Diamond in the Rough

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My whole life I have had something called fictiophilia which means falling for characters that don’t exist but hoping that one day I would have something of what I fantasize about.

I can’t believe Hunter is Mick the guy I had breakfast with and felt bad for I knew those eyes looked familiar

Hunter: Are you mad at me

I just stood on the wall wrapped in the sheet

Hunter: Baby say something please

Words wouldn’t come up

Hunter: My love please

He got up put his pajama pants on and walked towards me

Lily: No

He fell to his knees

Hunter: Talk to me I can take it
Lily: Who are you I want the truth Hunter
Hunter: I don’t want to talk to you angry
Lily: Don’t tell me how to talk you
Hunter: I don’t like how you sound
Lily: Hunter
Hunter: Lily

I paused not wanting to say anything to hurt him on his birthday

Hunter: Look at me Lily

I refused too

Hunter: Okay then I will talk.. you want to know who I am well here I go my real name is Mickenze Hunter Wesalton. I am a multi- Billionaire who like to keep myself a secret so I can continue to work hands on and without people flocking to me because of my status this hotel my dad gave it to me because he knew I would run it like it needs to be ran even though I come from money I wanted to create my own why because my dad drilled in my head his riches are his and not mine also I lied when I said it was a friend hotel.. a long time ago I fell in love with a girl who I could not seem to forget about and everything I became I had her in mind.. I have lied to her about who I am but if I be honest she see through all that she see me as who I really am she even brings out a better part of me. We named a favorite line from our favorite movie or show right… well here is one from a show we both watched and I watch your body go through something when he told her “I burn for you” well Lily my Lily I don’t just burn for you I crave you I eat sleep and breathe you and when I fill like you have had a hard day no matter if I am a million miles away I make myself available for what I feel and that is you. So hate me for not being up front with you but love me for always thinking of you. I can’t seem to get away from you Lily and I realize everyday how much more I need you

I could feel him pulling on me on my heart. Is this really happening I have always dreamed of this but for it to come to true it can’t be. Then I feel him come closer to me and grab my hands looking up at his chin leading up to his lips then his nose then our eyes connected and I could see his desire for me so I freed my hands and grabbed his chin.

Lily: I dreamed of a moment like this

I grabbed his hand played with his palm with my fingertips

Lily:Who knew it would be in such a time as this on my favorite holiday I fall even more madly in love with the guy I dreamed of my entire life since I was

Hunter: Seven in the summer heat you said that this would happen

Tears flowed down my face and into the palm of his hand

Lily: You are my heart
Hunter: With you I am one

He kissed me I felt the warmth of his tongue slid so deep down my throat and his bigs hands go from my back to my thighs gripping me and picking me up wrapping me around him I pause and put him inside me and he rips the sheet off that I was covered in when he looks down at my neck he see the necklace he got me and he looks at me as he goes deeper inside me

Hunter: I love you Lily
Lily: I love you Hunter

We made love all that night, the next day we made love on every inch of that room we ordered in and I felt bad for the anyone who entered that room cause they either heard or saw us and we wasn’t quite formal if you know what I mean. Three days had passed and we didn’t even know it because everything we did we did it together showered eat slept we were one and no one could tear us apart.

Hunter: I like eating caramel off you better than in a candy bar
Lily: Your help is going to hate seeing me come now
Hunter: They will be okay and I have a office I want your scent all over so they better get use to you
Lily: An office huh
Hunter: You want to see it

And just like kids running through a mall we were running around the hotel he was chasing me all around until I could not find a opening and he popped up behind me scaring the hell out of me

Hunter: You can’t hide from me

He kissed me and I felt someone looking at us so I opened my eyes to see an office full of workers smiling at us so I tapped him and he turned around.

