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Diamond in the Rough

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It's not easy having a reputation as a mistress child I mean it's not like I knew And now to deal with 6 whores who hate me Well I guess being a Noel should be fun. PLEASE NO PROMOTING YOUR OWN BOOK ON MY COMMENTS THEY Will BE DELETED. ALSO NO COPYRIGHTING OR YOU WILL BE SUED. NOR COPYRIGHTING IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE ,ANYONE WHO CANT WRITE THEIR OWN BOOK SHOULD NOT WRITE AT ALL!!

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Nevaeh Lilyanna Noel

Hi There,

My name is Nevaeh Lilyana Noel and this is my life story about how God took me from "Rags to Richie's" but even though it seems like a fairytale all things don't come easy..so this story is a growing process but hopefully you will learn something from me

Well let start from the beginning where it all started at the tender age of 24 the oldest out of 3 on my mom side I have a lot going on with going to school and working 2 jobs I always stayed on the move in the D.. Detroit that is born and raised I have a little apartment downtown where I am close to both my jobs and where I go to school I currently work at Lisa's Coney Island in the and a bartender/dancer and Melrose Night Club Not Stripping but just dancing ...if you just said "Lord Jesus!!!!!!!" Yes it true I got a lot going on.

Nevaeh: Good morning Ms. Lisa how you doing I picked up those flowers you needed

Lisa: Thank you..

Nevaeh: What are you looking at?

Lisa: That guy at the door he just sitting there...." Go Away We Closed!!!" (She said screaming)

The guy at the door: Help me please I'm lost I don't where I'm at...can you please help please

Lisa: These bums around here on that serious crack..I'm calling the police

Nevaeh: No don't I will get rid of him

Lisa: Don't you let him come in..I gotta go so you open up today and don't talk to strangers.

Nevaeh: (laughing) Yes Ms. Lisa

As I watched her leave out the back I go back to the front and get ready to open up and I see the guy still standing there it would be rude to just ignore him and he don't look like one the normal guys who come around here even though he was wearing a hoodie he really looked lost he was light skin tall beautiful grey eyes and he was wearing glasses I knew I never saw him around here so I had to at least see what was really going on...Ms. Lisa is going to kill me

I go to the door and open it he doesn't smell and he looks clean but he looks worried about something ....God curse my kind heart and my good deeds of wanting to help people

Nevaeh: Can I help sir

Mick: Call me Mick please can I come in I jus-

Nevaeh: No I can't I will get in trouble and I don't know you

As I got ready to close the door he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes and said

Mick: Please.. I don't want money I don't need food and I am not homeless or on drugs I just started walking and I walked so far that I cant locate my car.. So please let me come in and get myself together and I promise I will be out your hair.

Well who can argue with that..how could I turn down someone like this what if this was me what if I was in his shoes would someone help me..

Nevaeh: Come in..and if you try to rob me I am locked and loaded get the picture

He looks at me and slightly smile and say

Mick: Got it

He comes in and finds the first outlet he see he plugs in his phone and I finish setting up and letting in some of the workers after Mick gets his phone to working I notice how he looked once he started to smell food I was reluctant to ask but me being me

Nevaeh: Are you hungry.?

Mick: No I couldn't ask for that and I don't even have the money to p-

Nevaeh: Look I didn't ask you all that I just asked if you were hungry it's a yes or no answer.

Mick: Well if you put it like that yes I am.

Nevaeh: Good I would like you to try my favorite item to eat.

Mick: Okay I don't mind trying new things

Nevaeh: Well it's a breakfast burrito...it contains egg grilled onions lettuce Swiss and Provolone cheese in a spinach wrap.

Mick has a funny look on his face then he says this

Mick: Well first off eww and where is the meat give me bacon or something

We both laughed and I told Lani the cook what we wanted to eat...I waited on our food to get done and I asked him to have breakfast with me he expressed how he felt bad that he wouldn't be able to pay me and I told him to raincheck this one..once he left it was back to business as usual once I left work before I went to my second job I always visit my mom for a few hours we sat and talked...


Well meet the 7 sisters

Debbie,Rose,Angel,Geni,Channel,Golden and let's not forget Belle' and they're big brother Miceal Carlos Noel Jr. But everyone calls him "Bruh" the only difference with him is he is from a previous relationship

Well Belle' is the oldest child of the bunch even though she seems nice she has a dark hidden side that she thinks she has control of..she is also married with children 2 to be exact

And there Debbie the second oldest they call her "Bitter Betsy" because no matter what or how you did things for her she was never satisfied and all at the same time landed the perfect husband and and trapped him with 5 children poor guy...but he loves her though

Rose (the middle child)she kinda flows with the wind she has no since of having her own mind she just follows suit but don't let her fool you because she is mischievous and mind manipulating too but she has 3 beautiful children.

