Diamond in the Rough

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Let Me Introduce Myself

The next morning Miceal gets up thinking about Nia and the fact that they have a child with the feeling of hurt he wondered why would she not tell him about they're child

Melana: Morning baby

Miceal: Morning love I will see you at work

Melana: Where are you going

With a heavy mind and heart he leaves with out hearing what his wife said ... Once Miceal pull up to the restaurant he looks around looking for a girl and when he thought he saw a girl that could be his daughter he realized she wasn't but then he heard the name Nevaeh and turned towards the woman who responded to that name he saw a tattooed light skinned hour glass shaped woman and gasped his mouth dropped and his heart beat was fast because the girl he saw looks just like him and Nia ...he watched her dance her way in the restaurant as he contemplated going into the restaurant

Miceal: (signs) Oh what the hell just go in already

But instead of going in alone he calls up a friend

Miceal: Hey what you doing

Kent: What are you my girlfriend

Miceal: Shut up man I need your help

Kent: Where

Miceal: At Lisa's Coney Island

Kent: Are you talking about the place in the hood

Miceal: Come on girlfriend I will protect you

Kent: Ha ha you not funny give me 15 minutes

Miceal: Okay well I am going to let you finish your makeup

Kent: Go to hell.. Bye

Miceal chuckles and hangs up the phone then he walks in the restaurant and sit in booth like his mom told him and he is nervous looking around waiting for Kent to show up.

"Ring, Ring"

Miceal: Hello

Kent: Where the hell you at

Miceal: Calm down princess and look over

Kent: You owe me for this.. I had to find regular clothes to put on and you know me I am a suit man and you are too like for real are those jogging pants and a hoodie

Miceal: I always wear this on my off days

Kent: Oh yeah that's right.. Well unlike you some of us hard working people have to double up to live like you inheritors

Miceal: Oh shut up and sit down you embarrassing me!!

Kent: Yes dear

Looking around waiting Kent looks at him and Miceal feels him looking at him

Miceal: What man

Kent: Now I know you see me like a son and all but this is beyond weird sir!!!

Miceal: I am so happy you think so highly of yourself but um no I just didn't want to be here by myself

But before Kent could answer Nevaeh popped up

Nevaeh: Hi my name is Nevaeh and I will be serving you today

Miceal mouth dropped when he looked at her because she looks like her mom and him and of course Kent is looking at her like lunch

Kent: Well I would like an omelet

Neveah: Okay what type of omelet

Kent: Ummm well a meat lovers sound good

Nevaeh: Okay would you like a coffee too

Kent: Yes

Nevaeh: Black

Kent: No 2 creams 4 sugars

Nevaeh: Got it. And for you sir

Miceal: Um just a coffee

Nevaeh: Okay.. Black?

Miceal: Okay

She looks at him and walks away

Kent: Hey you got a wife let me have my fun

Miceal: What boy shut up

Kent: Well stop drooling then

Miceal: I was not

Kent: Quick question. Why the hell we here

Miceal: Huh

Kent: If you can huh you can hear so what's up

Miceal: Well you cant say nothing

Kent: When do I ever

Miceal: I think that girl my daughter

Kent: How I mean she

Miceal stares at him while he looks at Nevaeh then Kent feels him staring and changes his expression

Kent: She is hot

Miceal: Dude

Kent: I am just saying

But while they are talking Ms. Lisa sees those two looking at Nevaeh

Ms. Lisa: I think I am going to be sick

Nevaeh: Why

Ms. Lisa: Those two idiots wont stop staring at you

Nevaeh: Where

She says looking around

Ms. Lisa: Fool you suppose to look too but at that table over there

Nevaeh: Oh my bad

Ms. Lisa: The men at the table

Nevaeh: Oh well one of them is married so I am all set

Ms. Lisa: My girl

Cook: Order up Lily

Nevaeh: Thank you Dave

Ms. Lisa: Why he call you that

Nevaeh: Its my middle name

Ms. Lisa: Yeah whatever gone girl

Walking toward Miceal and Kent. Miceal just stares seeing all of him and Nia in her

Nevaeh: Here you go now if you need anything I will right over there my name is Nevaeh again so call me when you need something and I will be back to check on you gentlemen. Ok?

Kent: Okay Nevaeh

And as she walk away Kent could not wait to ask more questions

Kent: So she don't look the famous 7 sisters she is better than looking like she a dime piece for real and she works and got a good work ethic so I give her a 10 in a book. But where did she come from

Miceal: Nia

Kent frowns and looks around

Kent: Who the hell is Nia

Miceal: The women who I loved and was in love with

Kent: I am so confused so you were in love with another woman

Miceal: Yeah Nia

All of sudden Kent gasped out of no where was about to cause a scene but Miceal looked at him so he calmed down

Kent: You dirty dog!! How dare you cheat on you wife like this and I will not except it no no mister lets go now!!!

