Diamond in the Rough

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The Mistress Child!

Miceal comes in late that night and the house was quiet Melana was sleeping so he thought so he went in his office and he thought about Nevaeh and Nia and he cried. He never knew Melana was listening and knowing who Miceal is. she is shocked to hear emotions come from him but glad because she knows what that means or at least she thought she did so she walks away texting.

Miceal picks up his phone and start making calls

Miceal: Hi Hunter I need you to stop at the address I am texting you. It will be someone there waiting to be picked up

Hunter: I cant I got a run that day

Miceal: Please man I need you on this

Hunter: Yes sir I can do it. When

Miceal: Tomorrow

Hunter: Okay

He hang's up and then he calls his mom

Miceal: Hello mom.. you were right .. if you are not busy I want you to come over tomorrow like around high noon

After talking to his mom he looks at his phone at the picture of Nevaeh and he takes a deep breath

Miceal: God please don't let these people taint her

A few hours went past and Miceal grew tired and decided to go to bed

Meanwhile Nevaeh on the other hand could hardly sleep so she sat in the kitchen looking out the window

Nia: You don't have to do this you know

Nevaeh: Yes I know

Nia: Then why torture yourself

Nevaeh: Mommy he wants me to meet my other side of the family

Nia: They are crazy you don't want to get involved with that bunch

Nevaeh: Mommy I hear you but I want to see the other half of me. This could be good for us

Nia: I don't want to lose you

Nevaeh goes and grabs her mom hand

Nevaeh: They could never take me from you .. You know that I love you so much don't ever think I would be that stupid

Nia smiled with tears running down her face and gave Nevaeh a warm embrace

So the next morning Nevaeh was making sure she had everything she needed and with her moms help she was all set and ready to see what life has in store for her

[Knock , Knock]

Nevaeh: Just a Minute

Nia: No you go make sure you got everything I will get the door

Nia walked to the door to find a gentleman pasting back and forth he was tall light skin with his hair low but curly his lips were soft rose pink nice and juicy too his face structure was strong and muscular yet soft he is a pretty boy his eyes are deep and the color is hazel grey like you would almost think he could see through your soul with how he looked at you his body muscular nice shoulder blade he is just perfect and you can truly tell God took his time making him.

Hunter: Hi my name is Hunter I am here to pick up Nevaeh .. Is .. Is she here

Nia just stares at him with her mouth open she haven't seen someone this good looking in a long time and he took her breath away

Hunter: Ma'am

Oh God and his voice raspy but deep he is just a dream

But weirded out Hunter touches her shoulder

Hunter: Ma'am is Nevaeh here

Nia: Yeah

She said before he could finish his sentence

Nia: Yeah she here she will be ready in a minute

Hunter: Okay

Nia: Um come in .. Would you like something to drink

Hunter: No I can wait here

Nia: No please come in she will be down and if you stay out here too long and women see you well my dear you won't survive

He laughs and walks in looking around seeing pictures of Nevaeh everywhere

Nia: So how long have you known this family

Hunter: Basically my whole life .. The company I work for needed a start and she gave the company it's somewhat of a start .. They okay I mean it's family so of course they not perfect

Nia: Can I count you for something

Hunter: Sure Ma'am what is it

Nia: Keep my daughter safe .. I don't trust them

Nevaeh: Okay I'm ready .. Mom where are you

Nia: In here Vaeh

Hearing here footsteps Hunter hurries up and put his sunglasses on so Nevaeh won't see his eyes and on seeing how nervous he got Nia just looked at him and smirked

Nevaeh: Hi

Hunter stares at her for along time with his mouth open so to help him gain his self respect Nia hunched him

Hunter: Hi my name is um um

Nia: (whispers) Hunter your name is Hunter

Hunter: I'm Hunter and I am your driver sent by Miceal

Nevaeh: Nice to meet you Hunter um I am ready when you are

Hunter: Okay let me grab your bags ...

Nevaeh hands him her bags and for a second they're hands touched and he looks at her and she looks at him

Hunter: Um I am going to the car I will be right back

Nevaeh smiles and say okay

Nia: I want you to be safe okay and call me if you need me

Nevaeh: Yes Ma'am

Hunter: Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Yes?

Hunter: Are you ready

Nevaeh: Yes I am

Hunter: Well then after you

And while Nevaeh is walking out Hunter turns around to Nia and say

Hunter: Don't worry Ma'am she is safe with me

Nia looks at him and smile

Nia: I believe you

Then he runs to catch up to Nevaeh and a tear leaves Nia eye as she watches Nevaeh drive off

[Back to Miceal]

Miceal wakes up to the smell of burnt bacon and a lot of smoke so he runs downstairs to see Melana in the kitchen cookin which is something she never done before

Miceal: (cough, cough) What hell are you doing

Melana: Cooking for my man

Miceal: What you trying to do kill me

Melana: No silly today is a special day so I called up the kids they will be here soon and we gone help you feel better since you been through so much these last couple of days

