Diamond in the Rough

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Darkest Hours

R.I.P. to my youth .. and you can call this my funeral..

Every morning she wakes up screaming and crying re living that whole night over and over and over again and I just hold her reassuring her that I will never let that happen to her again

Lily: I am so sorry I keep taking you through this
Hunter: Don’t apologize

She cries

Lily: I cant stop seeing his face
Hunter: I know
Lily: The cops still haven’t find found him
Hunter: Do not worry about that. It is time to clean your wound
Lily: No I got it this time
Hunter: Baby let me
Lily: No I got it I will be back

This is hard.. but I got to be strong for her she experience this I just was there. But when I hear her cry I go to the door and press myself against the door. My heart could not take it and I cried with her

[Ring, ring]

Hunter: Hello
Aaron: We got him
Hunter: Take him to a secure unit and I will be there in a hour
Aaron: Okay

I wait for Golden to come over and I got ready to leave

Golden: Hey Hunter
Hunter: Yes
Golden: Are you okay
Hunter: Don’t worry about me tend to my love she needs us

And a tear fell down my cheek and as I talk to her and walking behind her was Carsten

Carsten: Bro you ready
Hunter: Yeah lets got .. Golden
Golden: Yes
Hunter: Thank you
Golden: Anytime and Hunter
Hunter: Yeah
Golden: Be careful

I nodded at her and left

Carsten: Lets got get bastard
Hunter: Lets make one thing clear. Y’all will not touch him
Carsten: I know

We leave and the car ride all I can think of is how he tried to hurt her and I am overcome with anger. So once we get there I changed my clothes and put on my black gloves and lit a cigar as we walked.

Aaron: Hey
Hunter: What is he doing
Aaron: He keeps chanting
Carsten: What
Aaron: Yeah he keep saying “Pretty pretty girl”
Hunter: He is referring to Lily
Aaron: Wait where you going

I walk in there seeing everyone out.

Man: Pretty pretty girl

I just stared at him

Man: Pretty pretty girl
Hunter: You cant stop thinking about her
Man: Pretty pretty girl
Hunter: Is it her eyes

He stop chanting and looked up at

Man: She fought back
Hunter: You like a little fight
Man: Pretty girl fight
Hunter: Yeah
Man: You I know you
Hunter: Yeah I remember you too
Man: How do I know you
Hunter: Let me let you in on a little secret
Man: Yeah
Hunter: That girl you hurt.. she is the love of my life
Man: I know you from the video with pretty pretty girl
Hunter: And you hurt her .. why
Man: She was a mark
Hunter: Who hired you

He laughed. I looked at him got up and grabbed the spray and sat back down

Hunter: So are you going to tell me
Man: Funny man
Hunter: You think I am funny

He laughed and I laughed with him then I sprayed his foot and he began to scream and shake in the chair he was tied up in

Hunter: Oh this thing here oh just a little acid
Hunter: Let me spray just a little more right here
Man: AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh

He began to shake and foam at the mouth and I believe he wet his pants

Hunter: Now back to business.. who hired you

He passed out. I had Aaron give him a sedative

Carsten: I think you broke
Hunter: No just pain caused his heart to speed so Aaron sedated him to calm his heart down
Carsten: I don’t even want to know how many times you did this
Hunter: I had to burn off energy after Dad torn me a new one
Carsten: He was harsh to you and belittling
Hunter: I know
Aaron: He will be up in 1 hour
Hunter: Okay Frank and Stan are outside waiting to destroy and Ty and Rex checking his hiding out spot
Aaron: Are you sure you want to do this
Hunter: Yes it I need you I signal for you
I walked into the room waiting for him to wake up

Aaron: Is he grieving
Carsten: He is now

One hour later….

Hunter: I am impress you can take a lot of pain
Man: Military taught me well
Hunter: Military huh
Man: Yeah
Hunter: Let Me tell you a story about a young I know from military
Carsten: Aww Shit
Aaron: What
Hunter: There is this guy who is known by a in many languages
Man: Hit me what’s his name
Hunter: Well is Greek they say “lýkos me roúcha provátou” , or in Albanian they say “ujku në rrobat e deleve”, or in ”, or in Italian it’s pronounced “lupo vestito da pecora” but my all time favorite language says it like this “Loup déguisé en agneau”

He thinks for a minute and then it all adds up for him

Man: Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Hunter: There we go

I say as I sharpen my knife

Hunter: You see this guy is a the worst because you don’t see him coming and if you know anything about wolves they run in packs and if you touch one you have touched them all and you have to pay for that.. that pretty girl you stabbed is the love of my life and she was pregnant!!

