Diamond in the Rough

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Belle’ of the Ball

So Hunter is back in Paris working the hotel and me and the toilet are best friends with morning sickness and all
Golden: You okay in there
Lily: Just fine
Golden: What’s going on with you
Lily: What you mean
Golden: Well you been sick for a month now do you need to go see a doctor
Lily: I have been
Golden: What are they saying what do we need to do
Lily: Wait til my 2nd trimester
Golden: 2nd trimester.. wait
Putting it altogether
Golden: OMG!!!!! We having a baby!!!
She ran and hugged and squeezed me so tight
Lily: I can’t breathe
Golden: Oh I am sorry!!!! My baby
She bends down and starts talking to my belly
Golden: I am your auntie Hi little one!!!
My phone starts ringing
Lily: Love I am putting you on speaker
Hunter: My Lily how are you
Golden: So when was I supposed to find out we are having a baby
Hunter: We wanted to make sure she was good before we tell anyone
Golden: I am going to be an auntie can I tell Carsten
Hunter: He already knows
Lily: Wait how
Hunter: I have been sleeping more than usual and I have been moody he says so I told him
Lily: Well on that note I am going to work beloved
Hunter: Call me when you get home I want to talk to my child
Lily: Yes my love I love you hope you are having a good day
Hunter: Kiss me through the phone
Golden: Muah
We laughed
Hunter: I am going to go I see double trouble is in effect
We hung from him I got dressed and we headed out. Walking through the office I felt everyone starring at me so I walked through like a boss
Logan: Nevaeh welcome back we missed you!!
Lily: Hi Logan
Logan: Can I get you anything
Lily: Just some water that’s it
Logan: Okay.. also you have a meeting with a new client and also Lorenzo will be in later on today and your dad wants to see you in the conference room with Kent
Lily: Okay thanks
I walked in the conference room
Lily: Good morning
Miceal: Morning
Kent: Well well look who decided to come back to work
Lily: Shut up
Miceal: How are you
Lily: Fine now what’s up
Miceal: We have an investor who wants to meet you
Lily: Okay
Miceal: He is an old friend and he wants to invest in the company also we have a new client who wants to meet with you guys
Lily: Okay great
Miceal: Give me one moment
He walks out room to take a call
Kent: So how are ya
Lily: Fine
Kent: That dress looks real good on you
Lily:Hunter told me that this morning too
Kent: Was that before or after he ripped it off.. did y’all tape that too
Lily: Oh yeah we did I will make sure to send you the x rated version it’s real detailed!!
He looked at me with a stupid on his face
Kent: Yeah whatever. I still don’t see why you chose him
Lily: You wouldn’t
Kent: I really like you
Lily: Word of advice
Kent: Yeah?
Lily: Real women like men who chase not thirst
Miceal walked back in
Miceal: Nevaeh I need you to go with Kent tonight to the ball
Lily: What ball
Kent: Investors ball we raise money there for foundations
Lily: What Foundation do you give to
Miceal: Wigs for kids its for kids who have cancer
Lily: Why just stop there why not do more
Miceal: What do you mean
Lily: How about we pick kids who parents cant pay for medical expenses and not just kids with cancer but kids and general neighborhood kids, schools dad we can help so much and not only once a year but year round too
Miceal: Well pitch your grand plan tonight you two are hosting
Kent: Wait what
Lily: I don’t think this would work
Miceal: You two can have the rest of the day off.. figure out clothes and stuff you will need to change at least three times tonight
We just sat there and looked at him
Miceal: What go!!!!
We left getting in the car going to this shop that had outfits laid out for us and we had to pick through them
Kent: I like this you try it on
Lily: I am not a hoe and that dress is so un classy
Hunter called while I was in there and I didn’t answer because I know him and Kent hate each other
Kent: Tell your lover boy we busy
Lily: Shut up
Kent: Wow your phone has ringed the whole time
Lily: So
Kent is trying on a suit and I just couldn’t help myself
Lily: You look stupid too tight lets try something different
Kent: So What are you going to do dress me
Lily: If you ask nicely and be respectful
He looked at me
Kent: Miss Nevaeh
Lily: Yes
Kent: Would you please help me find a look for tonight
Lily: Sure why not
We went through so many suits for him but then I found something just perfect even for him
Lily: Come on I still need to pick two other looks for myself
He came out and I must say he looked very nice
Kent: Well do I aim to please
Lily: You look nice
He smiled. I went back and finished picking out my dresses
Shop clerk: Madame I was told to give you this dress
I opened the dressing room door to find him holding this beautiful blue gown
Lily: Thank you!!
I tried it on and my body screamed and I was excited!!
Kent: We have to go
I walked out and his mouth dropped
Kent: You look beautiful
Lily: Thank you ready to go
Kent: After you
We left getting ready to get in the car
Hunter: It fits you like a glove
I instantly froze up
Hunter: Blue looks good on you
I turned around
Lily: But you were in Paris
Hunter: I couldn’t let you show up there with out me
He had on a tux and it was driving me wild I just wanted to rip it off him
Lily: I am suppose to go
Hunter hugs me and whispers in my ear
Hunter: Our car is back there
Lily: The jaguar
Hunter: You don’t like it
Lily: No I love it.. Kent we will be right behind you
Kent: Just no pit stops for sex don’t need anymore videos running around
