsten: Your Lily.. You have waited basically your whole life for her.. You even still wear the bracelet she gave you when we were kids
Hunter: I can’t lose her again took too long to get back to her
Carsten: If only she knew who you really are brother she would accept it
Hunter: And how do you expect that
Carsten: Because love conquers over all
Hunter: For you to be a dumb ass sometimes you say some smart shit
Carsten: Fuck you. Now let’s go see what you built

Hours go by and they greet and welcome everyone who was getting a room. Carsten made Hunter wear a “It’s my birthday” pin on his suit and all the ladies pinned money along with they’re number hoping he would call them later

Carsten: I hate you get all the ladies with just a smile and I have have to try and form a conversation and still don’t get notice that much just ain’t fair
Hunter: Shut up
Carsten: Why you keep checking your phone
Hunter: Looking at the time
Carsten: You do know it’s a big time difference and when she is free she will call so please spare the tears princess
Hunter: Shut up it’s getting late I am going to my room
Carsten: Oh no Cinderella you not getting off that easy to the bar we go

He said pushing him toward the ballroom and Hunter stops him

Carsten: What the fuck man there is a party going on in here lets go in grab some drinks and then to your room you can go so you cry your heart to sleep
Hunter: No
Carsten: Look man just one drink that’s all I ask just one and I will let you go
Hunter thought long about it and decided to just go ahead.
And when Carsten bust open the doors everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!! Scaring the hell out of Hunter he turned so red and almost ran out the hotel everyone was in red in black Christmas decorations was red and black with an open bar a Dj window view to the river with the prettiest night lights a buffet from his favorite Mexican restaurant a gift table filled with gifts and a 4 tier marble cake with cream red and black icing.

Hunter is so happy to see all of his friends family and all those who he has formed a relationship with the room is beyond packed and all he is looking for is Lily and while he is filled with joy he is also sad too because realistically he would have rather just been with her.

Vita: Dance with your mother
Hunter: Yes ma’am
Vita: You looking for someone
Hunter: No ma’am
Vita: Then why the long face
Hunter: Just tired been a long day
Vita: You know
Grandma:Pop Pop come dance with me

Granny quickly took him from Vita and took him further in the middle of the dance floor

Hunter: I forgot this is your favorite song
Grandma: It’s Donnie Hathaway

They laughed

Grandma: You don’t care about this party. You just want her
Hunter: Huh granny what do you mean
Grandma: Even though you are upset you wish she would show and that would make everything better for you
Hunter: I just miss her that’s all
Grandma: I get it. I would go crazy too if I spent my life trying to get to them
Hunter: How did you know that
Grandma: Who you think watched you while you sneaking out the house

He laughed

Hunter: I thought you were sleeping granny
Grandma: I raised 5 children sleep is of the essence
Hunter: Granny
Grandma: What. So do you like your party
Hunter:It’s everything I could ever imagine I will have to find a way to payback Carsten back
Grandma: Oh Pop Pop you so green
Hunter: What you mean
Grandma: He didn’t do a thing she did
Hunter: Huh how she
Grandma: She even personally came and talked to me and your mom
Hunter: What she did all this
Grandma: She said she wanted this day to be special for you
Hunter: She did
Grandma: Look around see any familiar faces

He looked up and saw Miceal and Golden dancing with Carsten .

Hunter started to turn red and he began to get emotional his eyes was filled with tears because he has never had anyone do this for him

Grandma: Pop Pop look

When he turned around our eyes met and the room grew silent as I walked through in my red grown that custom made just for me. I wore my hair straight and pulled it all to one side like he likes it and before I could make it down the stairs he met me and hugged me so tight

Hunter: My love
Lily: Happy Birthday Beloved

I felt something wet run down my back

Lily: Hunter are you okay
Hunter: I can’t believe you did all this for me

I grabbed his face from my neck

Lily: I would not have had no other way this gives me great satisfaction know I achieved my goal for your birthday

Tears just ran down his face then he kissed me so passionately he took my lipstick off but I didn’t care I am just happy he is happy
Carsten: Um Hunter there are children in the room be nasty later

We looked around and everyone was crying as well and applauding and Carsten has the mic ready to get on with the next part of this celebration. Hunter holding me close and tight sat with me in his lap holding on tight

Carsten: Well I got the mic so let’s do this today we want to show my dear brother how much we appreciated and love him it was honor to help Miss Lily set this whole thing up and it shows me how much of a blessing she is to him and I just couldn’t be happier for you bro and can never stop saying how much I appreciate you.