Miceal: Boy shut up it was 24 years ago and she never told me she was pregnant

Kent: WOW

Miceal: Yeah I know

Nevaeh was walking up to check on them when one of her home girl walked up

Natalie: Hey Lily it's 90's night and you the host remember and I hope you remember your dance moves especially to those H Town songs you chose girl

Looking at her customers and looking at her friend she turned her around

Nevaeh: Um I am at work will call you later

Kent: Um excuse

Nevaeh: I am so sorry.. what can I get for you

Kent: A invitation to what ever y'all talking about

He says that looking at Nevaeh undressing her with his eyes and with a twinkle in her eye she kneeled down and got close to Kent and said

Nevaeh: I don't give out that information to my customers

With a wink and a smile she walked away

Kent: Damn she turned me down and on at the same time

Miceal kicked him

Kent: Sorry

Natalie: Here cutie I hope you show up and keep it on the low Lily don't like mixing business with pleasure so don't take it personal

She says sliding him a flyer to tonight's party and the club and of course he took it and hurried up and put it away before Nevaeh came back and her friend left

Nevaeh: Okay gentlemen separate bills or together

Kent: Sep-

Miceal: Together

Kent looked at him like he was crazy and Miceal smiled and nodded so she walked off and went to grab they're bill she came back with it and gave it to them Miceal slid it to Kent and stood up in front of Nevaeh

Miceal: Hey um you are a good server I like your energy

Nevaeh: Thanks

Just staring he laughs nervously

Miceal: Well um here this is for all your hard work

Nevaeh looked down at what he was handing her and It was a stack of hundred dollar bills wrapped in a rubber band

Nevaeh: Thank you but no you have a good day sir

Miceal: Wait well why not

Nevaeh: Because I like you wedding ring

Miceal: No I don't want anything from you I promise I just want to be a blessing to you no strings attached I promise

Nevaeh: Thank you goodbye sir

Miceal: Have a nice day Nevaeh

And then he walked out. Nevaeh stuck she looks puzzled while Kent looks at her

Kent:(Clears his throat) I just want to pay my bill

Nevaeh looks at him and takes his bill and walks away

Kent:(Yells) I want my change too

Nevaeh comes back with his change and then she told Ms. Lisa she was about to leave so Kent ran to the car to tell Miceal she is leaving but when he reaches the car he see Miceal on the phone

Kent: Hey she leaving

Miceal: I know now get in

Kent: For what

Miceal: Now

So Kent gets in the car and Miceal speeds off

Miceal: You got the flyer for tonight

Kent: Yup right here

Miceal: Good we hitting a club tonight but first I have an issue to resolve

Driving fast he suddenly pulls up to this town house and rushes out the car to the door with Kent trying to calm him down and stop him . Miceal was blindsided by the rage he was feeling on the inside as he bangs on the door

Kent: Miceal have you seriously lost it

Miceal bangs on the door again

Kent: I am not going to jail over you hell naw

Miceal bangs on the door again

Then a woman's voice echo's from the other side

Woman Voice: One second !!!

The door unlocks and she opens the door with the intent to cuss who ever hit her door like that but with a glance she gasp and looks at him startled and quickly Miceal went weak and his eyes grew soft

Miceal: Nia

Nia: Miceal

Then she slammed the door in his face

Kent: What the hell is going on. That's her mom

Miceal: Yes that's Nia

Kent: Why you smiling

Miceal: She haven't changed a bit

Then he bangs on the door again

Nia: Go away Mic

Miceal: We need to talk

Nia: Go to hell

Miceal: Nia let me in NOW!!! Why didn't you tell me

With a quiet moment she unlocks the door and opens it

Nia: Come in

And as soon as he and Kent hit the door she closes it and starts charging at Miceal and smacking him and jumps him until he fell then Kent rushes to pull her off it wasn't easy but he manages to get a hold of her

Kent: Ma'am please stop please calm down

Nia: Get off me boy how about you ask him why I am giving him a much needed ass whooping

Looking at Miceal Kent gestures for him to speak

Nia: Talk BITCH!!!

