Diamond in the Rough

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I’m scared my breathing is off my mind is racing what is going on why did these people take me ….this car smells like blood …this bag on my head stinks… God please protect me and my baby in my time of trouble.. The car stops and I hear a voice say get her out and take her inside…. They pull me out the trunk and throw me down on this what feels like dirt and rocks and drag me by the rope which kept my hands tied tight together… Let’s not forget I’m in a 30,000 dollar dress which I loved they broke my necklace which my grandmother bought for me and broke one of the heels on my Cinderella shoes once we got inside they threw me into a wall ..someone hits me with something that stings.. Then finally someone takes off the hood from over my head

Guy: Princess your pretty I’m gone hate destroying that beautiful face of yours
Lily: Who are you and what do you want with me I didn’t do anything to you

With a knife held to my throat he said shut the fuck up.!!!!!!!!! So I did with tears coming from my eyes I just knew I was dead.

Guy: Your so beautiful I think I will wait to kill you I prefer to have a little fun first.

Dragging from the dirty room out into the hallway where I see other girls in cages he ask them to clean me up and take to the upstairs room they do what they were told and put me in the room.. Tied up all I can do is pray and hope for the best

Door Opens

A Man: My love
Lilyana: Whose there and what do you want
I feel a hand go over my mouth and a voice say “Shhhhh I’m gone get you out of here”

Then I hear the door open. Its the guy…

Guy: Pretty pretty face

As he continues to say how pretty I am he starts to untie my hands and take the hood off my head I see him I notice the scar under his right eye he was caramel skin tall built with tattoos all over his arms he had dreads sandy brown dreadlocks and an accent he wasn’t ugly which is why I am not understanding what is about to go on here

Guy: Do you know me…
Lily: (Crying) No I don’t…wha-

Guy told me to shhh with a knife to my lips he use the knife to travel up and down my body until he reached my breast line then he ripped off the straps of my dress roughly taking off my dress he grabs me by my hair and throws me on the bed he climbs on top of me with his hand firmly around my neck he tears off my underwear and then starts to pull his penis out

Lily: Nooooo!!!!!! Stop it.!!!!
Guy: Don’t fight I don’t want to have to hurt you… Pretty Pretty Girl

With a knife to my face he try’s to continue where he left off then a noise comes from the closest so he stops and go see what the noise is once he does that I slide off the bed and pick up the vase that was next to the bed on the night stand once he get close to the closet door I come up behind him draw the vase back as far as I can and hit him over the head …he hits the ground and I try to run for the door when he grabs my leg swinging me a cross the dresser causing me to hit the floor and now we tussle and fight I try to keep him from climbing on top of me and grabbing my neck so I fight as hard as I can but he was so strong he ends up back on top of me with his hand around my neck and starts punching me in the face then he picks me up and throws me in to the mirror then picks me up by my hair and runs my head in to the wall and continue to chock me he pulls his knife out and says

Guy: Now I have to kill you …pretty face all messed up

Just when I thought my life was over I hear a guy bust open the door and hits the guy over the head with him being hit it loosens up his grip on my neck and I struggle to get away from him now the man who hits the guy over the head grabs me and say

A Man: Come on Lily I’m taking you home

Once that is said I think I’m safe but once he gets me in his arms I feel a sharp knife go through my back and when I looked down I could feel and see it through my stomach and at that moment I felt like my life was over.

Everything went black …. Is this the End for me..

Miceal: is she gone be okay

Doctor: Her vitals are stable for now but she has not responded so we are keeping a close watch on her in hopes that she will wake up soon or we might have to pull the plug on her but we are going to hope for the best maybe if you and her family come and talk to her and encourage her to wake up it might help and sir about the baby

Miceal: What baby

Doctor: She was 2 months but the baby didn’t survive so we had take the baby and right now she is going need all the love and support she can get

Miceal: Yeah sure thing doctor we will try our best oh and Doctor

Doctor: Yes

Miceal: Thank you

Doctor: Don’t thank me yet lets try to get her back here first

How is it I can hear what they’re saying but can’t respond I cant push myself to talk and open my eyes why is that…

Miceal: Hey um Nia I think you should get here I will send a car for you it’s bad but we all have to come to get her back here I need her we need her she means the world to me.. Okay Bye….. I need you to make it we need to know what happened to you please don’t leave me I need you Lily you have to survive I need my heart beat back.

I’m right here I scream knowing that no one can hear me scream why don’t I have the courage to get up….what the hell is going on.. My baby is gone..God help me I need to get back to my family, to Hunter Oh my God Beloved..I’m not ready to die I want to keep living God explain to me your process and why this is happening I need to know what’s going on.. I just wanted to be happy and everything was going great for me and now this what did I do to deserve THIS!!

The door opens and I hear shoes clicking on the floor hear them come closer.. I wonder who it is.?

Voice: Why the hell are you fighting for your life bitch just die already... I refuse to let you run the company I worked to damn hard and kissed to much ass to let you come in this family and take what’s mine..you are the bastard child the mistress child that tried to break up this family I hate you.. you tried to ruin this family….and my image you stupid bitch

With her hand rubbing my hair she says

Voice: Do us all a favor and die.!!

