Diamond in the Rough

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Getting to Know You

Riding in the car with Miceal was quiet most of the way there do to the fact he spent most of the time on the phone so I looked out the window and in the mirror at Hunter his eyes are captivating almost as if I have seen them before but I know I haven't and every time he looked at me I would look away quickly. I wonder how long we got before we reach the company but I am bord so back to looking at Hunter .. Oh Shit he caught me. He gives this blank stare so I don't know if he felt some type of or not he is kind of hard to read but it is only my second day. I wonder what my mom is doing cant wait to call her and tell all the wonderful things that has happen since I been here.

Hunter: Sir we are here

Miceal put his finger up telling Hunter one second while he finish the call he is on so I looked out the window then I get this weird feeling someone is watching me I looked in the mirror and it was Hunter he was looking at me with that dry look so I look at him and he stuck his tongue out at me I didn't know rather to smile or look at him so I just looked at him with a dry look then looked out the window I can tell he was confused so he got out the car and stood in front of my door.... Petty

Miceal: You ready

Nevaeh: Yes

Then he knocks on my window so Hunter can open my door and when he did I stuck my tongue out at him. He was confused. I smiled as I walked in the building with Miceal. The Clean Up Woman. Wow nice name for a business. This place is big a lot of people in here.

Logan: Hi Mr. Noel this guy is losing his mind he aint doing nothing you said and he is demanding to see you

Miceal: Oh my God I will handle it where is he

Logan: Conference room

Miceal: Okay.. oh Logan meet Nevaeh this my daughter

Logan: Hi.. wait what.. who the hell

Miceal: Long story

Nevaeh: Nice to meet you

After that all you heard was loud talk and stuff being thrown around

Belle': Okay Lorenzo I need you to calm down

Lorenzo: Bitch shut the fuck where is your daddy

Belle': Lorenzo you can't do that or say that

Lorenzo: I need to smoke you got a lighter

Belle': You cant smoke in here and you are already on probation so NO WEED

Lorenzo: Fuck you

Nevaeh: Is that weed I smell

Miceal: Fuck!!!

Then he burst open the doors

Miceal: Put the blunt out

Lorenzo: There he is the man of the hour

Miceal: Do you want to be put in Lock down

Lorenzo puts his blunt and sit down

Miceal: I thought you had this under control Belle'

Belle': I did but he got out of hand

Miceal: Did he sign the paper

Belle': Nope he wont sign

Miceal: Why

Lorenzo: Because you all are full of shit

Belle': Why you say that

Lorenzo: You guys cant clean me up and the only reason you got me in lock down is because of my mother so I am gone walk my ass out this office I have a show to do tonight

He says as he leaves then he walks past and looks at me

Nevaeh: Hi

Lorenzo: Wassup Cutie

He said as he kept walking with his security guards. Then Kent runs by going into the office

Kent: What the hell just happen

Miceal: Well Mrs. Slippery Fingers here just let a potential client leave

Belle': Dad I tried to keep him

Miceal: But you failed now you need to go get him

Belle': Yes sir

Then Belle' walked out

Belle': Hi

Nevaeh: Hi

Belle': Look um sorry for the other day

Nevaeh: I probably would have did the same thing

Belle': Yeah

Nevaeh: No I believe and giving people a chance

Then Miceal walked out

Miceal: Nevaeh come here

Nevaeh: Yes sir

He motioned Belle' and Kent to come in as well

Miceal: Nevaeh do you want to know what it is we do

Neveah: Yes

Miceal: We clean up celebs and make them better inside and out it causes them to look at themselves and want better and to be better

Nevaeh: Cool

Miceal: You are about to see how that works by going with these two tonight to Lorenzo Concert

Kent: Sir no offense but she would be dead weight for this assignment

Miceal: Make it work then

Belle': Dad

Miceal: I am done talking now leave. Nevaeh stay

They walk out and its just me and Miceal

Miceal: Have a seat

Nevaeh: Okay

Miceal: Look um about yesterday I never got to –

Nevaeh: Today is a new day.. Lets let yesterday be yesterday and focus on now

He smiled

Miceal: That's big of you.. she taught you well

Neaveh: Yes she did now more about this company

Miceal: Well my mother your grandmother wanted to change the world so her and my father started this company not knowing it would be this big

Nevaeh: So how did you come in to play in all of this

Miceal: I admire my dad for all his hard work his business mode how he was able to get it done so I stayed under him until he gave me a position here as the mail man.