Miceal: Right so you gone make me feel better .. and why do I need to feel better again

Melana: Well I heard you crying in your study so I understand she is not your daughter and that hurts so I want to help you feel better

Miceal: Really now

Melana: I would have did that thing you like but um I didn't want to break the good sleep you look like you were getting

Miceal: You did all this for me

Melana: Yes baby I love you

Miceal: Do you now

Melana looks at him with a strange look but before she could answer him the kids were coming through the door greeting they're parents and then Sylvia walks in and the mood changes quickly

Sylvia: So are y'all gone just sit there like you saw a ghost or are y'all gone greet me

So they greeted her and she went to go sit in the family room. So Miceal looks at Melana motioning to go speak to Sylvia she don't want to but she slowly go over and talk to her

Melana: Hello Ms. Sylvia .. what a pleasant surprise

Sylvia: I am so sure. So tell me something

Melana: Sure what's up

Sylvia: How are feeling about everything

Melana: well I am okay I am good

Sylvia: Really now

Melana: I mean well she not his anyways so I am good I was mad when he brung that whole situation back up even after I handled it myself and got us back on track and do you know I even offered her money and she turned it down she told me she wasn't in this for the money she was in it for love I looked at her and laughed I said who is ever in lo-

Sylvia looks at Melana and smirks

Melana: I should get back to cooking

Sylvia: Oh that's what that smell is ... yuck

Melana just walks away and as she leaves Miceal goes to Sylvia

Miceal: Mommy

Sylvia: She doesn't know does she

Miceal: Nope

Sylvia: How long before she arrives

Miceal: Hunter texted me they just left so maybe an hour give or take

Sylvia: Good call sending Hunter I trust him

Miceal: Yeah me too

Sylvia: This is going to good

Miceal: Yeah

Sylvia looks back at Melana and smirks as she sit looking out the window awaiting Nevaeh arrival


Nevaeh is marveling over all the beautiful sites she see on her way to Miceal's house.

Nevaeh: Soo what's your name

Hunter: Hunter

Nevaeh: Hunter .. nice name well you already know mines

Hunter: Yes I do

Nevaeh: I cant see your eyes why you have on sunglasses

Hunter got nervous but he took them off and once again they're eyes locked

Nevaeh: Hey watch the road

Hunter: Sorry

Nevaeh: Your fine .. so you work for this car company huh

Hunter: What do you mean

Hunter: Is that right

Nevaeh: Yeah see I have been following this company the guy who owns it he don't want anyone to know his face which to me is smart I mean I wouldn't want anyone to know I am stupid rich either

Hunter: Wow you are intrigued with this type of stuff

Nevaeh: Yeah I love to see our people out here making it happen

Hunter: Yeah we need we need more black own business owners out here

Nevaeh: And I like what he doing with the company. He not only helping out people who needs jobs but he gives back to the boys and girls club and he helps a lot of family around Christmas time. He does a lot

Hunter: Wow he be amazed to know you know him so well

She smiled while looking out the window

Hunter: So are you excited

Nevaeh: No Scared

Hunter: I understand .. well we almost there

Nevaeh: Wow that is a nice house

Hunter: Yeah

Nevaeh: Its beautiful

Hunter: Well that's your home

Nevaeh: Oh my God

As he parked he told her to wait while he runs over to get her door

Melana looks out the window and looks confused

Melana: Babe what is Hunter doing here on the weekend

Miceal walks to get the door

Belle: Mom what the hell is going on

Melana: Miceal what the hell

Then Hunter walks in with bags and he greets Miceal and in walks in Nevaeh this medium height light skinned curvy woman with long curly hair brown bright beautiful eye rose medium juicy lip she was beyond beautiful and immediately some of the girls got jealous while one in particular got real happy when she saw her

Golden: You must Nevaeh!!! Hi I am Golden your sister!!!

She hugs Nevaeh tight and Nevaeh is taken back a little by her warm embrace but when she looked at the rest of them they gave her a stank evil look and the room was so quiet you can hear a pin drop

Hunter: Um well where do you want me to put her stuff

Miceal: Over there

Kent: Heyy Cheers to ..... oh shit hi again

Sylvia: Well it's a pleasure my dear so good to see you again

Nevaeh: Oh my God Ms. Sylvia how did you-

Miceal: She is my mother

Nevaeh mouth drops

Miceal: Yeah she is the reason I found you

Nevaeh: What do you mean

Sylvia: I had a private investigator look for you and when he found you I wanted to get to know you for myself

Melana: So this was your doing!!!!

Sylvia looks at Melana for a long time then she went right back to talking to Nevaeh

Sylvia: Like I was saying in getting to know you I learned you are a lot like me and this guy

Melana: This is a bunch of bullshit why the hell she here

Miceal: Melana let me formally introduce you to my daughter Nevaeh Lilyanna Noel

Belle: The Mistress Child .. Hi so fucking nice to meet you

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