Hunter: Hi everyone Um (clears throat) show is over get back to work

Guy in office: Sure thing sir we just glad to see you happy

Hunter blushed and looked back at me then he opened his office door closing his blinds I sat on top of his desk taking off my underwear he unzipped his jogging jacket and came towards me knocking off all that was on his desk he turned me around bending me over his desk we were so loud I know everyone heard us but I didn’t care not one bit and neither did he we went from the desk to the chair on the window by his desk to his couch.

Then we heard a knock at the door

Carsten: Hey Bro you in there
Hunter: I thought he was gone
Lily: I got to get off you
Hunter: No wait I’m not don’t
Lily: We can finish Later
Hunter: No I want to finish now
Lily: Down boy
I said as I kissed him and climbed off the top of him

Lily: Where did my panties go
Hunter: I don’t see them
Lily: Here put your jacket on
Hunter: Here fix your hair

He brushed it behind my ear

Carsten: Come on we dying out here

I opened the door and it was all his friends and Golden they look at us grinning as if they knew what was going on in here

Lily: G!!!!!
Golden: Hiiiiii I am starving let’s leave the boys to it and get a bit

Hunter pulls me back

Hunter: Remember it is our little secret who I am

Then he slipped his tongue in my mouth and gripped my booty

Lily: Yes Daddy
Hunter: Careful

He said as he bit my bottom lip. I pulled away and ran to Golden
Leaving him there with the boys.

Aaron: Damn it’s like that
Hunter: What you mean
Carsten: We been calling you for three damn days and I didn’t want to stop by your room since Lily was here
Stan: I didn’t know you wear lace
Hunter: Shit give me those
Ty: Wait you having sex now
Rex: Smell like lotta of sex in here
Frank: Stop smiling we heard y’all when we hit the corner
Hunter: Give me her underwear please
Stan: They smell like flowers
Hunter: Don’t
Carsten: You need to wipe off some of the red stuff off you mouth
Hunter: Shut up
Aaron: On your birthday I think someone was having sex in your elevator or fighting the girl was screaming so loud
Hunter: Yeah I heard we looking into that
Carsten: We should see the tape of who was in there
Hunter: NO
Carsten: Told you it was them
Rex: What you do to her
Hunter: Nothing we just love each other
Frank: Okay I’m gone just say it we thought you was gay cause Um you never even looked at a woman but to see you with Lily I mean wow
Hunter: I love her she is the woman I have dreamed of my whole life
Aaron: Y’all make us want to fall in love

They laughed as they helped him put his stuff back on his desk.

Carsten: So this it you off the market
Hunter: To be honest I was never on
Frank: What is so different about her
Hunter: She sees me for who I really am she don’t want to change me or make me into what she wants me to be she just loves me for me
Rex: I’m jealous
Aaron: The way the atmosphere is if you see her or if she see you it’s just fills the room and make people want to fall in love it’s inspiring and different
Stan: Yeah it is quite interesting but it’s real
Carsten: I guess since we are on it I am ready to turn my card in
Hunter: Huh
Carsten: I want to get serious with Golden
Hunter: She is good fit for you
Aaron: So back on you
Hunter: What
Aaron: Sex in the elevator
Hunter: She wanted to and I was not going to turn her down I like it
Carsten: Yeah cameras and all huh
Hunter: I own this hotel and I already know you got the tape
Carsten: Yeah the moment you left I gave the security guys some time off until y’all was done and took the disk.. I wish I can un see what I saw you perv
Hunter: You didn’t watch did you
Carsten: Well let’s just say I look at different now
Aaron: I want to see
Hunter: Hell no nope
Rex: Y’all nasty
Stan: Is it that good
Hunter: Let’s let it go and go out to eat . I need to change first
Aaron: Look like you been doing a lot of that maybe we should just have some drinks
Carsten: Yeah super freak