Miceal volunteered to go next

Miceal: Good evening everyone
Everyone: Good Evening
Miceal: Well when I think of Hunter I see a lot of my qualities in him from a mans point of view He is not just a good kid he is an outstanding man he is a protector provider and potentially my son in law he has been great not only to me but to my family whenever we need him he don’t hesitate he gets the job done and move on and I know for a fact I don’t thank him enough I found it funny that he and my daughter Lily would end up being a couple but as we just witnessed the bond they have created is strong and like nothing I have ever witnessed before most people dream of love like that and they have it. You have been three a lot lately with losing you father and trying to rebuild from there can be hard but you have showed everyone what strength look like and um well I am proud of you sir

Hunter shakes my dad hand and Golden grabs the mic

Golden: Hi I am Golden and I just want to say Happy Birthday Hunter I hope you enjoy it I hope it was all you wanted it to be and I love you

She drops the mic and runs to us and hugs us then almost the whole party had something to say about how much he has helped them and how they appreciate him

Mj: Hey everyone I am Mj and um I just want to say this right here little sis is amazing I mean my boy been crying all night and I ain’t never seen him show not one bit of emotions like ever so thank you for this we will keep these pictures for embarrassing moments later and my birthday is next month so feel free to do this I will cry too but when I think of you man I see a hero along time ago we was in the army together and that’s how we made our bond. And when we were in a situation where we didn’t even know how we was gone make it out you kept being my rock because you know how tormenting it was but you had faith to get back and I can’t thank you enough for saving me that day you really are something man and I am just grateful to have been able to witness greatness

Mj speech made me tear up once he put the mic down. Hunter mother picked it up

Vita: I must say I am overwhelmed with all that is going on here. If I be honest I thought I knew what love was but seeing you two interact is way more than I bargained for with no disrespect I must say I didn’t understand why you and Lily ended up together but I see why now just watching how you two are with each other you guys are one and like Miceal said I am glad to witness this great love so with that being said Happy Birthday son

Carsten: We want to hear from Lily
Lily: No I can’t
Hunter: I want to hear from you

I looked at him and he smiled at me and I couldn’t resist those eyes. I walk up to mic and everyone was cheering me on

Lily: I don’t have much to say I really just want to make sure this is the best birthday for you and that I love you so much Hunter and I thought love had pass me by until you came in my life and I couldn’t have asked for better Happy Birthday baby.

He stood up and grabbed my off the stage and whispered in my ear

Hunter: Can we leave now
Lily: No your party is still going on and I haven’t given you your gift yet
Hunter: But you have already
Lily: Come on babe you have me all through New Years
Hunter: I have to talked and smiled enough I want to spend the rest of my day with you alone
Lily: But cake and ice cream
Hunter: Can it be sent to my room I am still full off Mexican food but wait I been wanting to do this all night

He takes my hand leading me to his table where he had so black bean nachos made up just how we had it on our first date and he fed me while rubbing my thigh

Hunter: You have too much of my skin out

He says breathing hard as he looks at my thigh I grabbed his hand bringing back to reality

Hunter: I want you now
Lily: Babe but

My body arced as he slides he fingers in between my legs I squeeze his forearm thinking he would stop but he went deeper and faster then he slides my chair closer to him and goes at a study paste

Hunter: Finish your food you are going to need your strength
Lily: Kind of hard to do when you touching me like this

I started moaning and he didn’t let up he just kept going

Hunter: Eat my love

With every bit I longed for him to stop.

Lily: Beloved please

I whispered in his ear

Hunter: Cum for me
Lily: Right hear
Hunter: Quietly.. I want to feel you on my fingers

Then he moved closer to me and softly kissed my neck

Hunter: You dare make the Birthday Boy wait

I moaned my face grew red and chills ran down my spine and then a deep vibration hit and he must have felt it too as his speed picked up and before I knew it I burst and melted all over his hand but he didn’t stop until I squealed three time he looked and we laughed I give him a napkin for his hand but instead he looks at me and licks everyone of his fingers

Lily: You ready to go
Hunter: I get cake you catch the elevator

I get up leaving the ball room looking for the elevator when I ran into Kent

Lily: Hi why are you here
Kent: Saying Happy birthday wow you look amazing damn
Lily: Thank you
I said as I walked away And he followed

Kent: Where are you going
Lily: Looking for the elevator
Kent: This way

I sure wish he would leave me alone

Kent: So is something wrong why you look so flush and ready to go did something happen
Lily: No I just
Kent: You going up or down
Hunter: We are going up

Kent was shocked as he turned around

Hunter: What’s up Kent
Kent: Hunter Happy Birthday
Hunter: Thanks

He says as the elevator open and we went in Kent stood there watching the doors close and as soon as they did Hunter fell to his knees finding the opening to my dress

Hunter: I hunger for you
He says planting a kiss
Lily: Oh my God Hunter
Hunter: Did I hurt you
Lily: No I just thought
Hunter: Thought what
He said on his knees
Lily: I just.. with you being here and surrounded by people you love and care about I thought you would have forgotten me

His eyes changed and he stood up and stopped the elevator and he sat on the floor

Lily: What is it
Hunter: I need to be honest with you
Lily: Okay

I sat there nervous wondering what is about to come out his mouth as a tear ran down his face