It hurts knowing that someone feels this way about me I thought I was helping didn’t know I was destroying it…when I think about what this person says a tear runs down my face …..hey a tear runs down my face I wonder do anybody see this ..guess not..

It’s been three whole month since I have been in this coma but I can still hear everything that is going on around me I have heard from my mom my dad all of my sibling especially Golden she visits me everyday and read to me the bible 2 chapters a day then she says “I need you Anna…we have to tare the world up together”

It makes me warm inside when she says that because I use to encourage her by saying those exact same words then we both laughed ……I miss that …I miss her she is the best sister ever… But besides her coming everyday our brother M.j. Came almost everyday too he is not one to show emotions like that but he has shown me a side of him I will never forget a softer side that make him who he is… Carsten even comes and says “Please don’t leave Hunter here alone he is a mess with out you”

Where is my Beloved why haven’t I heard his voice at all..

The door opens and I hear someone take a deep breath then they start to walk towards
me I hear a chair scratch across the floor then I guess they sit down… I smell the cologne and I think I know who it is and when I feel his touch it sent chills down my spine.

Hunter: Well my love if this is how you wanted to rest you could have told me I would just put you up some where for a while…

Beloved where have you been

Hunter: Lily I’m sorry I haven’t came in here to talk to you but I have been here every day watching and praying for you

So that’s what I been feeling

Hunter: I want to tell you a story about a girl I met 3 whole years ago today you know today is the I kissed my ex wife on the on her hand for the last time ill never forget that day or the way her hand felt or what she said to me


Hunter: that day she told me to clear the room of her family because she needed to talk to me alone …so I did so.. she told how she knew my heart belonged to someone else and that’s why she acted out because she always know we weren’t meant to be she even told how my father loved me and how he always talked about how great I was and will become.. and before she took her last breath she whispered “Go get her” but to be honest I had already prepared to let you go and of course you know that because we have talked about it

Wait a minute where is this storyline going.. Hunter what are talking about.!!!!!!

Hunter: You have let me love the dark parts of you, I have seen you cry, I have felt you hurting but saw overcome I have watched your insecurities turn into the best of you. I waited a lifetime to be with you and I would not change our experience and with a chance to do it all over I would because as long as I am with you I know I can conquer the world
Beloved let me go I believe there is someone out there for you to love again..

he comes close enough for me to feel his breath on my ear then grabs my hand and grips it tight then whispers in my ear
Hunter: I can’t let you go, My love I want you no I need you in my life Lily you are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh so fight this Lily you are much stronger than this don’t give up!! whatever the after math is after this we will get through it together but you gotta fight back now …so do me a favor and GET UP.!!!

Sealing all of what he said with a kiss on my lips and a tear from his eye to running down my left cheek after hearing that something began to happen in I start to feel myself breath on my own hear my own heart beat and then all of a sudden I spoke and said “Beloved” once I said that Hunter turned around with a look of being startled and ran into the hallway and yelled “DOCTOR.!!!!!” As loud as he can then ran back to my side and said “Hi there nice to see you again” I held his hand and gripped it tight the doctor came in and said “this is a miracle I thought I would have to give up on you but I knew you were a fighter” after he checked me and made sure all was well I would be able to go home in 2 weeks so I was helped with learning how to walk again my mom was over protective my dad didn’t want to leave Golden spent a night with me until my last day then she went home so this last night is giving me a chance to think everything that has happened I mean I haven’t told a soul about that day so I gotta figure how to break the news with my family then all of a sudden I get a knock on my door

Hunter: Hi there can I come in
Lily: Sure why not Mr. Wesalton

He smiles and puts his hand on his mouth saying shhh

Hunter: Don’t say that too loud…since its your last night I was wondering if I could spend it with you…
Lily: Sure why not… I could use the company…
Hunter: How do you feel…?

As he says that he laid his hand on my stomach then he looks down on the ground and kinda gets sad so I touch his shoulder and worked my way to his chin and said

Lily: Hey …look at me I’m fine okay.

He looks at me with those gorgeous grey eyes and smiled and said “Okay” we talked and kissed it seemed like time had stopped and the world was still before the doctor came in wanting to speak to me..

Doctor: Hi Lily ..how are you feeling
Lily: I’m fine …still a little sore but I can make it..
Doctor: Let me take a look …

While he was taking off my bandage I see Hunter start to cringe up and get freaked out and start pasting the floor so I told him he could stand outside but he insisted on staying by my side while the doctor check me.

Doctor: Well Lily I want to talk to you about something important um…..