Golden: Come on I’m starving
Lily: Here I come

She looked at me

Lily: What
Golden: Sooo
Lily: So what
Golden: How is it
Lily: How is what
Golden: Hunter!!! And I want all the juicy details
Lily: I will give you one word
Golden: Give it to me
Lily: Magical
Golden: Wow
Lily: I never thought in a million years I would meet someone who is first so damn fine who has his head on straight not playing no games and is all about me. And he is just so amazing.
Golden: I mean I know he has flaws but like he don’t piss you off sometimes
Lily: It’s a relationship so of course we have our moments but to be honest I love being around him
Golden: But why

While we were talking in the bedroom I didn’t know the guys came in

Lily: What you mean
Golden: Other than the sex guys have moments where you hate them and not want to be around them but you just look so happy
Lily: Okay you want my honesty
Golden: Yes!
Lily: When I am with Hunter it feels like a movie or a fairytale. What’s your favorite fairytale
Golden: Oooo Swan Princess
Lily: Good one well remember how she didn’t want him to see her flaw that she basically turn into a duck at the end of the night she just wanted him to see only part of her
Golden: Yeah
Lily: And remember how he treated her when he saw her as a swan
Golden: He fought for her
Lily: That’s Hunter .. he has seen me in some bad stages and seen my flaws my fears and he stills loves me.. he treats everyday like it’s our last. Okay so I am going to tell you a secret and this must stay between us okay
Golden: Of course
Lily: My favorite part of any movie is when the guy noticed the woman before anyone else does and it causes the whole room to pay attention to her well Hunter does that to me and I get butterflies every time and when we dance or just talk it’s like the whole world is gone and we are the only two there and when we have sex it’s different he not just trying to get off or that bam bam I’m done

We laughed

Lily: He pleases me he not just trying to hit my g spot it’s like he wants to know the true meaning of beings inside me and for him I open up like a blooming flower every time and vice versus I want him to be pleased and I do whatever it takes to make sure that happens because I love him anything with him is a shared experience because just like he is taking the time to know every inch of me even down to how I sleep I want to give that back to him before little do he know he is all that I have ever dreamed of and wanted I expected a little less but he gives more than I have ever fantasized about. I thought I knew what it meant to love but after knowing him I was wrong
Golden: Damn I want that
Lily: He treats every day like Christmas, Valentines Day, My Birthday and all I want to do is give him everything if more he is just that good to me

Tears was falling down our eyes

Golden: Stop it we got to go eat and you got me crying and wanting to hear more
Lily: Sorry I can’t help but get emotional talking about him because when I look at him I am just waiting to be awakened from a long overdue dream
Golden: Damn and to think I just wanted to hear about the sex

We laughed

Lily: I will tell you about that over lunch
Golden: Yes ma’am let’s go

We got stuff and ran out the door

Carsten: Is the coast clear
Aaron: All clear
Frank: The eagles has flowed away
Rex: I ain’t never hid in my life my heart beating fast
Stan: Yeah I have never did that
Aaron: Where is Hunter
Carsten: Bro where you at
Hunter: I am right here
Aaron: What’s wrong
Stan: Yeah why you look sad
Hunter: I am not sad I am happy
Carsten: Care to share with the class
Hunter: I didn’t know she cared that much or that she felt like that.
Rex: Yeah but after last night I didn’t think real love still exist
Hunter: Really
Rex: I mean look at the world we live in it is either about hate strippers being kidnapped and then finding love or just something toxic finally turning good or someone being cheated on or people just tired of trying to make it work so they just a flat out hoe now
Aaron: It’s always a dirty plot to how people fall in love today or people just want the clout for being with the other person
Rex: Y’all shot is different you know she paid for everything and put us on a personal flight to be here because she wanted you to have the best birthday
Carsten: Yeah I must admit I was just the errands boy she knew what she wanted you to have she just wanted some assist from someone who knew you
Hunter: Man I swear I love that girl
Aaron: So what made you want her I mean after all the women that threw them selves at you. Why her.
Hunter: She is cut from a different clothe
Stan: Now about this sex is it really good
Hunter: What
Stan: I mean come on we all guys here right
Hunter: Yeah
Stan: Well do she give it like you like is she the best I mean give us something