Hunter: when I was younger I met a young lady who sparked something in I had never felt before

My heart fell as did I to floor

Hunter: She has spunk and she is her own person in so many words I admire her

Tears ran down my face

Hunter: My whole life is because I dreamed of seeing her again..Especially after a Halloween party where we danced for what felt like a lifetime but if I be honest I fell for her when I was 11 and I spent my whole life trying to get back to her

Knowing the answer I prepare myself to hear the worse

Hunter: And it was when I thought love had given up on me is when we met again

With every word my heart broke just a bit more

Hunter: She gave me this when I was 11 it was on my birthday and she told not to forget about her and I didn’t.. I even saved myself for her even with a wife to whom I never loved because I knew she could never satisfy me because everything I did had and will always have her in mind.. I even write her love letters that I can’t wait to give her one day.

When I looked over and saw what was in his hand I looked back into his eyes
Hunter: Who knew she would be my bosses daughter
Lily: You
Hunter: The day I decided to let you go is the day I got a call to come get you

God I can’t stop crying

Lily: You.. You waited for me
Hunter: I never forgot you.. I can never forget you.. You are my reason for wanting more in life

He said as he pulled me closer

Hunter: Lily you are my gift
Lily: Can I give you you birthday present now

He shakes his head yes I reach in my purse and pulled out a red box

Lily: Open it

He did and more tears came. I got him a red and black ring on the inside it said My Beloved. I put it on his index finger and kissed it. He kissed me and touched my breast shaking he squeezed hard as he managed to get one out licking and sucking he went to press the button for the elevator

Lily: No
Hunter: I want you
Lily: Take me here

I stood up and he followed pressing me against the wall

Hunter: Give your panties

I took them off and handed them to him he smelled them and then he pulls out his penis and rubs my panties around it

Lily: Come here

He walked towards me and I get on my knees but before I could do anything he stopped me and pulled me up

Hunter: I am the only one who does that
Lily: But I thought all men wanted
Hunter: No that does not satisfy me

He picked me up wrapped me around his waist and enter me whole and noises escaped my mouth as I felt every inch of him inside me

Hunter: This satisfies me

I couldn’t control how loud I was

Hunter: I think the entire hotel can hear you
Lily: You shouldn’t feel so good

Then he pulls out left me all the way up on his shoulders and thrusted with his tongue I took his finger and put it in my mouth. I screamed and he stopped

Hunter: Cum quietly for me here

He put his finger back in my mouth and he sucked every inch of my soul out of me the he brung me down entering me again and he thrust so hard

Hunter: I should pull out no condom no condom
Lily: No please I want to feel you.. All of of you. Hunter
Hunter: Yes
Lily: Cum for me

He went harder and harder and then I felt him all of him deep inside me he released himself and we heard a banging on the door

Man: Is everything alright in there

He zipped up his pants and picked up his jacket and pushed the button going up and once we get there I see this beautiful view of the ocean before I was embraced from behind I don’t remember much after that because I was consumed under Hunter that whole night.

Hunter: Best Birthday Ever

He got up and ran and when he came back he had a big slice of cake on a plate

Lily: What are doing
Hunter: I want to eat this off your stomach
Lily: I want some too

He put a chunk in his mouth and climbed on top of me

Hunter: Open your mouth
I did and he tongue kissed me the cake

Hunter: You want some more
Lily: Yes

He repeated his process and once I had enough he took the remaining and smeared all over my stomach and ate and he licked my stomach clean

Hunter: I wanted you forever
Lily: I thought of you everyday what you may look like how you been and here you was under my nose this whole time and the Halloween party that was you under that mask
Hunter: I was there looking for you and you was right there next to me
Lily: I can’t believe it
Hunter: I think you were just made for me.
Lily: Yeah how so

Laying there on his chest while he played with my hair and messaged my scalp.

Hunter: Lilyana I love you
Lily: I think you just showed me how much you love me

He sat me and looked me in my eyes

Hunter: But it goes deeper than that Lily
Lily: How so
Hunter: When I say I love Lily what that means is I am willing to die for you, we are joined not only in not in flesh but spirit too, every flaw, every imperfection, every scar.. I am here for it all. And all you have to do is think of me and I am there rather it’s a phone call or in person ..I am yours.

He took my hand and counted his ribs with my fingers then with his hand he counted my ribs then he counted

Hunter: There it is
Lily: What
Hunter: My rib

Then he places his hand on his heart and I felt it beat then is missed a beat then he touched my heart and it started beating I heard my heart gain a beat

Hunter: That’s my lose beat.

He touched my stomach and first heat then butterflies and chills hit me

Hunter: Every felt that before
Lily: Yes every now and again and every time you were…

I stood up with the sheet wrapped around me

Lily: Mick

Tears ran down his face sitting with his legs folded on the bed

Hunter: In the flesh

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