Hunter: You just worry about you ..I got her
And we walked away from him going to the car.
Lily: What are you doing here
Hunter: You didn’t pick up your phone
Lily: I didn’t want you to know I was with Kent.. you know you don’t like him
Hunter: Something is off about him I just cant put my finger on it
Lily: But you
Hunter: But nothing I don’t like that you have to work with him and I am dealing with that I just want to keep you safe and away from him
Lily: You wont be here all the time though and you need trust I can handle myself
He places his hand on my stomach
Hunter: As long as I live I will always be here when you need me Lily
I touched his hand
Lily: Baby
Hunter: I don’t want argue about this my love please just trust me
Lily: I was just going to tell you I love you beloved
He looks at me and smile
Lily: And it wasn’t a argument it was a disagreement
Hunter: There’s a difference
Lily: I have so much to teach you
Hunter: Okay teacher I am waiting to learn by the way I am glad you like the dress I picked for you
Lily: Yeah
Hunter: Is it wrong I just want to rip you out of this dress and have my way with you
Lily: I was thinking the same thing
We smiled as we pulled up to the gazebo
Hunter: Lily wait
Lily: Yes
He pulls out this black velvet box
Hunter: You need one more piece to finish your look
It was a long diamond necklace that ran down to my belly and diamond earrings then he grabs me by my waist and pulls me close to him
Hunter: Now you look ravishing
I grabbed him and kissed him
Hunter: Not here or at least not now my love
Kent: Hey there ready to in
Lily: Yup.. beloved
Hunter: Yes my love
Lily: Save me a seat
He nodded and winked at me
Kent grabs me by my arm and lead me inside we greeted everyone and talked to a lot of investors that night got a lot of business cards out and took some in
Miceal: Good evening everyone thank you all for coming and I hope you all are having a good time before we start the bidding we decided want to hear from tonight’s host
Me and Kent walked up and as I looked into the crowd I saw a familiar face and I froze looking at her
Kent: Good evening everyone we are so excited to see the outcome of everyone showing up we hope you ate good and ready to give us all your money
The crowd laughed as he touched my back
Lily: Speaking of money we decided to switch up the game plan a bit. Tonight is not just kids who need wigs but kids in general kids who wants to go to college and kids who need help with medical care we want to push through and help communities and I believe with your help tonight with not only save lives but we can change the world one kid at a time.. if I can honest with you all I have 3 younger siblings on my mother side and when I think of todays world that they grow in I just want to make it better not only for them but the kids around them. So with that being said lets donate
We raised so much money my dad was so happy. I turned back to see Hunter when Belle’ popped up in front of me
Belle’: Well looks like you know how to do something right
Lily: Belle’ hi
Belle’: Are you happy being me
Lily: Well I would but I am happy being me
Belle’: And this dress wow looks very expensive.. this was supposed to be my ball it would have been called Belle’ of the Ball but dad took the cheap way out
Lily: You know I really feel bad for you
Belle’: Excuse me
Lily: No I do .. because the only way to make yourself feel good is by belittling everyone around you in order to feeling good and so for that I feel sorry for you.. you are too cute to be this bitter
And I walked off trying to get to Hunter that’s when Kent caught me.. Lord knows I have been dodging him all night
Kent: Hey there may I have this dance
I looked at him
Kent: Please I mean we been getting alone real good tonight
Lily: Fine
I took his hand and we went to the dance floor he pulled me close looking me in the eyes
Kent: Wow
Lily: What
Kent: I see why he admires you
Lily: Who Hunter
Kent: Yes and Lorenzo and any guy who crosses your path
Lily: What do you mean
Kent: You are amazing and the grace you have and your spirit feels a room you are different I would admire you too
Lily: Thank you I think
Kent: You are really a Diamond especially in the Rough
Lily: What does that mean
Kent: When someone is in a tough spot you know how to make life shine that’s I like that about you the most
Hunter: Yeah me too
Hunter stood there with his hand out
Hunter: May I have this dance
Once I heard the song playing I rushed to his arms
Lily: Kent
Kent: Yes
Lily: Thank you
He smiled and nodded as he walked away
Hunter pulled me in close I could fill his penis tapping my pelvic
Hunter: I believe this is our song
Lily: Yes it is
Hunter started singing the lyrics to I have nothing by Whitney Houston I laughed because Hunter can not sing at all!!
Lily: Oh wow
Hunter: You like that
Lily: Yeah you should do a concert
Hunter: Don’t hype me up I will run and grab that mic and go for it!!
Lily: I don’t think you need a mic
We laughed and I laid head in his chest while he sniffed my hair
Hunter: it’s a pillow in that I hold on to real tight a night because you scent is on it
I looked up at him his eyes were so innocent almost like a child
Hunter: I hate being apart from you..
Lily: I feel the same way I can tell when you miss me I can feel it
Hunter: Lily you have my heart and every inch of me I am yours and yours only my heart only beats for you
Lily: Just when I thought the night could not get any better you always find a way to top it. You are my dream come Hunter
We kissed and I felt fire works explode in me once his lips touched mine