They laughed

Hunter: Hey y’all want some cigars and scotch
Rex: Cuban
Hunter: Yeah
Carsten: Let’s go on the patio

They all went to the patio and sit around talking and laughing

Stan: This is some good Cuban here
Carsten: Hell yeah
Aaron: Who told you.. you was old enough to sit with the grown ups
Carsten: Ha ha fuck you
Hunter: Leave him alone you know he sensitive
Carsten: Fuck you too but anyway tell us how is she
Hunter: How is she what
Aaron: In the bedroom mutha fucka damn
Hunter: I mean she good
Rex: Naw naw details we want details
Hunter: Okay okay.. she does something different for me.
Aaron: Like
Hunter: Well first she fits to me like a glove
Rex: Damn
Hunter: And she gets so moist and hot

They laughed

Carsten: So totally off subject but um do she know about you now
Hunter: Well almost
Carsten: Meaning
Hunter: I mean she knows who I am now
Carsten: Do she know about the cops that pulled you over
Hunter: No
Carsten: Why not
Hunter: I don’t want scare her off I just got her
Rex: Yeah I think that is smart
Aaron: Yeah C he might want to keep that demon to his self
Carsten: So you don’t think it will come out one day
Hunter: Not around her she calms me
Rex: And what we did to those cops was un merciful
Hunter: They had that coming he put hands all over her and I told him I would be back for him
Aaron: Son of bitch
Stan: Wonder how the police dept. felt getting a head delivered to them
Rex: Racist ass police station they had it coming I been watching that place for a while
Hunter: Yeah you told me
Carsten: So where is the rest of his body
Hunter: They’re bodies are ashes now
Carsten: Oh
Hunter: She will think I am crazy so telling her that is not a option kid
Carsten: Okay

Golden: Paris is beautiful
Lily: Yes it is
Golden: So
Lily: Can I eat first
Golden: Get to talking
Lily: Well what do you want to know
Golden: What is like I mean I been wondering cause its Hunter fine ass so give me something
Lily: When he gets hungry he makes sure he cleans his plate then after that he touches my soul with his instrument deeply
Golden: Wow
Lily: He is a God send with devil intentions in the bedroom it is like he is a whole different beast when he horny and I give in when he takes control and tell me what to do
Golden: Steamy
Lily: Listen I was not expecting him to be the way he is I mean I imagined it but sheesh I don’t think my imagination was this wild

We talked and went back to the hotel

Kent: Nevaeh
Lily: Kent you still here
Kent: Yeah I leave tomorrow but I wanted to stay in the hotel a little longer
Lily: Oh okay
Kent: Still here with Hunter I see
Hunter: Yes she is

Hunter came behind me wrapping his arm my neck

Kent: Nice party the other day
Hunter: I know she planned it
Kent: How sweet.. Nevaeh can we talk real quick
Lily: Okay

Hunter grabs my hand

Lily: I will be right back

I walked over to Kent

Kent: Look I hope one day we can get past what happened a long time ago and work more on Lorenzo together more like partners and not like enemies
Lily: Look we are co workers that’s it so don’t expect me to act different I need to go
Kent: One more thing watch your little boyfriend heard he has a dark side he tries to keep down .. don’t want you to be another one of his victims

Then he walks off

Hunter: What was that about
Lily: Nothing important
Hunter: Shall we
Lily: Where we going
Hunter: Out my love I want to show around
Carsten: Love birds lets go

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with the gang we ended up on a bridge drinking wine eating and enjoying the night under this beautiful moon listening to river flow

Lily: I love Paris
Hunter: Me too with you
Lily: Hunter
Hunter: Yes
Lily: Be mines for a lifetime
Hunter: I already am

We kissed as I felt something land on my nose so I opened my eyes to see snow falling

Hunter: How about that

It was perfect just like I imagined.
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