He looked up and he froze looking at me then his face turned into fear as I stood and drawn my hand back with the knife

Man: Wait please I know you. You killed my army after we tortured you please grant me mercy I will tell you all you need to know please I only have one living relative and I am all they got I promise I won’t bother you sorry she died

I laughed and he looked confused

Hunter: She is not dead you sick son of a bitch

Aaron: You have got to be shitting me
Carsten: Yup

Once that was over I killed him anyway mailed his head to the person he told me hired him and chopped up the rest melted those parts in acid and then burnt them until they were ashes and fleshed it down the toilet. I ordered the boys not to help with this one because of how personal it was to me. Went home to find Lily sitting on the couch waiting for me

Hunter: My love
Lily: Beloved come here

I ran to her side and kneeled at her feet

Hunter: I am here

She put her hands on my face

Lily: Are you okay
Hunter: No you experienced it
Lily: You were there and we both lost something

I didn’t want to have this conversation with so I started pulling down her panties

Lily: Hunter
Hunter: I just need a taste
Lily: Hunter wait

Before she could finish her talking I put her legs on my shoulders and sucked on her she moaned and grabbed my head and I licked her like a dogs licks his water as I caressed her breast I stop looked at her

Hunter: Lily
Lily: Yes
Hunter: Say you are mine
Lily: I am yours
Hunter: You are mines Lily and mines only
Lily: Yes I am
Hunter: Say it
Lily: Hunter what is going on
Hunter: Lily look me in my eyes and say it

I told her in between licks But once she saw tears in my eyes she rubbed the top of my head and wipes my tears and the fingers with my tears she licked

Lily: I am yours and yours only

When she said that I stuck my middle finger inside her then put my middle finger in her mouth and watched her taste herself off my finger then I kissed her lips down there before sticking my tongue in her and I sucked her all night until she went to sleep and that took hours and she screamed the whole time but once she was sleep I put her in the bed and went to take a shower.
Once I got in bed it was like she knew I laid down next to her and she used me as her pillow

Hunter: My Love I hope what I did stops the tears and bad dreams

Finally falling asleep I felt something on top of me assuming it’s Lily I did not budge but once I felt the motion of being rode my eyes popped open

Hunter: LILY NO!!!
Lily: I need this please
Hunter: Fu— stop no you have a doctors appointment tomorrow he said we shouldn’t do this
Lily: I want to and no let this happen please
Hunter: I don’t want want to hurt you
Lily: Don’t move while I’m on top

She was riding the hell out of me and because it has been a while I came quicker than usual but she did too

Hunter: Did I hurt you
Lily: No I missed you
Hunter: My love we can’t do that

She put her hands on my lips

Lily: Let’s just let tonight be tonight and worry in the morning.. can you lay your head on me

I did what she asked and as she embraced me I held her tight and out of no where tears ran down my face

Lily: I know it’s okay I know
Hunter: No matter what you are mines and I will be with you always
Lily: As will i Beloved

The next Morning I kept trying to wake Lily but she just kept turning over

Hunter: My love it’s time to wake up
Lily: 5 more minutes
Hunter: You have a doctors appointment today come on
Lily: I don’t want to go
Hunter: If you don’t wake up I will wake you up
Lily: Please
Hunter: Don’t force my hand Lilyanna

She pulled the cover off her face and looked me in my eyes

Lily: You don’t scare me

Then she stuck out her tongue out and pulled the cover back over her head

Hunter: Okay you think I am playing huh okay I can show better than I can tell you

I pulled the cover up at the bottom I grabbed her legs and spread them wide and slid her vibrator inside her and turned it on She gasped

Lily: Hunter!!!
Hunter: Call me name again
Lily: (moans) Hunter

I go deeper and her back arched while she gripped the sheets

Hunter: You want me to stop
Lily: GOD!!!!

I pulled it out her and after see how wet she was my mouth watered for her and I piled her legs up wrapped them around neck and started sucking real hard she started screaming so I gave her my finger to suck on to calmed the noise down but that was hard to do with Lily but she managed to unzip my pants and started jacking me off and it weakened my legs and the harder I sucked on her the faster she went on me

And with all noise we was making I didn’t hear someone coming in but when I heard footsteps I stopped and placed Lily down went to see who it was and it was Carsten and Golden

Golden: Is it hot in here
Carsten: Pipe down
Hunter: Why didn’t y’all call first
Golden: I did got no answer

I wiped the corners of my mouth

Hunter: Sorry we were busy
Golden: I see

She said laughing

Golden: I am going to check on her
Hunter: Babe Golden coming in

She ran back there while Carsten just smiled at me

Hunter: What!?
Carsten: Was it that good
Hunter: Fuck you I need to put on shirt
Carsten: And wipe yo nose look like you been sniffing pussy

I gave him the middle as I walked away when I knocked to come in the room they were whispering and stopped once they saw me

Hunter: Don’t mind me I am just getting a shirt

Once I went in my closet I heard laughing So I peeked my head out

Hunter: My love
Lily: Yes beloved
Hunter: Get dressed
Lily: Yes sir

I looked at her she winked at me and went into the bathroom but Golden was still sitting there I looked at her got a little awkward

Golden: I am just going to go it’s really wet in here

Then she laughed and left.. boy I tell them two are double trouble when they get together.