As he looked at the paper and seemed like he was trying to find away to tell me what was going on I said

Lily: Doc is everything okay.
Doctor: No we was able to save you but not the baby that was inside you. there’s was also some other problems we had to piece your uterus back together and because of the blows you took from being stabbed I am sorry to say but you can’t have children and if you try you won’t be able to hold them for long
As soon as he told me that I started crying and screaming I didn’t want to hear nothing else I just wanted him to leave me alone and stop talking to me I couldn’t hear nothing I was just numb when Hunter told him he should leave. he leaped in bed with me and held me the whole time. I didn’t want to hear anything I just fell into a deep depression because now my woman hood has been taking from me and don’t know why this happened don’t know who set this up or why they would want me hurt this bad…

Days went by and since I am home now all I do is lay in bed and look out the window wondering what went wrong and why this happened to me Golden pops up from time to time and try to make me eat Hunter never leaves but I don’t want to do none of that I just want to die there’s nothing for me anymore I can’t bear children what woman is okay with knowing that God why me what did I do wrong ………

“Ding Dong” I heard my door bell and I got up to go see who it is but when I saw I hurried up and unlocked the door

Lily: Mommy!!!!

She looked at noticing the tears forming in my eyes and she held her arms open and embraced me and told its okay to cry Mamas here now and I cried as hard and as long as I could until I fell asleep while I was sleeping I smelled amazing smell coming from the kitchen so I got up to see what was going on and it was my mom in the kitchen cooking my favorite meal shrimp pasta so I just hugged her and let her do her thing but after we sat down and ate..

Nia: As much as I want to still be mad at you I can’t after this… Do you remember what happened

Lily: To be honest with you mom I really don’t remember everything that happened I don’t even know how I got in this place where someone wanted me in this situation in the first place
Nia: This is why I didn’t want you part of his crazy life and his bitch of a family because I didn’t want you to get hurt in the process

Lily: So you thought keeping me from my father was okay because of his family….. Mom answer me this and by no means am I trying to be disrespectful but answer this…did you know that Miceal was married when you was with him.

Nia: No I didn’t know Miceal was married hell I didn’t even know he had kids he tricked me and in result out of I left him

Lily: But mom I don’t understand what happened how did you end up in this situation..like mom woman to woman tell me the whole truth stop holding back I need you to be completely honest right here and right now.!!!!

Nia: Well um when we met it was like love at first sight he was nice and gentlemen we clicked as soon as our eyes connected he told me he was in a relationship that was forced and so now recently being divorced with a fresh start he was looking for something new so it was good he actually moved me out of where I was living and bought me a place ..he was the sweetest man I had ever met so once I was pregnant with you I was so happy to experience having you with him until one day at work his wife came to my job and told me about they’re marriage and how she is pregnant and all this happened the same day he invited me to his club opening so after hear he was married and had kids already I went to his club opening and messed his opening all the way up and I told him to act as if we never met Lily he was the love of my life and I felt like my world had clasped so I had to get even and in the process I promised myself I would never let them screw up your life like they had screwed up mine.

While she was talking I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I put myself in her shoes and imagined being that hurt by someone and I understood why she did what she did and why she was so mad at me once she found out what I was really doing out of town it was like cutting open the wound that she trie her best to heal and close. My mom is strong because she raised a child that she could have gotten rid of because for the rest of her life she has to look into the eyes of what’s now left of her first love and love that and she did a great job raising me.!

When she opened the door to leave standing there was Hunter with a big bouquet of pink and blue roses, white chocolate, and a gift box

Nia: Hunter
Hunter: Miss Nia Hi

He said kissing her on the cheek she looked back at me and winked

Nia: I will be going
Lily: Love you mom
Nia: Love you more baby

Hunter looked at me and I looked back at him and a tear ran down his cheek so I pulled him in

Lily: These are beautiful

He didn’t say a word

Lily: Beloved

He pulled me close to him then he kneeled down on his knees unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my pant until he saw my scare then he kissed my scares then he laid his head on my stomach I felt his teardrops

Hunter: I am so sorry I couldn’t save
Lily: No baby no
I kneeled down to his level

Lily: It’s not your fault baby you saved me it could have been worse no I thank you for not leaving my side

He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Hunter don’t get emotional a lot he is more reserved with his feeling but I figured he was blaming his self for something that was out of his control.

Hunter: I got this

It was a velvet box so I opened it to see two necklaces with angel wings for charm with a pink diamond on one and a blue diamond on the other

Hunter: You can pick what you think we would have had

I picked up one necklace and I put it in his neck

Hunter: But what about you
Lily: I have the flowers and we both lost something

He looked down to see it was the blue one I put around his neck

Hunter: How do you know
Lily: I just know

He kissed me then I stood him up and led him to my bed room but he stopped me

Lily: Why you stop
Hunter: You not ready yet I don’t to hurt you
Lily: You won’t hurt me
Hunter: No I think we should wait at least until you go to your next doctors appointment

He is scared I understand I kinda been through a lot and he watched me through but I want him so bad right now I can’t wait

Hunter: We should slow down until you heal all the way up
Lily: But
Hunter: I’m not going nowhere Lily
Lily: Would you at least hold me
Hunter: Come on

He picked me up and carried me in his arms and kept me on his lap while we stayed on the couch he held me tight while we watched “The Notebook”
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