Nevaeh: Mail man really

Miceal: Yeah he made me work hard to reach the top and I did just that. At home he was Dad but here he was the president of this company and there was no way he was going to make me out of a spoiled brat

Nevaeh: Wow

Miceal looks at me for a minute

Nevaeh: What

Miceal: You are interested in what I am saying

Nevaeh: Yes I am

Miceal: Wow

Nevaeh: So are you gone finish

Miceal: No tell me about you

Nevaeh: Well what do you want know

Miceal: You work two jobs why

Nevaeh: Yes well someone has to help pay the bills

Miceal: Why is that your concern

Nevaeh: I watched my mom work hard her whole life to take care of me so when I was 10 years old I promised myself that I would take care of her as soon as I get old enough I would return the favor so I got my first job at 16 and then I got my second job hosting parties at 21 so I can have a study income coming in to supply lights gas rent and some essential stuff

Miceal: Your work ethic is sick

Nevaeh: So is yours Mr. Postman

He smiled

Miceal: So you are a early riser

Nevaeh: Yup early bird catches the worm

Miceal: Diddo

Nevaeh laughed

Miceal: I feel like I am talking to myself

Nevaeh: Diddo

His eyes lit up and a warm feeling went through his body almost as if this is what he been looking for his whole life in one of his kids and the one who had it was by his mistress who he loves.

Miceal: You hungry

Nevaeh: Yes Starving!!!!

Miceal: Let get out of here

So we leave the office with everyone staring looking at Miceal like he was someone they didn't know

Nevaeh: Why are they looking at you like this

Miceal: I will tell you in the car

He says while we leave

Miceal: Logan

Logan: Yes sir

Miceal: Cancel my meetings for today

Logan: Sir are you sure

Miceal: Yeah I am going to spend time with my daughter

Logan: Okay... wow

She says looking shocked

And when we got to the car of course Hunter was there willing and waiting so I avoided eye contact with but he is just as playful as me

Hunter: You dropped something

Nevaeh: Where

Then he laughs.. Petty is all I can say about him

Miceal: Hey Hunter take us to Crazy Crabs

Nevaeh: I love that place

Miceal: Me too

As we drove I couldn't handle the complete quietness in the car

Nevaeh: Hey Hunter can you turn on the radio

Hunter: What station

Nevaeh: 105.9 please

He smirked and turned on the radio and the Fugees "Killing Me Softly with his Love" was playing and of course its my jam. So while I am singing and dancing and the back seat Miceal was looking at me strange

Nevaeh: What

Miceal: You truly have a old soul

Nevaeh: Yes I do

And he laughs at me the whole time I danced and sung the whole ride

Hunter: We here

Miceal: Okay do me a favor please

Hunter: Clear it out

Miceal: Thank you

Confused I looked at Hunter through the mirror curious of what that meant and all he did was wink at me

So as we waited I looked around and looked down played with my fingers and repeated the process

Miceal: Your nervous

Nevaeh: I am fine

Miceal: No you not what is it

Nevaeh: I am fine

But before he could pressure me more Hunter knocked on the window

Miceal: Yes

Hunter: It's ready for you

We go in and its empty but one table is set just for me and Miceal and I am feel butterflies

Hunter: I will be outside sir

Miceal: No Hunter join us

Hunter: Sir

Miceal: You are family and the only I trust especially with her so please

I looked at him motioning to sit down so he pushes me over

Miceal: I forgot you had a personality

Hunter smiles

Then the waitress comes

Waitress: Hi

She says nervously damn near shaking so I figured she was fan of Miceal

Waitress: Would you like water

Pathetic she is very pathetic

Miceal: Yes with a sprit please

Hunter: And um I would like a water and um what type of tea do you-

Waitress: Um one second I am still helping him

Nevaeh: Wow

Waitress: No back to you

So I get up taking her with me

Miceal: Nevaeh

Nevaeh: We will be right back

Waitress: Excuse me what the hell

Nevaeh: Look I understand you are star struck and this is your first time seeing a celeb but you should at least treat his whole team with respect and understand that one person is not better than the next and it should a honor not to just serve him but his whole team and side note even though he is famous he is still a human being and you should treat him like wise act normal

Waitress: Was I that rude

Nevaeh: Yes you were so lets try this again and right this time

And I walk back. Hunter and Miceal looked at me

Nevaeh: What

Miceal: Nothing

Waitress: I um would like to start with an apology I was rude to you and um can we start over

