Diamond in the Rough

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It's 7 o'clock and I still can't seem to find anything to wear I am nervous and really don't want to go but I am trying my best

"Knock , Knock"

Golden: I will get it!!

Stressing over what to wear I hear a Knock on my door so I turned around to see who and I was shocked

Belle': Hi

Nevaeh: Hello

Belle': Can't find anything to wear

Nevaeh: Nope

Well Belle' then looks me up and down sizing me up

Belle': Your are about an X-Large in dresses right

Nevaeh: Yes

Belle': Here I brung something for you see if it fits

I look at the dress and I couldn't help but smile

Nevaeh: Thank you

Belle': And that outfit only works with these shoes

So what she gave me was a knee length grey sweater dress with a slight split on the side it was a v-neck just enough to see a peak of a boob long sleeve and it fits to my hour glass curve and the shoes were black gun metal booties with zippers on the side of them and they were real leather about 4 inches high skinny heel very comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. After I tried on the look she approved it and left so I finished up by styling my hair and my make-up the I get to go down stairs where Kent and Belle' are waiting for me they are talking and Golden was sitting in fetal position waiting to open my room door

Nevaeh: Girl you scared me I thought you were downstairs

Golden: Nah I was waiting on you

Nevaeh: Your so sweet but what you think how do I look

She put her hand on her chin then she twisted her head the yelled one second and ran to her room then comes back with this bad ass leather rocker jacket that matches my shoes to a tee and she told me to turn around so she can put it on me and it fits perfectly with the look I had moisturized my hair so it's curly and over to one side with a little bit of silver eyeshadow and a red lip to make my whole look pop and she made me look even more beautiful with this jacket

Nevaeh: Aye G is it okay to call you G

Golden: Yes and Yes it makes me sound edgy

Nevaeh: Thank you for accepting me I mean I know it can't be easy knowing you father had a baby out of wed lock so I really appreciate you for being here with me

Golden: Don't mention it you are blood and I will treat you as such

We hugged and I got ready to hit the stairs when she gripped my hand

Golden: Hey Vaeh can I call you that

I shook my head letting her know it was cool

Golden: Be careful please and if you need me for anything I put my number in your phone just call and I will come running okay

I smiled trying to walk away when she squeezed my hand harder

Golden: Promise me please

Nevaeh: I promise

Then she finally lets go

So I walk downstairs and they are still talking until Kent sees me and his mouth drops and caused Belle' to look at me she stares for a while and say you ready I said yes

Belle': Hunter is waiting for us outside

Nevaeh: Okay

Belle': Come on Kent

But Kent is froze looking at me I can't lie it was creepy not cute

Belle': KENT!!!!!

Kent: Huh here I come but I must say damn you look so good girl I can just-

But before he could finish Belle' hit him with her purse

Kent: What .. Sorry damn but um let get the door for y'all

Running to the he motions for Belle' and me to come on and with Hunter waiting for us he was on the phone until he looked and immediately we locked eyes and I exhaled yet again I don't what it is about him but I get butterflies in to bottom of my stomach and they fly all through my body giving me a rush like never before and I like it but have to be professional and remember HE IS JUST A FRIEND.

Hunter: Come to the other side so I can put you in

He says as he takes my hand leading me to the other side of the car

Hunter: I must admit you look beautiful.. you always look nice

Warmth hit my body and I could not stop blushing looking down I decided to look up and when I did I never realized how tall he is I mean he has to be at least 6'5 and God his eyes I think they are my favorite part of him and he smells like a dream come true

Hunter: After you Miss Lily

I get in with Kent looking at Hunter since he was in the passenger side and Belle' looking at me since we were in the back together it was awkward so Hunter turned on the radio and stared at me through the mirror since everyone else was looking out the window

Belle': Oh my God really Hunter I am trying to think can you please turn that down

Oh my God did she really just say that I couldn't help but look at her

Kent: Oh calm down Bell you gone get him maybe a little music will calm you down

Belle': Did you hear my father if I don't get this account that's my ass and he already hates me right now because of ...