Miceal holds his head down

Nia: Oh you quiet now well here I will tell you this asshole lead me to believe he was single got me all in to him telling me he loved me and was in love with me only to have his wife confront me telling me she was with him and that I was just some side piece he was having fun with and that she has 7 children by him and at that time I had just found out I was pregnant and to add insult to injury his wife tried to pay me hush money to not take this to the public so instead I burned his club down

Kent jaw dropped

Miceal: I really do love you Ni I do I never wanted this to end like this

Confused Kent looks lost

Nia: Get out and never come back

Miceal: Why would you keep her from me

Nia: Because I didn't want her to be as fucked up as you are

Miceal: I am sorry

Nia: Yeah you are

Miceal: I want to be in her life

Nia: NO!!!!!

Miceal: Please Ni

Nia crosses her arms and turn her head

Miceal: I was going leave her divorce her because I have never felt for her what I feel for you. Yes she is the mother of my children I didn't want her never did our family thought we was a fit and kind of stuck us together but I was not happy all I wanted was you but once you said act as if we never met it broke me and I never knew she knew about you I am sorry you were not a side piece

A tear fell down her cheek

Nia: You know what is sad

Miceal: What's that

Nia: She is you and she looks like you its sickening

They laughed and Miceal walked towards her

Miceal: With your permission can I please be in our daughters life

Nia: (sighs) I will have to introduce she has my attitude to strangers

Miceal: I know we ran into each other at the Diner

Nia: Yeah well she gone think its weird if you show up to the party she hosting

Kent: Yeah the 90's party thing right

Nia: Yeah

Miceal: Um she loves the 90's

Nia: She snuck into my old music as a little girl and been hooked every since

Kent: Whose her favorite artist

Nia looks at Miceal and they start smiling at each other

Miceal: Lets go

So they got ready to go

When they arrived at the club they saw her running in the club

Kent: Damn she look good

And after saying that he felt eyes burning at they side of his face

Kent: Sorry

They get out the car and head in the club holding hands Nia and Miceal makes sure they don't lose each other

Nia: There she is

Miceal: In the middle of the dance floor

Nia: Welp she is your daughter after all

While Nevaeh is on the dance floor dancing to Poison by Bell Biv Devoe Kent is token away by her energy he likes how she lights up a room not noticing a thing she is just doing what she does best her job.

Nia: She is a lot like you

Miceal: I see that. I see what my mom see in her

Nia: Huh

Miceal: Yup she found her and insisted I meet her

Nia: Wow

While they go to bar and talk some more H-Town Bounce comes on and since Kent knew it he moved through the crowd to get to Nevaeh and finally he got to her and they danced surprisingly he knew the routine.

They shared a chemistry that was different kind of pure and Miceal knew saw it and knew what Kent was up too

Miceal: Look who is in the middle with our daughter

Nia: He looks a little thirsty but um I hope he can handle the bit Nevaeh can give

Miceal chuckled

Nia: You never told me where did her name come from

Miceal: Well I always said if I had a girl with the woman I love I would name her after my grandmother who was my pride and joy while my mom worked she raised me to be who I am today so

Nia looks at him and looks down

Nia: Well I hope she holds her standard

Miceal: I never wanted it to end the way it did

Then Nia puts a finger over his mouth

Nia: Lets just let the past be the past

Miceal smiled. Then "Take it slow by Trellini"

Miceal: Would you dance with me

With his hand out

Nia: Okay

And as for Kent he got his chance too

Nevaeh: So how long was it before my home girl slipped you a card

He laughed

Kent: As soon as you walked away

Nevaeh: She so irritating

Kent: I am glad she did though. You are pretty good here almost as if you are in your element you know?

Neveah: I guess. Thank you though

Kent: So why the 90's

She smiled real hard

Nevaeh: I just wanted a reason to play my favorite artist

Kent: Which is?

Nevaeh: Keven Dino Conner. I love his voice and everything about him

Kent: Girl you just like him cause he good looking

Nevaeh: How anal

Kent smiled

Kent: Sorry

Nevaeh: I am one who appreciate good music

Kent: I see. I really like this song

He says as he pulls her closer to his chest. With a warm embrace she tightens her grip on his neck for a minute she closes her eyes then when she opens them she see her mom dancing with the guy from the diner

Nevaeh: Oh my God

She pushes Kent and rushes to her mom Kent seeing where she is going he quickly grabs her and tells her to wait a second while he go talk to his friend and that's when Nia realized Nevaeh was looking at her confused and starts walking towards her

Nia: Vaeh hey baby

Nevaeh: What the hell is going on. You know he married right

Nia: Yeah come on lets go some where it's a little quieter please

She says pulling her though the crowd and signaling Kent and Miceal to follow

Nevaeh: Mom

Nia: Um Vaeh

While she explains everything to her Nevaeh looks puzzled and amazed and utterly shock Nevaeh has no words to say but she just stares at Miceal and nothing but quietness hits the room

Miceal: (clears his throat) Let me introduce myself.

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