Nevaeh: Yes

Waitress: The type of tea we have is raspberry lemon and peach. Which would you like

Hunter: Um peach please

Waitress: Okay and for you

Nevaeh: I will take a peach tea as well

Waitress: Okay I will be back

As she walks Hunter nudges me

Nevaeh: What she was wrong so I gave her a class on don't treat one person better than the other

Miceal: Wow

So as we ate and enjoyed each others company

Miceal: Your doing it again

Nevaeh: Doing what

Miceal: Playing with your hands with a funny look on your face what is it

Nevaeh: Nothing I am fine I promise

Holding my thoughts I am trying not to put a damper on the moment

Hunter: Should I leave

Miceal: No your fine

Then he looks back at me

Nevaeh: Excuse me I need to use the restroom

I run to the bathroom as quick as I can and throw up a little

Nevaeh: Come on girl shake it off stop it... Your strong , Your confident , Your beautiful from the inside out

Then I close my eyes and repeat. Then I look in the mirror to find someone coming in so I turned around

Nevaeh: This is the women's restroom

Hunter: I know but I kind of told your dad I would talk to you so um can we

I just looked at him

Hunter: I have times where I become overwhelmed with things and so I sometimes need to take a minute and soak it all in because when it comes to a new task I can become I get nervous or depends on what it is I don't feel worthy of it I wait for it to

Nevaeh: Change

Hunter: Yes.. may I sit

Nevaeh: Sure

So Hunter comes and sit on the sink next to me looking my way the whole time

Hunter: Lily

I feel warm inside when he calls me that and when I look at him for some odd reason I get lost in those beautiful eyes of his

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: Your turn

So I take a deep breath

Nevaeh: Well I guess I am just wait for the other ball to drop.

Hunter: Meaning

Nevaeh: What?

Hunter: It's a reason why you are waiting for the ball to come down. So why?

Nevaeh: If I be honest um

Hunter: Spit it out come on its just us in here

I look down then Hunter grabs my hand gently and softly touches my chin turning my head towards him

Hunter: You can trust me I promise you this what ever we talk about will stay between us

And a tear falls down my cheek and like the gentleman he is he wipes my tear away with his thumb and I have this feeling that goes through my body.

Nevaeh: I am not use to good things happening to me I am normally just the cheerleader for other people not that I am jealous or anything but it's just things don't come easy for me I work hard for everything I get so I am waiting for the bad to come

He looks at me

Nevaeh: I know right wrong right

Hunter: You think ahead to much and overthink so instead of waiting for the bad just accept all the good that you so deserve. Look Lily obviously you have had a hard life in the past so instead of spending time looking back you should look forward at the bright future you have in front of you please

I looked at him and smiled

Hunter: There it is that's the day brightener right there

We laughed then he gets of the sink stands in front of me

Hunter: Now seriously look at me and repeat what I say

So I sit up straight and clear my throat

Nevaeh: Yes sir I am listening

Then he pauses looking at and for a minute the room is empty and heat feels up the room

Hunter: Say um say

Nevaeh: Spit it out come on

He smiles

Hunter: I am the one

Nevaeh: I am the one

Hunter: This is my moment

Nevaeh: This is my moment

Hunter: Whatever and whoever I been waiting on I will wait no longer

Nevaeh: Whatever and whoever I been waiting on I will wait no longer

Hunter: I will make decisions and not excuses

Nevaeh: I will make decisions and not excuses

Hunter: Now close your eyes and take a deep breath

I did exactly what he said

Hunter: Now how do you feel

Nevaeh: Better thank you I mean now I feel so empowered

Hunter: Okay Miss Empowered you ready to finish this lunch

He says with his hand out but instead of taking his hand I run to him and hug him I knew it took him by surprise but he hugged me back

Nevaeh: Thank you

Hunter: Hey anytime now come on

And when he opened the door Miceal was right there listening the whole time

Miceal: Um ready to go I paid the bill already

Nevaeh: Yes

Miceal: Aye um Hunter wait up a second

Hunter: Yes sir

Miceal: Thanks

Hunter: My Pleasure

Miceal: No really thank you

Hunter: You welcome sir

Nevaeh: Hello lets hit it guy

Miceal: I think I like her

Hunter: Yeah me too

Miceal looks at him

Miceal: Well lets go

Hunter: Yeah

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