Diamond in the Rough

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Sorry Goes Along Way

So much is happening to me and it is one person I wish I can tell and talk to..

[Knock, Knock]

Nia: One second

She opens the door to a big surprise visitor

Nia: Why are you here
Miceal: We need to talk
Nia: Excuse me

He walks through her house seeing if anyone was there

Nia: Miceal have you lost your mind coming in my house like this!!
Miceal: We need to talk Nia
Miceal: Is the kids here
Nia: No they not

She picks something up to throw at him but he caught her hand

Miceal: I will leave after I say what I need to say
Nia: You got some nerve Nigga this my damn house
Miceal: You think I care about that right now you gone listen to what I got to say

She goes to grab her cell phone and Miceal grabbed her whole purse and she started hitting on him and fighting him so he pinned her down and when he did she spit in his face

Miceal: You happy now

He let her go and she stood in the corner with her back to him

Miceal: It’s about Nevaeh

She turned around quickly

Nia: What about her what did you do to my baby
Miceal: Woman calm down she is fine
Nia: Then what about her
Miceal: You that damn stubborn huh
Nia: Fuck you. You took her from me anyway
Miceal: HOW!!
Nia: She chose you over me so what is the big issue
Miceal: You sound crazy
Nia: She did
Miceal: You just was about faint at the thought of something happening to her and now you don’t want nothing to do with her
Nia: Why are you here
Miceal: She misses you
Nia: Yeah whatever
Miceal: I watched this girl have a nervous Bre down and the only person she wanted to call was you but she knew you wouldn’t answer. Nia what me and you got going on don’t have SHIT!! To do with her
Nia: Of course right make me look like the bad person right
Miceal: You are no damn victim.. so don’t go there
Nia: Right I am just the bad person right poor little Nia always got the issue come on let me have it come on give it to me

He looked at her

Miceal: I am sorry I hurt and left you here alone to raise her
Tears came down Nia face

Miceal: I was wrong I never told you the full story.. I didn’t tell you I was married I didn’t tell you I had kids.. I made you fall in love and you were blind to the whole situation and to add fuel to the fire my wife came and told you everything including her being pregnant.. truth is I didn’t feel like myself until I met you but I was a coward because I should have told you not lead you in blind and I didn’t have the balls to divorce her so yeah I was having my cake and eating it too and in the process I broke something in you and I am so sorry

Nia cried

Miceal: I can never give you that time of hurt back but at least from here on I can start from here and now and be the father I should have been years ago but I can’t do that until you forgive me and talk to our daughter
Nia: You know when your wife told me everything I fought with aborting Nevaeh but she kicked and that changed my decision. I struggled everyday thinking what did I do to be taken advantage of like that and you never tried to call so yeah I knew what would get to you and that was the club you talked about before all my rage hit and I did what I needed to do to feel better and to think of Nevaeh in the middle of all this I decided to never tell you because you didn’t deserve that and the woosh years later here you are and not only that you took her from me and gave her what I didn’t
Miceal: If only you knew her heart this would not have haunted you
Nia: What about her heart
Miceal: She took the opportunity so she could be more of help to you everything she do is for you Nia and she is hurting she wants and needs her mommy especially with all that is transpiring with her and Hunter she needs and want to talk to you.. not me!!

Then out the blue he kissed her she pushed back

Miceal: I never stopped loving you Nia but I am sorry I over stepped

Nia just looked at him then she went and sat down

Nia: All these years I been so angry with you
Miceal: I know I can’t change the past but can we have a better and fresh future. I have filed for divorce something I should have done years ago and I don’t expect things to change overnight but if there’s still room in your heart for me. I am here
Nia: You need to focus on you right now
Miceal: Yeah you right but um I will do everything in my power to be to you what I should have been years ago

He walked up to her and kissed her on the forehead.

Nia just sat there in shock of everything that happened but what she wanted her whole life she got in a moment which was a simple I’m sorry. See my mommy is not a bitter middle age woman who wants to hold me hostage she has experienced pain in her life especially as a young woman 19 years old with a child and still trying to figure out life. I watched her deal with abandonment, hurt, betrayal, and like a warrior she pushed him past it I have seen her have a lot of dark days and I made it my duty to be her light and in being that light she found strength and more than that I became more than a daughter I became her best friend. She learned how to trust again through me.

I hope this helps her to push through. And get back to being who I know her to be.. My Mommy.. I need her.
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