Once we made it to the doctors office Carsten and Golden stayed in the waiting room while we visit the doctor

Doctor: Nevaeh how are you
Lily: Better
Doctor: Good to hear
Hunter: Doc she ready to get those stitches out
Doctor: I bet.. you too
Hunter: Yeah
Doctor: I must say you two are rare
Lily: What do you
Doctor: The love you two have is strong.. I can feel it before I come in the room
Lily: So doc
Doctor: Yes
Lily: Once the stitches are out can we have sex
Hunter: LILY!!!!
Doctor: No that is perfectly fine and it’s a good question and yes you will be able to have sex but you will have to be careful because you aren’t full healed yet okay
Lily: Okay
Hunter: Yes sir!
Doctor: Now lets cut these stitches
Lily: Hunter you want to leave

I looked at her and then grabbed her hand

Hunter: I promised you I am not going anywhere
Lily: Together
Hunter: Together even in our darkest hours

Once the stitches was removed and the Doctor clean her wound. The doctor left the room to left Lily get dressed and when she stood up I backed myself against put my hands in my pockets and watched her put her clothes

Lily: Okay weirdo what’s up
Hunter: You are so beautiful

She turned around and the sunlight shined on her wound and I walked over to her

Doctor: Hey you decent
Lily: Almost

She hurried up and put her shirt on as the Doctor came back in

Doctor: I want you to take these pills once a day it will help with pain and keep it you from infections and bacteria okay and you will come here once a month for a check and to see when we can discontinue these for you okay
Lily: Yes thank you

We left the office and I wanted to take her somewhere special so I blind folded her and put in the back seat

Lily: Where are you taking me

I put my hand on her thigh and got close to her ear

Hunter: You trust me

She put her hand on top of mines

Lily: Yes
Hunter: It’s a surprise okay
Carsten: Get yo hand off her no sir no touchy-feely back there.. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE OR SMELL ASS OKAY!!

We laughed

Golden: How come you not this romantic and touchy-feely
Carsten: What
Golden: You need take so tips from him
Carsten: First off I touch you and we can’t use him as no example we thought he was GAY!!
Golden: That is insulting
Carsten: I mean he not as much he well you know
Hunter: I can hear you
Carsten: Okay.. anyway bad example
Golden: You don’t surprise me and take me places
Carsten: You don’t throw me a surprise birthday fly my family and friends down ask my brother for help make sure everything is perfect and show up yourself
Golden: I would if you do me how he do her
Carsten: You know what I don’t not have to take this
Hunter: Stop being so sensitive
Carsten: You can choke off a lego and respectfully kiss my ass

We laughed as Carsten got mad just can’t take him seriously. Once we made to our destination I asked them to leave out the car so I change Lily outfit

Hunter: Arms up
Lily: What do you have up your sleeve Mr. Wesalton

I slapped her on her butt she moaned

Hunter: You will see now give me your feet
Lily: Yes sir!

I changed her shoes and took her hair out the bun she had it on and placed her curly locks the way I like her hair mostly over to one side kind of in her face and so I have access to her neck sprayed some of her perfume on neck and chest licked lips before putting my favorite color lipstick on her which is red then I lead her out the truck she still don’t know what’s going on so this will be fun.

Hunter: Take a deep breath what do you smell
Lily: Water
Hunter:What do you feel
Lily: Sand I think. Wait babe if we are on a beach I can’t walk in these heels
Hunter: I can’t fix that

I swooped her up on my arms and carried her to our next spot

Lily: The waves sound amazing
Hunter: I know right!
Lily: Wait where did G and Carsten go
Hunter: He has plans of his own with Golden so this gives us time alone
Lily: Alone you say
Hunter: Hey good girl
Lily: Can please take this blind fold off
Hunter: Nope

Once we got to our next spot I placed Lily in a chair and pushed it up to the table

Hunter: You hungry
Lily: Starving
Hunter: I am going to feed you
Lily: Okay
As I began to feed her our first course I wanted her to guess what she was eating
Hunter: I know by you not being able to see you sense are heightened so what do you taste
Lily: Well I taste what could be eggs and onions and cheese
Hunter: Any guess of what it is
Lily: Ummm a burrito
Hunter: Good girl next

I wiped the corners of her mouth as the next course came out

Hunter: Ready for some more
Lily: Bring it

To Be Continued……

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