Kent: He will not be mad at you forever just a moment you know him

Then here goes the silence again and then Kent looks back at me well part of me my thighs...

Kent: So how you feeling

I pulled my dress down and shifted my body

Kent: Okay I get but you still look good though

I put my headphones on until we got there.

I felt a tap on my shoulder

Belle': We are here now everything will go fast so try to keep up

She says as she gets out the car. I run out the behind her but it was crowded I saw her for a minute and the I got stuck so I started yelling calling out for Belle' or Kent no one answered I freaked out for a minute but I went to a corner and waited for the crowd to die down when I saw security and ran up to him

Nevaeh: Hi sir excuse me I wanted to know if you can help me get in there I have this backstage pass I been sitting waiting for the crowd to die down so please can you help me ..um Belle' and Kent is who I am with

He looked down at me confused

Security: That pass will do you no good since the show is canceled

Nevaeh: What but wait where is

Security: Those two agents yeah they left through the back door in a cab sorry kid

I stood there shocked and angry a little I had no way to call Hunter didn't want to freak Golden out so I started walking down the strip thinking about all this and I get emotional and I stumbled on a bar so I go in to get a drink Sheesh I need it!!

Bar Tender: Hi what can I get for you

Nevaeh: Hi can I get a glass of red wine please

Bar Tender: Coming right up

Placing a napkin beside me and a glass pouring wine while hearing the conversation of two gentlemen but one voice in particular sounds familiar

Gentlemen 1: So you are telling me you wish you could change your past

Gentlemen 2: Yes I would even though I have a hard outside but on the inside I would like to change somethings I didn't want to turn out like this

Nevaeh: Yeah me too

They looked at

Gentleman 2: Yo it is the cutie from that agency

I looked at him recognizing who he is

Nevaeh: Oh my God Lorenzo

Lorenzo: In the flesh

Nevaeh: You canceled your concert why

Lorenzo: Tired

Nevaeh: Of what

Lorenzo: Being judged. Most of them people who are coming to see me wants something from me they don't want me they want what they think I am

Nevaeh: Which is what

Lorenzo: A asshole jerk who loves to disrespect women fuck them crazy and kick them out

Nevaeh: Well are you that guy

Lorenzo: No

Nevaeh: Why care what people think of you and just be who you really are

He looked at me and smirked

Lorenzo: Who are you. Like What is your name

Nevaeh: Nevaeh

Lorenzo: Pretty name

Nevaeh: Why thank you

Lorenzo: So what would you change about you

Nevaeh: My childhood I would do things differently and knowing what I know now I would change a lot

Lorenzo: That's real

Nevaeh: Yeah?

Lorenzo: People has this picture perfect painted life and its been a while since I have heard something real or someone being real you know

Nevaeh: My Mom always told not to believe everything I see so I don't picture perfect or not

Lorenzo: I feel I am actually having a human conversation

Nevaeh: I like having real conversations

He smiled.

Lorenzo: You here by yourself

I looked down

Nevaeh: Unfortunately yes

Lorenzo: Unfortunately?

Nevaeh: Long Story

He grabs a curl from the side of my face and twist

Lorenzo: I have time

Nevaeh: Well I was supposed to be at your concert right now shadowing Belle' and Kent but they left me I got lost in the crowd tried waiting til things calmed down and then I found it was canceled and they left without me leaving me stranded so I walked clearing my mind til I saw this place

He laughed and moved closer

Nevaeh:What is so funny

Lorenzo: Fate

I was confused

Lorenzo: I mean like for real I wanted to me a real person have a real conversation and be treated like a normal person and I just had that with you. This was meant to happen

Nevaeh: Yeah?