Angel the sister who house is basically a restaurant oh yeah girlfriend can cook hell I think that's how she landed her husband together they have 6 beautiful children together

Geni "the rock throwing hiding her hand messy" sister she knows how to keep it in motion I feel bad for her son..

Channel she has a lot going on she has personal issues while at the sametime trying to fish for being the new face of the company and open a club with her father she is everything to everybody but at the end of the night who is what to her

And then there's the "Free Spirit " my girl Golden even though she is a free spirit she is also about her business she works hard and play even harder

These are the girls of Miceal Carlos Noel Sr. And his wife Melana Noel they grew up together and ended up as a couple..some call it fate while others such as Miceal mother Sylvia Noel thinks otherwise could she be wrong or is it a woman's instinct.

Miceal and his mother own a business called "The Clean Up Woman" this business got famous for turning celebrities with a bad reputation in to heart felt American citizens they do everything for them from speech to an all over attire some celebrities you may not recognize after they get done with them.

The Meet..

Miceal: Mmh God this Feels good I really needed this..baby you still know how to make me feel young again!!

Melana:Oh baby sometimes I wonder if that's why you married me.

Miceal:No I married yo ass cause you were pregnant (he said under his breath)

Melana:What's that baby

Miceal: I said now you know that is not why I married you...but it might be a big part of why though

Melana: (Laughs) Gone boy We gotta get ready for work..

(Ring, Ring)

Melana:Ugh.!!!!! It's your Mom

Miceal:Give me the phone please ... Hello

Sylvia: Hop off that whore and come meet me in my office now it's important.

Miceal: Mom she's my wi- (click).... Hello mom... Baby I will see you at the office

Melana: Baby what's going on

Miceal: See you at the office

Back on the other side of town...

Nevaeh: Mom I'm here

Nia: I'm in the kitchen come here

Nevaeh: What's going on

Nia: You got a letter in the mail

Nevaeh: Huh

Nia: Here

When Nevaeh opens up the envelope it said


Nevaeh thank for treating like a real person so many people treat me other wise but you actually showed me true kindness.. I hope you are not weirded out by this but I did some research and found this address so I could send you this Thank You Note ...so with that being said Thank You for being you -Mick

Nia :So

Nevaeh: So What

Nia: Girl what is it

Nevaeh :Oh.. It's a thank you letter from this guy I let in the dinner a week ago... Wait what's going on with you why you not at work

Nia : I took today off

Nevaeh : Why

Nia: Because I'm grown

Nevaeh looks at her watch and realize she is running behind in her busy schedule so she kisses her mom and leaves to go to her second job the night club..

Sylvia's Assistant: Hi Miceal she has been waiting on you.

Miceal: Well I'm here

Sylvia's Assistant: Go ahead and go in

Miceal : Thank you

Sylvia: Son

Miceal: Hello Mother

Sylvia: So Formal aren't we...but anyways I need to ask you something.

Miceal: What's going on

Sylvia: Do you remember Nia..

Miceal: Who

Sylvia: Boy don't play with me you know who I'm talking about the girl you was secretly seeing.

Miceal: What about her ...I'm not seeing her anymore..

Sylvia: Wow it's been 24 years and she still gets under your skin.. Wow.!!!!

Miceal: Mom what is this about.. Why are you bringing her up

Sylvia: Well she had a child

Miceal: Good for her.. She finally found someone who can deal with her.

Sylvia: Enough now you sound like a little girl.

Miceal : She almost destroyed my marriage

Sylvia: No correction you almost destroyed your marriage you went with that girl you laid with her and never once did you mention to her that you were married

Miceal: Are you done bashing me now... What does she have to do with us.

Sylvia: Her daughter whose name is Neveah Lilyana Noel

Miceal: Whoa Whoa wait a minute why is her last name Noel

Sylvia: Don't act stupid boy that girl had your child and now you gone sit here and act like you never had sexual relations with that girl.!! As if she don't exist anymore or never did

Miceal: Well mom that what she want those were her words after she publicly embarrassed me at my own birthday dinner we still paying for the damage she did to me and what was supposed to be my opening for the club

Sylvia: Shut up with all that so what that's what you get I actually liked her for that she had balls(Laughing)

Miceal: Mom!!!!

Sylvia: But anyways the child you guys share

works at this dinner in the city.. Go there and sit in the booth by the window

Miceal: This is pointless.. No thank you I have work to do

Sylvia: Okay then good.. Kiss Club Belle' goodbye

Miceal: What!!!!! No I worked to hard for that and I invested my money in this AGAIN!!!!

Sylvia: Yes but it's on my grounds my land which I own and until yo girly black ass grow up and be a man and go see about your 24 year old daughter.!!!!!

She said as she exits her office .. As Sylvia leaves Miceal starts to think and so he pulled out his phone and pulled up a video of him recording Nia laughing and as the video played he took a deep breath and left the office.
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