Diamond in the Rough

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What the What

On the drive home Miceal could only think about Nia and how things ended between them and how his wife got in between that almost as if she knew something and he felt rage wondering what would have happened if she didn't go to her

Meanwhile on the drive home for Kent he makes a phone call

Kent: Hello Bellé we have an issue that you need to prepare yourself for

But back to Miceal once he gets home he walks into a angry house

Melana: Where the fuck have you been!!!!

Miceal: Not in the mood going to bed

Melana: Miceal!!! It is 3 am in the morning. I been calling you all day it was 6 am when you left and then you come in here with a nasty attitude and say you going to bed

Miceal: I am not in mood. I am going to bed.

He says as he walks up the stairs then stops and say

Miceal: And call a family meeting.. I want all my children here in the morning

Then he went to the room and closed the door leaving Melana in the family room with tears in her eyes

The next morning the air was tense with Melana and Miceal

Miceal: Did you call the kids

Melana: Yes they will be here shortly.

She said holding back the tears even though she had cried herself to sleep wondering what he was doing last night

Melana: So are we-

Miceal: Not now

Belle': Dad Mom where are you guys

Miceal: In here

Golden: Yo Family where y'all at

Miceal: In here

Geni: Where is everybody

Angel: Marco

Golden: Polo

Channel: Party People

Miceal: In here

Debbi: Daddy Mother

Miceal: In Here

Rose: Familay

Miceal: in the Family Room Rose

MJ: Yo Yo

Miceal: Family Room MJ

As everyone says they're hellos and talk Melana is so confused about what the hell is going on here and why

Miceal: Everybody quiet down I need to talk to you all about something very important

Debbi: Ok Dad what's wrong

Miceal: Um (clears his throat) I need to tell you guys something and I need you all to understand this is hard for to say

Geni: Are you dying or something

Miceal: What the no Geni!!!

MJ: Then what is it

Miceal: I have um

Melana: Miceal what is it

Miceal: I have another child

Melana gasps and everyone else was lost for words

Debbi: like a newborn

Miceal: No she is 24

Golden: She so it's a girl

Miceal: Yes

Belle': So did y'all give her up for adoption and forgot I'm so confused

Miceal: She is by another woman

Belle': So you cheated on mom 24 years ago

MJ: And has a whole baby too

Miceal: Yes but I didn't know about her until now

Belle': Are you sure she is yours cause you know people do anything for money now a days

Miceal: We took a blood test so we are going to wait until that comes back to determine whether you guys will be really meeting you sister or not

Belle': Hopefully not

Miceal: Belle'

Melana: Was this your plan

Miceal: What the hell are YOU talking about

Melana: Embarrassing me in front of our children

She says with tears in her eyes. Then Belle' goes to comfort her mom

Golden: What's her name

Miceal: Nevaeh Lilyana Noel

When Belle' and Debbi heard her name they looked at each other in rage and that's when Debbi spoke up

Debbi: You mean to tell me you gave this Mistress child our Great Grandmothers name!!!! What the hell DAD!!!!!!

Miceal stands up strong and looks Debbi in her eyes

Miceal: Now what you not gone do is take this opportunity to disrespect me no matter what I may have done you and this goes for everyone in this room who I brung in this world you will respect me and understand that I am still your father. Is that understood

The room grew quiet

Miceal: Debbi don't you ever raise your voice at me and you will control your tongue is that understood

Debbi starts to cry

Miceal: I said is that understood

Debbi: Yes

Miceal: Yes what

Debbi: Yes sir

Miceal: Now once the test come back you might be meeting your new sister so I suggest you work out whatever you feeling and get over it this happened along time ago and NOW!!! There is no reason to cry over spilt milk.

After that he left and went into his office on the lower level trying to wrap his mind around having another child and with Nia a person he thought he would never see again he thought of the memories they shared and now to see they produce a child he began to weep

[Knock, Knock]

Miceal: Go away

Golden: Dad it's me can I come in

Miceal: I thought I said

But before he could finish his sentence she rushed in with MJ behind her and they closed the door. Golden goes by his chair and sit at his feet laying her head on his knee and MJ sat in the chair across from him.