Lorenzo: Yeah!!! You just showed me that it is still some real people in the world

I smiled

Lorenzo: Your smile can brighten a day

Nevaeh: Why thank you

Lorenzo: No. Little Miss Nevaeh Thank you this means a lot for real

He said gripping my hands looking me real deep in my eyes and that's out the corner of my eye I saw Hunter through the window outside

Nevaeh: Well I have to go seems like my ride has located me

Lorenzo: Can I walk you

Nevaeh: No I am fine but thank you though

I said leaving

Hunter: Are you okay

Nevaeh: I am so happy to see you

I said hugging him but at least this time he hugged me back

Hunter: Belle' texted me saying you all caught a cab but I called Golden to see if you were home and she said no so I been looking for you and I am glad you are okay.. sorry you been out here by yourself

Nevaeh: You fine Hunter

I said grabbing his hand looking up him

Nevaeh: Now lets get out of here please my feet hurt

He laughed reaching for the back door I stop him

Hunter: Lily

Nevaeh: Can I ride in the passenger side please

A warmth went across his face

Hunter: You sure can.

I get in and he closes the door. It was silent at first then he turned on the radio and "At Last by Etta James" I bushed a little and that feeling came on again butterflies so I looked over and Hunter's face was flushed so I payed in the seat looking out the window and God that song felt like it played forever then all of a sudden we came to a stop and I felt a hand touch my knee

Hunter: Lily

I turned around and looked at him getting lost in his eyes

Hunter: Can I show you something

I looked around realizing I am at a river front with a nice view of the city

Lily: Oh my God Hunter this is beautiful

Hunter: You like it

Lily: I love it

Hunter: I brung you here because of all you been through I thought you might need a breather..

Lily: Your so thoughtful

Hunter: I come when I feel overwhelmed. No one comes here this late and I get to have this alone time with God and let out all the emotions I been feeling and be free for a moment

I look up at him seeing the sincerity of what he is saying then I look over this beautiful view again

Hunter: Come here

He walks me over to the truck and picks me up by my waist and sit me on front hood then we lock eyes

Hunter: May I

Gesturing at my shoes

Lily: Yes

Then he gets on one knee in his nicely creased dress pants lift up my foot a little un zips my shoe and takes it off and then he repeats on the other foot and my feet feels relieved then leaving me on the truck he goes and takes his shoes and socks off.

Putting both our shoes in the truck he comes back around and gently takes me off the truck and I can feel sand in between my toes and I can't lie it feels good then he took my hand took my hand and lead me to a specific spot and stand behind me with his hand on my shoulder he whispers in my ear

Hunter: Close your eyes and take a deep breath and let out all the emotions you are feeling if you want to cry.. cry scream.. then scream it's your time just do what you feel

Then he backs away so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and when I let it out tears began to roll down my face and I began to cry out

Lily: Lord help me understand all of this. If you want me to stay please give me a sign and if you want me to leave give me a sign .. I need your help.. please!!

Then I just cried and cried and cried.

Moments later I feel hands on my shoulder and a warm embrace then all of a sudden I had a outer body experience.

I saw my future and the path I am supposed to go then I came back to and when I turned around Hunter was holding me so I locked eyes with him. He took his hand moving my hair from my face and with his thumb he wipes the tears from the corner of my eye

Lily: Thank you

With watery eyes he shook his head as saying you welcome in his own little way then he gave me a warm tight embrace he held me so tight I could hear his heart in his chest and I exhaled then I felt a rain drop hit my forehead

Hunter: Let's get out of here

He says a he grabs my hand and we run back to the drenched so I looked at him and he looked at me we laughed

Lily: Can I turn on the radio

Hunter: Sure go ahead

So I turned it on and "Whitney Houston – I have nothing" is playing so I gasped

Lily: I love this song!!!!!

Hunter: I can tell

Lily: Dance with me

He looked alarmed

Hunter: It's raining and we are already wet

Lily: I don't care please Hunter

He wouldn't look at me and he kept driving. Then he pulled over got out the car came to my side opened the door and took me by my hand pulled me in close and we danced. Rain and all we just danced he was so gentle and he smells so good I can feel his body through his shirt it was perfect. Rain and all we just danced he was so gentle

Lily: Thank you so much Hunter.

Hunter: What are friends for

Then he tighten his embrace I blushed

Hunter: Now come on I have to take you home.

Lily: Can we just stay out here

Hunter: Do you know what time it is.

Lily: Okay

We drove home and I fell asleep.

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