Miceal: They don’t even see how the room has changed around them
Kent: I think everyone saw the video and now they wondering if it’s about to go down
Miceal: I should kill you
Kent: What.
Miceal: Why you standing here watching them like a prom queen who lost her date
Kent: Haha nothing I just got tired and decided to stand here
Miceal: And watch them weird
Kent: I am leaving I am going to call it a night
Miceal: Don’t be crying in the car
Kent: See you in the morning sir
Hunter: I want to leave
Lily: Not yet
The heat between us was getting hotter by the second
Hunter: I am going to go outside I need some air
Lily: Can I ask you something.. how did you know I would like this necklace
Hunter: I had an old time visitor who wanted to make sure this ball was perfect for you
I thought about it for a minute and it hit me
Lily: Grandma
He smiled
Hunter: She loves you a lot so she gave me this for you as she traveled through
Joy hit my heart and I smiled so hard
Hunter: I am going to get the car
He moved in closer leaned in to my ear
Hunter: Because now I don’t want to see you in nothing but this necklace
Then he pull back and winked at me as he walked away and my body burned inside. So I walked over to Miceal to tell him bye.

Miceal: Where did Hunter go
Lily: To get the car
Miceal: Leaving so soon
Lily: Yes going to call it night
Miceal: Just don’t call it a night in the car
Lily: Wow you too
Miceal: I mean I understand it is so much passion and fire between you two I am hot
We laughed and I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek
Lily: I really appreciate you and I am glad to know Dad
Miceal: Thank you for being the sunshine we need in a dark place and don’t worry your sisters they will come around
He hugged my back and I left out walking outside waiting for Hunter I hear my phone ring and shocked to see who is calling
Lily: Mommy
All of a sudden I felt a bag go over my head and rope go around my hands and I was thrown in a van I hear men laughing and the engine go fast.

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