Golden: Daddy

Miceal: Yes Baby girl

Golden: How are you with all this

Miceal calms down and pats her on the head

Miceal: I am fine

MJ: That's cool to say and all but How are you for real

Miceal looks at them with watery eyes seeing they're concern

Miceal: I am over whelmed this is a lot to take in for me since I just found out about her

MJ: So what happened

Miceal: What you mean

MJ: How did you find out about her

Miceal: Believe it or not but your grandmother found her and told me to look in to it

MJ: Our grandma the mean lady who don't like none of us!!!

Miceal: Yes her

Golden: Shocker ... Well what do

Golden fishing to say her name right

Miceal: Nevaeh

Golden: Yeah Nevaeh what do she look like.?

Miceal pulls out his phone and shows them the picture of her

MJ: Wow

Golden: Oh my God she is so pretty

MJ: And she looks just like us

Golden: Dad

Miceal: Yes Dear

Golden: That's my sister.

Miceal looks at Golden frowning a little bit

Miceal: How do you know

Golden smiles real hard and began to form tears in her eyes

Golden: I can feel it

MJ: Yeah I like her already and we don't even know her yet

Miceal: She is amazing too very amazing

MJ: You gave her Gran Gran name

Miceal: Yeah

MJ: You must have loved her mom

Miceal pauses and looked at MJ

Miceal: Yeah I do

Golden: Then why stay with someone who you have never been happy with. I mean don't get me wrong I love mommy to death but a blind man can see you not happy with her. Dad you settled

MJ: She kept getting pregnant

Golden: MJ how are figuring this out

MJ: I am a man.

Miceal looked and them in remorse

Miceal: Don't be disappointed in me

Golden: Daddy you are human things happen.

MJ: And it never stopped you from being a good husband either. You been very good to mom even when she not good to you

Miceal was emotional after hearing the only two children who thought to check on him make sure he was good and it touched him

Golden: Dad

Miceal: Yes Golden

Golden: Do you want her to be yours

Miceal: Honestly speaking

Golden: Yes

Miceal: I would

Golden smiles

12 weeks Later

Miceal: Melana

Melana: Yes

Miceal: The Results are here

Melana turns and basically burns a hole Miceal's head

Melana: Why the hell should I care what you do

Miceal: Whats with the attitude

Melana: EXCUSE ME!!! I have every right!!!

Miceal: How did you find out about her

Melana: What!!!

Miceal: How did you find out about Nia

Melana: I should have known she contacted you I mean damn 24 years and you still have the same traits from when you were dating the WHORE in the first place!!!

Miceal: Now listen

Melana: You know you wasn't my first choice.. yeah before you was Gavin.. remember him

Miceal: Melana

Melana: He wanted me too I could have been so happy with him and oh my his

Miceal picks up the vase and throw it against the wall and it scares Melana she freezes and look him in fear

Miceal: I have put up with a lot from you and not once have I ever thrown anything in your face but I refuse to let you verbally tare me apart because of one mistake I made my apologies and did the work for us to be back on track

Melana: And had a baby with your mistake that EVERYBODY is paying for .. oh I mean MAYBE a baby

Miceal: Yeah about that lets see about that

Miceal opens the envelope and reads the letter he takes a deep breath closes his eyes with a tear running down his cheek

Melana: Well what's the result

Miceal: Something I need to discuss with her first

He says as he walks out

Melana: REALLY!!!!

She says as he slams the entrance door but instead of being mad she was filled with joy thinking she knew the ending results

Miceal drives all the to the other side of town to see Nevaeh with tears in his eyes.

[Knock , Knock]

Nia: Come in

Miceal opens the door slowly walking in sees Nevaeh in the hallway and immediately the locked eyes

Nevaeh: Hi

Miceal: Hi

Nevaeh: Want to come sit in the living room

Miceal: Yeah

Nevaeh: Are you thirsty want some water or something

Miceal: No I am fine come here sit next to me

Nevaeh sit one seat over from Miceal and she was just shaking ready to open up the the envelope she held on too tightly

Nevaeh: Have you read the results

Miceal: Yes

Nevaeh: What it say

Miceal: What don't you just open yours first then we will talk

Nodding her head Nevaeh rips open the top part of her envelope pulling out the papers she reads out loud

Nevaeh: When it comes to Nevaeh Lilyana Noel Miceal you are 99.9% her father

Then Nevaeh froze looking at Miceal who releases a tear from his eye

Nevaeh: So this means

Miceal: That I am your Dad. Sorry it took this long

Nevaeh: I forgive you

Miceal gets choked up hearing her say that

Nevaeh: So where do we go from here

Miceal: That's a good question

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